Cute Pitbull Dog Reaction To Owner Coming Home

Zeusy Stayed home for 2 days with my son Sebastian while my roommates and I went and found a house in greater Las Vegas area and Zeusy was so happy when we got back!
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8545 W. Warm Springs Rd. Ste A-4 Sp.157
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Chris or Zeusy Perry
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  1. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty12 days ago

    So my roommates and I went to Vegas for two days and left Zeusy at home with my son. We found a new 4 bdr house with a yard for Zeusy for half the price we are paying now! I'm so excited to show Zeusy the new place I think he is going to love it! I love coming home to him after being gone his excitement is just so adorable! He loves my roommates gf btw and any women for that matter Zeusy is a huge ladies man!! Haha but I will be changing the address shortly on his profile to get his stuff sent out to las Vegas. So if you notice a change in the delivery address for gifts and wishlist you'll know why! Thank you always for your love and support and can't wait to get out there in a much bigger place for Zeusy!

  2. Renee Carter

    Renee Carter7 days ago

    Congratulations on your new home♥️Honestly, I love how this place looks “lived” in during your videos. I love how you don’t “tidy” up before the vid💜It literally warmed my heart♥️So don’t keep the new house too tidy! Zeusy won’t like it that way😘

  3. Ron Jones

    Ron Jones8 days ago

    🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 love Zeus

  4. Sara Phauk

    Sara Phauk9 days ago


  5. Myra Crosby

    Myra Crosby10 days ago

    Congrats on the house. Vegas is much cheaper. You’ll have to get Zeusy some booties to protect the paws in the heat. I’m sure you’ll both miss the beach.

  6. C T

    C T10 days ago

    LOVE it..Good luck and move to Las Vegas, NV where I had lived many years back...

  7. Lisa Grape

    Lisa GrapeHour ago

    You and Sebastian änd Zeuzy are just the best!

  8. rocky

    rocky14 hours ago

    His heart is swelling with love cause his pack is home ❤

  9. Narutocoolcat

    NarutocoolcatDay ago

    Haha he’s immediate reaction was to get a toy to play tug with

  10. Mayyo June

    Mayyo June2 days ago

    zeusy is so cute and also his master are handsome too.

  11. Jovan Landry

    Jovan Landry2 days ago

    Nice to see the face behind the voice!

  12. Michele Melucci

    Michele Melucci2 days ago

    Love u guys

  13. TickTock RabbitHole

    TickTock RabbitHole3 days ago

    Oh no A pitbull How violent💕 I HOPE IT DOESNT SMOTHER ME WITH ITS CUTE FACE😩

  14. Scout

    Scout3 days ago

    Blue’s are so pretty. Love that he wanted to play immediately. Wiggles.


    JESSICA4 days ago

    Those 17 dislikes are from people who are scared of Pitbulls.

  16. pink rainbow kennelz

    pink rainbow kennelz4 days ago

    Cutest ham of my life 😘😍🍖

  17. Calm Down.

    Calm Down.4 days ago

    He’s very cute.

  18. Jorge SAenz

    Jorge SAenz4 days ago

    My sister dog deuce does the same thing!

  19. Goku Just Sayin

    Goku Just Sayin4 days ago

    No time to waste, Must Play‼️‼️

  20. jamex G.

    jamex G.5 days ago

    Dogs: aaaerf arrrf!! yes Dad, mommy, cousins, grand pa and grand ma! are thyre coming im going in going in wait!!! HUmans even kids: dont annoying me sorry ill quitly busy finished up my COD cmon! get out! i feels the dogs are not just be pets theyre also have an better kind personality..

  21. Nicole Powell

    Nicole Powell5 days ago

    My pit Ranger does the same thing! He needs to show you all of his babies when you get home. Or just left the room and came back.

  22. D M

    D M5 days ago

    Be careful with his little paws when you get to Vegas. The heat burns the pads of their feet. Congrats on the move!

  23. pw4g

    pw4g5 days ago

    We miss our blue nose. His name was Tank. 108 lbs of pure love. Mellow disposition

  24. Sharon Hudson

    Sharon Hudson5 days ago

    So adorable.

  25. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty5 days ago

    Thank you 🙏

  26. Jessi Lynn Torres

    Jessi Lynn Torres5 days ago

    He is so adorable.

  27. Jon-Paul du Pont

    Jon-Paul du Pont5 days ago

    Hope you all like the Vegas Area. As a resident I recommend dog shoes for the summer

  28. Tamara Brackett

    Tamara Brackett5 days ago

    Did you get Zeusy as a puppy? Has he always had his own opinions? I think he such a smart and very handsome boy!

  29. Karen Wang

    Karen Wang5 days ago

    Hi handsome boy. he’s adorable. he’ll love his new yard. Good luck with ur new home.

  30. Delia Dee

    Delia Dee6 days ago

    That BUTT WIGGLE says it all!! 💕💕

  31. Otto Reminger

    Otto Reminger6 days ago

    Thanks to share these kind of videos, i Hope people understand that pittbull is an intelligent and good and kind dog, is réputation is the fault of his owner

  32. e h

    e h6 days ago

    Those tails are brutal tho. Most dangerous part, been bruised up by more than a few.

  33. D Bolton

    D Bolton6 days ago

    I 💞💞💞 this baby!!!!!!! Wook at that FACE!!!

  34. Jennifer Hite

    Jennifer Hite6 days ago

    So sweet my people are back

  35. Jennifer Hite

    Jennifer Hite6 days ago

    How great

  36. Ish Ajac

    Ish Ajac6 days ago

    He's so happy he like to beat somebody to death with his tail. Lol

  37. Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom

    Prophetess Lady Of Wisdom7 days ago

    He's gorgeous. The way his tail is wagging. 😂

  38. Nakiska Lynn

    Nakiska Lynn7 days ago

    Our Eko does EXACTLY the same thing when we get home. Grabs a "toy toy" and parades around...look what I got! Haha! Pittie butt wiggles are the best💖

  39. Rankin Spurff

    Rankin Spurff7 days ago

    I'm coming to find you in LAwless Vegas and I'm dognapping Zeus...... he's so cool... greetings from Dublin Ireland 🇮🇪☘️☘️

  40. Tm Bruno

    Tm Bruno7 days ago

    That tail is a weapon! We have a beagle that would literally knock things over and smack me with her tail, unfortunately we had to have it removed due to a issues with her joints.

  41. coop & jax the dog

    coop & jax the dog7 days ago

    When I come home I can smell weed the dog says don't know nothing about that. ??

  42. Cheri Lavin

    Cheri Lavin8 days ago

    He is too sweet...😍

  43. Jo jo

    Jo jo8 days ago

    Zuesy is just the cutest

  44. AmericaWeTrust 2015

    AmericaWeTrust 20158 days ago

    So glad he still has the floppy ears! ❤

  45. Mary Braasch

    Mary Braasch8 days ago

    Zeusy is so happy prancing around saying hello. So you will be moving to Los Vegas. I will be looking at your clothing line

  46. das11270110

    das112701108 days ago

    There is nothing more genuine than a dog

  47. dggydddy59

    dggydddy598 days ago

    I loved how the first thing was he had to get one of his babies to share the happiness with!! There is truly nothing better than dogs!!

  48. Justin Smith. PYRO

    Justin Smith. PYRO8 days ago

    Such an aggressive dog 😆 I miss our French mastiff/pit. His name was Rondo, we Nicknamed him dum dum. 130 pounds of pure love for just about everyone, except for the neighborhood losers. We'll just leave that at that. But he was like the neighborhood dog. All the good people around here he wanted to be around. All he wanted to do was play and be patted. Awesome dog 🤘🤘

  49. Buddy Cabagason

    Buddy Cabagason8 days ago

    Zeusy Aloha!!..from your New Home of Lovely Las Vegas...!!!

  50. Buddy Cabagason

    Buddy Cabagason8 days ago

    @Zeusy The Pitty 🤙

  51. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty8 days ago

    Mahalo for the positivity hopefully my next move will be back to Hawaii after Vegas I miss it there everyday!! Still got my hawaii phone number and Drivers license! Haha

  52. William Shepard

    William Shepard8 days ago

    whenever a house guest would come over, Chico would always grab a baby and show off. Such great dogs.

  53. OZARKMOON1960

    OZARKMOON19608 days ago

    It is just adorable he is so excited and grabs a toy; no, you cannot touch it, but you can watch as he walks around. Just a cutie.

  54. Linda Britt

    Linda Britt8 days ago

    Good luck in your new home. Remember the asphalt can be incredibly hot on zeus pads on his feet. I'm sure you already know that just a reminder.

