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  1. Brenadeth Tanhueco

    Brenadeth TanhuecoDay ago

    By the way Iam a big fan of yours Iam from San Nicolas San Fernando Pampanga

  2. Brenadeth Tanhueco

    Brenadeth TanhuecoDay ago

    I wish I could buy a Jelly hoody but Iam so far away from the Jelly Store but Iam from The Phillipines and congrats from getting 20 million subscribers

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    I saw him going to the trophy

  5. R Sadasivan Puthuveedu

    R Sadasivan Puthuveedu3 days ago

    Jelly you did it

  6. Tilanie de la Rosa

    Tilanie de la Rosa4 days ago

    jelly jou ar the best speedraner

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  11. Ray Plays

    Ray Plays6 days ago

    Dream: I upload unique content Jelly: Hold that thought

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    You went to do Village jelly

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    Ccccccccccccc. C

  15. josh jeans

    josh jeans9 days ago

    we didn't start the fire

  16. Nasir Siyad

    Nasir Siyad9 days ago

    Who else noticed that crainer is big brain

  17. qingbo che

    qingbo che9 days ago

    Hey jelly nice to meet you do you know me um get to know me OK OK who cares never mind bye

  18. Bryce Lee

    Bryce Lee9 days ago

    Hey jelly u don't do this that much anymore but can u start doing fortnite videos plsssssss

  19. Mirya Milana

    Mirya Milana10 days ago

    when wooden pickaxe break coal works

  20. Sheena Mae Depaz

    Sheena Mae Depaz10 days ago

    Ender dragon yey


    GIAN ARRIOLA10 days ago

    Jelly deserve to watch dream vid

  22. YΓ˜ΓšΓ‘G K

    YΓ˜ΓšΓ‘G K11 days ago

    Jelly play with Dream speedrunners vs hunters

  23. GamerFan :D

    GamerFan :D11 days ago

    Imagine forgot tO make 1 Shield LOL

  24. sravya talacheru

    sravya talacheru12 days ago

    You have to win jelly

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  26. Kazki426

    Kazki42612 days ago

    Do a collaboration with Dream!!!

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  28. Mary Martinez

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    Jelly go jell

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    Katherine Rayo12 days ago

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  30. syed nizamuddin

    syed nizamuddin13 days ago

    And dream with hunt jelly slogo and dream and crainer to hunt them please do it

  31. syed nizamuddin

    syed nizamuddin13 days ago

    Jelly do it so you have to beat the game as speed runner

  32. Dreyden Voigt

    Dreyden Voigt13 days ago

    20 million with in reach

  33. abdullah 1234

    abdullah 123413 days ago

    i wat crianer speedrunner

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    Abdulla Tariq14 days ago

    What is this mod so i can play it


    VRIEL RAIN DIZON14 days ago

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    Yes!you won't I am very happy for you you have 100million damoes you are the πŸ‘‘

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    Sajlir Celaj17 days ago

    You know Beckbrojack is stronger and cool

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    Kamarul Ridzuan17 days ago

    Jelly is the best!!!

  42. Bloodcrystal Games

    Bloodcrystal Games17 days ago

    Jelly I want you to make more shark bite I love the content


    JHED KAIRUS PRIETO17 days ago

    IL challenge you to defeat dream in a speed run

  44. Usman Ali

    Usman Ali17 days ago

    What are the mods for this?

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  47. The Awesome Gamer

    The Awesome Gamer18 days ago

    ender dragon now

  48. mariana oliva

    mariana oliva18 days ago

    hey jelly do you know that when crainer said he is going to set the trees on fire so he cant hide there,if you pause right when jelly is walking by the fire at the corner you can see slogo man running out of the way. at time 7:52 in the video

  49. DuckyStuff

    DuckyStuff18 days ago

    dream has left the chat

  50. Youssef Daher

    Youssef Daher19 days ago


  51. Miles khamille

    Miles khamille19 days ago

    I think slogo is smart in this team! BUT! Someday jelly is smart & someday Crainer is smart !BUT! you nyo all of you is smart😌

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    The new hoodie looks really cool

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    I love the new merch❀️❀️

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    Jomari Salvatierra19 days ago

    Jelly I suggest you play mobile legends or wild rift

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    Craner no Brainer

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    yeah i agree with jayden Williams

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    Jelly loveyu lalake ako idol

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    dream: this is easy

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    You should be flash on grand theft auto

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    Can you pls play among us

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  66. Francheska Robles

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    your videos are really funny 😁 πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ 🀣 πŸ˜„

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    You guys should do something like randomcraft but with 2000 mods

  70. Zoe's world Zoe's world

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    SHAWN LOWE22 days ago

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    i got a new merch from jelly

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    You should make a roblox video with me

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    In the cave that you thought he was in he was the block that you broke those two behind it he put them there

  92. Zacethanm 12

    Zacethanm 1223 days ago

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