I Painted My Entire Room With Musou Black-The World's Blackest Paint

In this video I paint my entire room with Musou Black to see what it looks like when the walls around you absorb over 99% of the light in the room. What happens when you turn on a light in the room?
Musou Black: www.ko-pro.black/product/musou-black-paint/
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  1. The Action Lab

    The Action Lab9 days ago

    I only ran into the wall once! Extra points for anyone who can spot the cell phone flashlight I accidently left on in my pocket...

  2. ImBoyley Qz1

    ImBoyley Qz135 minutes ago

    PLEASE make a musou black Tshirt and Pants.


    MCVENTURES !38 minutes ago


  4. ChaoticCobra 352

    ChaoticCobra 352Hour ago

    You should use the worlds strongest flashlight in there

  5. Lego Creations

    Lego Creations6 hours ago


  6. Eclipx3

    Eclipx36 hours ago

    Lol it just so happens that I paused the video right on the timeline when you left the cell phone flashlight on in your pocket as I read this comment. 5:56

  7. Nobody Nobody

    Nobody Nobody2 minutes ago


  8. Anjelo Alva

    Anjelo Alva2 minutes ago

    I bet i cant see my homie Jamal there

  9. Deimos

    Deimos9 minutes ago

    Seems like a nice place to cry.

  10. Bryan Kennedy

    Bryan Kennedy9 minutes ago

    Looks like he made a portal to Upside Down world.

  11. Safyre A

    Safyre A11 minutes ago

    someone edit something funny from 3:27 to 3:44 holy shit lol

  12. FeelTheVern

    FeelTheVern18 minutes ago

    3:55-4:04 Blue skadoo, we can too!

  13. Uranium Rabbit

    Uranium Rabbit18 minutes ago

    Im gonna paint my bedroom musou black! Wife's like...What?? WHAT???? I'm gonna MAKE a room and paint it musou black...

  14. Jeff Gilleese

    Jeff Gilleese24 minutes ago

    It's like turning off ray tracing in real life. Lol

  15. Bruhtonium

    Bruhtonium31 minute ago

    What happens when you use a laser pointer in there

  16. Kinzzz Afq

    Kinzzz Afq31 minute ago

    "you're not painting our room"😂😂😂😂

  17. Israel Comics

    Israel Comics33 minutes ago

    This seems like a good interrogation room

  18. ImBoyley Qz1

    ImBoyley Qz136 minutes ago

    PLEASE make a musou black Tshirt and Pants

  19. 5k1nny

    5k1nny36 minutes ago

    White would also be weird

  20. Mahabiek

    Mahabiek37 minutes ago

    What about brightest flashlight vs musou black?

  21. Evanator Animator

    Evanator Animator38 minutes ago

    Real mouth asmr, now I know your trick!

  22. John Herrington

    John Herrington40 minutes ago

    “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” “Here, hold my beer...”

  23. Charles Sipe

    Charles Sipe46 minutes ago

    There would be so many production teams that would PAY to use that room for films

  24. Alexander Barnett

    Alexander Barnett47 minutes ago


  25. Shane Cunningham

    Shane Cunningham49 minutes ago

    Started with a red door in the 60’s, now in 2021, we painted a whole room

  26. Markus Aquarius

    Markus Aquarius50 minutes ago

    Get three other people and sign Bohemian Rhapsody with floating heads!

  27. Sunshine Skystar

    Sunshine Skystar54 minutes ago

    Good...now 1. put a little speaker and a single small dot of light inside. 2. invite your friend for drinking night and when he passes out, lock him in the room and wait till he wake up 3. See his reaction first and turn on the light and speaker says thaf he is dead and should reach the light 4. When he cant reach it tell him that he had been condemned and punished by staying there for 1000 year before getting dragged to hell 5. Watch his reaction

  28. Селинка П.

    Селинка П.57 minutes ago

    I get Anxiety from this o.o

  29. Mariah Kirkwood

    Mariah Kirkwood57 minutes ago

    This is where nightmares are born but also where optimal sleep could happen

  30. Dominik Doesn't do anything

    Dominik Doesn't do anything58 minutes ago

    I'd sleep in there

  31. Nicholas

    NicholasHour ago

    The perfect gaming room.

