Tom Macdonald - Cancer "Official Video" 2LM Reaction

Wow!! Wow!! Thats all im going to say because it pretty ,much spoils the video but I'm not going to say anything else. Enjoy!
Tom Macdonald - Cancer "Official Video":
#TMReacts #TomMacdonald #Cancer

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  1. Too LIT Mafia

    Too LIT MafiaMonth ago

    WELCOME TO TOO LIT MAFIA'S BIRTHDAY MARATHON!!! We Hope You All Can Handle 9 videos a day!! Its Going To Be LIT!!! Check The Schedule For Release Times On All Platforms!

  2. Kurth Warren

    Kurth WarrenMonth ago

    It may be the anniversary of your birth, butt that doesn't mean that you can show up to your party in your Birthday suit. Seriously, Happy B-Day!

  3. T K

    T KMonth ago

    Too Lit Mafia. Bro I can tell this touched you, stay up man appreciate your videos

  4. Sarah Davis

    Sarah DavisMonth ago

    Happy Birthday!

  5. Brandi High

    Brandi HighMonth ago

    Happy bday yo🎂! Love the channel, keep up the great job! Much love💜

  6. Dom Corpolongo

    Dom CorpolongoMonth ago

    I want you to do Holy War by Thy Art is Murder sooooo bad

  7. Mel quinn

    Mel quinn11 days ago

    My friend mom dying as we speak and it hasn't hit her yet she had three heart attack cause of the cancer

  8. DBS6567

    DBS656713 days ago

    its a business , a cure is not profitable, treatment is return business. captive patients , keep them paying for as long as possible, and to big to stop. if they found a cure, 100Billion dollar industry would disappear overnight. globally the figures are in the trillions, and for what ???

  9. lunarrainbow2501

    lunarrainbow250114 days ago

    I lost my grandpa and uncle to cancer I don't know of anyone else in my family 😢😭 my grandpa had pancreatic cancer and my uncle had brain cancer

  10. jacob duvall

    jacob duvall18 days ago

    SICK AND TIRED, preach man

  11. jacob duvall

    jacob duvall18 days ago

    They really are lying. Most of my family died off to cancer . All for money, but we didn't have money so death was the only option, thanks government.

  12. Michelle- Houston

    Michelle- Houston21 day ago

    God is good bro! Tom is helping!

  13. Michelle- Houston

    Michelle- Houston21 day ago

    My best friend, my uncle/god father both lost their battles with cancer. In the name of Jesus ..we need to unite

  14. Dusty B

    Dusty B23 days ago

    React to “no lives matter” by Tom Macdonald Just released today

  15. whtdvl927

    whtdvl92723 days ago

    This might be your best reaction video, dude. Well done. F@*& Cancer. My mom just went through radiation and chemo. It made her weaker overall, accelerated her dementia. The treatment is worse than the disease sometimes.

  16. James Alferman

    James Alferman23 days ago

    I’m fighting kidney cancer right now and I love him for this song. I feel like he is trying to will the hook into my soul.

  17. Eric Schulte

    Eric Schulte28 days ago

    We know damn well there is a cure. But those in control are pure Evil. Population control.

  18. Kathleen Tate

    Kathleen Tate29 days ago

    My new fight song. Thanks

  19. Tony Tootlelusso

    Tony Tootlelusso29 days ago

    Been following your channel for around 2 years now. You’ve grown and you videos are contagious and real. Keep this going man. I hope you succeed man. The sky is the limit.

  20. Rose Price

    Rose PriceMonth ago

    My mom's in third stage colon cancer. This is hitting home.

