The CRAZIEST Random Duo EVER in Warzone! 🤯

The CRAZIEST Random Duo EVER in Warzone! 🤯
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  1. SnowXD

    SnowXD9 days ago

    "I'm trying my best to have the best language right now. *Air strike blows up heli* "shhhhhit."

  2. Danny Callihan

    Danny Callihan10 days ago

    Nick: "Ima try my best not to swear" *Chopper blows up Nick: "Shit"

  3. Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!

    Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Emporium And Warehouse!14 days ago

    Everyone talking about the kid, the guy he plays with in the first half was great man, had me laughing plenty of times

  4. Jay2x

    Jay2x16 days ago

    name of this video should’ve been: bullying jay for an entire match then adding him as a friend💀

  5. Elijah Kibukevich

    Elijah Kibukevich17 days ago

    "I'll try my absolute best not to swear" helicopter explodes. "shit"

  6. BStruks

    BStruks19 days ago

    Well done Nick well done!!

  7. Jackson Ferguson

    Jackson Ferguson22 days ago

    Solid content

  8. Big Bones 916

    Big Bones 91623 days ago


  9. Luis Morales

    Luis Morales24 days ago

    Bro fucking jay bro holy Shii I’m dying 😭😭😭

  10. Gaming FTW

    Gaming FTW28 days ago

    I swear every 1 of 4 games I play at least one player in my team are hackers and I’m just like oh bro I know your hacking and then they say wait what pls don’t report me I’m nah leave and report them

  11. Neutral

    NeutralMonth ago

    Nick is the man 🔥🔥🔥

  12. XJefferyinthacutx X

    XJefferyinthacutx XMonth ago

    Man you always spreading positive vibes, keep doing what you’re doing nick!

  13. Cole Moynihan

    Cole MoynihanMonth ago

    Nick is the man haha

  14. D4rk2Ev0

    D4rk2Ev0Month ago

    When he was cheering you on at stadium sayin "Come on Nick!" Adorable js

  15. Satans Spawn SRT4

    Satans Spawn SRT4Month ago

    Little snackie and a juice box had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍

  16. Jordan Desmarais

    Jordan DesmaraisMonth ago

    Replace Tim with Jay

  17. Rxseven Parts

    Rxseven PartsMonth ago

    Dammit jay lol

  18. Jay VibesTv

    Jay VibesTvMonth ago

    respect for adding him bro this is why I support !!!!

  19. The freak 211

    The freak 211Month ago

    Where’s tino bro

  20. Just normal

    Just normalMonth ago

    Que pasa . eeeeeeeeeh

  21. Daren Nolan

    Daren NolanMonth ago


  22. Summit Whirry

    Summit WhirryMonth ago

    I got matched up with 2 hackers in a quad fills

  23. Thelizard

    ThelizardMonth ago

    Lol green sock I was waiting for this video HAHAH

  24. 4g63 Anton

    4g63 AntonMonth ago

    Now that was “peace and love baby” to the fullest!

  25. SH1SH3NDU

    SH1SH3NDUMonth ago

    Nicky...i'd put money on you just made that kid into a future streamer. Fuck yeah bro

  26. Bramblettj45

    Bramblettj45Month ago

    I just got killed by him tf

  27. Datheft

    DatheftMonth ago

    When he screamed jayyyyyyyyyyy 😂😂😂😂

  28. cheo313

    cheo313Month ago

    Can we get a like for jay!! U gotta play w him again and get him a W

  29. Josh Branch

    Josh BranchMonth ago

    when Jay said "come on nick" and nick is knee deep in it you know the pressure was on nick is a good dude and a great player

  30. Matthew

    MatthewMonth ago

    A snackie and juicebox lmao

  31. jitu

    jituMonth ago

    that kid was hella cute .

  32. William Crooks

    William CrooksMonth ago

    Wholesome, gave me chillbumps!'

