WandaVision Episode 7: Every Clue About the Agnes Reveal EXPLAINED

WandaVision Episode 7 reveals that--as expected--Agnes is actually the witch Agatha Harkness. But the twist is that Wanda isn't controlling Westview. In fact, it’s been Agatha, all along.
We comb through the show for every clue that Wanda and Vision missed, that Agatha was the actual villain. We also speculate about Agatha’s plan, and that strange book in her creepy dungeon.
Katherine Hahn puts on a clinic in this show, and it’s an absolute delight to watch how she imbued her “neighbor next door” with a hint of malice.
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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey ( ryanarey)
Edited by Antonio Polito and Katherine Woloson
#WandaVision #EasterEggs #Agatha


  1. ScreenCrush

    ScreenCrush7 days ago

    Did you like the reveal?

  2. Ville Hankipohja

    Ville Hankipohja2 hours ago

    Do you understand that your video title is a massive spoiler?

  3. Bobber Foote

    Bobber Foote12 hours ago


  4. A G

    A GDay ago

    It’s cool, we don’t have to talk about how I 100% called it every step of the way. Watching episode 8 play like a documentary about how right I was is satisfying enough

  5. Dem0nflare

    Dem0nflareDay ago

    @ScreenCrush can't wait!

  6. ScreenCrush

    ScreenCrushDay ago

    @Dem0nflare Stupid slow upload. Processing now. It's been done for hours. HOURS.

  7. embuscae

    embuscae2 hours ago

    Wow spoilers on the front page! Thanks USlikes. Blocking this channel now.

  8. Martin Ramirez

    Martin Ramirez2 hours ago

    I just binged watched your series and I appreciate the recaps but boy do you repeat yourself in every video lol.

  9. briobrandon911

    briobrandon9112 hours ago

    A lot of these theories were debunked in the recent episode

  10. Nick Myers

    Nick Myers5 hours ago

    Pietro calls the kids demon spawns so it makes me think mephisto might be involved

  11. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones6 hours ago

    Will the real vision fight the fake vision?

  12. Tom P

    Tom P7 hours ago

    "His name is Robert Paulson." - Well played sir!

  13. Obsolescent_

    Obsolescent_8 hours ago

    So what’s that at @4:57

  14. Z R

    Z R9 hours ago

    You're so smug about being wrong about all of this lmao

  15. Haims C

    Haims C9 hours ago

    why is Brad Pitt flashed at 4:56? i dont get the reference

  16. 3ron

    3ron13 hours ago

    That was a cicada not a moth.

  17. Erickknight12

    Erickknight1216 hours ago

    4:56 nice fight club nod. Took a few tires but I got it paused just in time to see it

  18. darkphoenix474

    darkphoenix47416 hours ago

    Wanda is definitely doing the controlling

  19. anthony c

    anthony c16 hours ago


  20. agnactic

    agnactic16 hours ago

    2:20 he said that so naturally, like WHAT.

  21. AeonAnimA

    AeonAnimA17 hours ago

    4 Words: Snack on Yo Magic

  22. Cartey Productions

    Cartey Productions17 hours ago

    Anyone else see brad Pitt at 4:56


    BD THE MOODY17 hours ago

    kinda of disappointing, since the beginning of the show set up Wanda as a complex character. The fact that a villain was pulling the strings from the start takes that away so... /:

  24. Noam gamzon-kapeller

    Noam gamzon-kapeller17 hours ago

    4:56 nice

  25. Rolf

    Rolf17 hours ago

    Those aren't moths, they're cicadas

  26. Jasmine Belizario

    Jasmine Belizario18 hours ago

    what's with fight club brad pit at 4:56?

  27. Ultraman 664

    Ultraman 66418 hours ago

    based on episode 8 instead of most of the theory's I think it was just her wanting to keep Wanda using her powers so she could figure them out

  28. Stormmaster 7722

    Stormmaster 772219 hours ago

    I think agatha harkness has the powers of the power stone hence the purple energy and not being under wanda's control

  29. Evelyn Rojo

    Evelyn Rojo19 hours ago

    What's that thing that appears briefly at 4:55 - 4:57? Looks like a person.

