Mortal Kombat - Official Restricted Trailer REACTION!!

Eric Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss Mortal Kombat - Official Restricted Trailer - #MortalKombatMovie
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  1. Joey B

    Joey B8 hours ago

    Dude on the right NEVER SHUTS THE HELL UP

  2. gashthrasher _

    gashthrasher _Day ago

    Steven seagal as Johnny Cage... What up?

  3. D D

    D DDay ago

    17:52 How much you wanna bet the guy Liu Kang is about to torch is Kabal. How he get burnt and somehow survived (in the movies storyline)...maybe. He looks like he’s holding Kabal’s weapons.

  4. SCharlesDennicon

    SCharlesDenniconDay ago

    It's gonna be awesome... and it's gonna be bad at the same time. Awful and great. Dumb entertainment in the noblest sense. I'm gonna definitely watch this one.

  5. Savageworld_gaming314

    Savageworld_gaming3142 days ago

    lol It was his skull face 😂💯

  6. David S.

    David S.2 days ago

    Did you guys ever see or react to the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series?

  7. deretla

    deretla2 days ago

    I just now noticed the dragon is about to eat Kabal

  8. Lygar X

    Lygar X2 days ago

    sending a crocodile man against an austrailian was a poor move on shang tsung's part.

  9. Lygar X

    Lygar X2 days ago

    pieces of the theme are in there. it just isn't techno so it is kind of hard to recognize it.

  10. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay2 days ago

    Hiroyuki Sanada looks a little more like Shujinko from original Mortal Kombat Deception. Unfortunate that he didn't play the overrated character in that film.

  11. Eric Holler

    Eric Holler2 days ago

    I was looking up the cast for the move and there's an actor that plays Nitara. Isn't there a Nitara in one of the game that looks like female vampire with bat wings?

  12. MattVader 74

    MattVader 742 days ago

    looks great. cool vid dudes.

  13. Thane Krios

    Thane Krios2 days ago

    Y’all ain’t recognize the drunk fighter from iron fist. Half of this cast is a bunch of badasses, the other half has no experience with action and martial arts, wonder how well that is going to work out.

  14. Mike Gathright

    Mike Gathright2 days ago

    I heard through the grape vine that Nathan Jones is in the new Mortal Kombat movie.

  15. D Rock

    D Rock3 days ago

    The writer confirmed that was Scorpion's skull face when he was standing in the fire swirl.

  16. Joueur Uno

    Joueur Uno3 days ago

    Tadanobu Asano as Raiden? HELL YEAH.

  17. SMB superfan

    SMB superfan3 days ago

    Hold on? Was sonic not an anomaly? Are vg movies actually gonna be good now? Ohhh non gamers are gonna be mad.

  18. Thomas Munden

    Thomas Munden3 days ago

    I doubt Cole would be a Cyborg- that's a Lin Kuei storyline typically just reserved for Sub Zero's clan. It would be much more likely to see Cyrax, Sektor or even Smoke become a cyborg. They could be completely saving all that for sequel

  19. Thomas Munden

    Thomas Munden3 days ago

    Mileena is clearly walking in Outworld

  20. Legend Eskimo Boy

    Legend Eskimo Boy3 days ago

    Director says that there is much more of mileena to see in the film.

  21. RJ Ring

    RJ Ring3 days ago

    Also Cole is for sure going to become the new Scorpion, I bet Hanzo get killed by SubZero in a fight and Cole takes the mantle OR Hanzo possesses Cole to fight/kill Subzero which pays off that quick mirror shot with Cole and Hanzo.

  22. RJ Ring

    RJ Ring3 days ago

    It was tough for me to watch Man in the High Castle because Shang Sung is in it as Mr. Tagomi. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is a bad ass

  23. Makaveli13Xroy

    Makaveli13Xroy4 days ago

    Raiden : The faith of earth is in our "HANDS" Jax standing there with Bionic arms after he had his ripped off : Am i a joke to you ?? really REALLY bad choice of words XD

  24. LjubomirZavisic

    LjubomirZavisic4 days ago

    Shane was better then all 4 you together!

