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  1. texas325whitley

    texas325whitleyDay ago

    Hey bro im 32 white boy from west tex left the life 4 years ago. Shooting up every day, hutting licks, running protection, strong arm liberating of funds but the biggest longest most hard hitting fight of my life as by far been my tyroid lymphnoid and lung cancer fight radiation surgery and prescriptions hit harder then fist bats brass and teasers my guy. And seeing the kids on cemo and having there arms and legs removed hits so hard i realize all that other shit is nothing. These babys fight harder fights then we could even dream up

  2. Timothy Urban

    Timothy Urban2 days ago

    Cancer sucks had to fight stage 3 brain cancer love for anyone else that has to deal with cancer or any other diseases

  3. Josh Wolf

    Josh Wolf2 days ago

    This song got me right there 🤘

  4. Holly Cox

    Holly Cox2 days ago

    My 3 year old Grandson (in my profile pic) we've been battling stage 4 Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer since March 5th 2020 ❤️

  5. Lance Haverland

    Lance Haverland3 days ago

    Of course there’s a cure. How many billionaires or high level politicians die of cancer? Very few!!

  6. The Bradford's

    The Bradford's6 days ago

    I was Stage 4 when they found my Cancer. It was already in the lymphatic system and spreading. I threw everything they had at it. Chemo and Radiation together..the real world hell on Earth. It was the most brutal experience in my life. But I survived it all. It took more than I had to give. Honestly. I'm still paying for it almost 3 years out. Keep spreading the Message! There are Warriors out there who need it. Good bless you and all of yours. 🙏

  7. Matt

    Matt7 days ago

    Man Tom a real one... this song got me.. my moms passed from cancer in Oct 2015... miss her everyday

  8. StolichnayaCzara

    StolichnayaCzara7 days ago

    If he has the money he should find a natural-path doctor. I just saw the other day that a doctor at UL found a way to beat certain kinds of cancer using your own immune system cells... the cells that are in your blood to start with. Look it up. I know that one of the Louisville news stations covered the story. Guy had 7 tumors and now has 1 left. He's on the way to being cancer free.

  9. juniorleaf

    juniorleaf8 days ago

    Lost my brother, Randy Greenleaf, when he was only 20 to a type of bone cancer. Then my mom, Linda Erk, to breast cancer in her early 50's. CANCER SUCKS!

  10. Khwezi Mdungela

    Khwezi Mdungela9 days ago

    Love Tom MacDonald

  11. Random Nutcase

    Random Nutcase9 days ago

    There are multiple cures for cancer.. They are not profitable enough for big pharma. This is why they use bullshit expensive methods to treat cancer.

  12. Chheez Itt

    Chheez Itt9 days ago

    any amount of people who smoke is too many

  13. Willie Desmond

    Willie Desmond9 days ago

    Shaq do some reactions for madchild hes slept on hes 1 of the best in the game

  14. Garrett Wright

    Garrett Wright9 days ago

    Sharon Lee Wright lost her battle after a 7 year fight the day after Thanksgiving 1998. My mom! I picked her up and dragged her into her deathbed when I was 20 when my dad was freaking out and couldn'td deal with it. Shout out to Tom! This song motivated me to finally confront him about how his emotional stupidity took my childhood because he couldn't stand up for his wife and support her 7 year fight. I did to her death bed! Fuck him! And FUCK cancer!

  15. GROW WITH PADDY paddy

    GROW WITH PADDY paddy11 days ago

    Chadwick Bosman

  16. Rob Erickson

    Rob Erickson11 days ago

    Lost my Dad 11 years ago to cancer. I hate it

  17. JSPowerWashLLC

    JSPowerWashLLC11 days ago

    I gained a ton of respect for you saying the woman with no hair is still beautiful. Bless you Shaq...

  18. Garry Sutherland

    Garry Sutherland12 days ago

    This song makes me cry every time I hear it. Have friends and family battling cancer, this song just hits me

  19. shane _static81

    shane _static8112 days ago

    My dad Carlos Martinez Sr. And I miss him every day.

