Seems like bowser is hungry...almost ate my face for breakfast! #shorts


  1. V0V

    V0V55 minutes ago

    If you loved wildlife you would know to leave it alone. It always great to handle things like garter snake but you should know to never handle a wild snapper

  2. I Like to eat the food after i drink the water

    I Like to eat the food after i drink the waterHour ago

    “Being the wildlife lover that I always has been” *proceeds to tug a turtle out of the water and yank the leeches off as hard as he can*

  3. Jhank Himer

    Jhank HimerHour ago

    You really shouldnt fuck around with life if you dont need to....

  4. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation2 hours ago

    Removing leech like that can cause infection

  5. hon mullagh

    hon mullagh3 hours ago


  6. Amina Obrazhda

    Amina Obrazhda7 hours ago

    How to you do this is disgusting 🤢🤮

  7. Mackan6666

    Mackan66669 hours ago

    Finally no prank!!!!!

  8. kitty dragona

    kitty dragona10 hours ago

    This absolutely sucks

  9. Jaslyn Toh

    Jaslyn Toh10 hours ago

    One of my turtle died when there babys

  10. Hollie Darsey

    Hollie Darsey14 hours ago

    If it had long nails then it is a girl

  11. Isla Phillips

    Isla Phillips14 hours ago

    Everybody on his other videos: staged Me on this video: Oh yeah this totally staged. You can see how the turtle tried to not actually bite him etc etc etc etc....

  12. Kristine OCAMPO

    Kristine OCAMPO15 hours ago


  13. Atheena Blair

    Atheena Blair15 hours ago

    I flinched

  14. AbSoLute_Okeh

    AbSoLute_Okeh16 hours ago

    Her: he probably cheating Him:

  15. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez18 hours ago

    *for more videos of me being a dumbass*

  16. that guy, over yonder

    that guy, over yonder20 hours ago

    "Being the wildlife lover that I have always been, I started fucking with this wild turtle I found!"

  17. Heidi Maldonado

    Heidi Maldonado22 hours ago

    Omg he kissed you😂


    BRIANNA DUDLEY23 hours ago

    OMG I jump

  19. Loagie Diabo

    Loagie DiaboDay ago

    Yeah they smell terrible

  20. K Cairns

    K CairnsDay ago

    You deserve it

  21. Emily Jones

    Emily JonesDay ago

    Poor turtle this guy is *****

  22. Pearłnotføuñd

    PearłnotføuñdDay ago

    Why do women live longer then men *this is why*

  23. • food • • Kayleen •

    • food • • Kayleen •Day ago

    My face for breakfast -

  24. killer9317 anonymous

    killer9317 anonymousDay ago

    The only person that would pick a turtle that big up by the tail would be dumb and dumber long lost 3rd brother dumbest

  25. Keishonel Lewis

    Keishonel LewisDay ago

    My heart left my chest when he (the turtle) took a bite at him, i own a turtle and let me just tell you...that HURTS

  26. elaD odnarB toobeR

    elaD odnarB toobeRDay ago

    Bowser is a good name for em

  27. Kfc

    KfcDay ago

    Bowser was kissing him UwU

  28. juduzi

    juduziDay ago

    That's why you don't mess with wild life

  29. Kross

    KrossDay ago

    Isn’t this the guy that committed frog genocide by taking them out of their birthing puddle and threw them in a fucking bog lmao

  30. Your mom

    Your momDay ago

    I'm not a wild life activist but I know for sure that's not how you take leeches off cuz the teeth can stay in the skin and infect it.

  31. Roblox gaming Games

    Roblox gaming GamesDay ago

    The turtle be like: so you chose death

  32. Classical Roblox.

    Classical Roblox.Day ago


  33. Jaslene Petersen

    Jaslene PetersenDay ago

    "This is how I almost lost my face to a snapping turtle." Oh, I can answer that without even watching the video. You were a fucking idiot.

  34. Rontube4

    Rontube4Day ago

    U dun goofed. Turtles are delicious and you can make kewl things out of their shells. Take a snap at me?! No way I'm not turning you into a snack.

