Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce From Kanye West | E! News

The "KUWTK" star and Yeezy rapper are splitting after six years of marriage. From a lavish Paris wedding to having four kids, relive Kimye's love story.
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Kim Kardashian Files for Divorce From Kanye West | E! News


  1. Mad Max

    Mad Max6 minutes ago

    Ebony and ivory no longer living in harmony. What a surprise.

  2. JL B

    JL B4 hours ago

    Guess the money stopped coming in.

  3. Sean

    Sean12 hours ago

    Wow, who else finds it very strange that she decides to divorce the same exact year her series is coming to an end!? 🤔🙄

  4. Duong Hiep Ha

    Duong Hiep Ha16 hours ago

    The berserk trail sequentially blush because pvc interstingly shrug like a defeated authority. noiseless, quick server

  5. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer17 hours ago

    Nothing really lasts forever.

  6. Kathy Cline

    Kathy Cline20 hours ago

    I'm tired of hearing about their divorce get it over with and make it seem to be done

  7. Rinah M

    Rinah M21 hour ago

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a publicity stunt?

  8. You TubeSucks

    You TubeSucksDay ago

    I bet you the effects this will have on their kids didn't even cross their minds. Pure, stinking, Hollywood filth.

  9. Deeboss

    DeebossDay ago

    Good it was fake anyway

  10. Arlene Lovesyou

    Arlene LovesyouDay ago

    I feel so sad for these children 👶 👎

  11. Jennifer Adams

    Jennifer AdamsDay ago

    I heard a song on the radio by Lil Durk and it's called "Going crazy like Kanye" and I couldn't stop laughing about it... You'd have to be crazy to marry into that family.

  12. bilishu aliss

    bilishu alissDay ago

    guess he can’t keep up with the kardashians

  13. Frenk Vortice

    Frenk VorticeDay ago

    False christian. Its all staged.

  14. Shawn Digg79

    Shawn Digg79Day ago


  15. Jodi B

    Jodi BDay ago

    Kim is a SATANIC BEING. Praise the Lord for saving Kanye. She is EVIL!!!

  16. Jodi B

    Jodi BDay ago

    They have driven that poor man to the brink!!

  17. michelle benedict

    michelle benedictDay ago

    satan can't have the last say concerning this JESUS name.....God is turning this around AMEN.

  18. Southernbelle 74

    Southernbelle 742 days ago

    I wish them both the best! Great story I really enjoy your commentary. I just started a youtube channel. Do offer a mentorship program or training?

  19. Adji B.

    Adji B.2 days ago

    she manages men like business

  20. Dragonfly 67

    Dragonfly 672 days ago

    These devil worshippers don't care as long as they RIP their children's lives apart!

  21. catherine marelda

    catherine marelda2 days ago

    taylor is probably laughing rn

  22. LillyRocks

    LillyRocks2 days ago

    But why did the have many kids? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  23. eliyah johnson

    eliyah johnson2 days ago

    I hope someone else other than Kanye is clapping her cheeks lmao

  24. Chad Gossman

    Chad Gossman2 days ago

    We all knew this was gonna happen. I'm susrprised she hasnt done this sooner. Kamye brings way way way too much drama to their marriage and never thinks of her and her feeling when doing so.

  25. 20 21

    20 212 days ago

    So, they divorce or it’s in the works, move onto separate lives, stories, relationships, brands. One year or two years later they reunite with their new followers, new brands, new looks for an even bigger and all new family “brand” If only just going away for good was an option for ALL of them...

  26. Maddy Colon

    Maddy Colon2 days ago

    Mental health is tricky. I had to leave and raise my 4 kids alone. Thank God she has family. Good luck to u both. 🤙

  27. Cap Choc

    Cap Choc2 days ago

    I hope Kanye and the kids are ok

  28. A A

    A A3 days ago


  29. Equinox 95

    Equinox 953 days ago

    Kanye just wants to GET OUT....quick👍🏿.

  30. Kaddy Lakk

    Kaddy Lakk3 days ago

    😥 sad

  31. Polo Rico

    Polo Rico3 days ago

    Some one gonna end up broke

  32. LuckOn Red

    LuckOn Red3 days ago

    Taylow swift smiling...

  33. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose3 days ago

    Imagine thinking this was a legit relationship 😂

  34. Amber Farrald

    Amber Farrald3 days ago

    Sad. He puts out a Gospel record now is getting divorced. Heart break

  35. Rick Flint

    Rick Flint3 days ago

    Kim Kardashian can find another rapper .

  36. Ronnie Hesson

    Ronnie Hesson3 days ago

    Too much ego and crazy for a relationship to survive. I'm honestly surprised they lasted this long.