  21. spiderkarma

    spiderkarmaMonth ago

    My bestfriend lost her mom to cancer, saddest day of her life

  22. jeff

    jeffMonth ago

    Cancer knows no color. We all collectively say “ fuck cancer “ it connects us all like it’s in🥴

  23. Nicholas Eli

    Nicholas EliMonth ago

    My dad My step dad My grandpa

  24. Brenda Spear

    Brenda SpearMonth ago

    I had cancer twice. Once in 2007 I did chemo and my tumors grew.they did surgery and took it out. 5 yrs later I was told I had leukemia. I refused chemo. I moved to the mountains and made arrested for my son. I left letters for everyone I love for all birthdays and holidays. However I started researching alternatives and I started doing an alternative and I'm cancer free. I have no cancer cells in my body at all. Even with chemo they are there but dormant. I have none. I found an actual cure. I started taking dandelion root 3 times a day. You can get it online or out of your yard. Within a few months I had no cancer at all. I have told so many people about this and there are another 10 people who used dandelion root and are cancer free. Also ginger root has cancer killing properties as well. I have not tried it but in my research its came up. So add dandelion root everyday and Within a week you will feel the difference and Within a few your cancer should be gone or you will be in a different lower stage

  25. Patrick Williams

    Patrick WilliamsMonth ago

    All depends on who you are and how much money you have.. how long has magic johnson been around his disease

  26. Duran Pote

    Duran PoteMonth ago

    Yo I already dropped a comment on toms videos. But I'll drop here to, one my youngest sisters was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia) two months before she turned 2. Luckily she beat it in two years tops with chemo and radiation. But those were definitely the hardest two years of my life. Watching her go through that, like it really messed me up, my dad my mom, myself it was hands down the hardest two years of our lives. Watching her roid rage because of the steroids the chemo the radiation. It physically hurt to watch such sweet innocents go through that. I can't be happier of her and for her. Beating cancer she's now 7 almost 8 loves life, loves school, loves learning in general like big bubba and it's amazing. Like I said before thank you for Tom for this beautiful heart touching song man. And tlm thank for the reaction brotha. I'm so sorry for the loved ones lost to this preventable bs. I can see it in your eyes, your reaction, the tone of your voice, what you said. This song hit home like it did me and my dad. It got you right in the feels. And once again my condolences brotha on the loved ones lost its hard cancer is a shit show.

  27. Haikeya Kath

    Haikeya KathMonth ago

    Why are u against tom mac donald he my fav singer

  28. Ellen Radabaugh

    Ellen RadabaughMonth ago

    My best friend is dying from breast cancer, and we don't have much time left with her. I really really needed this today. Thank you.

  29. tworle

    tworleMonth ago

    You won my sub. Be you.

  30. Gabriel Ranta

    Gabriel RantaMonth ago

    I started watching yesterday and this probably isn't the normal songs you listen to but it's a country song and it's called drowning by chris young. It's gets to you. Thank you if you do it but if not we'll I tried.

  31. juan rivera

    juan riveraMonth ago

    Tom got everyone in their feels with this one. We all lost a love one to this illness.

  32. Corey Carter

    Corey CarterMonth ago

    "There is no profit in the cure"

  33. Jimmy Hetherington

    Jimmy HetheringtonMonth ago

    I know the feeling my mom had breast cancer for 3 years. She passed away at the age of 27 on Christmas Day in 92’...I was 8 I’m now 35 and I watched my mom struggle, deteriorate, and pass away in front of me. So this song hits home for me.

  34. Daniel Macphee

    Daniel MacpheeMonth ago

    I`m lucky im canadian

  35. Hunter Simon

    Hunter SimonMonth ago


  36. Carlos Lastra

    Carlos LastraMonth ago

    Thank you for being transparent

  37. Carlos Lastra

    Carlos LastraMonth ago

    Great reaction thank you bro

  38. Nomo 4u

    Nomo 4uMonth ago

    Dawg this hits deep my grandma passed away on Memorial Day from her battle with cancer. She fought a strong 8 years R.I.P lola Rose may your soul rest in paradise.

  39. Andrew Pate

    Andrew PateMonth ago

    You should react to Corpse all his songs are lit af. Check out "E-girls are ruining my life" or "white T" and go from there.

