13 Types of Among Us Players

Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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  1. JianHao Tan

    JianHao TanMonth ago

    Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝

  2. ujmal ghan

    ujmal ghan2 days ago

    I did

  3. salem alhameli

    salem alhameli3 days ago

    Not i

  4. Kian Lance Bernardo

    Kian Lance Bernardo14 days ago


  5. Prateeksha Anurag

    Prateeksha Anurag22 days ago

    I thought is was Debbie !!!

  6. AmongUs GamerGurls

    AmongUs GamerGurls22 days ago

    Black was sus from beginnigg

  7. Sarah qwq

    Sarah qwq52 minutes ago

    “We used to be so kind to each other” *o h r e a l l y*

  8. Mr.burger plays T HE BURGER KING

    Mr.burger plays T HE BURGER KINGHour ago

    This is impossible; he used a code that ends with... Z and not a Q or P

  9. ThE GaMeR

    ThE GaMeRHour ago

    RIP Fall Guys

  10. Soul Sniper

    Soul Sniper2 hours ago

    Among us is a fake version of fall guys

  11. 甘い YøkòWatermelon

    甘い YøkòWatermelon2 hours ago

    when black ridwan said it has ti be blue or something like that, they could have said if its not blue we vote black next. lol

  12. Emma Bolton

    Emma Bolton2 hours ago

    I love among us❤️💕 best

  13. alissr bro

    alissr bro2 hours ago


  14. Yedam

    Yedam3 hours ago

    Can u pls make a part 2

  15. raelene chua

    raelene chua4 hours ago

    yes is blak

  16. Anya Jeon

    Anya Jeon4 hours ago

    Haha. I. Qant

  17. Deetya kiran pvns

    Deetya kiran pvns6 hours ago

    I love this video so much that i watched it 5 times

  18. fireChicken • 99 years ago

    fireChicken • 99 years ago6 hours ago


  19. fireChicken • 99 years ago

    fireChicken • 99 years ago6 hours ago


  20. priya vaidya

    priya vaidya7 hours ago


  21. Candace Leslie Villarin

    Candace Leslie Villarin7 hours ago

    Why was i kinda sad at the part hao killed kevin and just won Hmmmmmmmm🤔🤔

  22. kdw 60

    kdw 608 hours ago


  23. Esha Rai

    Esha Rai8 hours ago

    I DID!!!!!!!!!

  24. MJ Twins PH

    MJ Twins PH8 hours ago

    That's sad lol

  25. riki on spoon

    riki on spoon8 hours ago

    The black dude is ugly af

  26. riki on spoon

    riki on spoon8 hours ago

    Who tf plays among us all together at one spot

  27. OP MarsRBLX

    OP MarsRBLX9 hours ago

    11:28 top 10 anime betrayals of all time

  28. • MilkyKpopArmy •

    • MilkyKpopArmy •9 hours ago

    Pink: how do i vent like ORANGE Me: Lol Pink: Someone Vented!!! The Group: Who?!?! Pink: Uh blue no i think its red!!! Um have i told u i was colour blind Me: Wait then how she know orange vent-

  29. Rachel De Guzman

    Rachel De Guzman9 hours ago


  30. Kylee sheen Mangili

    Kylee sheen Mangili10 hours ago

    Oh my god red is so dumb

  31. Wiltz Bline

    Wiltz Bline10 hours ago

    Purple: the only common tasks we have are electricals Yellow:literally doing card swipe

  32. Xxx Ccc

    Xxx Ccc10 hours ago


  33. Koko• Roblox

    Koko• Roblox10 hours ago

    Ok so wait wait if Debbie said that she’s colorblind- how did she know it was yellow that she saw on the cams-

  34. Stiyyx

    Stiyyx10 hours ago

    We dont need all the drama all we need is the ol reliable "if not yellow vote me"

  35. Muhammed Isaa

    Muhammed Isaa11 hours ago

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  36. Rayhan plays

    Rayhan plays11 hours ago

    Ending : u got marinated


    DMS KAKASHI11 hours ago

    What happened to purple happens to me all the time I'm not going to use my sharingan

