Is This The World's Hardest Race? | E-Bike Tour Du Mont Blanc 2019

16,000m of climbing, 18,000m of descending, and 350km covered in 3 days across 3 countries.Those are the stats; this is the video. So grab your beverage of choice, sit back, and enjoy this chronicle of what might well be the hardest E-MTB race in the world - The E-Bike Tour Du Mont Blanc ⚡️
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  1. Electric Mountain Bike Network

    Electric Mountain Bike NetworkYear ago

    Would you race this event? Let us know!

  2. Otto Gobbo

    Otto Gobbo17 days ago

    Never. I would kill myself on those downhills ;) I don´t have the tecnique to do such downhills. But still interesting to watch.

  3. TheGolfdaily

    TheGolfdaily24 days ago

    Yes, with an E-MTB with 5 Kw battery. 😁

  4. Calandra Lomartire

    Calandra Lomartire2 months ago

    @Justus Phoenix Damn! Took like 10 minutes but it reallyworked!

  5. Suhwateeze A.

    Suhwateeze A.3 months ago

    If i had 9 lives

  6. Geo rge

    Geo rge3 months ago

    1000% even if i had to finish last!!!

  7. Clairton Nunes

    Clairton Nunes2 days ago

    Very good great job!

  8. rudy ha

    rudy ha5 days ago

    Great event , great story ...cheers from Canada

  9. Mario Georgatsellos

    Mario Georgatsellos5 days ago

    Sorry sir I meant you seem like you were having an awesome time and I was crying because I had so much fun watching I wished I was there . I apologize if I offended you I really appreciate your videos. Thank you and sorry.👍🇨🇦

  10. Ramsgate Todd

    Ramsgate Todd16 days ago

    My first look at ebikes, fantastic, thanks.

  11. Firmino Fire

    Firmino Fire21 day ago

    You’ll be in a job for a long time cheating on those things. Not really climbing is it. Enjoy it though 🙄

  12. Michael Villis

    Michael Villis28 days ago

    Wonderful video and really interesting. When you stopped at the watering hole splashing your face, the water looked so clear and fresh, you could bottle that it looked so good. Thank you for sharing your time with us, just love what you do. If only I was not 67, I would be out there with you.

  13. Богдан Левицький

    Богдан ЛевицькийMonth ago

    Chris from Ukraine?

  14. Bad Santa

    Bad SantaMonth ago


  15. pizzagorgonzola

    pizzagorgonzolaMonth ago

    it's not mont blanque ! the C isn't pronouced, i stopped watching the vidéo after the third mentipn of blanque

  16. Yeah baby

    Yeah babyMonth ago

    Crazy ride! Fabrice is in great shape for 51! 💪🏽

  17. Steph S

    Steph SMonth ago

    Another blown Brose. Good work, Steve!

  18. Vin

    VinMonth ago

    How many blown Levo motors? LOL

  19. Mathieu Duponchelle

    Mathieu Duponchelle2 months ago

    Passing some sheep, "oh they understand the Welsh", cold

  20. peter L

    peter L2 months ago

    The amount of bloody adverts in this ,its disgraceful,wonderhow many people turned off because of it,spoils it

  21. peter L

    peter L2 months ago

    Id have a go at that in a heartbeat!

  22. Gary Postell

    Gary Postell2 months ago

    My butt hurts just watching this for three days seriously demanding!

  23. Henderson Johnson

    Henderson Johnson2 months ago

    12:21 guy taking a cool off in what appears to be drinking water. Not cool. Take a bottle, fill it up an pour water on your head.

  24. A

    A2 months ago

    Your sentiments are correct however they do not apply to this video. The water in that trough is drinking water for dogs and horses.

  25. Ethan White

    Ethan White2 months ago

    Was Chris one of the first to get Covid?

  26. Samuel Quindoy

    Samuel Quindoy3 months ago


  27. Ann Jessup

    Ann Jessup3 months ago

    Hope Chris didn’t have Covid!