  35. Jade Allen

    Jade AllenDay ago

    I like turtles to boy

  36. gatot gatot

    gatot gatotDay ago

    I thougth it was alligator snapping turtle its one of my fav turtles

  37. bebang bautista

    bebang bautistaDay ago

    Omg your ugly *turtle hits him for being ugly* take that

  38. 7z Mxney

    7z MxneyDay ago

    If only that turtle was Mexican...

  39. Cat with a vApe

    Cat with a vApeDay ago

    You could’ve used the leaches as bait or at least kill them :/

  40. coala tedioso

    coala tediosoDay ago

    These guys are so stupid how tf u forgot that this monster has a giraffe neck

  41. United Kingdom

    United KingdomDay ago

    Did he just call me a dumbass at the end of the video?

  42. TMNT 2012 Moments YouTube Channel

    TMNT 2012 Moments YouTube ChannelDay ago


  43. Marion Holloway

    Marion HollowayDay ago



    SJ_ASSASINDay ago

    I think I'll miss him but he did try to eat my face off best saying 2021

  45. Strawberry Cow

    Strawberry CowDay ago

    I would like to inform you that it’s a girl!

  46. Lillith666

    Lillith666Day ago

    One time I found a snapping turtle and I instead of picking it up I left it alone. End of story.

  47. Remarkable Legit

    Remarkable LegitDay ago

    He couldn’t be more stupid tho

  48. valerie bennett

    valerie bennettDay ago

    Dosent matter about smell

  49. faith newton

    faith newtonDay ago

    I love love turtles and sharks

  50. Roblox Girlz

    Roblox GirlzDay ago


  51. Joel Kosinski

    Joel KosinskiDay ago

    You don’t just yank leeches off, the head will come off, and probably get infected, you have to put salt on it, so it drys up and falls off

  52. Donald Natale

    Donald NataleDay ago

    What the hell where you thinking

  53. Strawberry Cow

    Strawberry CowDay ago

    To be continued...

  54. Alexus Robinson

    Alexus Robinson2 days ago

    Why would u touch leeches

  55. Graciela Gomez

    Graciela Gomez2 days ago

    Como no te fijaste antes bosina😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. m5snGAMER

    m5snGAMER2 days ago

    Bowser is a female turtlw

  57. Bubble Melon

    Bubble Melon2 days ago


  58. Neo Ethan Labor

    Neo Ethan Labor2 days ago


  59. `Wonokii `

    `Wonokii `2 days ago

    I literally screamed when he almost got his face bitten off

  60. Muqhritz Fitri

    Muqhritz Fitri2 days ago

    It's really dangerous

  61. JessenLH

    JessenLH2 days ago

    Turtle: Put Me Down!!!! 😤

  62. Andre The One

    Andre The One2 days ago

    So now hes a wild life lover? Aint this the same dude who took a giant wasp against its will locked it in a freezer tied a string to it almost got stung multiple times.

  63. Reptile Plays

    Reptile Plays2 days ago

    Bro your not smart at all that’s not a big turtle and who the heck doesn’t know not to hold it right next to their face wow you are a noob

  64. Benderman

    Benderman2 days ago

    You shouldnt pick up turtles and turn them sideways they can not breath if its so

  65. MZAArtZ

    MZAArtZ2 days ago


  66. Gabe The Dev

    Gabe The Dev2 days ago

    I lose my face when i got bit by mah dog while i was a baby age. Yes. A FRICKIN BABY AGE that be pain tho--

  67. roblox Gacha_123

    roblox Gacha_1232 days ago

    Can u find browser's son

  68. Haley Marks

    Haley Marks2 days ago

    POV: You were hoping it got his face.

