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  1. lisa andersson

    lisa anderssonDay ago

    Like if Fortnite is trash | | |

  2. Come here to LAUGH

    Come here to LAUGHDay ago

    “Tim just got straight unngh”

  3. Steve Colby

    Steve Colby4 days ago

    Love ya Tim but swagg makes my skin crawl, sounds and looks like that kid who cries to his mom that he didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas.

  4. Galaxi Gaming

    Galaxi Gaming9 days ago

    When Tim says "tell someone you love them" it brightens my day

  5. Sean Bergsma

    Sean Bergsma11 days ago

    Swagg goes stoner me daddy 🧢😂

  6. Colin Walther

    Colin Walther12 days ago

    they were all fighting the first game 😂

  7. Vert

    Vert12 days ago

    Tim has a big shaft

  8. Al Rod

    Al Rod18 days ago

    6:20 is the best

  9. Stay Puft

    Stay Puft20 days ago

    7:15 weird turn to head.

  10. Jake I

    Jake I21 day ago

    Like you can’t be trash with your favorite weapon.. right?... TIM?

  11. Jake I

    Jake I21 day ago

    I’d like to see Tim play WZ using his favorite gun

  12. Captain Inadequate

    Captain Inadequate21 day ago

    I love how wholesome y’all are “be sure to tell somebody you love em” and Nick w “peace and love” like bruh why y’all so wholesome 😭 😭

  13. Jay woodson

    Jay woodson21 day ago

    You’re a goat brother love the ink too

  14. David Stevenson

    David Stevenson21 day ago

    Tim this gun is lit 🔥 bro

  15. Ry Blosser

    Ry Blosser27 days ago

    Bro Tim u always know how to entertain. Big boy gang!!

  16. Ha Rumsky

    Ha Rumsky27 days ago

    10:53 Tim that was a little suspicious

  17. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson29 days ago

    Tim run a miliano man. It’s kinda broken if you build it right.

  18. Jody Highroller

    Jody Highroller29 days ago

    Tim be doing that trashy youtube thumbnail shit and its annoying

  19. Mathys Lafleur

    Mathys Lafleur29 days ago


  20. Nathan Miller

    Nathan MillerMonth ago

    You made me want to play Warzone from the first video I saw became an immediate fan. I’m streaming now because of your amazing content and videos! Keep being you

  21. Erick :

    Erick :Month ago

    3:33 “you don’t have a neck”-clockzy 😂

  22. Mr. micman

    Mr. micmanMonth ago

    "I've been a tim fan sense" timmy I have watched ur sweet hair come and go and I think u should get a 2004 subaru wrx sti hopefully u can drive manual

  23. KilledByKrimzon

    KilledByKrimzonMonth ago

    whats wrong with sayin i been a Tim fan for years ?! for real? your a bot TIm. L . XD

  24. Osman Jutt

    Osman JuttMonth ago

    Tim: This barrel makes any LMG a laser Also Tim: 10:53

  25. Isaac Ersland

    Isaac ErslandMonth ago


  26. Gary Smith

    Gary SmithMonth ago

    Not an attachment it's a hack

  27. CheKazzo

    CheKazzoMonth ago

    I understand the irony of this comment but you gotta ignore the comments man. You got a lot of us that enjoy the content.

  28. John DOE

    John DOEMonth ago

    Timmy rpd has fastest ads ive seen bro honestly out side that stoner best hands down no toping it imo

  29. noah richart

    noah richartMonth ago

    Nicky got heated

  30. Ashton Chavarria

    Ashton ChavarriaMonth ago

    I fucking moaned when tim hit thag snipe wit the grey pelington at 9:03

  31. Travibetes

    TravibetesMonth ago

    These cold war/tik too build series youre doing is really cool, but you should throw some challenges in the mix. 4 corners, smgs only, 1 chest. Idk just a tiny bit of variety lol

  32. WarfareSAVG3

    WarfareSAVG3Month ago

    Mp5 loadout?

