Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part 2

NEW VIDEO: "Making ELA & the VIRUS (Rainbow Six Quarantine) DIORAMA - polymer clay" --~--
We are continuing our Among Us Map The Skelds and are building the Rooms Storage, Communication, Admin and Shields with cardboard and clay!
► This is PART 1 of The Skeld Map
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  1. Alfie Harris

    Alfie HarrisMinute ago

    Omg you are soooo talented

  2. morganmonster6

    morganmonster612 minutes ago

    What is inside of the boxes in the storage is a bunch of Planktons from SpongeBob

  3. Снежана Май

    Снежана Май28 minutes ago


  4. Magno AJunior

    Magno AJunior31 minute ago

    what the part 3 the map among us

  5. Jana Rei L.

    Jana Rei L.48 minutes ago

    He is in the among us game but he is not playing how is he not sus??🤔🤔

  6. Milca Bello Torres

    Milca Bello Torres52 minutes ago


  7. Amador Acosta

    Amador Acosta53 minutes ago

    Pls make part 3 I like watching you a lot I always liked clay like you

  8. Oliwia Skrzyńska

    Oliwia SkrzyńskaHour ago

    there is spaghetti is those boxes

  9. señor pollo XD

    señor pollo XDHour ago

    like for part 3 !!!

  10. Hamza Mbarki

    Hamza Mbarki2 hours ago

    Make a part three



    EXCELENT video

  12. RedBrick

    RedBrick2 hours ago

    Nobody: Clay: That would be a great way to kill someone

  13. Neverland

    Neverland3 hours ago


  14. Eileen Leal

    Eileen Leal4 hours ago

    3 part please

  15. littleflower09

    littleflower094 hours ago


  16. Anisha Karn

    Anisha Karn5 hours ago

    And can u make mirahq

  17. Anisha Karn

    Anisha Karn5 hours ago

    Yes he is very talented

  18. Галина Давыдова-

    Галина Давыдова-5 hours ago

    На русском научись говорить

  19. Martdimons PT

    Martdimons PT5 hours ago

    In the storage boxes have ox milk

  20. andrew yes

    andrew yes5 hours ago

    theirs clay in the containers

  21. Andrew Gunther

    Andrew Gunther5 hours ago

    This guy is legally Skeld.


    BLACKPINK IS MY LOVE5 hours ago

    I'm interested in your hands

  23. جعفر علي

    جعفر علي5 hours ago

    اكو عربي

  24. Jace Krueger

    Jace Krueger5 hours ago

    Can I have a among us map with the characters

  25. wilinton candia

    wilinton candia6 hours ago

    La tersera parte

  26. Benson Corbett

    Benson Corbett6 hours ago



    TATHAGAT MAITY6 hours ago


  28. Halo xXSniper527Xx

    Halo xXSniper527Xx6 hours ago

    I have a question are you German clay claim

  29. AmzarTIG

    AmzarTIG7 hours ago

    When are you making reactor electric and upper and downer engine

  30. wolfie Boba_tea gacha:3

    wolfie Boba_tea gacha:38 hours ago

    This is pure talent

  31. Bg123-VR Games and More

    Bg123-VR Games and More8 hours ago

    the boxes are full of ded bodies cuz where are you going to put them

  32. DBC Poodlepug

    DBC Poodlepug8 hours ago

    part 3 should sonsist of cafteria, medbay, and upper engine, whereas part 4 should consist of electrical, lower engine, security and reactor. or, the other way around.

  33. Elaiza Mae Dela Cruz

    Elaiza Mae Dela Cruz8 hours ago

    Part 3 plssssss

  34. Eisen & Janus Galicia

    Eisen & Janus Galicia8 hours ago

    Please make part 3

  35. MIMIKYU2

    MIMIKYU28 hours ago

    Bet, ClayClaim wont pin this is 3 days.

  36. Adam&Kyf for LIFE

    Adam&Kyf for LIFE9 hours ago

    can you make mirah/mira next plss

  37. Adam&Kyf for LIFE

    Adam&Kyf for LIFE9 hours ago

    now im a fan

  38. adam benabed

    adam benabed10 hours ago

    Building THE SKELD (Among Us) with cardboard & clay - Part3

  39. Dylan Smith

    Dylan Smith11 hours ago

    Cafeteria, medbay and upper engine next

  40. Toxic shadow

    Toxic shadow11 hours ago

    i have no sleep ive been weating pls make part 3 now pls😭😭😭😭😭

  41. JaceNyan

    JaceNyan13 hours ago

    next task: make a bigger version of this and play among us irl

  42. Nandini Seerat

    Nandini Seerat14 hours ago

    Wow wow that was amazing and ya I also wanna see the other parts of The Skeld.💜💜

  43. bangtan. fan

    bangtan. fan14 hours ago

    to spare u the time not all vents connect to each other every vent isn't able to get u wherever u want like u cant go from cafeteria to security. so: cafeteria-admin and the hall in between shields and navigation. the hall between shields and navigation- cafeteria and admin navigation upper vent-weapons navigation flower vent-shields weapons-navigation upper vent shields-navugation lower vent electrical-medbay, security medbay- electrical, security security- electrical, medbay upper engine- reactor upper vent reactor upper vent-upper engine lower engine-reactor lower vent reactor lower vent-lower engine

  44. FiveJumpingPeanuts

    FiveJumpingPeanuts14 hours ago

    i think that inside the boxes are the crewmates that where killed

  45. Charles Thristan 7-EMERALD Pickrell

    Charles Thristan 7-EMERALD Pickrell15 hours ago

    I wait for part 3😁😁😁😁😁

  46. Prithul Kishowar

    Prithul Kishowar15 hours ago

    Among us creator: This guy is good.

