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When we decided to build our house in the mountains we knew there would be challenges. Snow is one of those challenges and we have been preparing for it for the last few weeks but this video goes to show that no matter how prepared you are, things can really take you by surprise haha.
Enjoy watching us battle the elements while we are buried in snow!!!
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  1. Carolyn Beguing

    Carolyn Beguing11 hours ago

    Should put a 90 on your vent pipe and about another 4 feet plus a top, so when the snow covers it fumes are not vented back into covering.

  2. Stuart Jones

    Stuart Jones4 days ago

    Be careful with that exhaust fan as it looks like it will still put carbon monoxide into the garage around your trailer and therefore into your trailer. Careful guys.

  3. Robert Rodenkirch

    Robert Rodenkirch4 days ago

    Quality job..I dig the worm drive

  4. thelolo

    thelolo7 days ago

    Hi from France, when there's snow outside I always have in my car snacks and water just in case I get stuck somewhere! and i do not know if you have the same sentence in english but in France we always say "mesure deux fois, coupe une fois" ("mesure twice, cut once" maybe!)

  5. eldon jenkins

    eldon jenkins8 days ago

    Get a semi inter tube cut in half tie one end of each fill with sand and drape over each fender well for weight helps on the traction and if needed you need open one sprinkle under tires and away you go i live in Utah also


    MrDIAMONDCOR9 days ago

    How i love Africa....i do not know how anyone can want to live in such horrid Weather😢

  7. From The Side

    From The Side9 days ago

    You guys are awesome. Not gonna impart any canadian cold wisdom other than to say, "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you eat a frozen elephant? Same way, but you chew slower." God bless.

  8. Bradley Ruffner

    Bradley Ruffner10 days ago

    get a snow cat lol at least a couple snowmobiles

  9. Alpha And Omega

    Alpha And Omega11 days ago

    Such a good guy 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾....

  10. Charles Lamontagne

    Charles Lamontagne11 days ago

    actually, if you slow down (10 miles/H sort of), it's quite safe

  11. Chris Barker

    Chris Barker14 days ago

    Once ur home is completed you will have the most Amazing house 🏠 and place to live in.

  12. owan wing

    owan wing17 days ago

    Hearing you two talk is more than watch build house itself.

  13. Donny Stacy

    Donny Stacy17 days ago

    Nice music for your channel.

  14. Suriname L

    Suriname L19 days ago

    Good stuff from Canada ! I love snow storms

  15. Suriname L

    Suriname L19 days ago

    what size is the house you are building

  16. samus aran

    samus aran20 days ago

    Being in Quebec, we have a Shelter Logic as well..... very sturdy, very easy to asemble.. I will watch the rest of the videos to see if you did it, but for ours, because of the high winds where we live, althought we secured the feet with 12 in nails/spikes, we also added ratchet straps accross on the outside of the shelter attached to 16 Inches Spiral Stake, that way, we ensured that it stays down... Nothing beats the peace of mind and not have to worry that at 3 am the louds winds wake you up and see your shelter half way in the air. By this time, (i'm a bit behind in watching your videos but quickly catching up) already Jan 3rd, the ground will be frozen but, if you guys haven't done it, I'll suggest adding these ratchet straps....

  17. mark mitchell

    mark mitchell20 days ago

    It would be a much better idea to put the chains on the front wheels. Helps with turning, and the weight gives you better traction. Good luck

  18. Mike LeGras

    Mike LeGras22 days ago

    huh?..no closed captions?...Come on USlikes.

  19. The Truck Sim Chap

    The Truck Sim Chap22 days ago


  20. Kevin Christiansen

    Kevin Christiansen22 days ago

    Great video Trent and Allie

  21. Shontae Franklin

    Shontae Franklin24 days ago

    I lobe vanlife videos, but house builds are way better. I want to do it, but I'm missing one important key, carpentry skills. Blessed to have your knowledge. I want to build my own so bad. What state are you building in. Beautiful mountain property. Was it a nice deal?

  22. Lid Star

    Lid Star29 days ago

    Where is this?

  23. garden boots

    garden bootsMonth ago

    HUGE RESPECT for Brandon using wisdom and NOT driving his truck up the hill in those conditions. Wish that all drivers were that considerate.