  30. goodbye

    goodbye21 hour ago

    I finally got to watching the series the other day

  31. Loafu Draws

    Loafu Draws21 hour ago

    I just realized in the new episode that Agatha is trying to find out how Wanda did all of this, which she had already tried to slid in when Pietro asked at 11:18 She was trying to figure out how Wanda did it but she had to force her in the end

  32. MR. NKL

    MR. NKL21 hour ago

    why is the guy from fight club at 4:55 there

  33. András Papp

    András Papp21 hour ago

    Sooo... You want me to join the Fight Club or what?

  34. Blake Williams

    Blake Williams23 hours ago

    Cicada, not a moth

  35. NansSpaghetti

    NansSpaghetti23 hours ago

    4:56 ?

  36. Jerome Shaw

    Jerome Shaw23 hours ago

    This video didn’t age well lol

  37. Cila Star

    Cila StarDay ago

    Norns are not witches.

  38. Roberta Barboza

    Roberta BarbozaDay ago

    The most shocking revelation is that Agnes takes the bus. Who could have foreseen this? It puts all of my theories in perspective.

  39. Graf Aramaic

    Graf AramaicDay ago

    Am I tripping or did I just freeze frame Tyler Durden at 4:56 ?!

  40. Addison raee

    Addison raeeDay ago

    The satisfying muscle conformably ski because advice seasonally plant save a troubled gondola. puny, delirious himalayan

  41. Johnny Fonseth

    Johnny FonsethDay ago

    That’s a cicada, not a moth

  42. kyle 42

    kyle 42Day ago

    i have watched every marvel movie of course i liked it

  43. Preston Phillips

    Preston PhillipsDay ago

    Who is the man that pops up at 4:56 for a half second? What subliminal stuff are you trying to do to us?

  44. Altimate

    AltimateDay ago

    Tyler Durdin??

  45. John Thurston

    John ThurstonDay ago

    Anyone catch Tyler Durden at 4:56?

  46. Christopher Dine

    Christopher DineDay ago

    The "moths" then shows a clip of a cicada...

  47. 劉浩洋

    劉浩洋Day ago

    That is a cicada at 11:40, not a moth

  48. Jesse Gaspard

    Jesse GaspardDay ago

    Yo, are you alive? Was looking forward to your post Wanda Vision episode tonight, and it's no where to be found. Hope you're alright. Your videos are fantastic, and I appreciate them greatly. It's the best thing to watch after every episode, it gives so much insight. Also, I need to be caught off guard by you finding my mom.

  49. Mikey Briqmen

    Mikey BriqmenDay ago

    Yo, where is this week’s episode?! :,(. My wife and I have had a routine for the last 7 weeks. Wandavision followed by Screencrush because we need you to help us relax and analyze what just happened.

  50. Mikey Briqmen

    Mikey BriqmenDay ago

    In all honesty, we hope you’re good! No worries. Just being silly.

  51. Alex Dominguez

    Alex DominguezDay ago

    Really? No episode 8 yet? GAH!?!

  52. Windber Brandt

    Windber BrandtDay ago


  53. Brick Falcon

    Brick FalconDay ago

    Sitten here waiting for episode 8 breakdown

  54. Cr4ZeD

    Cr4ZeDDay ago

    I have a theory. Its a bit odd but makes sense. So back in endgame bruce speaks with stranges mentor, and she explains that when a infinity stone is used it creates another reality. This is what makes me believe that wandas connection with the stones is deeper. Because there is a lack of background information on Wanda, this makes me believe that in each of her timelines she interacted with a stone. Which created a new timeline where she has the powers of each stone. This is why I believe she has the powers of the dark aether and not the mind stone. EPISODE EIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD! When we are at the part where we see Wanda interact with the mind stone for the first time, the camera does not pick it up. Which leads me to believe that her version of herself for the current timeline got sent to another timeline, thus being the reason why Wanda has the powers of the dark aether. This could very easily tie into the new Doctor Strange movie (multi-verse of madness ). This could also explain why in Wandas pocket reality vision is still alive. Since they are both linked to the mind stone. I hope you guys understood this and maybe could build off of it or point out some issues

  55. Bee K

    Bee KDay ago

    Agatha is a witch. Her necklace is a reference to The Mother, The Maiden, and The Crone, not the Norns who rule the destiny of men and gods aka The Fates.