  40. Renee Taylor

    Renee TaylorMonth ago

    All about the $$$$. We need some serious healthcare reform

  41. Renee Taylor

    Renee TaylorMonth ago

    the food we eat is killing us

  42. slayer rules

    slayer rulesMonth ago

    Love this song and Tom.. But truthfully cancer is a gene we have.. and something triggers it.. cause if you think about it we should all have cancer if smoking causes it.. or second hand smoke but we don't... Doctors don't ever wanna tell you the truth that will hurt their pockets..... And Too lite your that dude love your reaction videos...

  43. Unknown2Yoo

    Unknown2YooMonth ago

    I been sayin' they lyin for years, but I never thought to make a song about it. The difference between me and Tom. 🤣

  44. Jason Lora

    Jason LoraMonth ago

    Yo i love the the mc's that keep it real and speak the truth

  45. Michael Sherman

    Michael ShermanMonth ago

    What if they treated cancer like corona?

  46. carrie white

    carrie whiteMonth ago

    Came cross this video wanted check it out

  47. Paul Dedenbach

    Paul DedenbachMonth ago

    who disliked this?

  48. Crystal Wheatley

    Crystal WheatleyMonth ago

    Jelly Roll just threw out a new one that was badass. I would love to see you react to it. Its called "Dance with Ghosts"

  49. Elise daniels

    Elise danielsMonth ago

    They've had a cure for cancer, for years. But if they cure cancer, look at all that money they lose. Sad. Tom Macdonald is greatest.

  50. Scott Tinsley

    Scott TinsleyMonth ago

    you should watch his skit video with Manchild called "Killing the Neighbors". It's hillarious

  51. Michael Esquea

    Michael EsqueaMonth ago

    You lookin like ace hood these days

  52. ravowe krimpej

    ravowe krimpejMonth ago

  53. Igni

    IgniMonth ago

    Nobody left me because of cancer but two best friends are gone because of car accident. They were here and after hour they haven´t been here anymore. It is always hard to think about it.

  54. Donalex Corfgutip

    Donalex CorfgutipMonth ago

    My mom is a breast cancer survivor. Just got her mastectomy. Today I found out my grandma has uterine cancer. So sick of this bullsh*t. I guess I found this song at the right time.

  55. Auz the Cloud Thief

    Auz the Cloud ThiefMonth ago

    Tom nails it again. You right though, there’s gotta be cured by now. The problem is there’s no profit in healing. To Big Pharma and the healthcare companies you’re not a patient you’re a customer

  56. Amanda Tardy

    Amanda TardyMonth ago

    I’m crying just took my nanny to her first chemo appointment today ...lost my papa 2 months ago .....this song crying so hard 😭😭😭

  57. Amanda Tardy

    Amanda TardyMonth ago

    Hate that they can stop it but money is so more important 😭

  58. Sara Lindley

    Sara LindleyMonth ago

    I have felt Tom's voice rip through me and this song brought back all the anger, the fear and the gratitude of every day i live as a three time cancer survivor. This song is shocking but so real. Thanks Tom for keeping it real.

  59. Andrew Boudwin

    Andrew BoudwinMonth ago

    90 billion in donations for decades, no cure. Less than a year of covid and they can find a cure for that. Someone's lieing.

  60. Danny Ruffell

    Danny RuffellMonth ago

    Herd this song 100 of times

  61. Danny Ruffell

    Danny RuffellMonth ago


  62. Toast Man

    Toast ManMonth ago

    Chris Webby - Raw Thoughts IV

  63. QuinnQuazy

    QuinnQuazyMonth ago

    my dad was diagnosed with AML 3 years ago. goes into remission. then finds out he has a second leukemia . gets bone marrow transplant goes into remission finds out he has Skin cancer... then gets it taken out. he is cancer free but fighting things that will kill him that chemo caused.

  64. Charles Dunn

    Charles DunnMonth ago

    Thank You so much for your reaction to this song. I felt that there was so much you wanted to say, but kept it minimum. I am 50 yrs old and I know that my God is in total control over my life. I also saw a spark in your eyes when you commented on the "90 billion" part. It makes some people angry to know the statistics that have been given without any result. God Bless You, Too LIT. Stay REAL & Stay Strong.