  20. Jenna Strange

    Jenna Strange12 days ago

    This peice crushes me... but i cant stop returning to it... If I say I know how to beat this, they will kill me for sure...

  21. Jenna Strange

    Jenna Strange12 days ago

    Alkalai 7.2-7.4 cut sugars and alchohols(other sugars) .. you can look for the how.. this works.. it is documented in many places... but it sells no pharma. save yourselves my dears, no one else will

  22. Applejuice1952

    Applejuice195213 days ago

    Found out my Mom has cancer...Again. They removed a week ago a tumor the size of an orange in the right lower side in her lymph nodes. She had cancer once before. Endometrial cancer. Now it's decided to spread. She's been staying with me I've been helping her with all her drain tubes and staples. It's a nightmare that never ends. I try not to get so frustrated and smile when I'm here with her. She went to go visit my Dad and little sister today. We went and got a 2nd opinion at Cleveland Clinic. We live on Ohio and they have been amazing so far. Her other doctor said it was not removable and they will make her comfortable as possible using pills. Cleveland clinic had her in surgery 5 days after the 2nd opinion. My Dad has been treated for bladder cancer twice and seems to be doing well. His appt. Is next week. I believe Cancer does have a cure and screw her old doctor. You got this Mom. Love you. ❤

  23. Isaiah Hall

    Isaiah Hall13 days ago

    I lost my friend to lung cancer

  24. Vivek Prakash

    Vivek Prakash14 days ago


  25. Melissa Willie

    Melissa Willie14 days ago

    My Mother Mary Sam Died From Cancer When I Was 11yrs Old #09/04/1997

  26. Ten Pound Productions

    Ten Pound Productions14 days ago

    My grandfather beat cancer once. Unfortunately it beat him the second time. My mother is a breast cancer survivor. God bless anyone and everyone who has or is going through it, and those who know someone who has or is going through it. Much love.

  27. Ten Pound Productions

    Ten Pound Productions14 days ago

    You’re good people, Shaq. Much love. Same for Tom.

  28. Cory Adam

    Cory Adam15 days ago

    I am recently a Cancer Survivor. Leukemia BCell ALL. 2014-2018, years of misery. I was given 6 months to live in 2014The hardest part is watching the pain my wife and kids suffered. They gave me the strength. I have never heard of Tom until this song. God bless those still fighting. those we have lost and the people we love that suffer with us!

  29. Edward Jewell

    Edward Jewell16 days ago

    My mom got ovarian cancer in 2008, was told she had 6 months then fought it, then got breast cancer last year, and fought/beat that too👊, Tom is a genius for this song

  30. Gaming_and_Reality 101

    Gaming_and_Reality 10116 days ago

    Aye bru, "weed" and cannabinoids are medicine. Call it cannabis its no longer the "devils lettuce".


    YSB SMOKEYY16 days ago

    Tom made this bc his granddad recently passed from cancer

  32. Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia17 days ago

    Sadly my grandma didn't beat cancer but he fought until his last breath.

  33. Mike Pullman

    Mike Pullman17 days ago

    No money in a cure. They make bank off bandaging you.

  34. Barry Roberts

    Barry Roberts17 days ago

    JoAnn (mom) Bunk(dad) Bernie(bro) Bruce (bro) all cancer

  35. Poppy's G

    Poppy's G17 days ago

    I believe there is a cure too. It’s the big pharmaceutical and medical community that keeps it under wraps. The same for HIV and others. We have so much technology and no cures? Do you know who all would lose money if they found it? Every one from the doctors to the funeral homes and everyone in between. Pharmaceutical, oncologist radiology. It’s bullshit bro.