  25. Niswarni Niswarni

    Niswarni Niswarni4 days ago


  26. bbh Juan

    bbh Juan4 days ago

    Hey what happened to Shane?

  27. Liz Trujillo

    Liz Trujillo4 days ago

    I think scorpion and subzero are gonna completely steal the show... like the entire movie should just be about them lol

  28. TubbyTater

    TubbyTater4 days ago

    The Miz from WWE would be an incredible Johnny Cage IMO...

  29. Blue Jay

    Blue Jay2 days ago

    Yea, that was a very good idea. He loved the Hollywood Spotlight!

  30. Tony L

    Tony L4 days ago

    Merc with the mouth

  31. Kyle coley

    Kyle coley4 days ago

    The original jax I believe passed away before the second movie.

  32. Leroy Castaneda

    Leroy Castaneda4 days ago

    Lol have seen you guys since 2020 b4 the world ended lol but you guys are fine, the 6ft distance is not necessary for you guys lol it's only for strangers in public...every USlikesr review vlogs are the normal lol

  33. Thomas

    Thomas4 days ago

    Where is Jonny Cage????

  34. OriginaLTrzin

    OriginaLTrzin4 days ago


  35. LazyLiam

    LazyLiam4 days ago

    The scene with the fire dragon attacking a person 17:57. Looks like it might be Kabal, judging by the weapons with hooks on the end of them.

  36. alex baxca84

    alex baxca844 days ago

    First reaction: schok!

  37. Budzbrazy

    Budzbrazy4 days ago

    The movie looks soo good, amazing reaction, soo looking forward to the film now

  38. wildecoyote2222

    wildecoyote22225 days ago

    So you guys are gonna watch on HBO max and not theaters? I don't have HBO max so I'll have to go-to the theaters but I think seeing it on the big screen will really do it justice

  39. saberguy

    saberguy5 days ago

    Why Mileena is black? Why dont we make all charachters of mortal kombat black? Whats wrong with those guys who choose actors for their roles?

  40. WebHead2099

    WebHead20995 days ago

    I can’t believe they got James from Supergirl to be Jax and Sub Zero’s voice is awesome this looks great

  41. Aang Supriyatin

    Aang Supriyatin5 days ago

    Can't wait!

  42. WebHeadification

    WebHeadification5 days ago

    That's how firebending should have been in The Last Airbender film.

  43. Sener

    Sener6 days ago

    Next time have 1 person who knows what he's talking about

  44. Propago

    Propago6 days ago

    10:05 - The picture was not Baraka, but the Great Kun Lao. A similar sculpture was in the MK series and it seems in one of the games.

  45. Rejinnmund Daiki

    Rejinnmund Daiki6 days ago

    Crew of Blindwave there is a lot of subterfuge in this trailer. The scenes we see of Jax losing his arms and the fight between Scorpion, Cole, and Subzero happen at the same time. The seven year gap and the fugitive is Kano and maybe reptile is the super powered creature that tore through their forces.

  46. Elwin Bu

    Elwin Bu6 days ago

    i like how they went for pg18 for this movie cause this is how mortal kombat should be which is gory and brutal plus excited that horror movie director James Wan is one of the producer.

  47. vterpan

    vterpan6 days ago

    What a bear cave!

  48. Allen Warden

    Allen Warden6 days ago

    Do you guys think Cole is actually Kuai Liang, the younger brother of Sub-Zero, who is featured heavily in this trailer. In Mortal Kombat lore, there are two Sub-Zeros, the villain Bi-Han and the hero Kuai Liang. After Bi-Han dies in the first game, Kuai Liang takes his place. Because if go look at the cast it said joe taslim is playing Sub-Zero , noob saibot

  49. Logan Farfanick

    Logan Farfanick6 days ago

    That mural in the back was totally shao khan

  50. Aan Adi

    Aan Adi6 days ago

    Sub zero = Joe Taslim (Indonesian actor)

  51. Incitatus

    Incitatus6 days ago

    Who does Cole become? Reptile? Baraka? Smoke? Or is he Johnny Cage lite ?