  28. nigel pearce

    nigel pearce3 months ago

    That looked like an epic adventure i have been looking at walking that route

  29. Matyas Sebok

    Matyas Sebok3 months ago

    gyönyörű egyzer el tudnam kepzelni magam ott

  30. wplno1

    wplno13 months ago

    Epic video, that scenery is stunning, even better than South Wales! What an experience.

  31. коммуна горно-велосипедная

    коммуна горно-велосипедная3 months ago

    Something insane! Unfortunately such a thing costs a lot of money, not only equipment, but tickets, hostel, food, registration fee. Ordinary people from Eastern Europe can not afford it. They usually live for 300-500$ per month. Hope, one day we all live in communism. And every man on the planet could afford such event!


    PAULO AFONSO3 months ago

    Nice Video, thumb-up! 1080 sucks! where is the 4k?


    PAULO AFONSO3 months ago

    nice video!! would be wonderful in 4k

  34. Paul Love

    Paul Love3 months ago

    Great work guys. Very inspirational.

  35. Tom Rosencrantz

    Tom Rosencrantz4 months ago

    I'd love to see you do a video just on some of the aspects that you can share regarding what you learned about your use of battery efficiency, when you'd use certain power modes and perhaps what you know about this information, regarding some of the podium racers? How did they use their power settings? The strategies around power consumption would be a great video, for events like this. There certainly will be more events popping up in the future, once Covid subsides. Great video!

  36. sushi X

    sushi X4 months ago

    bon appetit

  37. A Higher Vibe

    A Higher Vibe4 months ago

    SO jealous!

  38. Mark Swinney

    Mark Swinney4 months ago

    Great vid. Can’t believe a Levo failed lol.

  39. BW T

    BW T4 months ago

    9:47 ...dang that is pretty extreme!

  40. ant n

    ant n4 months ago

    you can literally ride on a regular mtb where you take the e bikes.

  41. Matthew Saunders

    Matthew Saunders4 months ago

    Just watched again, on the last day of 2020, a year with no annual pilgrimage to the Alps. What a cracking video. Super scenery and a great race. Issues concerning weight differences I guess but.. just so entertaining to watch. Thanks for this. Totally enjoyed it and could almost feel being there.

  42. Amar M'Rad

    Amar M'Rad4 months ago

    No one at all to say that the industry of bike see all of us as stupid... If a bike price is about 10.000 $ so there are no motor bike to buy under 100.000 $ hahaha

  43. Yeti Rider

    Yeti Rider4 months ago

    I rode for 20 miles the other day in Bentonville, Arkansas and my butt bones hurt so bad after I couldn’t ride for the next two days. I hadn’t ridden in year before that though.

  44. Krisztofski

    Krisztofski4 months ago

    Incredible footage ... and race!

  45. Alasdair Hill

    Alasdair Hill4 months ago

    That was absolutely awesome . I know all of those areas from snowboarding on them so can really appreciate how hard that must be on emtb. Well done 👍

  46. Doug Bowers

    Doug Bowers4 months ago

    For me this race would be ok but i would rather do it as a fun ride without the hurry factor.

  47. Ron Paster

    Ron Paster5 months ago

    Is there a power level limit your ebike has to meet for those races?

  48. Jam Jar

    Jam Jar5 months ago

    awesome, but 4 batteries a day at £750-800 a the Bike itself - unfortunately not

  49. Yogesh Kadam

    Yogesh Kadam6 months ago

    Awesome, hats off to the whole team

  50. Morten Berg

    Morten Berg6 months ago

    Greeeeeeeat video 👍👍👍 .......not the best advertising for Levo engines thou ....

  51. unSTEVOED

    unSTEVOED7 months ago

    These are the MTB vids I love to Watch. It looked like an epic ride!! Congrats!!!

  52. Erik Nash

    Erik Nash7 months ago

    Nothing short of amazing.