  24. Brianna Raquel

    Brianna RaquelMonth ago

    I was actually raised in the town of North Pole, Alaska and I can confirm it looks like home. 😂

  25. DonnaP

    DonnaPMonth ago

    Are you sponsored buy Carhartt outerwear? I worked in that factory for 10 years, don't know why I stayed in that Sweatshop for so long

  26. Kathy S

    Kathy SMonth ago

    Once again I’ll say, I think Trent can do anything. The snow is beautiful. We don’t see much of that here in Texas.

  27. Kate Ackerly

    Kate AckerlyMonth ago

    Came back to look for the specific name of the temporary garage. Wondering what Terry's height is. I'm building a skoolie, & I'd like to have something tall enough to paint the roof in.

  28. Ashlee Olson

    Ashlee OlsonMonth ago

    Lol. Brandon is a total Utahn. 'this is just a dusting'😂 it's like that scene in crocodile Dundee. That's not a knife.

  29. Edward Stewart

    Edward StewartMonth ago

    Chains in the future for the Toyota ?

  30. brian caldwell

    brian caldwellMonth ago

    This Christmas will be remembered for your life time it’s so special and it’s community Merry Christmas guys and gals

  31. Serena Rawlins

    Serena RawlinsMonth ago

    Where did you order your garage for Terry?

  32. Gary Katzenmaier

    Gary KatzenmaierMonth ago

    this sort of work is why they invented summers

  33. Roger Dimitt

    Roger DimittMonth ago

    After your done with your RV tent you can turn it into a Greenhouse with Greenhouse grade plastic that will last about six years, you have the frame already!

  34. Brian Smith

    Brian SmithMonth ago

    Funny How a lil Thank You can go so far.. Oh ya ty for the awesome videos..

  35. CrystalLite

    CrystalLiteMonth ago

    the cookies are stacked high, LOL

  36. Jennifer Warringtin

    Jennifer WarringtinMonth ago

    You guys are such a hoot and even a holler! I love that you helped that man when (sadly) many people might have driven by. I do have a question, though, that's been niggling my mind while watching your progress through the changing elements. Now, I know you used solar panels to run Terry's electricity. With the snow and the tent, what are you using? You must have electricity up there...I'm figuring...because I'm pretty sure the solar panels couldn't collect enough energy in that kind of overcast weather. Also...are you planning to use solar energy in your house too? I'm guessing during the winter you would have to have back up...then again, with as windy as it seemed in some of the videos you could also use wind energy. I apologize if you mentioned this in an earlier video. I pleasantly stumbled upon your charming feed while watching videos about van/rv living. I've been hooked ever since.

  37. JD Antigua

    JD AntiguaMonth ago

    Such beautiful country. Love your channel.

  38. Brrenda Baldwin

    Brrenda BaldwinMonth ago

    Your living my boyfriend's dream watching this actually made him cry .he says merry Christmas to y'all.

  39. Deb O

    Deb OMonth ago

    Allie you and Trent are wonderful , love to be on your journey with you. Thank you.

  40. babszolla k

    babszolla kMonth ago

    Did anyone catch Trent talking about the propane heater saying the word but(t) and then reach around to tweak is own at the same time? Just a coincidence; however, funny just the same.

  41. TNO PS Clark

    TNO PS ClarkMonth ago

    FYI: this is not a negative comment against ShelterLogic because we could have never made it through winters on the ranchette without ours, but just so you can prepare for a potential problem. When it is freezing with rain/ice/slurry, the zipper on the door will get frozen in position. If you try to force it...most times it will work, but when it doesn’t then the zipper breaks. My recommendation is to try to find a cover system for the zipper. Now that I have learned to sew, I probably would have tried to sew a flap with Velcro that covers the zipper enough to keep moisture-turn-to-ice off the zipper and teeth. I’m not sure how you all can make that happen since you would be inside the Shelter. Good luck to ya. Keep em coming. We love snuggling up in our warm house and watching you make yours!

  42. Sarah Smith

    Sarah SmithMonth ago

    Cleats for your boots. They're not foolproof & don't stay on very well for long walks, but for short jaunts like that they make a world of difference on ice. Glad you were able to help him out.

  43. Donna or Kat Hanford Nichols

    Donna or Kat Hanford NicholsMonth ago

    You guys need to do some skiing! All that snow. Wow.

  44. Donna or Kat Hanford Nichols

    Donna or Kat Hanford NicholsMonth ago

    I find myself gesticulating like Allie does.