  69. NintendoGP

    NintendoGP2 days ago

    Bye Bowser

  70. A literal person who exists

    A literal person who exists2 days ago

    so that’s where that turtle went (TAWOG reference)

  71. Sometimes I'm late Sometimes I'm not

    Sometimes I'm late Sometimes I'm not2 days ago

    Maybe don’t pick it up and let it be 🤔🤔

  72. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya2 days ago

    Bro leave the title alone they like it

  73. JMSGridIron56

    JMSGridIron562 days ago

    You know holding a turtle upside down on its back can and will kill them yeah? Must really be a "wildlife lover" if you're willing to forcibly remove it from its habitat and do something to it that could potentially seriously injure or kill it.

  74. Spilled Mug

    Spilled Mug2 days ago

    “Being the wildlife lover that I have always been..” *yoinks turtle* Me who just though he was gonna go near it and spit turtle facts: 👁👄👁


    EL SAVIOUR2 days ago


  76. ChickenNoodles

    ChickenNoodles2 days ago

    Ya know as a “wildlife lover” I think he would know not to put his face that close to a f ing snapping turtle

  77. Austin Dietrick

    Austin Dietrick2 days ago

    First its an alligator snapping turtle, secondly he said his claws which is wrong only female alligator snapping turtles have claws to dig holes for their eggs 👍🏻👌🏻

  78. Muffinpie

    Muffinpie2 days ago

    “Being a wildlife lover” Uh yeah he must love wildlife so much to pull a turtle out of the water, poor thing was probably terrified and probably though he was being snatched my a predator At least he got the leaches off I guess Also even tho this isn’t the best thing to do it’s a little funny how it looks like the turtle gave him a lil kiss 😳

  79. king Leland's videos

    king Leland's videos2 days ago

    Browser more like gamera

  80. allie Wampler

    allie Wampler2 days ago

    I was brave and scared

  81. allie Wampler

    allie Wampler2 days ago

    My face was very close to a wild Gorilla

  82. Natalia Oliva

    Natalia Oliva2 days ago

    You can sometimes be an idiot

  83. Colin C

    Colin C2 days ago

    Dear god what a dumb ass

  84. Gabrielle Petersen

    Gabrielle Petersen2 days ago

    He calls himself a wild life lover then shoves a hornet in a fridge and ties it to a string.

  85. Benjamin Willis

    Benjamin Willis3 days ago

    Just leave the poor turtle alone

  86. Gammanamanations

    Gammanamanations3 days ago

    “Being a wildlife lover...” forcibly YOINKS the turtle

  87. Rachelle Hensley

    Rachelle Hensley3 days ago

    I heard only females have claws to dig out a shelter for her babies. I may be wrong tho

  88. Affy Dallas

    Affy Dallas3 days ago

    I had a pet snapper for a while, we had to go fishing like twice a week to feed her 😂

  89. A_Real•Deer _

    A_Real•Deer _3 days ago

    Dam thing turned into a stretchy for a few secounds.

  90. Jodie 芊

    Jodie 芊3 days ago


  91. Lei Bonilla

    Lei Bonilla3 days ago

    But isnt that how the turtle got the leaches?

  92. no

    no3 days ago

    I have 6 on my river and it was trained

  93. Adarsh Pilli

    Adarsh Pilli3 days ago

    Looks ugly

  94. Kiritri

    Kiritri3 days ago


  95. Sorcha Mackay

    Sorcha Mackay3 days ago

    Oh no!

  96. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore3 days ago

    Its a female, she has claws for digging

  97. Nikuda

    Nikuda3 days ago

    WARNING: There's this guy named Bis43 in the comments he will find your comment and start an argument in the replies, or atleast I believe so seeing that he did that under almost every comment I read so far. Have a nice day :) (Hi Bis if you read this maybe you should stop replying to those people and spend some time doing things you need to get done)

  98. Night gaurd UvU

    Night gaurd UvU3 days ago

    Gumball has a killer snap turtle

  99. Humorous Medicine

    Humorous Medicine3 days ago

    Being a wildlife lover would never take out a snapping turtle dumbass

  100. kishy pishy

    kishy pishy3 days ago

    Wasn't this the same pale dude that "switched" the restroom signs? He's still annoying huh?!