  53. Marc Pacudan

    Marc Pacudan7 months ago

    Omg I’m so jealous


    VIDEODAVID697 months ago

    Top , top and top video. I love it, well done.

  55. Dean Wilson

    Dean Wilson8 months ago

    What an amazing video. Congrats to all at EMBN. Spectacular to watch.. Steve Jones is a class act in so many ways..!

  56. Rian Andriana Hidayat

    Rian Andriana Hidayat8 months ago


  57. faster thanu

    faster thanu8 months ago

    new motor for brose levo? how shocking is

  58. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris9 months ago

    EVOC do a nice 'e-pack' that'll hold a battery securely.

  59. Derek Dong

    Derek Dong9 months ago

    damn euro is so beautiful

  60. hughieross

    hughieross10 months ago


  61. My Basements on Fire

    My Basements on Fire10 months ago

    You seem worried

  62. Luis Manuel

    Luis Manuel10 months ago


  63. Tony Tony

    Tony Tony10 months ago

    The references to "the virus". Could this be early coronavirus? Did the virus seem very strange?

  64. Ken

    Ken10 months ago

    This would take me a week or more, looks absolutely epic. Well done.

  65. facebiter

    facebiter10 months ago

    I'm Shocked at the technicalities of this trail. Incredible and very well done.

  66. MrScooter1966

    MrScooter196610 months ago

    Fantastic Steve... I still want a Levo hope I’m making the right decision...?


    PAULO AFONSO11 months ago

    No 4k??? whats is this?? 2010???

  68. Robert Pearson

    Robert Pearson11 months ago

    Well done, very nice video as well.

  69. Noah Bird

    Noah Bird11 months ago

    E-bikes: When the weak and old feel like capable while using toxic batteries.

  70. Povilas K

    Povilas K11 months ago

    Loved it! ;)

  71. Stephen Brown

    Stephen Brown11 months ago

    what an amazing place, phenomenal 🤪😁👍wooooooooow

  72. Dan221075

    Dan22107511 months ago

    Incredible country!

  73. Mario Georgatsellos

    Mario Georgatsellos11 months ago

    Thank you i am a mountain bikers I live in Toronto and I don’t think I will ever ride such beautiful trails ,I am watching this and crying. Thank you sir🙏🇨🇦

  74. Me

    Me6 days ago

    man are u 3 wtf

  75. Me

    Me6 days ago


  76. AoToGo

    AoToGo11 months ago

    What a fantastic film. Those bikes are tough, I don't care what anyone says. Funny that the sheep legged it when they heard a Welshman, lol.

  77. Slumdog Preacher

    Slumdog Preacher11 months ago

    I got tired just watching you folks; thanks for all your hard work!

  78. MrVlad82

    MrVlad8211 months ago

    I like the watch from his hand, what a watch it is?

  79. eddie

    eddie11 months ago

    This would be the toughest mountain bike race in the world if there were no electric assisted bikes. Having an electric bike is like being on steroids. Even if the race the race took five days on a regular bike, then you could say it is the worlds toughest mountain bike race. However the electric bike race still was tough and the scenery was spectacular. For a sheer joy of a bike ride Im sure electric would be nice, for a real good exercise session just go human powered.

  80. dizzyskates

    dizzyskates11 months ago

    could you post what actual bikes u were riding?

  81. John Beedham

    John BeedhamYear ago

    Steve! 3 days man, 3 days....sounds like you are at Woodstock! We all 'miss' stuff! you're a legend Mate!

  82. Ian Dropsyface

    Ian DropsyfaceYear ago


  83. thaynamite

    thaynamiteYear ago

    So how much is the Levo and how long does the motor last in this race ? wow ... thats very sad ...

  84. Martijn Scheffer

    Martijn SchefferYear ago

    could you please publish, or link to a precice GPS track of this tour, the official site is gone, oh an the C at the end of mont blanc is silent, it's mon blan not mont blanque

  85. Der Tommy

    Der TommyYear ago

    At 25:00 ..... "it's taking me three days! AAAAAHHHHHH! ;-D Amazing Ride! Well done!

