Dude Wars | OT 24

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Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:54
Fight Scene: 07:37
Halftime: 12:11
Judge Dudy: 13:20
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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  1. Eren İlikçi

    Eren İlikçi26 minutes ago

    I love star wars

  2. Daxon Benedict

    Daxon Benedict28 minutes ago

    Can we have top ten best video games

  3. Brandon Duncan

    Brandon DuncanHour ago

    I love your vids but y’all used to do a video every Monday, it’s not every Monday anymore

  4. BTB designZ

    BTB designZ9 minutes ago

    Every other Monday now

  5. Mathew Ingram

    Mathew IngramHour ago

    you guys need to put a name in the hat that says "everyone" were you all have to do the same thing. leave a like if you agree

  6. Mathew Ingram

    Mathew IngramHour ago

    the only ones celebrating will be the editers

  7. mason franks

    mason franksHour ago

    Who is you favorite person in dude perfect

  8. GoproBros

    GoproBros2 hours ago

    is the theme song, "dude PERFECT in overtime" or "dude perFECTS in overtime"?

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    اكرم اكرم2 hours ago

    Do everyone love ❤️ muslim?

  10. mason franks

    mason franks2 hours ago

    I love garret he is the funniest

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  14. Austin Massey

    Austin Massey4 hours ago

    Bring back face off. I really miss that series

  15. Maddie Docter

    Maddie Docter4 hours ago

    Our favorite segment was fight scene!

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  17. Ömer Aydoğan

    Ömer Aydoğan4 hours ago


  18. The LoneWolf

    The LoneWolf4 hours ago

    Still waiting for Therapy Stereotypes.

  19. Luke Brackenbury

    Luke Brackenbury4 hours ago

    I live in lindale tx and I am a huge fan can u guy come over some time

  20. The Rubberduckies

    The Rubberduckies4 hours ago


  21. Kenzie 22

    Kenzie 224 hours ago

    Yo the fight scene was EPIC!!!!👊💥

  22. Danny Aniston

    Danny Aniston4 hours ago

    Look at this ⁿ_ⁿ

  23. Danny Aniston

    Danny Aniston4 hours ago

  24. Danny Aniston

    Danny Aniston4 hours ago

    I want to live the smae experience I had when John won his first challenge and William got a one game suspension

  25. Mr Ali

    Mr Ali5 hours ago


  26. Rylee Reed

    Rylee Reed5 hours ago

    Please do more wives vs chad

  27. Leonard Schüler

    Leonard Schüler5 hours ago

    give them editors a raise


    GABBAR GAMING6 hours ago

    Anonymous ki public hazri lagao

  29. Reuben Land

    Reuben Land6 hours ago

    in fight scenes you should do one where you accidentally break the wheel unfortunate and say, "that's unfortunate."

  30. Amrit Srivastava

    Amrit Srivastava8 hours ago

    Pause 9:48 (CONSTIPATED)

  31. Shaun Bency

    Shaun Bency9 hours ago

    biggest fan of cory

  32. Glen Anderson

    Glen Anderson9 hours ago

    They threw in a high ground reference, everything is alright with the world now haha

  33. Shaun Bency

    Shaun Bency9 hours ago

    and please cory, accept me as you fan

  34. Mori. Frank

    Mori. Frank9 hours ago

    Please do next golf trick shots

  35. Shaun Bency

    Shaun Bency9 hours ago

    the fight scene was perfect

  36. Gowri Sankar

    Gowri Sankar9 hours ago

    Please collaborate with pongfinity

  37. golf boy

    golf boy10 hours ago

    When the “durable” face shield broke It was like the Tesla truck window all over again 🤣

  38. spinning gaming channel

    spinning gaming channel10 hours ago

    Dude perfect, next battle should be a parachute gliding battle

  39. Bori3D YT

    Bori3D YT10 hours ago


  40. raghav's gaming and coding

    raghav's gaming and coding11 hours ago

    my fav cool not cool

  41. Game Clipz

    Game Clipz12 hours ago

    10:55 when there’s the last ice cream

  42. Poppa Valdez

    Poppa Valdez12 hours ago

    Don’t tell Cody this but in the next overtime you guys should cheat and put 5 names in the hat but all 5 names are Cody’s names and he finally gets picked again.