  33. CrockedThunder

    CrockedThunderMonth ago

  34. Fernando Hernandez

    Fernando HernandezMonth ago

    Me: trying to enjoy Tim’s video Swag and nick:$&@$&@@&&&$&&&$$$&@@@“@&$$);)/)/$:$;$(&)@)@:&&:&:$$/$:$$;$383727/77:$;&;&(&(&&;&/‘

  35. FlawLessKing

    FlawLessKingMonth ago

    Trash intros

  36. Anthony Villani

    Anthony VillaniMonth ago

    Yeah I've been using it for a minute

  37. Soup Time

    Soup TimeMonth ago

    What barrel is it?

  38. DeepBlue

    DeepBlueMonth ago

    Why do you sound like a 12 year old girl when saying ´´me´´?

  39. Joe Gervais

    Joe GervaisMonth ago

    I wish the intro was more chill tho

  40. yes.its.9.inches

    yes.its.9.inchesMonth ago

    Anyone know Tim’s mp5 build?

  41. TuckrrTV

    TuckrrTVMonth ago

    USE THE JAK12!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Kanuu BGL

    Kanuu BGLMonth ago

    I’m so jealous that they’re playing the game, Damn I want to play.

  43. Alfredo Parra

    Alfredo ParraMonth ago

    No one nick how are you not gonna pop deady subtitles papa daddy 😂😂😂😂

  44. Falcon_Beast 11

    Falcon_Beast 11Month ago

    I love when y’all rage

  45. Jackson Unruh

    Jackson UnruhMonth ago

    I literally am crying. “How dare you call me a worm. You don’t have a neck.”

  46. Christian Edwards

    Christian EdwardsMonth ago

    Love the chopper sliding off the roof at 3:40

  47. Aaron Teague

    Aaron TeagueMonth ago

    Bruh Cloakzy and Nick talkin shit to each other is some of the most priceless entertainment on the internet 😂😂😂

  48. Torrey Walls

    Torrey WallsMonth ago

    Roasting Cloak is content.

  49. Luke Parsons

    Luke ParsonsMonth ago

    does this count as beating the bots tim?

  50. Lucas Young Gaming

    Lucas Young GamingMonth ago

    What’s the barrel?

  51. Quinton Fox

    Quinton FoxMonth ago

    cloak was like shut up you have no neck . . im still laughing while writing this

  52. Zachary McKay

    Zachary McKayMonth ago


  53. Cory Klein

    Cory KleinMonth ago

    2:59 his teammates are like "I NEED HELP" and Tim is like "WAIT IM RELOADING" meanwhile he has 92 rounds in his mag

  54. Gabriel Shriner

    Gabriel ShrinerMonth ago

    I beat the boys!

  55. V5 _wolfplex

    V5 _wolfplexMonth ago

    Tim like this comment 😡👊

  56. Brandon McPherson

    Brandon McPhersonMonth ago

    New sub! Love the channel my dude

  57. DBZ bagIII

    DBZ bagIIIMonth ago

    tim-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's the big shoooow


    LXD SLAYERMonth ago

    poor @supherpk

  59. Andrew Hofacker

    Andrew HofackerMonth ago

    my grandma's pet dog became a wolf and her walking stick is now a sword. the journey to the supermarket will be legendary

  60. Ghost

    GhostMonth ago

    i like how tim can use a broken barrel and yet STILL miss his shots

  61. Vision_ x

    Vision_ xMonth ago

    Love you Tim

  62. kevin knowles

    kevin knowlesMonth ago

    Glad you ran the cavalry but it doesn’t apply to just the lmgs put it on the Mac 10 with the agency and get ready for 70+ meter engagements with an smg.

  63. SM Bevin

    SM BevinMonth ago

    Fat tim with the pony tail who u use to wear basketball vest, playing fortnite and always dying by fall damage

  64. Rylee Hunsaker

    Rylee HunsakerMonth ago

    This Quad together is the best thing to happen in Warzone.

  65. 1slammedeg

    1slammedegMonth ago

    I enjoy the m60 on multiplayer. It has a slower fire rate but the damage makes up for it. Takes 2-3 rounds to kill. I think it would do well on warzone at range

  66. Damion Miller

    Damion MillerMonth ago

    When we getting a RPD vid?