  45. Edle Osinga

    Edle OsingaMonth ago

    My dog, golden retriever loves the snow as well, just like a little kid. Good job on the video.

  46. evonne anderson

    evonne andersonMonth ago

    buy plow too cheap

  47. Star Buck

    Star BuckMonth ago

    Steel roof is the right way to go... love the videos

  48. Michel Lamontagne

    Michel LamontagneMonth ago

    You are fun to watch

  49. Teresa Crossland

    Teresa CrosslandMonth ago

    Trent looks smarter in his glasses. Either way Allie has a very handsome husband.

  50. Derek Piehl

    Derek PiehlMonth ago

    Trent Isn't cold he's just used to south America. Give him a month or 2 and he will be great.

  51. Robert Lafnear

    Robert LafnearMonth ago

    Snow happens.

  52. Panorea Pan

    Panorea PanMonth ago

    you have to work out how to make your vids we see a lot of useless talking, and showing your faces more than the work in progress

  53. Aunt Kaz

    Aunt KazMonth ago

    You have the right attitude - its the adventure you chose and you signed up for all the bits of it, even the challenges. Its great that you are choosing to enjoy all the bits, including the challenging ones. You will go far with that attitude!

  54. Otto Maguire

    Otto MaguireMonth ago

    Truly beautiful hair and personality

  55. mv100 mv100

    mv100 mv100Month ago

    Another video about weather. Sorry can’t watch your shows, I was expecting to see people building a home not a lot of chit chat about the weather.

  56. Linda Mallinson

    Linda MallinsonMonth ago

    Where are you building???? Love your channel!

  57. Smooch Mcguire

    Smooch McguireMonth ago

    Great video thanks

  58. alfa E13

    alfa E13Month ago

    You guys are awesome!!!! Keep rolling with the punches!!!!

  59. michael sullivan

    michael sullivanMonth ago

    Reminds me of Terlingua area. Whole different type of extreme (heat vs cold) - but a rugged area with self-sufficiency a must, and good 'salt-of-the-earth' people helping each other.

  60. michael sullivan

    michael sullivanMonth ago

    glasses look fine, bro.

  61. Sassy Frassy

    Sassy FrassyMonth ago

    No matter what you're building/making when it's less than perfect that's what makes it unique!

  62. Sassy Frassy

    Sassy FrassyMonth ago

    I have a question for Allie about the hair cream to keep down the frizz. I have a 3 yr old grand-niece with super curly hair. Since they've moved to a humid climate.....well I know you know what I'm talkin' bout. Is that cream safe for a young child?

  63. K It

    K ItMonth ago

    Dang why don't you list the songs? I went to the link you provided but there's 32,000 songs there!

  64. Wim Schoenmakers

    Wim SchoenmakersMonth ago

    Must be some fourty years ago seeing so much snow overhere in the Netherlands. We are surprised to see a inch of snow for a few days. Winter is gone overhere. Great interesting video's.

  65. Richard Cole

    Richard ColeMonth ago

    Be safe out there

  66. Philip Miller

    Philip MillerMonth ago

    It seems that building your house is a "crusade". It is also a "labor of love". Your mountains are so beautiful. It would be a great place to live. I live in west central Ohio, just north of Dayton. Good luck on your house.

  67. Jacqulin Burrell-Smart

    Jacqulin Burrell-SmartMonth ago

    We used to be able to buy curved sand bags that fitted over the tire well. It was great for snow driving.

  68. noyopacific

    noyopacificMonth ago

    I don't cut stair stringers very often but every time I do the first one also turns out to be a step too short. I was a little bit relieved to see that I'm not the only one!

  69. cherl golja

    cherl goljaMonth ago

    Love your dog frank we have Swiss white shepherd she loves the snow too❄️☃️

  70. cherl golja

    cherl goljaMonth ago

    Love you guys I live in northern ca and go to Tahoe all the time, my daughter and I are going to buy our second home in truckee Tahoe next year however not building going to buy already built- I was raised in Wisconsin 30 below was the norm and 8 months of winter so it looks like your location doesn’t get that cold! god bless you both u make such a lovely couple ❄️☃️😎

  71. Reesesob

    ReesesobMonth ago

    Looooove Trents glasses 😍

  72. Elogium

    ElogiumMonth ago

    Awesome, love, "It's just a dusting" so funny.