  65. Michael Ford

    Michael FordMonth ago

    outstanding young man,i felt yer spirit thru this reaction,the cure is there,but the money is the driver of treatment

  66. Yuri Matheus

    Yuri MatheusMonth ago


  67. Kid Devil

    Kid DevilMonth ago

    bruh i like this hair style better.

  68. Harimau Pencak Silat

    Harimau Pencak SilatMonth ago

    I've been through nasopharyngeal carcinoma twice as a kid had skin cancer few years ago likely from being over exposed to radiation during treatment but both times when was a kid was stage IV before it was found and was considered terminal both times and as far as family goes at least one in every generation that we can track back least 4 generations

  69. Brian Acuna

    Brian AcunaMonth ago

    I don't care what anyone says or think. I balled my eyes out to this song because it hits home. Even if I didn't lose any family members to cancer (which I did) I would still cry just from the thought of all the families going through this battle. Value life even if it isn't your own.

  70. Luck.E OG

    Luck.E OGMonth ago

    Politics needs to get the hell out of science and I’ve said that for decades. Even more so after I began working in the medical field and witnessed all the sad truths.

  71. Rachel Davis

    Rachel DavisMonth ago

    My mother fought terminal cancer for 9 yrs! It got her in the end but she fought her fight with dignity and praise. She never gave in to cancer. She never saw 50. Lost teen cousin, uncles, grandparents. We need to demand the cure.

  72. MrBoyd Guyton

    MrBoyd GuytonMonth ago

    I been waiting on this bro

  73. Kurth Warren

    Kurth WarrenMonth ago

    T'was another good one too ennit! I think Tom just likes to mix things up. It tends to keep us talking about him & Nova at least. You're getting better everytime I come back and watch you doing what you do. Keep it up! This video, for me, was definitely a sign. I had just been hooked up for more chemo when I got the notification. I was in the midst of a major decision. Just remember: #NDDQ Not Dead Don't Quit

  74. Macheesta1

    Macheesta1Month ago

    I've been looking at this since the 90's... my grandmother passed from pancreatic cancer. @ WATCH & LEARN what Tom was singing about. A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER

  75. Kaji653

    Kaji653Month ago

    This song hits deep for me my mother has had cancer 5 times now and the fear of not knowing if this time is the time it takes that loved one away is real the pain is real I thank god above that my mother is still around everyday

  76. Nathanial Shullai

    Nathanial ShullaiMonth ago

    Please Please Please Please React to CHRIS WEBBY - RAW THOUGHTS 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 🙏🏾😭❤️

  77. Shanny T

    Shanny TMonth ago

    "TOM for President" Merc!

  78. Paladin Mini

    Paladin MiniMonth ago

    God Bless Ya Too LIT!!

  79. Paladin Mini

    Paladin MiniMonth ago

    yup!! there is a reason to be angry bout this!!

  80. Nick Duplantis

    Nick DuplantisMonth ago

    Been here since 35k subs. Keep up the good work, love the vibes.

  81. ewokcrusader

    ewokcrusaderMonth ago

    A patient cured is a customer lost. Edit: sad but true

  82. BenjiTheOutlaw

    BenjiTheOutlawMonth ago

    I’ve been hitting you up on IG for this one homie, glad you reacted To it

  83. John Burns

    John BurnsMonth ago

    Thank you for sharing your faith and standing on your values. Much respect. I’m so sorry for your loses. Keep using your voice to make our world better as you do.

  84. Capt Blacksack

    Capt BlacksackMonth ago

    Fire reaction man, as always.

  85. covfefe

    covfefeMonth ago

    This one hits home, HARD. Tom speaking pure facts!!!

  86. Kellie Jordan

    Kellie JordanMonth ago

    I lost my mom, my sister, my son and now my husband is being treated for cancer. Much love and prayers for everyone effected and those that love them.