  33. arun patel

    arun patelMonth ago

    ‘like the video’ works every time

  34. Tomova Ahtchiev

    Tomova AhtchievMonth ago

    Addd himmmmm nick come one 😂

  35. Haptic Shock

    Haptic ShockMonth ago

    "Go get a snacky and a juice box"

  36. Dominic VanderMyde

    Dominic VanderMydeMonth ago

    Why can't I ever get Nick, We would be the best random Duo, I get "Can't Afford a Mic Mike" literally every time I drop into randoms 🤦🏽‍♂️

  37. BLNT Slots

    BLNT SlotsMonth ago

    Yooo Nick actually gave 110% for this kids buyback and then didn’t RQ after dying to give the kid a chance and boosted his confidence. Respect 🤙🏻

  38. Lucca Pagani Montenegro

    Lucca Pagani MontenegroMonth ago

    I didnt get it why is his name green socks?

  39. jordan turner

    jordan turnerMonth ago

    i got my first win in random duos

  40. Dillon Deltoro

    Dillon DeltoroMonth ago

    Will you ever invite him to play again? I say yes . Train him!

  41. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto UzumakiMonth ago

    This video is just a whole fucking vibe it makes me sad tho bc I probably laughed more at this vid than I have is the past week

  42. marco grijalva

    marco grijalvaMonth ago

    Bro, I've never been so heart broken in my life!!! Lol!!! This was awesome!!! We all need to add Jay lol

  43. Kayla Mcmanamna

    Kayla McmanamnaMonth ago

    I love this shit omg ✨

  44. Cameron Glenn

    Cameron GlennMonth ago

    Got any snackeez 😂😂😂😂

  45. Call OF XenO

    Call OF XenOMonth ago

    *JAY GET LOW*that's another meaning😂

  46. Chris Stewart

    Chris StewartMonth ago

    Dude I wish I could get nick as a random duo I can’t get a br win to save my life !!

  47. Irène Bon

    Irène BonMonth ago


  48. Gabriel Escudero

    Gabriel EscuderoMonth ago

    HAHAHA funniest video. Well done J !

  49. Roko Pavić

    Roko PavićMonth ago

    Man you are a legend.... Broooo

  50. Omeriko2310

    Omeriko2310Month ago

    6:14 WOH WOH WOH! xDDDD

  51. Aldrinn Clementee

    Aldrinn ClementeeMonth ago

    Snackys and a juice box = G Fuel

  52. VictorJR Gonzalez Lopez

    VictorJR Gonzalez LopezMonth ago

    Craziest randome duo is when this kid started playing and got in trouble so the mom started playing and screaming it was funny af

  53. Alex trimble

    Alex trimbleMonth ago

    I always play duo fills but never get matched with a teammate, come link me need me a teammate lol, Crude cible

  54. Ryan Hill

    Ryan HillMonth ago

    I've played with that kid before!!! AND I was in this game during that Loadie Firehouse fiasco. Shit was nuts! I was thinking I wonder if Nickmercs is around here somewhere cuz there were so many people in one area haha. Turns out... I was right.

  55. jscott91787

    jscott91787Month ago

    This.... this right here is what it’s all about!! And this is what all fans dream about. You certainly made that little man’s year!! Mad respect after that last duo.

  56. 936smith

    936smithMonth ago

    why do you hide how you die

  57. Jacob Witt

    Jacob WittMonth ago

    Every time i duo fill i get guppies who drop at park or prison

  58. Joshua Jackson

    Joshua JacksonMonth ago

    Nick: jay..keep it hot baby Jay: yea Nick: GGs

  59. Kg213_Notorious

    Kg213_NotoriousMonth ago

    Damn!! Heartwarming Nick. Now... 1V1 him... it will build character. 🥸

  60. Erin S.

    Erin S.Month ago

    Cant lie Nicky, the end made my heart swell!

  61. CallMe Fluidz

    CallMe FluidzMonth ago

    12:46 Nickmercs= imma try my best to not swear Kid=ok Nickmercs=shit

  62. JoeStro akaEndgame!aka4Eyez

    JoeStro akaEndgame!aka4EyezMonth ago

    That lil kid is sooo happy now!!! Thats y u r heads n tails above other streamers Nicky!!!! Well played!!! Que Pasaaaaaa!!!

  63. Nikolas P.

    Nikolas P.Month ago

    It is the best break time for me watching these videos until I go back and continue studying.