  32. OmegaTsu

    OmegaTsuHour ago

    aka the new photoshoot room

  33. Yo Fxlcon

    Yo FxlconHour ago


  34. 4bbyw5

    4bbyw5Hour ago

    Got so annoyed by how often he repeated "the world's blackest paint"

  35. Tim84

    Tim84Hour ago

    You're Awesome!!!

  36. Yoganand Sagar

    Yoganand SagarHour ago

    I switched off my light. Cheaper version. Not perfect. But works for me

  37. Pretzel

    PretzelHour ago

    You should have tried to use a flashlight, it would be really weird since it would seem like nothing happens

  38. Kei Tsukishima

    Kei TsukishimaHour ago

    Hmmm this would go well if you put dots of the brightest paint to make it look like stars

  39. Devin Bonnstetter

    Devin BonnstetterHour ago

    "It's almost like being in space" hahahaha!

  40. Jerry

    JerryHour ago

    so this is where hacker live.

  41. WendyAlexius Vlog

    WendyAlexius VlogHour ago

    Can we see with night vision in the dark of musou black?

  42. ENEMY

    ENEMYHour ago

    lmfaoo when he walked in 😂😂

  43. bharasyah

    bharasyahHour ago

    5:14 you scared me

  44. Ren Wilson

    Ren WilsonHour ago

    This is the closest to Harry potters invisibility cloak we can get and I’m not upset

  45. Isaac Graff

    Isaac GraffHour ago

    How warm would it get in that room where all the light is getting absorbed?

  46. JXGaming

    JXGamingHour ago

    is this guy sponsored by Nvidia to promote RTX or what ?

  47. Steven Rummelhoff

    Steven RummelhoffHour ago

    Awesome video. Although you repeated yourself alot.

  48. Dead Account

    Dead AccountHour ago

    Imagine getring trapped in a room like this with no handle and it was paited with glow in the dark stars. Youd be stuck in constant space with no idea ehag direction you where headed

  49. Kaycee Roblyn Seng

    Kaycee Roblyn SengHour ago

    Welcome to Blackspace...

  50. Blue Migosa

    Blue MigosaHour ago

    I would love that velvet for blackout curtains

  51. Sunako zxc

    Sunako zxcHour ago

    Imagine getting kidnapped and being left in a room like this

  52. Warrenski

    WarrenskiHour ago

    *Cops see the walls* Cops: so anyways I started blasting

  53. Complainx3

    Complainx3Hour ago

    Haha, should recreate Queen’s album cover.

  54. Complainx3

    Complainx3Hour ago

    Some good art shading references

  55. MrMadmark7

    MrMadmark7Hour ago

    Now use the world strongest flashlight in there.

  56. Dylon Johnson

    Dylon JohnsonHour ago

    2:28 when I see all of my family members pull up to the barbecue

  57. TBot Alpha

    TBot AlphaHour ago

    5:37 Ooh, so that's the room that the deep-voiced Council guy from XCOM: Enemy Unknown is filming in!

  58. Matt Sinclair

    Matt SinclairHour ago

    Imagine being put into this kind of room with just that light as a sort of torture mind fuck kinda thing

  59. joe nuts

    joe nuts2 hours ago

    That would go great with stealth missions

  60. theSpooner

    theSpooner2 hours ago

    OMG what if you add a lot of little leds or fiber wire lights, it would be the best space looking room!

  61. 53 : Vidit Rastogi

    53 : Vidit Rastogi2 hours ago

    Try a projector there

  62. Random Spectator

    Random Spectator2 hours ago

    _"Welcome to the Shadow Realm Jimbo"_

  63. Bingus McSpingus III

    Bingus McSpingus III2 hours ago

    This may be a pretty large request, but could you consider doing this kind of painting to a car? 🤔 I’d love to see, or rather not see, a car!

  64. Imthatextrakid

    Imthatextrakid2 hours ago

    Paint a room with the whitest paint

  65. Kevin Eontrainer

    Kevin Eontrainer2 hours ago

    Man, this gets dark so quickly...

  66. Dave P

    Dave P2 hours ago

    2:19 he’s not painting the wall, he’s erasing it

  67. Mister Cat

    Mister Cat2 hours ago

    Love this.. good to do meditation inside...

  68. MAGA Losers

    MAGA Losers2 hours ago

    "It is not a phase MOM!!!"