  55. Linda Britt

    Linda Britt8 days ago

    He looks like, "bye..what do you mean bye??? You just got home"

  56. Urszula Protzek

    Urszula Protzek8 days ago

    Hey.....You are the Sweety Guy with this Sweety Boy !!! YEAH

  57. Louise Thompson

    Louise Thompson9 days ago

    My wee man sharing his toys with dada.i love u millions,angel xxx 😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💝☘

  58. Leslie Wentworth

    Leslie Wentworth9 days ago

    He is adorable ❤

  59. Misa Smith

    Misa Smith9 days ago

    Awe baby boy grabbed his toy first. Too cute 😀

  60. Fen Liem

    Fen Liem9 days ago

    Such a daddy's big boy...he misses his Daddy so much...bless all...🙏❤️✌️🤗🐶

  61. Teresa Hoban

    Teresa Hoban9 days ago

    I love your dog and you and your videos so positive

  62. Michael M

    Michael M9 days ago

    So cute

  63. L M

    L M9 days ago


  64. kimberly cole

    kimberly cole9 days ago

    zeusy is so sweet. this is how a pitbull is suposed to act. just a big lovebug 🙂🙂

  65. Sara Phauk

    Sara Phauk9 days ago


  66. Linda Diane

    Linda Diane9 days ago


  67. Andrea Kovacs

    Andrea Kovacs10 days ago

    He’s like ‘come, play, now, play, play, playyyyy!!!!’

  68. Kristina S

    Kristina S10 days ago

    I love how Zeusy brings you one of his babies. Congrats on your new place in Vegas. ✌💙🐾

  69. anna wright

    anna wright10 days ago

    Yes, is awesome to come home to a wiggly butt, ...but😊, I can tell that Sebastian loved Zeusy rotten while you were gone. This is a canine filled and overflowing with love of his human. If he was alone then you would have seen his real self at your homecoming.... Zeusy cheated on you guys, with Sebi, while you were gone.....hahaha😊💖😍

  70. Dottie Kiley

    Dottie Kiley10 days ago

    You are so nice to him.

  71. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty10 days ago

    It's so easy he's such a sweet soul 💟

  72. Chandra Erickson

    Chandra Erickson10 days ago

    He missed you guys so much! What a way to come home! He’s so happy!

  73. Unkown Source

    Unkown Source10 days ago

    the puppy grew! YAY

  74. BekumsWoo

    BekumsWoo10 days ago

    Such a sweet, beautiful, grey boy!

  75. Melissa hoover

    Melissa hoover10 days ago

    God Bless you in Vegas can’t wait to see your new adventures in Vegas

  76. Melissa hoover

    Melissa hoover10 days ago

    He has a mommy and daddy life is good never let him go Please! Even if God forbid I got my doggie when I was homeless and lost everything and she encouraged me to get a home no matter how depressed I got

  77. Yvonne Figueroa

    Yvonne Figueroa10 days ago

    Congratulations on your new place . God does good things. You and your family have kind hearts and Zeusy is very lucky to have such a wonderful family God bless you all as and happy moving 💖

  78. Cynde Jackson

    Cynde Jackson10 days ago

    My boxer, who I swear was part pittie, used to greet us with a toy in his mouth every time....he was a rescue and we heard he was found walking down the side of the road with a toy in his mouth. Zeusy is too cute!

  79. Cassandra Williams

    Cassandra Williams10 days ago

    He is just like mine! Such an adorable dog😁

  80. Susan bodell

    Susan bodell10 days ago

    Have a safe move to Las Vegas Z and dad 😊❤.

  81. Christina Luna

    Christina Luna11 days ago

    Love this 😍😍

  82. Flower Kawaii

    Flower Kawaii11 days ago

    Zeusy is such a kind soul! 💕

  83. J'vontay Walker

    J'vontay Walker11 days ago

    My brother's pitbull always do this when he see me 😂 he'll come out happy tail wagging so hard and he always bring me a toy to play with him lol

  84. Nat Jemel

    Nat Jemel11 days ago

    Oh so that’s what Zeusy’s daddy looks like 😉😉👏👏👏👏

  85. Pamela H ehhh

    Pamela H ehhh11 days ago

    Awwwwww he is so happy to jave daddy home

  86. Mallory Poling

    Mallory Poling11 days ago

    So cute! My lab grabs his toys when people come over. We say he’s giving them a gift!