  64. Dan Kendall

    Dan KendallMonth ago

    Get the kid his 1st win Nick😁

  65. Γιώργος Πατουχας

    Γιώργος ΠατουχαςMonth ago

    I love those intros🤣

  66. John Casey

    John CaseyMonth ago

    Nick: adds little kid on game. * everyone liked that *

  67. wreckedum

    wreckedumMonth ago

    So we're adopting this kid, yeah?

  68. Willem Scott

    Willem ScottMonth ago

    What a guy

  69. Senne Verkoyen

    Senne VerkoyenMonth ago

    Am I the only one tired of watching everyone land in superstore? 😆

  70. Charlie Austin

    Charlie AustinMonth ago

    Nick: "I'm trying my best not to swear right now and get mad, ok? Jay: Ok Nick 5 seconds later: "shit"

  71. Whit3lightning 334

    Whit3lightning 334Month ago

    Sweet kid

  72. Oliver Phipps

    Oliver PhippsMonth ago

    Nicks such a cool guy

  73. Jonas Johnson

    Jonas JohnsonMonth ago

    bud was damn near killed when you raged on him, haha appreciate you for showing love to your fans

  74. Grant DiDomenico

    Grant DiDomenicoMonth ago

    That poor kid lol

  75. Grant DiDomenico

    Grant DiDomenicoMonth ago

    "hey you got any lil lil shnackys?"

  76. Anthony Chavez

    Anthony ChavezMonth ago

    Duo Fills is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

  77. Devyn Milligan

    Devyn MilliganMonth ago

    Chock it Jay..on a stack 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Devyn Milligan

    Devyn MilliganMonth ago


  79. matthew connolly

    matthew connollyMonth ago

    I was laughing this whole fucking video lmao, "you got any snackies"?

  80. jrvis5_

    jrvis5_Month ago

    12:42 to 12:50 killed me

  81. Ghanesh Singh

    Ghanesh SinghMonth ago

    Make a video of jay playing with you swag and tim

  82. Chloe Kyla-Junnila

    Chloe Kyla-JunnilaMonth ago

    gr8 video nick you can tell that made him so happy

  83. MadrickGladuYT

    MadrickGladuYTMonth ago

    Nick you have a great heart ❤️

  84. Minds Rust

    Minds RustMonth ago

    Good man

  85. Sauce Onit

    Sauce OnitMonth ago

    When the random duo is the same exact height and same exact weight as you

  86. Texas Prodigy 4

    Texas Prodigy 4Month ago

    He should start a series with jay trying to get him a win

  87. anabolicbroccoli

    anabolicbroccoliMonth ago

    TwoToneSub the legend 1:11 LOOL

  88. brandonz explict

    brandonz explictMonth ago

    bruh was dissin lil bro the whole time better add him😂

  89. Kris Wedderburn

    Kris WedderburnMonth ago

    This video is everything that’s right with the world!! 👏🏾 You the GOAT Nick!! 🐐

  90. JAM

    JAMMonth ago

    The ending lmfao

  91. Yash Dogra

    Yash DograMonth ago

    This might be the best intro to any of your channels

  92. hayden sharritt

    hayden sharrittMonth ago

    “i’m not trying to swear right now” (both helis explode) SHIT

  93. Machos Neofytou

    Machos NeofytouMonth ago

    this last kid will be a good content thats why nicky boy added him hope he can carry him once to a W !!!

  94. Reshi

    ReshiMonth ago

    damn it i thought this was the gameplay with JAY, bro watching that on stream was fuckin HILARIOUS Edit-NEVERMIND HE FINALLY UPLOADED IT

  95. Dylan Hollingsworth

    Dylan HollingsworthMonth ago

    That poor kid was trying so hard to not let nick down

  96. XenoYT

    XenoYTMonth ago


  97. Zach Thielbar

    Zach ThielbarMonth ago

    How did this kid get into nicks lobby. Of better question, how did nick get in this kids lobby 🤨🤔

  98. Maddon Rb

    Maddon RbMonth ago

    A juicey and a snacky kid gets a caprisun and a lunchable

  99. Ivan Chavez

    Ivan ChavezMonth ago

    We’re all ready for a part 2 stream where you link up with jay!!

  100. AmirAhmad FakhrNoshad

    AmirAhmad FakhrNoshadMonth ago

    2:03 "wussup cat"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmaooooooooo