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  1. LazarBeam

    LazarBeamMonth ago

    love is blind i guess

  2. F4 Clxpzy

    F4 Clxpzy2 days ago


  3. Snakey boi

    Snakey boi9 days ago

    So your saying love has blinded you? *stars war theme starts playing*


    JORGE BLANCARTE9 days ago

    I mean if she’s ur girlfriend she’s obviously blind

  5. df xen

    df xenMonth ago


  6. df xen

    df xenMonth ago


  7. Strife XG

    Strife XG2 hours ago

    its ilsa not ilser

  8. Karen Torres

    Karen Torres4 hours ago

    Rare OG ginger skin?!

  9. Misael Morales

    Misael Morales6 hours ago


  10. POP 25

    POP 2510 hours ago

    4:50-4:52 I tell my gf with her other bf

  11. Green GamingTV

    Green GamingTV12 hours ago


  12. Green GamingTV

    Green GamingTV12 hours ago


  13. Cgaming 123

    Cgaming 12313 hours ago


  14. TenMax Chaser

    TenMax Chaser14 hours ago

    Joogies is back??

  15. TwilightLord

    TwilightLord14 hours ago

    Ilsa is the best.

  16. Sanda Bosnjak

    Sanda Bosnjak14 hours ago

    Good job being the cheap cheap of the engineering company!LOL

  17. sonic s

    sonic s15 hours ago

    pppp PPP Ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  18. Amen Yazzie

    Amen Yazzie15 hours ago

    eww pokimane with no mackup she ugly

  19. Can I get a Hooyah

    Can I get a Hooyah22 hours ago

    When I was playing among us I kept seeing CORPSE and my among us name was UR MOM FAT and one time I changed my name to Air so when I vent it makes sense and I saw CORPSE when my among us name is Air and CORPSE thought I was a psychopath and that I was crazy so they left and he were probably thinking what the heck is wrong with this person when I said REMEMBER ME CORPSE because I kept seeing them in among us

  20. Isvan Ionas

    Isvan Ionas23 hours ago

    i love the facte that joogie is back on lazer vid

  21. Savannah Marshall

    Savannah MarshallDay ago

    Hahahah Else is so hilarious

  22. pizzabender

    pizzabenderDay ago

    Using Ilsa as a vouch machine

  23. Happy S

    Happy SDay ago

    wat 🙀

  24. Jxck137

    Jxck137Day ago

    When did you change rooms?

  25. Kermit the frog

    Kermit the frogDay ago

    In the rare forest of best gamer skins we have gingey skin. He Romes in the night.

  26. Void Gaming

    Void GamingDay ago

    Can you get boogie back on fort nite

  27. Ryan Holmes

    Ryan HolmesDay ago


  28. Michael Provance

    Michael ProvanceDay ago

    That's joogie

  29. Gabriel Berrios

    Gabriel BerriosDay ago

    Lazarbeam: kills in admin Isla: doesn’t even see the body because lights are out Also lazarbeam: Love is in the air 🥰❤️ Me: if only he knew the truth 😂🤣

  30. Caiden Wallace

    Caiden WallaceDay ago

    Voteing fruity

  31. Splash Editz

    Splash EditzDay ago


  32. GhostZone

    GhostZoneDay ago

    How to get custom skins

  33. Nieve S

    Nieve SDay ago

    I feel like its edited

  34. Faze Ninja

    Faze NinjaDay ago

    I love your videos

  35. Sara Latif

    Sara LatifDay ago

    ROSD TO 20 MILLION! good job, you have gone so far!

  36. Jay

    Jay2 days ago


  37. Jayden Monyonko

    Jayden Monyonko2 days ago

    Is it just me or your girlfriend looks like Jo Jo siwa

  38. Tiger farel

    Tiger farel2 days ago


  39. Andres Ramirez

    Andres Ramirez2 days ago

    Is that the real google guys the one that stop doing USlikes videos

  40. Emma Jaggers

    Emma Jaggers2 days ago

    Lannan:*goes inside ilsa* Also lannan:"I'm inside" Me:*bursts out laughing*

  41. jostin ghsn

    jostin ghsnDay ago

    and i oop

  42. Brendan and Nicholas

    Brendan and Nicholas2 days ago

    Give me your phone number people that watch this is in 2020

  43. Kenneth Castillo

    Kenneth Castillo2 days ago

    Jooige still gone🥺🥺🥺😭😫

  44. Stella Tozzi

    Stella Tozzi2 days ago

    the girls: ahh omg it looks so cool!! the boys: oh wow cool ( their minds: now shut up)

  45. chief

    chief2 days ago


  46. Spider-bro LEGO animation

    Spider-bro LEGO animation3 days ago

    I love the background bring back the old lazerbeam like dumb gta mods and random crap Friday

  47. War Thunder

    War Thunder3 days ago


  48. Lindsey Lariviere

    Lindsey Lariviere3 days ago

    Why is joogie not uploading but playing amung us with lazarbeam

  49. Con & Julie H

    Con & Julie H3 days ago

    The narrating with lannan/lazarbeam omg I need to practice

  50. Rhea Wren

    Rhea Wren3 days ago

    I really like the skin

  51. Logan Matson

    Logan Matson3 days ago

    He is always imposter

  52. Faaris Mohamed

    Faaris Mohamed3 days ago

    I'm gonna manipulate her-lazar bum 2020 colorized

  53. Jim McMullen

    Jim McMullen3 days ago

    Be a Christian Lazer

  54. Punkin

    Punkin3 days ago

    I love lazarbeam and among us when you put them together and you get the best thing IN THE WORLD 🌎 🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎🌎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  55. Haneen .A

    Haneen .A3 days ago

    Who else notices tannar was in the game 😂😂

  56. Iggy Ionascu

    Iggy Ionascu3 days ago

    I love

  57. Angels

    Angels3 days ago

    Lannan this is a group of nerdy people Me every stack kill I do in pubs they find out it’s me

  58. Emmanuel Walker

    Emmanuel Walker3 days ago

    BIG BRANE! Yes but is your gf big brane

  59. Joseph Musto

    Joseph Musto4 days ago


  60. Rad Owl

    Rad Owl4 days ago

    When he said arc I thought he ment ark survival evolved

  61. Agehf Khan

    Agehf Khan4 days ago

    Only people who didn’t come from TikTok are worthy of liking this.