  87. Edilson Depina

    Edilson Depina11 days ago

    Zeasy is so cute

  88. Joanne Hughes

    Joanne Hughes11 days ago

    This is such a wonderful dog xxx I say it all the time I love that dog x

  89. Lisa McGrath

    Lisa McGrath11 days ago

    Daddy is home and I’m going crazy 🐾💕😆


    FANNYLEROUX11 days ago

    He has zero control over his tail when his humans come home! The biggest compliment in life is when a dog loves you.

  91. Darlene Godfrey

    Darlene Godfrey11 days ago

    I Love watching him. He Always put a smile on my face 😘God Bless

  92. Joan Goymer

    Joan Goymer11 days ago

    The look on Zeusy's face when you returned home was so sweet 🐾🙂, and wanting to share his toy with you. You and Zeusy have so much love for each other - melts my heart. 💕🥰. Wishing you lots of luck and happiness in your new home xx

  93. Tecno Emergencias

    Tecno Emergencias11 days ago

    un perro criado con mucho amor, que conserva sus orejas, y hasta parecer que esta castrado, si todos los dueños de pitbull fueran asi de responsables y coherentes con estos animales, no ocurririan los accidentes con esta raza y no tendrian la mala fama que tienen.

  94. Penny h

    Penny h11 days ago

    Its nice to see you on screen Zuessy's dad!!!

  95. Cheryle Taimalie

    Cheryle Taimalie11 days ago

    Best feeling ever coming home to your furbaby congratulations on the new house zeusy will love the backyard and all the freedom to run around

  96. Syed Zidane

    Syed Zidane11 days ago

    Happy wiggles

  97. Syed Zidane

    Syed Zidane11 days ago

    Henlo Zeusy

  98. lorrainethepain

    lorrainethepain11 days ago

    Good luck in Vegas. Please keep Zeusy safe. Keep up with his shots and license. Keep him on a leash and off the streets alone. There are a ton of people who let their dogs run the streets alone. There's a bad stray problem, at least there was when I lived there.

  99. True Grit

    True Grit11 days ago

    Zeusy is sooooooo adorable!! I so want to give him a big hug!

  100. Sharon Duval

    Sharon Duval11 days ago

    He is way tooooo cute❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  101. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty11 days ago


  102. Everlena Oliver

    Everlena Oliver11 days ago

    Totally unconditional love. So cute!!😍😍😍

  103. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty11 days ago

    Thank you 🙏🥰

  104. LaTonya Newsome

    LaTonya Newsome11 days ago

    That tail!!!! So cute!❤❤❤😍😍😍

  105. LaTonya Newsome

    LaTonya Newsome11 days ago

    @Zeusy The Pitty He's a beautiful dog! Thank you for showing Pitbulls in a positive light!

  106. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty11 days ago

    I know I love his tail 😊

  107. x tombstoneberry x

    x tombstoneberry x11 days ago

    This is totally unacceptable. Zeus is far too cute & I'm completely consumed with jealousy that you get to come home to a velvet potato of unconditional love every day. The way he grabbed the toy right away, carried it around & brought it to you melted my blackened grinch heart.

  108. Boneta Jones

    Boneta Jones11 days ago

    Awwwwwe Zeusy is so happy 😊 and adorable. This made me SMILE bc our babies love us unconditional and they always show there love for us!!!🤗 Cute Zeus!!!!!

  109. Zeusy The Pitty

    Zeusy The Pitty11 days ago

    Aw thank you 🙏❤️

  110. Denise Erickson

    Denise Erickson11 days ago

    Nothing like coming home to your best friend. Went and picked up my dog today at my parents while I was away for the weekend. I've never seen him go so crazy! Unconditional love❤

  111. James Storey

    James Storey11 days ago

    I love this little buddy

  112. Chosen Light

    Chosen Light11 days ago

    I am sorry but I am for real. This dog is so freaking cute and the way his owner talks to him it is sweetness overload 😂. Feel like I am gonna burst into confetti 🎊.

  113. Jessica Catalan

    Jessica Catalan11 days ago

    omg he is the biggest baby. That's so cute

  114. Lashonay Wiley

    Lashonay Wiley11 days ago

    Zeusy is soooo happy....he's showing off his toy!! He's the best i tell ya!!💙💙