  56. Stanley Greenbean Productions

    Stanley Greenbean ProductionsDay ago

    so you know that guy that was fast that was made her brother (Pedro or what ever) by Agatha he is the fast guy from X-men so i think this is how marvel is going to connect the Avengers universe with the X-men universe.

  57. Hector Cordero

    Hector CorderoDay ago

    Where the episode 8 video at tho??

  58. Catcraftsparkle

    CatcraftsparkleDay ago

    Why at 4:56 does a dude show up in the corner???

  59. DigiMega351

    DigiMega351Day ago

    Uh... Those moths look like cicadas...

  60. KurtCobain

    KurtCobainDay ago

    4:56 tyler durden

  61. Élaine Doumont

    Élaine DoumontDay ago

    It would actually be a much greater outcome if this didn't turn out to be a plot twist at all and that Wanda really just fell ill of grief, doing this all by herself but just using Agnes instead as another excuse to avoid her own guilt in the matter. That would actually tell a lot more about her as a character and lead to even greater development but here we are in the era of Marvel where all we can hope for is a cheap plot twist to introduce the new, evil and frightening villain. That show was so promising but this ending is just disappointing.

  62. Metehan Bayburtlu

    Metehan BayburtluDay ago

    that tyler durden gave me a mini heart attack

  63. Vvx Midnight

    Vvx MidnightDay ago

    Well now we know that it wasn’t Agatha all along- because quite literally Wanda made the hex- Agatha is trying to see why and how she did it :)

  64. Jules Le Jamtel

    Jules Le JamtelDay ago

    Are you not going to talk about how the book is the missing book from that scene in Dr.Strange?

  65. Skylar

    SkylarDay ago

    I watch WandaVision and then watch your easter egg and breakdown/theory videos after. Just finished episode 8. Can't wait for your next video!!!!

  66. x Pastel x

    x Pastel xDay ago


  67. Gac Acg

    Gac AcgDay ago

    what is it at minuto 4:56? is it Tyler Durden?

  68. Vo Williams

    Vo WilliamsDay ago

    Who else saw the Brad Pitt Subliminal Pop up @4:56? lol



    WAIT IS SENIOR SCRATCHY HER HUSBAND!!? because she never sees him.....

  70. eric price

    eric priceDay ago

    i just see brad pitt from fight club . at 4.55 in this . is that a sing ? like its all in her head like the movie fight club ?

  71. hespinoza3

    hespinoza3Day ago

    DId any else capture the quick flash of what looks like an Bradd Pitt /Jame Dean character in at 4:56?

  72. steelfoot98

    steelfoot98Day ago

    I don’t mind the twist, though I do think it would have been more interesting to have Wanda be the central antagonist. Agatha being the villain feels like an attempt to deflect blame off of Wanda for the events of the show. It would be far more impactful to have this be truly Wanda’s fault. Plus the reveal scene itself felt somewhat forced, like they couldn’t find a good way to bring it in naturally so they just tossed it in that “uuuuuuhh she finds a suspicious cellar door I guess.”

  73. Blue Cheese

    Blue CheeseDay ago


  74. Dan Hauser

    Dan HauserDay ago

    0=A, 1=B, 2=C, 3=D...? 🤷‍♂️

  75. J.L. Wilson

    J.L. WilsonDay ago

    Jeez...what's it like to shotgun ideas and be wrong all the time?