  52. Justin Rehberg

    Justin Rehberg6 days ago

    My only gripe with the trailer was the "get over here" line. I hope they fix it because it sounded like Cookie Monster saying that.

  53. DarkSalarian

    DarkSalarian6 days ago

    The Jax from the first movie ending dying in real life from a Brain Aneurysm. They recast due to having a partnership with American Gladiators. The More You Know

  54. Curious Wanderer

    Curious Wanderer6 days ago

    I really really like the trailer but that "Get over here!" was a little weak.

  55. Rich Dawg

    Rich Dawg6 days ago

    I like how no one realizes that reptile was in the trailer.

  56. PocketRocket11

    PocketRocket113 days ago

    At what time?

  57. Gabriel and Savannah

    Gabriel and Savannah4 days ago

    @PocketRocket11 Reptile shows up kind of decloacking- you can see his leg kind of like the Predator camouflage

  58. PocketRocket11

    PocketRocket115 days ago

    Must of missed it . If so its animality.

  59. Tyler Fisher

    Tyler Fisher6 days ago

    You guys should do a commentary/reaction to the original film as a lead up to this.

  60. PlatanoGames

    PlatanoGames6 days ago

    Pleaseeeee do a reaction of Scorpions Revenge animated movie it is the best MK movie to date and jaw dropping from the first 3 minutes till the end!

  61. AyanneCZ

    AyanneCZ6 days ago

    Guys, Mortal Kombat Annihilation doesn't exist. Stop referencing it. Everyone knows it was just a collective bad dream.

  62. Kendall Outlaw

    Kendall Outlaw6 days ago

    Bradley Cooper as Johnny Cage?

  63. First Don Diego

    First Don Diego6 days ago

    The interesting thing is, the only reason Kano even has that accent is because in the original movie the original actor was Australian. So every iteration of him thereafter had an accent. They even worked it into the lore too.

  64. Arif Pratama

    Arif Pratama7 days ago

    His "get over here!" is better than the trailer

  65. M0VIE N1NJA

    M0VIE N1NJA7 days ago

    I'm gonna watch this for two reasons : Scorpion and Sub Zero. Hiroyuki Sanada vs Joe Taslim is going to be epic

  66. Ronald Latorilla

    Ronald Latorilla7 days ago

    lame review

  67. Jiggin Johnson

    Jiggin Johnson7 days ago

    Finally!!!!This is what I dreamt of as a kid. I fondly remember mortal Monday, all the arcade releases, etc.

  68. Martin Gaytan

    Martin Gaytan7 days ago

    Scott Adkins = Johnny Cage

  69. Roel Ven

    Roel Ven7 days ago

    same as Monsterverse Goddie vs Kongie .... for MK i just want gooood action ... and this trailer DOES promise us that .. .so ++ in my book and one of my martial artist favos is in it... cherry on the top ... Hiroyuki Sanada (truly the one that made the "last samurai worth watching..... even if you despise tom c. like me"


    JAY KANUCK7 days ago

    Where is Johnny Cage?

  71. Know is Trite

    Know is Trite7 days ago

    Yea, Cole is new and that painting is not Baraka, it is the Great Kung Lao

  72. restu patria

    restu patria7 days ago

    I am Sub Zero..

  73. Sucky Opinions - A Static Station Program

    Sucky Opinions - A Static Station Program7 days ago

    Eric's laugh at 3:37

  74. Ben Voss

    Ben Voss7 days ago

    Liu Kang is fighting Kabal (17:56)????

  75. Abraham Mansillas

    Abraham Mansillas7 days ago


  76. Rauls life

    Rauls life7 days ago

    Sub-Zero is my favorite MK character i love Sub-Zero the most im still going to watch the movie

  77. Adam Northwood

    Adam Northwood7 days ago

    That’s honestly perfect casting for Scorpion

  78. MacIain82

    MacIain827 days ago

    How many trailers have been better than the actual movie over the years? We'll see though.