  67. Zika Pisces

    Zika PiscesMonth ago

    Can u use the FFAR and Tundra plzz

  68. Joseph Carmine

    Joseph CarmineMonth ago

    The amount of times I died laughing. You deserve a subscribe

  69. Meatyfingers

    MeatyfingersMonth ago

    Use the quick scope spr in VERDANSK

  70. Cowel Benja

    Cowel BenjaMonth ago

    6:20 is why we subbed to tim

  71. mitchell haugen

    mitchell haugenMonth ago

    I enjoy every video. But just really bothersome that he’s like. Look at this weapon and attachment. 80% of the video is other weapons but what he’s talking about

  72. Ryan Mayorga

    Ryan MayorgaMonth ago

    Bruh the whole convo in this vid is comedy. Haha Definitely subscribed!!

  73. David Mull

    David MullMonth ago

    love your videos

  74. Kevin Bowers

    Kevin BowersMonth ago

    no VERDONSK :(

  75. Mansoor Ahmed

    Mansoor AhmedMonth ago

    I love you a lot

  76. OdariMc

    OdariMcMonth ago

    Lets beat the bots. Shall we

  77. Al Rod

    Al RodMonth ago

    6:20 is the best rage ever! 😂😂😂

  78. Justin McCord

    Justin McCordMonth ago

    Tim you always say tell someone you love em, well brotha I love ya no homo

  79. Jacob Hansen

    Jacob HansenMonth ago

    I learn more from you than I ever learned from the public school system.

  80. Homie Diego

    Homie DiegoMonth ago

    Waddup Tim i told people I love them but they were like shut up 🥺

  81. Daddy Chulo

    Daddy ChuloMonth ago

    Somebody tell me how many times nick and cloack died please

  82. Johnny Mathews

    Johnny MathewsMonth ago

    Gotta get your daily dose of TimTheTatman! Good fry my guy

  83. Wolf42Lock

    Wolf42LockMonth ago

    Lol I'm in his f*cking cranium what do you mean!?!?! We've all been there Tim.

  84. Eli Tharp

    Eli TharpMonth ago

    The RPD is actually a good LMG

  85. rigg 1

    rigg 1Month ago

    how u guys getting smacked y’all playing against bots ?

  86. James Kruszynski

    James KruszynskiMonth ago

    "how dare you call me a worn" 3:32 "You dont gotta fucking neck" jajajaajajjajajajjaj

  87. Aarmaan Sekhon

    Aarmaan SekhonMonth ago

    i am a bot

  88. jin pheonix

    jin pheonixMonth ago

    Bruen still melts its damn good a loadout one atleast the ground loot one is trash aint no one got half a minute to aim the stoners pretty decent too

  89. Roger Davis

    Roger DavisMonth ago

    You should try a TikTok food build

  90. Austin Howell

    Austin HowellMonth ago

    So bad at the game his fans have to join his lobby and help him lmfao like that's the reason I quit watching his shit it's not skill if a quarter of the lobby trying to help you win

  91. Anxdamorte

    AnxdamorteMonth ago

    Just subbed my dude

  92. nicoleedivelyy

    nicoleedivelyyMonth ago


  93. Tm_vids

    Tm_vidsMonth ago

    Plz stop hacking Tim

  94. Mobski

    MobskiMonth ago

    Swagg is the worst guy to run duo squads w 💀

  95. Lucas Dixon

    Lucas DixonMonth ago

    Trying to beat the bots! Tim, bud light shotgun challenge. I win we get a game or two in, you win I give you 50 bucks worth of gifted subs

  96. LONE Nate

    LONE NateMonth ago

    Here in 22 hours yayyy👑

  97. lilred mo

    lilred moMonth ago

    The bots be like I have been a fan since 1981

  98. MrWatzItToYa

    MrWatzItToYaMonth ago

    Bald Tim > dumpling bun Tim

  99. r N

    r NMonth ago

    that gun is literal butt. doesn't compare to bruen AT ALL

  100. The Kramm

    The KrammMonth ago

    Timmy… the amax is in my guy