  43. DOTA 2 Replays From SKYPER

    DOTA 2 Replays From SKYPER13 hours ago

    Hello, I'm new here🙋🏻‍♂️ and I wanted to say hi! 😁😁

  44. Chicken Turkey

    Chicken Turkey14 hours ago

    What happend to petty the bird Idk how to spell his name

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  52. jaycob Alexander vasquez

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    Khiimori h14 hours ago

    i am dude perfect s fan bro

  54. ;-;

    ;-;15 hours ago

    New wheel idea open window car wash

  55. Thomas James

    Thomas James15 hours ago

    The squalid nurse neuroanatomically calculate because freckle surgically wink via a outstanding hamburger. handsomely, chubby north korea

  56. Minecraft railroad 1000 productions

    Minecraft railroad 1000 productions15 hours ago

    Eating stereotypes sleepover steryotypes

  57. Áine McCauley

    Áine McCauleyHour ago

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  58. steven 26

    steven 2615 hours ago

    when ty see the video that you all was eating so much food his going to rage monster destroy the court again

  59. Waais

    Waais16 hours ago

    Why am I starting to like Jerry more than Ned.

  60. Spirko Rodriguez

    Spirko Rodriguez16 hours ago

    the squigz trick shots, you land squigz on a suction cup, like a plunger

  61. Gamer Time

    Gamer Time16 hours ago

    next battle u should do karate I do it and I think it would be cool and coby for the win pound it nogin see yaaa!!!!!

  62. Erin Sullivan

    Erin Sullivan16 hours ago

    please please please please peeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllsssssseee do a doctor/dentist stereotype please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  68. The Sports King

    The Sports King15 hours ago

    @Zach Wilson Wait first of all are you the Zach Wilson from BYU and two it's a video where the Dude perfect guys would go metel detect for things

  69. The Sports King

    The Sports King17 hours ago

    Could you guys make another metel detector Battle please.

  70. CV Compilation Videos

    CV Compilation Videos17 hours ago

    It's cool

  71. Iggy Shark

    Iggy Shark17 hours ago

    Thanks for the video i love the overtime videos.

  72. Fintan Orsini

    Fintan Orsini17 hours ago

    That scene fight though. Plot twist there VADERS

  73. Aryanna Dale

    Aryanna Dale17 hours ago

    The fight scene was so funny, "just so you know, I finished the syrup too" hahahaha

  74. Melinda Lear

    Melinda Lear18 hours ago

    You guys should make birthday stereotypes

  75. Cody Perry

    Cody Perry18 hours ago

    They should do a blind cool not cool. Like they should 5 objects and have the dudes randomly pick them and try to get a super cool

  76. William Peacock

    William Peacock18 hours ago

    Hey can y’all do paintball sterotypes

  77. colby rodriguez

    colby rodriguez19 hours ago

    Rip stormtrooper

  78. Bryan Salinas

    Bryan Salinas19 hours ago

    4:05 times garret almost died but it’s freaking hilarious 🤣😂

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    Deep Music19 hours ago

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    CRYPTO PILL19 hours ago

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    Chad definitely deserves a raise! 😂😂😂

  83. Jude Elechko

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  84. Phineas07

    Phineas0719 hours ago

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  85. Vxrza

    Vxrza19 hours ago

    What editing app do they use?

  86. ksylily

    ksylily19 hours ago

    Can you do impossible trick shot ever in the history

  87. Legoduo 2.0

    Legoduo 2.019 hours ago

    Haha the Judg Duty was hilarious

  88. O' Hare

    O' Hare20 hours ago

    Wheel spins Cody, Cory, Cory, Cory, Garrett, Nobody, Cory, Coby, Coby, Tyler, Garrett, Coby, Will, Cory, Cory, Coby, Garrett, Cory, Coby, Garrett, Chris Tingle (Garrett), Coby, Tyler, Tyler

  89. Relakzzz2

    Relakzzz220 hours ago

    My birthday is in 10 days

  90. mikin lirou

    mikin lirou20 hours ago

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