  37. CurlyGirl90

    CurlyGirl903 days ago

    No surprise here

  38. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose3 days ago

    1:42 who is that? For real

  39. weeguy

    weeguy3 days ago

    Get to the good part already..who will get the others stuff😂 your bets now🤭

  40. Cat Roman

    Cat Roman3 days ago

    Four kids y can't url just make it work out my god

  41. Robert Witt

    Robert Witt3 days ago

    Nooooo waayyyyy, i thought they'd be togetherrrrrr foreverrrrre 🙄

  42. StephanieDotDot

    StephanieDotDot3 days ago

    I am actually sad that they are divorcing.

  43. Zoe Fountain

    Zoe Fountain3 days ago

    About tim Kim

  44. Kaydee Elyse

    Kaydee Elyse3 days ago

    Why do these Kardashians even get married? They always get divorced. I mean Kayne always seemed a little off and shady but I mean it takes two to mess up a marriage and Kim seems like a piece of work. Its almost like these guys plan this so that they stay relevant and keep people's interest in their dumb lives. Ahh wedding vows should be changed. Their is no point to them anymore.

  45. Jed Kawil

    Jed Kawil4 days ago

    You guys know Kim or kanye haven't said anything about a divorce but this is saying its official. When kanye did that series of tweets he was talking about abortion rights and how he was hurt at the thought of abortion especially considering he loves his kids and how the relationship he has with them. She's not done with him and he's not done with her. The media just hates them or hates kanye.

  46. Ethan Hill

    Ethan Hill4 days ago

    Bet she voted BIDEN. That's reality television. Can't stay married to someone afflicted with BPD.

  47. Tamera Shields

    Tamera Shields4 days ago

    People should not be allowed to marry more then 3 times..who's the common denominator?

  48. Kami Johnson

    Kami Johnson4 days ago

    I guess he couldn't keep up with the kardashians.

  49. Linicar Swarovski

    Linicar Swarovski4 days ago


  50. Ian Allen

    Ian Allen4 days ago

    Oh dear how am I going to go on in life?

  51. SicknessNfilth

    SicknessNfilth4 days ago

    Okay. So?

  52. Colleen

    Colleen4 days ago

    1:42 who is that? For real

  53. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini4 days ago

    Why is this such a big deal- Most people get divorced sadly, imo it’s better that the kids are young since I feel the older the child the more it hurts them y’know?

  54. CHiNoY PiNoY

    CHiNoY PiNoY4 days ago

    Who do you think is NEXT on KK's List?? Jeff Bezos? Floyd Mayweather? The Sultan Of Brunei? Justine Bieber?? 👈😆😆😆

  55. Kelly Mc

    Kelly Mc4 days ago

    They were an odd match and never seemed to be on the same page

  56. Are you Serious

    Are you Serious4 days ago

    I have seen a few people close to me get a divorce last year. Unfortunately as a society we are sometimes not immature enough to deal with what we call love. It is not all sunshine and roses all the time. People think about the wedding but they don’t think about the responsibility of a marriage. They focus on the ring and the dress but that is just for one night. The marriage, which is the hard part, lasts for forever ( but you know there’s divorce for a reason)

  57. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini4 days ago

    6 years!! Good job Kim! Your longest marriage!

  58. Visnu deesh

    Visnu deesh4 days ago

    "The world moves on another day another drama drama But not for me,... not for me.. All I think about is KARMA And then the world moves on, but one thing's for sure MAYBE I GOT MINE BUT YOU ALL GET YOURS".......

  59. Madam O Tarot

    Madam O Tarot4 days ago

    That's ok Kimmy you hung in there long enough and did your best. 7 years married in Hollywood is like 25-30 years for the rest of us.

  60. Emee A.

    Emee A.4 days ago


  61. Bianca Vie

    Bianca Vie4 days ago

    This may be the most amicable divorce ever and good for them

  62. Tony Diaz

    Tony Diaz4 days ago


  63. Tanya

    Tanya4 days ago

    I’m happy for Kanye.

  64. Titi Haile

    Titi Haile4 days ago

    So sad I will pray for them

  65. The Fordjour's Tv

    The Fordjour's Tv4 days ago


  66. Ani King

    Ani King4 days ago

    thats just stupid. they were like bestfriends before even becoming a couple. he saw her go through so many relationships and her the same. they finally make it official and have kids and now theyre gunna split. their so meant to be together. they are one anothers soulmates. their energies draw each other in. what a stupid. work it out and get back together

  67. Trial account

    Trial account4 days ago

    Had Kanye miraculously win the election and become president, I'm pretty sure their stunt of a marriage would have lasted for 4 more years.