  69. Mr Coffee

    Mr Coffee2 hours ago

    Best room for migraines

  70. Reikoレイコ

    Reikoレイコ2 hours ago

    Omg i can very literally see my reflection


    HELL FIRE2 hours ago

    Jesus Christ the Son of God died for our sins And he was buried and he rose again the third day Believe with All Thine Heart and Thou Shalt be Saved WARN ALL

  72. Jonathan Hetzler

    Jonathan Hetzler2 hours ago

    I'd be spraying that paint on everything

  73. Raivolt

    Raivolt2 hours ago

    Very weird looking! That room looks like a ton of fun! Sweet video!

  74. Jonathan Casanova

    Jonathan Casanova2 hours ago

    I bet Mia Khalifa would’ve went in there

  75. Raivolt

    Raivolt2 hours ago

    That is a very nice corner!

  76. LoudeRRbtw

    LoudeRRbtw2 hours ago

    Ayo something behind you bruh

  77. KappaPride

    KappaPride2 hours ago

    I kinda want a shirt made out of musou black material.

  78. Dxrk_Vxbez

    Dxrk_Vxbez3 hours ago

    How many times did he say black? Answer correct and il cashapp u

  79. braapp 80cc

    braapp 80cc3 hours ago

    Why didnt he use his big flash light in their. 🤔 how many watt was the bulb... So many un answered questions ❓

  80. An Tony

    An Tony3 hours ago

    Can we get this colour in spray paint.. that is the question..

  81. dnsoulx

    dnsoulx3 hours ago

    looks like you're missing the textures for that room

  82. Aidan Welsh

    Aidan Welsh3 hours ago

    Youra bloody wizard!

  83. YBG Epix

    YBG Epix3 hours ago

    0:10 “Modern problems require modern solutions”

  84. Abu Noor

    Abu Noor3 hours ago

    Try pointing laser pointer at the wall

  85. Hal lo

    Hal lo3 hours ago

    Blackest black vs. Brightest light

  86. 7 violett

    7 violett3 hours ago

    This is what we call art and science 🧪 ✨

  87. PrimalX60

    PrimalX603 hours ago

    We don't see color Yeah well now you really don't

  88. Lucas Daruszka

    Lucas Daruszka3 hours ago

    The Emo Kids Room

  89. RonLarhz

    RonLarhz3 hours ago

    This room is not a good experiment.this is not an avg size room. Depth matters.ww need to see how far light can travel in a normal size room.

  90. LoneHeart

    LoneHeart3 hours ago

    This video taught me how light works better than school

  91. oh no

    oh no3 hours ago

    Damn this man really made his room into the abyss from dark souls.

  92. Daily Trends

    Daily Trends3 hours ago

    Please I wanna buy some where can I get it?

  93. joakofd303

    joakofd3033 hours ago

    the V O I D room

  94. Jaydia Simmons

    Jaydia Simmons3 hours ago

    I bet some tiny lights on the ceiling and walls, and some hanging from the ceiling, would be beautiful. It would be like being surrounded by stars. I wonder if they would even show up. Or would the black paint just absorb their glow?

  95. Gavin Macanip

    Gavin Macanip3 hours ago

    Best place for Hide and Seek

  96. Powering Manipulation

    Powering Manipulation3 hours ago

    How did they make the color black even darker bruh

  97. I am Hannah Montana

    I am Hannah Montana4 hours ago

    Got it, ✍🏾 space ✍🏾 is ✍🏾 painted ✍🏾 in ✍🏾musou ✍🏾 black✍🏾

  98. Joshua Robinson

    Joshua Robinson4 hours ago

    Are we not mentioning the fact that a guy on tiktok did it first and he literally copied him

  99. Dantton Rose

    Dantton Rose4 hours ago

    Imagine doing the ultimate blackface with that shit 😂😂😂

  100. ioa

    ioa4 hours ago

    thats the "it's not a phase mom!!!" room

  101. The Anathema

    The Anathema4 hours ago

    *”You can tell where the door is due to the doorknob right here.” Kthx.*

  102. Holland

    Holland4 hours ago

    just what the CIA ordered for their sensory deprivation chambers.

  103. Manny Theodorakis

    Manny Theodorakis4 hours ago

    Imagine putting someone in there when there sleeping 🤣

  104. back 2 bussiness

    back 2 bussiness4 hours ago

    Smh ..task task mick jagger 1967 painted black syndrome.

  105. Noppadol channel

    Noppadol channel4 hours ago