  86. Loris Foucart

    Loris FoucartYear ago

    Except the fact that you shouldn't say the "c" in Mont Blanc, the video's awesome

  87. MAD MICK

    MAD MICKYear ago

    Epic ride !!! well done man

  88. Russell Wilson

    Russell WilsonYear ago

    cheese and chocolate flavoured fat and sasages will give you lypemia/thick blood..your oxygen transfer will be no good especialy at would not get a job as a tour le france "the game changers" take note of the cloudy fat in the blood in the test tubes after fat meal.....those foods are casenogenic and cause heart disease/blocked arteries.

  89. Harri Ruuska

    Harri RuuskaYear ago

    Me too!!!

  90. Stuart Powell

    Stuart PowellYear ago

    Id do it with out an ebike lol

  91. Stuart Powell

    Stuart PowellYear ago

    @Electric Mountain Bike Network It does look beautiful.

  92. Electric Mountain Bike Network

    Electric Mountain Bike NetworkYear ago

    Please do! The views are incredible 🤘

  93. Harris777

    Harris777Year ago

    This is what an emtb is for! EPIC RIDE!!! 🤘

  94. Jim S

    Jim SYear ago

    Great event Steve, quite inspiring, guessing you must have a good support crew and drones to capture some of that excellent aerial footage.

  95. ChedengMB

    ChedengMBYear ago

    Epic race. I have a 29 lb. Yeti SB 55. The only way I will get a full suspension e-mtb is when it weighs less than 30bs and build it with my choice of parts.

  96. Benjamin Jehne

    Benjamin JehneYear ago

    The form factor of your batteries is hilarious. Akward to change at the bike and to carry in a backpack. Makes no sence to me. Im still a fan of simple batterypacks.

  97. Willim Nichols

    Willim NicholsYear ago

    You guys are very helpful in all you have done on Ebikes

  98. Patrik Klangerstedt

    Patrik KlangerstedtYear ago

    Leaves you speachless to see this! what an epic undertaking! kudos!

  99. The Crafty Tech

    The Crafty TechYear ago

    so ghetto! my bbshd and bbs02 motors push 1000 watts plus and at 15000 km they were both still working.

  100. reprobate337

    reprobate337Year ago

    Excellent effort, and really enjoyed this. Seemed to be a race full of the nicest people to be sharing the trail with.

  101. Taruk Mongto

    Taruk MongtoYear ago

    That's a rich mans game, and I'm not on the bones of me arse! 4 batteries at 500 quid each!!! (one, you already own) even if you already own the bike.. on top of the cost of doing this particular event. That's bloody nuts.

  102. SHIVAM

    SHIVAMYear ago

    Thanks for showing us how the levo motors are Crap Bit like apple products.. premium prices..for the weak of mind...bling over common sense

  103. Ruirodtube

    RuirodtubeYear ago

    I’m looking forward to Chris doing the E-TMB in 2020 😅

  104. Ruirodtube

    RuirodtubeYear ago

    Darling I’m going on a small tour... I’ll be back in 3 to 5 days 😅

  105. Scoot Jockey

    Scoot JockeyYear ago

    I walked them back pack ,in the Army that was hard enough i tip my hat.

  106. SubVersa

    SubVersaYear ago

    have to go to alps again :d so nice =d

  107. michael thompson

    michael thompsonYear ago

    Congrats Steve you looked really anxious at the start but you conquered it. On the other hand i thought top gear presenters had the best job in the world but in this video, you have it.👏👏👏👏👏👏

  108. G B

    G BYear ago

    Hallo, do you have the truck to load to garmin GPS of this race

  109. bobble1476

    bobble1476Year ago

    show no fear

  110. Gary Flint

    Gary FlintYear ago

    What were you using to film on the bike? GoPro Hero 8? The sound quality as great as well.