  36. ANDY Martinez

    ANDY Martinez18 days ago

    I lost my wife to brest cancer a week ago

  37. Larry Millikan

    Larry Millikan18 days ago

    It’s a form of population control, we need to confront them and demand a cure

  38. Matthew Silva

    Matthew Silva18 days ago

    I’ve lost count of the family members that have been taken by cancer. But cancer is just the beginning. 1 in 4 people will die of heart disease and 80% are 100% preventable. I’ve dedicated my life to understanding health. Please if you want to help break the cycle, break your addictions, learn breathe work and meditation, and I can’t stress this enough, GROW YOUR OWN FOOD! Good luck out there and I hope you find the way to better health for you and you’re family. 🙏🏽

  39. Keith Kahl

    Keith Kahl19 days ago

    Watch HBO VICE Curing Cancer. Eye opener!

  40. Fake Clan

    Fake Clan19 days ago

    The people who disliked this... just wow wow WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU

  41. Maniak15

    Maniak1518 days ago

    Thank you!

  42. Abkhir Neville

    Abkhir Neville19 days ago

    Ya bless my grandpa just died in June from cancer he was post to die 2 years ago from it but he wasent going he at fighter

  43. Dennis S

    Dennis S19 days ago

    Loved the reaction and message in this song. However, that milk in your bread had be distracted bro LOL

  44. zigzag89 zigzag89

    zigzag89 zigzag8919 days ago

    My mom's got pancreatic cancer, please pray for my strength

  45. texas325whitley

    texas325whitley20 days ago

    Im gonna b ok but had my tyroid and 67 lymphnoids removed in May and i go back to md Anderson in houston on 16th for radiation im 32 my mom was a patient at the same hospital 15 years ago she passed a couple weeks after her 50th bday 10 years ago

  46. Raymond Gillinger

    Raymond Gillinger20 days ago

    He’s figured out the secret just make music with truth how doesn’t that sale

  47. Raymond Gillinger

    Raymond Gillinger20 days ago

    I know how you feel bro I’m same way I think your true and I respect everything you say,keep up the keep up because your an inspirational person bro! May god bless all affected through this horrific disease that we have to watch give in to the cause let’s stop the locks and chains that hold us back remember we say we live in a free country let’s tKe it back for the real causes! Thank for your inspiration bro!

  48. Andrew Rouse

    Andrew Rouse21 day ago

    Thanks for the video coach! We live 1 life, we all gonna party in the afterlife! God bless you and all your family.

  49. Jakobe_300

    Jakobe_30021 day ago

    Shaq deserve more than 2m subscribers tbh. This man too real

  50. onetomscott

    onetomscott22 days ago

    Great reaction, you're the best. Keep on keeping on.

  51. onetomscott

    onetomscott22 days ago

    So happy your granddad won his fight. Love and respect for those fighting cancer.

  52. Vitani Harrison

    Vitani Harrison22 days ago

    I love how you brought up Dr Sebi. I follow his teachings and most of my family does too. I’ve had family members survive cancer by eating a plant rich diet and nothing else. The cure is in the food.

  53. Hop ScotchAK

    Hop ScotchAK22 days ago

    My dad passed last year after getting his cancer removed. But it came back. He was a legend in this town, hundreds showed up to his memorial. Strongest and kindest man this town has known. Two years earlier, my brothers girlfriend, who treated us all like her siblings, also passed away from that shit....god I miss them...

  54. Lee Christensen

    Lee Christensen22 days ago

    I will pray for you, Jojo, her father and your entire family. Blessings to you and your loved ones ✊

  55. Stacie Walker

    Stacie Walker22 days ago

    Your grandmas faith is what kept him alive. Bless her! ❤

  56. Stacie Walker

    Stacie Walker22 days ago

    Shaq. You gotta check out No Lives Matter. I think it might be the spark that unites us.