  62. -Frosty Fire-

    -Frosty Fire-4 days ago


  63. Lozemp Remastered

    Lozemp Remastered4 days ago

    Well, Among Us In Now Simp To Win I Guess

  64. Ziyan Casino

    Ziyan Casino4 days ago

    Who else he edited his video and wearied the classic mask they had and put his face and turn into brown

  65. ee

    ee4 days ago

    does anyone not care that joogie is there?

  66. harley madonick

    harley madonick4 days ago

    ilsa is a queen

  67. Mr.Slow_person

    Mr.Slow_person4 days ago

    I can't be the only one that thought that he actually was the chief of engineering

  68. Lucius Alfred

    Lucius Alfred4 days ago


  69. OP OM3GA

    OP OM3GA4 days ago

    Ilsa looks so sweet and innocent

  70. DeadFire

    DeadFire4 days ago

    So your saying love has blinded you

  71. X2Bros

    X2Bros4 days ago

    Hi i love your vids

  72. oskarsss

    oskarsss4 days ago

    Ilsa looks like jojo siwa

  73. OHM_Ghost

    OHM_Ghost4 days ago

    U were using the youtuber texture pack

  74. Kiritokunblade Gaming

    Kiritokunblade Gaming4 days ago

    Lannan, get ready for renegade gingy in fortnite

  75. MysticEmber Playz

    MysticEmber Playz5 days ago

    How come joggie shows up here and not on his channel?

  76. Fłuid 999 Łuxør

    Fłuid 999 Łuxør5 days ago

    Brooooooooooooo, i completely forgot about JOOGiE. he used to be my favourite youtuber.

  77. Slaps

    Slaps5 days ago

    When someone says Lazer: Me: ITS AN A, ANNNN A, AN A

  78. Saahil Nihal

    Saahil Nihal5 days ago

    why dont you bring a avenger skin to among us

  79. Dakota Gearheart

    Dakota Gearheart5 days ago

    Cray is done he is just like no

  80. Ethan Morales

    Ethan Morales5 days ago

    how do you make the skin

  81. Woodrow Wright

    Woodrow Wright5 days ago

    Love is blind

  82. Aquarexz

    Aquarexz5 days ago

    Lazar: I am gonna be a corpse stan *one minute later* "Corpse was ejected"

  83. Alakazam 20101

    Alakazam 201015 days ago

    everyone : wOw sO cOol ... CORPSE : two of our freinds our dead :(

  84. Ping light Games

    Ping light Games5 days ago

    Even tho I’m a killer I’m still a dump Sounds a lot like sangwoo

  85. Anthony Luna

    Anthony Luna5 days ago

    I’m sorry but since when was joogie back ?

  86. Aiden Suh

    Aiden Suh5 days ago

    sao fans be like to the ad =)

  87. Vayun Desai

    Vayun Desai6 days ago

    Lannan is the world's first simposter and I love it lol

  88. Adam Moritz

    Adam Moritz6 days ago

    among us in real life is just murder

  89. Satan

    Satan6 days ago

    Lazar, SCREW not saying curse words, we all want you down here. Ok?

  90. Bear Bear3000

    Bear Bear30006 days ago


  91. Jacob DuPont

    Jacob DuPont6 days ago

    I love you

  92. UpriverTrout 88

    UpriverTrout 886 days ago

    Am I the only one exited about joogie

  93. Monkeys world!

    Monkeys world!6 days ago

    Your profile looks like my DAD so muchhhhhhhhh

  94. Jamie Belonia

    Jamie Belonia6 days ago

    I am really bad at getting imposter

  95. Nathan Cabral

    Nathan Cabral6 days ago

    Cray goes insane Joogie love is blind I guess Lazarbeam skimping gets u places,kids

  96. Kadez72k

    Kadez72k6 days ago


  97. Anna George

    Anna George7 days ago


  98. HTTR 34

    HTTR 347 days ago


  99. Funny Productions

    Funny Productions7 days ago

    Nobody: Pokimane anybody dies: *breathes in* OHHHH

  100. Marcus Primeau

    Marcus Primeau7 days ago

    Simp kids it gets you far in life.Hmmmmmm :/

  101. Fraziey_Gamer

    Fraziey_Gamer7 days ago

    you simp for Ilsa and James Charles who you like more

  102. r i y a

    r i y a7 days ago

    ilsa is sooo innocent 😂❤️🥺

  103. yung muz

    yung muz7 days ago

    lannon u can do better than her

  104. Riley Bradley

    Riley Bradley7 days ago

    Ilsa is cute

  105. Shaz T

    Shaz T7 days ago

    Keep you're girl safe in navigation and have some fun 😂😂😂

  106. Impulse GG

    Impulse GG7 days ago