  79. Jack Burgin

    Jack Burgin7 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds is the ideal Johnny Cage

  80. Purple Shy

    Purple Shy7 days ago

    i had a feeling this new MK movie isnt good like the old. what i dont get is. the game is good but when there a movie its bad. i can tell by just looking at the trailer

  81. Carly Mccaskill

    Carly Mccaskill7 days ago

    Not sure if you guys are aware that Jax is played by Mehcad Brooks. Good old James Olsen from Supergirl. I hardly recognized him.

  82. J Junior

    J Junior7 days ago

    Definitely plays in MAX

  83. Matt S

    Matt S8 days ago

    Chris Prat would be the perfect Jonny Cage.

  84. Troxist Majin

    Troxist Majin8 days ago

    That Cole Young guy is seen doing "Cage" fighting in the trailer. Could Cole Young take on the moniker of Johnny "Cage" at the end? Johnny Cage was the chosen one in the games, and in the movie Cole Young was "chosen" too.

  85. stormy weather

    stormy weather7 days ago

    Fuck no...Johnny cage has already been cast

  86. NaijaBeats12

    NaijaBeats128 days ago

    It took me a second to realize the actor who plays Jax. My first thought was that the actor playing Jax was UFC's light-heavyweight Jon "Bones" Jones. But it's not. If anyone has watched the CW show "Supergirl," the actor that plays "James Olsen" ( superman's pal) in the show is playing "Jax" in this MK reboot. Holy shit I'm pumped!!

  87. ZeitdiebX

    ZeitdiebX8 days ago

    It has begun...

  88. Flow Caliber

    Flow Caliber8 days ago

    Thats "THE GREAT KUNG LAO" ancestor to Liu kang and kung lao in the picture

  89. Fitri Sahari

    Fitri Sahari8 days ago

    Hiroyuki Sanada has always been one hell of a ninja since The Ninja in the Dragon's Den. Awesome ninja vs kung fu movie.

  90. Dark Lords

    Dark Lords8 days ago

    Great. 😍 God bless you always bro

  91. Romel Negut

    Romel Negut8 days ago

    There's something that you missed. When the dragon is taking shape and its almost done, as you look to the left, you'll see Kabal. There's also a close up of Liu Kang fighting him but since the scene went so fast, you missed it. One of you mentioned something about the blades but he thought it's Baraka.

  92. Damian Gabryś

    Damian Gabryś8 days ago

    I hope Cole chooses Johny Cage pseudonym at some point, or at least for Johny Cage to be in the movie

  93. MaxMouse

    MaxMouse8 days ago

    yyyyyyyeaaah Cole Young!! huh huhhhhhh?

  94. Surifct

    Surifct8 days ago

    These guys are such virgins lmao


    ISAAC CLARKE8 days ago

    Tadanobu Asano as Raiden is one of the best choice for this role...

  96. MrHurric4ne

    MrHurric4ne8 days ago

    Hanzo vs. Bi-Han? I'm sold

  97. The Great Dane Train

    The Great Dane Train8 days ago

    Came for the gore, stayed for the fucking blood dagger!

  98. Lisa

    Lisa8 days ago

    I don't have a theory on who Cole is going to be, but I love that Lewis Tan is playing him.

  99. Anthony Pizzi

    Anthony Pizzi8 days ago

    I love the fact that hiroyuki sanata is playing scorpion

  100. Ika Nurila

    Ika Nurila8 days ago

    Jambang berjamaah

  101. Joss paint películas anime

    Joss paint películas anime8 days ago

    Dragon ball evolution on the way

  102. Varun Jonna

    Varun Jonna8 days ago

    i hope they follow the trend of good music, i hope they don't do the same mistake as cyberpunk 2077

  103. Fckyll231

    Fckyll2318 days ago

    Kung Lao better cut someone in Half with is hat either in landscape or portrait!!

  104. Steven Crighton

    Steven Crighton8 days ago

    Every MK trailer reaction Me: Get over here!

  105. HJL JR

    HJL JR8 days ago

    Since that trailer dropped, I forgot about other movies