  47. devi aswita

    devi aswita15 hours ago

    Part3 plis🙏🙏

  48. khadija osman

    khadija osman16 hours ago

    I wanna test something edit:what does it mean and how to people know?

  49. khadija osman

    khadija osman16 hours ago

    and how do you do it

  50. Antti Kattelus

    Antti Kattelus17 hours ago

    Pt 3

  51. TreeTops

    TreeTops17 hours ago

    Hey I don't know if there are any clay & VR users but you should make the recroom stunt runner map!

  52. farisa khan

    farisa khan18 hours ago

    You 😱😱😱😱

  53. Aldo Brayan Quispe Aquino

    Aldo Brayan Quispe Aquino18 hours ago

    Es bellísimo

  54. Isabella Cribb

    Isabella Cribb20 hours ago

    This is so awesome, nice job!!! Shields with the functioning lights looks so cooool!!

  55. Diego Zárate Paz

    Diego Zárate Paz21 hour ago

    This is really cool. New Follower for you; also a like

  56. 972gabby

    972gabby21 hour ago

    I don’t know why but I always like to go the SHIELDS it also has a good hiding spot on the bottom. Just in case you guys are playing AMONG US HIDE AND SEEK!!😁😁

  57. pedro melendez perez

    pedro melendez perez21 hour ago

    like si hablas español

  58. Charlie YT

    Charlie YT21 hour ago

    In the boxes in storage I think its stuff they packed for the trip into space or its stuff in space they have discoverd through some time.

  59. Charlie YT

    Charlie YT21 hour ago

    Wow ur good and please shout me out in part 3!

  60. Daniel Gavilema

    Daniel Gavilema22 hours ago

    by when part 3?????

  61. Jaslin Randolph

    Jaslin Randolph22 hours ago

    that was good


    LOS PEQUES KIDS22 hours ago

    you will create third part

  63. Thor's Lego Channel

    Thor's Lego Channel22 hours ago


  64. Hunter Veach

    Hunter Veach22 hours ago

    Supplies And The Floating Box?? An Experiment!!!

  65. Rebecca Whittier

    Rebecca Whittier22 hours ago

    Make medbay

  66. Rebecca Whittier

    Rebecca Whittier22 hours ago

    Make medway

  67. Þórir Leó

    Þórir Leó23 hours ago

    He really hates the map creator😂

  68. Lucy

    Lucy23 hours ago

    I have a question for you Mr.Clay Claim are the videos sped up

  69. Lucy

    Lucy23 hours ago

    The boxes r ful. Of spare top half boxes just in case someone gets killed by imposter

  70. Alyia Buchalet

    Alyia Buchalet23 hours ago

    11:17 : Ah yes, ship is powered by black milk from Saturn

  71. Caden the Gamer

    Caden the Gamer23 hours ago

    Please do part 3 I think you should do lower engine reactor security upper engine

  72. Isabel Hernández

    Isabel HernándezDay ago

    I think tje boxes have mayo

  73. Dolores Suárez Perea

    Dolores Suárez PereaDay ago

    this is amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

  74. Kayleigh

    KayleighDay ago

    Hope your hand will get better soon!

  75. Daymond Steve

    Daymond SteveDay ago


  76. Joshurm

    JoshurmDay ago

    I tink inside the boxes are the corpses

  77. Adrian2007

    Adrian2007Day ago

    Put the template or the photos you used, it will be easier to do it

  78. Pink Pirate

    Pink PirateDay ago

    Maybe for part 3 of Among us map: Cafeteria, Electrical and maybe Medbay. Pls part 3!!!!!!!!!

  79. Ola Szkup

    Ola SzkupDay ago


  80. Ярослав и Вова Скворцов

    Ярослав и Вова СкворцовDay ago

    Я единственный русский

  81. infant jesus

    infant jesusDay ago

    I want part 3

  82. TowerDefense kid

    TowerDefense kidDay ago

    this man has pinpoint accuracy

  83. Farooq Kasana

    Farooq KasanaDay ago

    you forgot cafeteria

  84. Daniel B.

    Daniel B.Day ago

    i want Tho see in Part 3de Electrial and The figures Please

  85. richard pompa

    richard pompaDay ago

    It has fuel in the boxes

  86. Jimmy Salvador Velasco

    Jimmy Salvador VelascoDay ago

    clay une thing can you do that for im son ?

  87. Jordyn Plays A Game

    Jordyn Plays A GameDay ago


  88. El canal de Amaro

    El canal de AmaroDay ago

    Wow i need this

  89. Sus_Gamerzzz Z

    Sus_Gamerzzz ZDay ago

    We neeeeeeed part 3 😂 and I love you vids

  90. David Schweighofer

    David SchweighoferDay ago

    he did not do cafe

  91. Danielle Burns

    Danielle BurnsDay ago


  92. Glória Carmo

    Glória CarmoDay ago

    loveee youuuu

  93. 4 K

    4 KDay ago

    Plllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaase among us skeld part 3

  94. Isaac Amaral

    Isaac AmaralDay ago

    you need a cafeteria

  95. Isaac Amaral

    Isaac AmaralDay ago

    you should make little among us people

  96. happy Halloween

    happy HalloweenDay ago

    Can you please make a part 3

  97. Tank the crazy dog

    Tank the crazy dogDay ago

    The box are filled with chicken tenders

  98. Naki Valdiva

    Naki ValdivaDay ago

    i need part 3

  99. Naki Valdiva

    Naki ValdivaDay ago

    and part 3

  100. Tere Rodriguez

    Tere RodriguezDay ago

    No entendí nada pero quedó cachetito 👁️👄👁️. 🔥👄🔥🕳️👄🕳️⚡👄⚡

  101. 김민찬

    김민찬Day ago

    can you give the amazing pile?