  68. Trial account

    Trial account4 days ago

    And she will still divorce whoever is next. And the next one after that. And the next one after that. And the next one after that. Eventually she'll divorce death...... Same with Kanye.

  69. mcostagirl123

    mcostagirl1234 days ago

    I guess she didn't want to be his first lady lmao.

  70. Ishira Patrao

    Ishira Patrao4 days ago

    Eh what about "KKW" W stands for West right!?

  71. Manny

    Manny4 days ago

    I hit it first - TK Kirkland

  72. Gabi Frierson

    Gabi Frierson4 days ago

    6 years!! Good job Kim! Your longest marriage!

  73. Yana Yagu

    Yana Yagu4 days ago

    Who didn’t see this coming 😂

  74. Farming In Iowa eden

    Farming In Iowa eden4 days ago

    Men! Don't! Get! Married! Ever!!!!!!

  75. Glory Compass

    Glory Compass4 days ago

    Wow Kim and Kanye Just Broke Up, who Saw that One Coming

  76. Reabetswe Iman Moabi

    Reabetswe Iman Moabi4 days ago

    Now all Kris Jenners kids will be co-parenting 🤣 what lousy lives .... all of them broken homes.... >> be happy you are poor but your parents are together and still happy, and none of this co-parent bullshit that is so popular in Hollywood yet is so bad for kids.....

  77. Christina Lock

    Christina Lock4 days ago

    Kim Kanye, I hope the love you both have for one another. Yourselves and family get through this as if ever! As painless as possible. It's not about your public persona. Your human beings,a family. My love to you all

  78. Reabetswe Iman Moabi

    Reabetswe Iman Moabi4 days ago

    Big extravagant flashy weddings normally end in divorce....

  79. Elijah Ashman

    Elijah Ashman4 days ago

    6 years of marriage In Hollywood Is Like 15 years in the real world .

  80. TazTalksYouListen

    TazTalksYouListen4 days ago

    As if those kids weren't already going to be highly dysfunctional...

  81. Elliott Schreffler

    Elliott Schreffler4 days ago

    I mean, really, who cares? Someone give me a good reason to care about this.

  82. Big Bird PH

    Big Bird PH5 days ago

    Murica breathes a sigh of relief - NO Kartrashian in the White House anytime soon! Democrats, Republicans, Independents, etc. are all united in horror and revulsion at the notion of a Kartrashian living in the White House! 🤣

  83. Mr. Foul Monday

    Mr. Foul Monday5 days ago

    Good Morning

  84. winchester

    winchester5 days ago

    Shows over, so now they’re free


    STAY PUFT5 days ago

    Rich people problems 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 kanye is such a POS

  86. Gonzalo Smith

    Gonzalo Smith5 days ago

    Finally, she's getting rid of him. Kanye is one deranged dude.

  87. L H

    L H5 days ago

    Lol no it’s not

  88. Willowy13

    Willowy135 days ago

    He is going to gain his sanity back.

  89. just listening

    just listening5 days ago

    Why would anybody care?

  90. DMG STAR

    DMG STAR5 days ago

    Kim is the only married one in that family and she's heading for a divorce? I wish her well.

  91. big peenis

    big peenis5 days ago

    Next Kim will be best friends with Larsa Pippen again and they will both be on onlyfans double doing 18 year old men.

  92. Star Tech77

    Star Tech775 days ago

    Every celeb is bipolar. Wtf.

  93. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan5 days ago

    This divorce was planned and agreed by Kanye to help promote and a storyline for Kardashian’s new deal on lulu which surprise surprise will be airing this year

  94. VP of PR & Terror

    VP of PR & Terror5 days ago

    Kanye if you're reading this, just remember. A hit man is cheaper than a divorce

  95. clarke josland

    clarke josland5 days ago

    Now I ain't saying she a gold digger 🤣🤣🤣

  96. alex!

    alex!5 days ago

    yeezus 2.0?

  97. Akshay M

    Akshay M5 days ago

    Gotta go listen to " look what you made me do" taylor swift 😁

  98. Sali Hartono Liem

    Sali Hartono Liem5 days ago

    Taylor Swift : Ouch Look What You Made Me Do !!!!

  99. Vanessa Ndungwa

    Vanessa Ndungwa5 days ago

    The whole family be divorced or single from kourtney divorced ,khloe divorced ,kris divorced then kim divorced they cursed

  100. Adebimpe Bello-owosho

    Adebimpe Bello-owosho5 days ago

    We hear this every year 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  101. Adonna Rowe

    Adonna Rowe5 days ago

    She’s leaving him bcuz he’s bipolar isn’t marriage about 4 better or worse

  102. Maria Poulos

    Maria Poulos5 days ago

    Imagine my surprise?

  103. Maria Garcia

    Maria Garcia5 days ago