  87. Raphsody86

    Raphsody86Month ago

    Great reaction!👍🏻👍🏻

  88. Chris Scott

    Chris ScottMonth ago

    You need this in your life.... Amon Amarth - Shield Wall 🔥

  89. Jessica Dukes

    Jessica DukesMonth ago

    Beautiful song about an ugly illness 😪

  90. VocalCitizen

    VocalCitizenMonth ago


  91. PR Plumley

    PR PlumleyMonth ago

    They are not looking for a 'Cure'. The cure is not as profitable as the 'Treatment Plan'.

  92. Sarah Davis

    Sarah DavisMonth ago

    My niece is 16 and dying from Brain Cancer, my brother had to fight to get her meds, if she would have gotten them when they were prescribed, she might still be able to walk, but because they fight to give them to her, she now is in a wheelchair. Fucking pisses me off.

  93. Chris Rhoades

    Chris RhoadesMonth ago

    Tom is a god damn goat. The pain in his face in this video says it all

  94. Tom MacDonald

    Tom MacDonaldMonth ago

    Love ya dude!!! You killed it, as always. I’m gonna have to do a banger next so you can return to your purest form and get hype!!! 😆

  95. Demauri Pander

    Demauri Pander18 days ago

    Yasssss!! #HOG4LIFE

  96. Beau Muller

    Beau MullerMonth ago

    Love your music and it always hits me with feelings. Hope you are doing well

  97. Ryan Kreuz

    Ryan KreuzMonth ago

    You and too lit mafia are some of the realist and genuine people I’ve seen on USlikes. Gives me hope.

  98. Christine California

    Christine CaliforniaMonth ago

    @Adam Adair You Said It!!!!

  99. Adam Adair

    Adam AdairMonth ago

    Tom.. i know you wont read this.. but you change people, you speak on what matters and i love you for it. you do you and ill keep enjoying the work you put in. i just hope you actually realize what you have done for people like me. people who are lost and hurt, people who deal with real life problems that no-one else cares about Bro, WE LOVE YOU!!

  100. That bearded bastard

    That bearded bastardMonth ago

    That 100 billion a year is why they won't release a cure

  101. Thomas Villarreal

    Thomas VillarrealMonth ago

    Yo they dont create cures they create patients. No money to be made if your not sick.

  102. 4256stevo

    4256stevoMonth ago

    Crazy thing is everyone who says they found an actual cure or come forward with scientific evidence of a cure magically wind up dead or suicided!... hmmm Think about it!

  103. JimmyV 5050

    JimmyV 5050Month ago

    There's way more money in treating a disease than curing it. That right there should tell you why they'll never release a cure.

  104. Karl Ruel

    Karl RuelMonth ago

    This song hot home really hard because my uncle is going back for chemo and radiation for the 3rd time he’s beat it twice HE’S A FIGHTER!!!

  105. Tori Mitchell

    Tori MitchellMonth ago

    MAFIAAAAAAAAAAA MY FAVORITE CHANEL ON USlikes!!!!!!! This is just a beautiful song!!! Loved your reaction as always!!!!! Tell Queen hello from #hangovergang

  106. Forrest Daniels

    Forrest DanielsMonth ago

    Idk if you got my message but thanks for doing this

  107. Jeff kill all

    Jeff kill allMonth ago

    ‼️DADDY BY BADFLOWER‼️ It’ll hit you

  108. 69chantheman

    69chanthemanMonth ago

    THIS SHIT JUST HIT FUCKIN HARD... My mom was just diagnosed with cancer as well as my best friend man... they puttin somethin in the water man...

  109. Laysha Plocha

    Laysha PlochaMonth ago

    I lost both of my parents this year to cancer and because of lockdowns I wasnt able to be there... this song is painfully beautiful ♡ thank you for sharing

  110. Christian Flowers

    Christian FlowersMonth ago

    Can you react to enkay47 or cryptic wisdom

  111. Ariana nicole Leon

    Ariana nicole LeonMonth ago

    Same - can’t list whose had it in my fam the list would be long. I absolutely love this song , meaningful and heartfelt & So much truth. . Legit I cry every time I hear this song. Hugs!!!!! #2LM #HOG