  57. Jason Hepler

    Jason Hepler22 days ago

    Wer praying for her🙏🏻

  58. Brandon Driskill

    Brandon Driskill23 days ago

    R.I.P. Katie Wamser

  59. dinosaur127 aka ghostkid337

    dinosaur127 aka ghostkid33723 days ago

    My best friend die of cancer at 20 it made me go in a dark place

  60. Walker The Great

    Walker The Great23 days ago

    My youngest foster child battled GBM at 16 months old because of severe meth addiction with his parents. This was 4 years ago and he was given less than a 2% chance of living. He turns 6 in a few month's.

  61. Rems 91

    Rems 9124 days ago

    Population control...

  62. Vincent Tamburello

    Vincent Tamburello25 days ago

    R i P Dad.... Too soon....

  63. Brandon Kane

    Brandon Kane25 days ago

    Howard LeRoy, my grandfather. Was gone in 3 weeks after diagnosis.

  64. Cody McManus

    Cody McManus25 days ago

    Lost my dad when I was 15 coming up 2 years ago, even through all his pain he looked me in the eyes and told me he loved me everyday. If everyone lived like tomorrow was there last day the world would be a better place. 💔

  65. Jonathon Reed

    Jonathon Reed26 days ago

    My dad had cancer when I was 10, then when I was 12. He survived both. It came back when I was 21 and he fought it for 6 years and passed when I was 27. It killed me to watch him go through that for so long when I KNOW they have a cure. I'm 30 now and still hurt to the core. I don't think I'll ever get over what I saw.

  66. leslie delp

    leslie delp26 days ago

    My cousin found out her 4 month old (well now 5 months) has cancer last month. It’s terrifying. I wish I lived closer to her just I could give her a hug. I can’t even imagine going through that. No one ever deserves that to happen to their kid, but I swear she deserves it the least. She’s the best freaking mom ever and her husband is an awesome dad. It’s just heartbreaking.

  67. Daytime Insomniac

    Daytime Insomniac27 days ago

    Ayy my grandma beat beast cancer twice man. I know its hard. And theres no real way to make it easier.. But just keep them comfortable, company and whats meant to be will be. N that always what the drs say. Keep your spirits up even when its hard because time is precious 🙏🏻 Love from Canada ❤️

  68. Spreading laughter

    Spreading laughter28 days ago



    jESSEONYENKA28 days ago

    Listen to boosie - cancer

  70. Jason Riddle

    Jason RiddleMonth ago

    Shaq i think tom deserves an award for the truth in this song. Its literally an issue that every family, no matter the color has experienced. Disease has no racism

  71. Renee Taylor

    Renee TaylorMonth ago

    Me too. Unc going thru brain cancer, did surgery, radiation, he prob wont last thru christmas. I work as a nurse. After all the money they get they have answers. They just cant afford to give them to us

  72. rdslim

    rdslimMonth ago

    My dad died from pancreas cancer then 2 years later my sister died from leukemia cancer so this HITS HOME!!!!

  73. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    praying aint gonna do shit. stop wasting your time playing make believe.

  74. TheZoMbIeGoD777

    TheZoMbIeGoD777Month ago

    3:32 Half of 40% is 0.2% Where the fuck you getting %50 from?!

  75. Your Name Here

    Your Name HereMonth ago

    5 years ago I lost my mom to cancer, she was given 3-5 months, she fought the battle for a year and a half, while dying from cancer she helped the doctors deliver my oldest son, hospice told us “today might be her last” day after day for 2 months straight, her body finally gave in around Mother’s Day! This song is not only a reminder or view into the world of cancer, but it’s a hell of a fight song as well!

  76. Lucy Swann's Unsafe Space

    Lucy Swann's Unsafe SpaceMonth ago

    Why YOU apologizing for getting "overly emotional?" I'm over here actually balling. Like ugly face sobbing dude :(

  77. Steve-O Navajo

    Steve-O NavajoMonth ago

    Big brother people need to wake up. Welcome to 2020

  78. Steve-O Navajo

    Steve-O NavajoMonth ago

    Rip Grandma

  79. Samantha Hughes

    Samantha HughesMonth ago

    My Oma, my Uncle Len, one of my best friends Matt.