  76. Kent Fink

    Kent FinkDay ago

    Cicada* not a moth

  77. micki boisvert

    micki boisvertDay ago

    Brilliant theories!! On point

  78. TriXie Kat

    TriXie KatDay ago

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the things that pop in for one frame during the show? you capture or place one in your video reel but still go unmentioned. @ 4:56 "for the children crowd seen" why? is it brad bit from fight club? aka cigarette burn

  79. Patchy

    PatchyDay ago

    I saw that flash at 4:56 >:)

  80. Joel Bard

    Joel BardDay ago

    Awesome, now because of the title of this video I know there's something to reveal about Agatha. Thanks for that.

  81. Cindy and Ben

    Cindy and BenDay ago

    Great video! New subriber 👍🏾

  82. eve m

    eve mDay ago

    I think Agatha wanted wanda to expand the hex because as you can see with the house switching around it made her lose control of her reality, giving Agatha an opportunity to seize control and reveal her true identity.

  83. Jason Oliver

    Jason OliverDay ago

    not a moth....that's a cicada.

  84. aldo Gato

    aldo GatoDay ago

    It was Wanda all the time sorry rick

  85. Andre is Anakele

    Andre is AnakeleDay ago

    How in the holy fuckknuckles did you see all this shit?!? I don't think I saw one thing while watching the series. I don't even know how the writers put so many eastereggs in this bitch. I feel like Jay from Jay and Silent Bob. I'm so annoyed at how confused I am.

  86. Matt Libra

    Matt LibraDay ago

    Three’s are a big part in witchcraft all together, Hekate, the Greek goddess of witchcraft, had three heads representing the maiden, mother and crone.

  87. Kayasar K.

    Kayasar K.Day ago

    04:56 why brad pitt?

  88. ASMlauRa

    ASMlauRaDay ago

    Those are not moths; they’re cicadas

  89. RoseBoot

    RoseBoot2 days ago

    EP 8 Agnes, this is you mom.

  90. Rebecca Harrison-Yan Hip

    Rebecca Harrison-Yan Hip2 days ago

    i will never look at wanda vision the same again

  91. Mohammed Shabbir

    Mohammed Shabbir2 days ago

    4:56 I see what you did there. Fight Club

  92. Anthony B.

    Anthony B.2 days ago

    Between 4:56 and 4:57 is a person for a blink in the frame.

  93. Hannah Davies

    Hannah Davies2 days ago

    If you watch Dr. Strange again, there’s the wall of books and it’s clear that one is missing...Agatha’s book looks very similar...

  94. Steven Marquina

    Steven Marquina2 days ago

    Kathryn Hahn is a great actress. Hilarious. I’m so happy for her. I hope she gets to be in dr strange

  95. Alexandru Pavel

    Alexandru Pavel2 days ago

    did anyone noticed Tyler Durden @ 04:56?

  96. Janet Mainor

    Janet Mainor2 days ago

    It isn't a fly or a moth. It looks like a cicada

  97. Desired_Jax

    Desired_Jax2 days ago

    click bait that wasnt from thor it was from a witch of her covern

  98. Fernando Cat

    Fernando Cat2 days ago

    Come on screen crush, where’s the 8th episode video???

  99. Lord Apfel

    Lord Apfel2 days ago

    Btw the book in Agathas basement was also in Dr.Strange

  100. Nico T.

    Nico T.2 days ago

    Who else saw the young Brad Pitt? ;)

  101. Dexter Dela Cruz

    Dexter Dela Cruz2 days ago

    4:56 who was that

  102. Laura Hendrickson

    Laura Hendrickson2 days ago

    I havent watched wanda vision yet but i was recommended this video by the good ol' algorithm and i just wanted to come here and say thanks for the spoilers in your title, that was...really great hahahaha

  103. Ashlin Joshy

    Ashlin Joshy2 days ago

    Why are ther so many ads nowadays

  104. al4red

    al4red2 days ago

    Clua 1: Literally her name 'AG-atha hark-NES-s' lol

  105. Destiny Easley

    Destiny Easley2 days ago

    Now I didn’t know this was that dark with witches and stuff it makes me not want to watch it no more

  106. Sourav Besra

    Sourav Besra2 days ago


  107. Sean Barker

    Sean Barker2 days ago

    Was not able to isolate it but what is the character you added after Dotty said "For the Children". Checked the episode and it's not there.