  38. DaMari Miller

    DaMari Miller12 hours ago


  39. Matha Lee

    Matha Lee12 hours ago

    You can send the code on WHATSAPP

  40. j Son

    j Son12 hours ago

    Red and black

  41. Petulisa Tumalo

    Petulisa Tumalo12 hours ago

    Black and red bet

  42. I.M.Ibtasam Abdullah

    I.M.Ibtasam Abdullah12 hours ago

    Search : Jian hao types of among us players (noob) Search : VSMGEZ (legendary)

  43. I.M. Ibtasam Abdullah

    I.M. Ibtasam Abdullah12 hours ago

    I did searched for that (VSMGEZ = legendary)

  44. Maricos Cruz

    Maricos Cruz13 hours ago

    The ending was intence

  45. Akankshya Rath

    Akankshya Rath14 hours ago

    Where's Denise?

  46. Xx Milky_Xxcookie

    Xx Milky_Xxcookie14 hours ago

    And debbie and pei shi is so cute

  47. Xx Milky_Xxcookie

    Xx Milky_Xxcookie14 hours ago

    Pei shi and debbie is so cool

  48. CPS School

    CPS School15 hours ago

    If halo was the imposter look in his screen when he noticed Kevin is following him. His name should had been red.

  49. CPS School

    CPS School15 hours ago

    I meany hao


    VITO LEON AQUINO15 hours ago

    Dan: talks about pubg Me: invite invite plz

  51. dnia sya

    dnia sya15 hours ago

    Im new in among us

  52. dnia sya

    dnia sya15 hours ago

    I play in ipad

  53. Mason Harry

    Mason Harry16 hours ago

    I play Among us is so cool but I hate you guys

  54. myieshas world family

    myieshas world family16 hours ago

    Why is vincent always mean like hes a bsd boy and I think hes on the devil team and why is he teaming with the other t1t5 pla answer

  55. Phedrx

    Phedrx17 hours ago


  56. Kasiya Summerlin

    Kasiya Summerlin17 hours ago


  57. Law Reh

    Law Reh17 hours ago

    Hao the Black not go the Scan

  58. ItzDarkLix

    ItzDarkLix17 hours ago

    wow jian hoa u were a good imposter i didn't know it was you the whole time

  59. Nikholas Trevino

    Nikholas Trevino17 hours ago


  60. Luke on games_YT RICH

    Luke on games_YT RICH17 hours ago

    11:48Why is it so intense just for a game

  61. Mohammad Masud Khalifa

    Mohammad Masud Khalifa17 hours ago

    The last scene was so dramatic

  62. EX_OVEL exe

    EX_OVEL exe18 hours ago

    “Ab-by Ab-by *crys*

  63. Luther Dreemur

    Luther Dreemur19 hours ago

    There's also the dumbo who says where and then a random color during a meeting

  64. Rehan Devkota

    Rehan Devkota20 hours ago

    Detective describes me I am almost right every time but I get voted out

  65. Julian roblox inc

    Julian roblox inc20 hours ago

    Nooooo poor yellow

  66. Felipe Hernandez

    Felipe Hernandez20 hours ago

    All. Sus

  67. Lucy Strome

    Lucy Strome20 hours ago


  68. Son Nguyen

    Son Nguyen21 hour ago


  69. Namnam junior

    Namnam junior21 hour ago

    Im so confuse debbie said she saw orange vent but the next next round said she saw someone vent then she told them she was color blind hiw could that be possible?!

  70. iWillTakeTheL

    iWillTakeTheL21 hour ago

    I love it when ever they say a person is sus they all agree

  71. Teresa Hardy

    Teresa Hardy21 hour ago

    Orange got on my nerves

  72. Hydro Scar

    Hydro Scar22 hours ago

    Hao is such a good impostor he marinated Kevin like a nice Rib eye steak

  73. Hydro Scar

    Hydro Scar22 hours ago

    In game Hao : crying so much that he has to kill kevin Irl Hao : HAHA YOU BIG NOOB

  74. games World

    games World22 hours ago

    I like doing tasks in Among Us

  75. Slime Is Fun!

    Slime Is Fun!22 hours ago

    haha, poor Kevin got killed at the end!