  80. B1r3d Gang52

    B1r3d Gang52Month ago

    Yeah it sucks cause my friend in 3rd grade she had it I will never forget I never left her side man but sadly she didn’t make it it killed me

  81. rob yattaw

    rob yattawMonth ago

    Michael Patrick

  82. Eren Hall

    Eren HallMonth ago

    Tom is a real one

  83. Eren Hall

    Eren HallMonth ago

    Man Tom and shaq I love y’all thank you for sharing. My mom just wants to make it through the holidays 💪🏼

  84. Mama Dukes High Fam 4 life!

    Mama Dukes High Fam 4 life!Month ago

    In remission myself

  85. Vic Stevensøn

    Vic StevensønMonth ago

    As soon as I heard alot of red meat and sugar are huge contributing factors to cancer I quit both. I hope those who are fighting win.

  86. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaMonth ago

    Docs told my dad he'had 6 months to live when he got diagnosed with stage 4 terminal prostate cancer. He fought for 3 years. Each day he refused to think negative and thanked God for blessing him with another morning.

  87. I Am Me

    I Am MeMonth ago

    This song hit me hard and me crying like a baby because my dad, my mom, my aunt, three uncles, and two grandparents (all of whom apart from my mom and dad have died from it)have had cancer. In April my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I'm going to do a no no and post a link to a fundraiser. I am not asking anyone to donate, I am asking people to share it please please please share it so that we can help my dad be able to pay for the medicine he needs, his bills, even his food.

  88. Daniel Cardenas

    Daniel CardenasMonth ago

    RIP My Grandma. LaReina Bonita Blanca

  89. Bubba Duck

    Bubba DuckMonth ago

    You can't make money off a cure. Treatments that you rely on to live. Thats where the money is.

  90. Trent hilty

    Trent hiltyMonth ago

    Sorry shaq I feel off for awhile but I'm watching every video you dropped since fall slowly by joyner and will be commenting and liking all of them

  91. Richard Heinlein

    Richard HeinleinMonth ago

    I lost two grandmas to cancer in the same year

  92. Some Guy

    Some GuyMonth ago

    Tom be killing it. Such a great song.

  93. Bruce Vidito

    Bruce ViditoMonth ago

    @ No Life Shaq, I was wondering if you ever did a reaction video to Toby Mac - 21 ? He's a Christian rapper that lost his 21 year old son to an accidental drug overdose. If you haven't seen it I would love to see you do a reaction video to this song. Thanks for keeping it real !

  94. Jarrod Arguello

    Jarrod ArguelloMonth ago

    Song was dope and deep!! I see you MGK’n it with your cereal lol

  95. Primeiro Último

    Primeiro ÚltimoMonth ago

    Ruben Silva 1997-2019 22 Rare cancer ...

  96. Curnaf كرناف

    Curnaf كرنافMonth ago

    React to sudan cypher

  97. S T

    S TMonth ago

    Just saw this today and put JoJo’s Dad on our Church’s email prayer chain for what it’s worth.

  98. Russell FULLBRIGHT

    Russell FULLBRIGHTMonth ago


  99. IV Steady

    IV SteadyMonth ago

    tom mac is the most underrated rappers there is.

  100. Redline2point0

    Redline2point0Month ago

    Sorry to hear y'all are going through that. Check out the Ketogenic diet, I read about it a few years back. Apparently it helps with cancer. Prayers

  101. The Squad Wiperz ASquadWiper

    The Squad Wiperz ASquadWiperMonth ago

    No life shaq has one of the top 10 best intros to any video ... It's ya boy it's ya homie .. FINISH DAT!!!❤️❤️❤️ Shout out to No LiFe Shaq Gpa.. stay fighting young man ❤️❤️


    BIG COUNTRYMonth ago

    Cancer is a monster. Beautiful song