  73. Being Special NYC/Advocate of Choice, Inc.

    Being Special NYC/Advocate of Choice, Inc.Month ago

    Beautiful...yet another journey.....

  74. Larry Littleton

    Larry LittletonMonth ago

    Eight days later, still no visual audio (CC) groan

  75. Jonas Breitholtz

    Jonas BreitholtzMonth ago

    Theres an app that help you calulate stairs.....

  76. Shauna Hegan

    Shauna HeganMonth ago

    If the road is going to be that slick wearing or carrying in the truck a pair of cleats could save you potential injuries. Stay safe, your place is looking incredible!

  77. Seamist 4myRV

    Seamist 4myRVMonth ago

    That Ram will see you through!! I drove out of 3 foot snow banks with mine!!

  78. Seamist 4myRV

    Seamist 4myRVMonth ago

    Where do you live? I live in New England. That snow is nothing to me. When we get a Nor’easter we can have snow drifts that are 15 feet high. It’s just black ice in this video. Snow hides it expect it. I wish I could show you winter 2014-2015 that one was a nasty winter in New England. Massachusetts got nailed. I got sick of it and took off to Las Vegas

  79. Jason Scott

    Jason ScottMonth ago

    Seeing the pure joy Frank had in the snow was great. Love seeing the progress each step of the way.

  80. Carol Benson

    Carol BensonMonth ago

    So now what are you going to do in a snowstorm?

  81. Zachary Bowditch

    Zachary BowditchMonth ago

    can u tell me what knida of shopp u use

  82. Kevin Kroll

    Kevin KrollMonth ago

    I wish you the best , great video , just subscribed ! Glad I did ! You made it fun to watch and your upbeat personality is a plus !

  83. Rob Meekel

    Rob MeekelMonth ago

    Sponsored by Ram lol

  84. Tom Faessler

    Tom FaesslerMonth ago

    Some weight in the truck bed will help the chains get traction.

  85. the1969info

    the1969infoMonth ago

    In case it ices over, I learned a good trick, get 1/4 metal screws with the stop sign shaped heads, screw them to the outer edges of the bottom of your boots, keeps you from sliding on the ice.

  86. Will Garmer

    Will GarmerMonth ago

    There are cheap home security systems available that you could use to give yourselves some outdoor views while in the trailer. $200-$300 will get you four cameras and a base unit that could give you a 360-degree view outside, and can be set up in an hour or two.

  87. Jill Dadds

    Jill DaddsMonth ago

    The stuck Ford!!! 😲 That was exciting 😃. Well done 👍

  88. Jill Dadds

    Jill DaddsMonth ago

    Trent in the shower 🤣🤣🤣

  89. Txtea Ranch

    Txtea RanchMonth ago

    You guys need to invest is snow mobile and snow skis! Stay safe and warm!

  90. Rachel Olivas

    Rachel OlivasMonth ago

    All that snow look so beautiful❤

  91. Elizabeth

    ElizabethMonth ago

    I suggest that you wear Columbia snowpants with the reflective lining, so warm.

  92. Coach Home UK

    Coach Home UKMonth ago

    Wow now that is serious snow :D Frank was loving it lol

  93. susan bennett

    susan bennettMonth ago

    I remember you bought some boots for Frank. Doesn’t he like to wear them or is he lost them already? His feet must be so cold crazy Frank! Love watching these videos you doing such a great job! XX

  94. David Lee

    David LeeMonth ago

    As a rough framer , I recommend checking out the Makita 36v rear handle cordless saw . I have not used my corded M77 skilsaw since the day I bought my Makita.

  95. zlatniljiljanak

    zlatniljiljanakMonth ago

    What a beautiful place I can just imagine drinking coffee in a nice warm house with couple feet of snow everywhere. This relaxes me so much I'm tired of the city life people with no patience and too busy to even say hello how are you. Much love and respect to people that sold everything and moved out of the city for a much more independent life style

  96. B C

    B CMonth ago

    Dang! Ive missed the last few months, so much going on. Glad u all are doing well.

  97. Lyndsey MacPherson

    Lyndsey MacPhersonMonth ago

    Seriously shoulda taken the day off, I'm thinkin'.




  99. Thomas Pierce

    Thomas PierceMonth ago

    Dosent anyone know how to drive in the snow anymore

  100. T Hyslop

    T HyslopMonth ago

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