  76. Isabella Murphy

    Isabella Murphy23 hours ago

    I love among us it is the best game ever you did a good job making this video I have watched it 100 times good job

  77. Leo Ramirez

    Leo Ramirez23 hours ago

    I get everybody's phone and type in the code for them

  78. Big Man

    Big Man23 hours ago

    you forgot the one that fakes tasks but it turns out they’re a crewmate

  79. Knight Guardian

    Knight GuardianDay ago

    Everyone goes deaf when you start telling the code

  80. Aaron

    AaronDay ago

    I mean, red is always sus

  81. Nadia Dawood

    Nadia DawoodDay ago

    0:21 Tasha: No, there isn't any gardening. Me: There is!

  82. Alvin Nguyen

    Alvin NguyenDay ago

    C’mon Debbie, why didn’t u just run to the button?

  83. Rainbow Crewmate

    Rainbow CrewmateDay ago

    Poor fall guys man

  84. mmm424

    mmm424Day ago

    this is a vid

  85. Reee Reee

    Reee ReeeDay ago

    What happened with Kevin (Yellow) and Jian Hao (Red) is what happend to me yesterday ._.

  86. Dylan Jimenezcapetillo

    Dylan JimenezcapetilloDay ago


  87. Tomas Tom

    Tomas TomDay ago

    nice video😁😁😂😆

  88. Monserrat Gonzalez

    Monserrat GonzalezDay ago

    Where it said the latecomer was so sad I was a fan of among us and fall guys

  89. Ratty Gaming

    Ratty GamingDay ago

    *card swipe in nav* me: wait that’s illegal

  90. Ronn Daeroll Topacio

    Ronn Daeroll TopacioDay ago

    When will innersloth know that among us ruin friendships

  91. DayangKu Juma'ah

    DayangKu Juma'ahDay ago

    why why why why why

  92. Nishika Sharma

    Nishika SharmaDay ago

    It's just a game. It's just a relationship. Bruhh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  93. Emma Mae

    Emma MaeDay ago

    Why are there teeth so gross

  94. Priti Agrawal

    Priti AgrawalDay ago

    Has to say Jianhoa tan having THE BEST SET AND EDIT IN ALL THE AMONG US IN IRL VIDEO 😊👌🏽👍🏻 Love ur videos and cutie STARRLY 👧🏻

  95. Priti Agrawal

    Priti AgrawalDay ago

    Funny fact Jian hoa tan in his other videos sponspered by others games and discussing about the games in part of his video but first time make a video all about a game lol 🤣🤣🤣

  96. Samantha Pasumbal

    Samantha PasumbalDay ago

    i was the imposter and won rlly fast

  97. Firebolt 67 Educates

    Firebolt 67 EducatesDay ago

    Sus level to an among us player *(out of 100)* Red: 475 Orange: 76 Yellow: 0 Lime: 30 Green: 0 Cyan: 0 Blue: 3 Purple: 30 Pink: 57 Brown: 0 Black: 57 White: 0

  98. ISHFLY

    ISHFLYDay ago

    Lime 15 and Cyan 0.

  99. Jumpin' Jack

    Jumpin' JackDay ago

    Lol d-a-d-d-y-7 daddy7 lol!

  100. BlipBlipist

    BlipBlipistDay ago

    Hello everybody. I hope you are doing well. Remember to wash your hands. Be careful. Even though it's tough right now for everyone, we have to remember it will be good again.

  101. MKhoenix Kim

    MKhoenix KimDay ago

    Ft. Avengers. Who is gamora? What is gamora? why is gamora? These people: Who is imposter? What is imposter? why is imposter

  102. Fairy Dust

    Fairy DustDay ago

    I did 🤣

  103. Karim Hany

    Karim HanyDay ago

    He’s crazy

  104. Karim Hany

    Karim HanyDay ago

    I already know how to play it! Oh and bye the way, that yellow guy in that costume is dum!

  105. Karim Hany

    Karim HanyDay ago

    I played this game so much

  106. Stefanie Anne Bibit

    Stefanie Anne BibitDay ago

    Bruh I'm the cam camper I was always in cams and I saw 2 impostors vent and they got voted off

  107. Irwan Ngadiman

    Irwan NgadimanDay ago

    Hey u know nav dont have swipe card

  108. Tania Marquez Franco

    Tania Marquez FrancoDay ago

    This is how among us started basically there was an alien who went into the ship and killed one of the crewmates in the crewmate became the imposter and killed everyone else

  109. ItzHillman

    ItzHillmanDay ago

    Betrayal since endgame