I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST ELECTRIC dirt bike on Amazon

I bought the cheapest electric dirt bike on Amazon! This electric Amazon dirt bike by Segway has a lot of hype surrounding it, but is it worth buying? Does this motorcycle have the features needed to make it stand out? Here is an honest review of the Segway X160 electric dirt bike!
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I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE street legal bike on Amazon
I BOUGHT The MOST EXPENSIVE street legal dirt bike on Amazon
I BOUGHT the CHEAPEST street legal bike on Amazon
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  1. Bikes and Beards

    Bikes and Beards6 months ago

    What is the most expensive street legal GAS dirt bike like? uslikes.info/house/mJ5nqLl-laWbqNw/video.html

  2. Occam's Razor

    Occam's Razor2 days ago

    I get this before I signed in, kudos on the review and self-modification. I would go get a brand new Honda Rebel for this price☮...

  3. Åge Jepsen

    Åge Jepsen2 days ago

    LOL GREAT WORK 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. ClinthPlays

    ClinthPlays2 days ago

    Hi can i have just one bike? I dont have service at work And due to pandemic commute fare goes high Im from the philippines Thanks so much

  5. Bibhuti Shahdeo

    Bibhuti Shahdeo12 days ago


  6. Bibhuti Shahdeo

    Bibhuti Shahdeo12 days ago


  7. Raeun Mysteriyo

    Raeun MysteriyoHour ago

    I like the business like you, but without resources

  8. manoj bhandari

    manoj bhandariHour ago

    why you scolding camera guy

  9. Webb Mitchell

    Webb Mitchell2 hours ago


  10. Danl Hendle

    Danl Hendle3 hours ago

    What about riding the bike already

  11. 4k re-ality

    4k re-ality3 hours ago

    WTF...i have to log in with my phone to go faster than 10mph, fu SEGWAY!!! I'm buying a vintage 2 stroke and polluting the earth!!!!!!

  12. Danl Hendle

    Danl Hendle3 hours ago

    OK so download the app and go 30 already

  13. Chris Cunningham

    Chris Cunningham4 hours ago

    Reeeee, the cameraman thing was funny at first, then it become not so much...

  14. Ronald Hess

    Ronald Hess9 hours ago

    Gasoline generator. Lol.

  15. NRiyo3

    NRiyo310 hours ago

    No torque wrench and no helmet, total fail.

  16. 0380chad

    0380chad11 hours ago

    This is one of the best/funniest bike review vids I’ve ever seen.

  17. 下原千絵

    下原千絵13 hours ago

    電チャリに発電機繋ぐという神の発想! Σ( ˙꒳​˙ )!?

  18. Black Wings

    Black Wings16 hours ago

    Let him talk behind the camera!!!!!!!!!!

  19. drwinlied

    drwinlied16 hours ago

    I'm not buying any bike/vehicle from a manufacturer that requires a phone/app login/pw to use the machine. unreal. I mean...clearly it is real...I just watched in on the internet...gotta be real. But seriously though, I'm looking at e-bikes right now and the app thing is a massive deal-breaker. Thank you for the video

  20. John Brown

    John Brown21 hour ago

    Edit out the part u talking to ur new camera man 😭😭 givin him a hard time

  21. Stephen Pin

    Stephen Pin23 hours ago

    the electric bike with gasoline charge

  22. A&Z chavakked

    A&Z chavakkedDay ago

    Gan name please

  23. LazerVision

    LazerVisionDay ago

    retry all your tests with proper air pressure in your tires. I could look and see that there was not enough pressure in your back one, so much so that the resistance from that alone would have severely impacted the efficiency of the electric motor.

  24. Greg R

    Greg RDay ago

    This video is funny and it demonstrate how creative ecophobes can be.

  25. Jay Mann

    Jay MannDay ago

    🤣 Harrison

  26. Squeaky4all

    Squeaky4allDay ago

    Who has a favorite bible verse, wierdo.

  27. Timo Giesen

    Timo GiesenDay ago

    Can u plz shut up and let the Camera guy talk

  28. DNA 505 Version Not Supported

    DNA 505 Version Not SupportedDay ago


  29. christopher murphy

    christopher murphyDay ago


  30. Eric Anderson

    Eric AndersonDay ago

    leave the camera man alone

  31. Chris Kline

    Chris KlineDay ago

    dude what the hell is up with that camera man? what's his problem?? always getting involved.

  32. Rob Rob

    Rob RobDay ago

    Since this thing is a re-branded Sur-Ron, as you're saying, then have you thought of trying to find a larger battery from Sur-Ron?

  33. Manuel F

    Manuel FDay ago

    Overacting every minute of it. Chainsaw to open cardboard boxes?

  34. Skittle

    SkittleDay ago

    Camera man correcting your stupid ideas is probably needed.

  35. Lucky55Slevin

    Lucky55SlevinDay ago

    some people are just Dumb....lol

  36. Pennsylvania Sean Photography

    Pennsylvania Sean PhotographyDay ago

    Funny and informative. Not a fan of the app etc

  37. Javier Morande

    Javier MorandeDay ago

    Can you please do some real dirt bike (petrol powered) videos?? Thanks!!

  38. TheGuy

    TheGuy2 days ago

    Cheap: 3500 dollars. Literally 3-5 full salaries in my country

  39. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover2 days ago

    Dear cameraman,we need you to take over ,this bloke is a life support system for donor organs.

  40. khmer sok99

    khmer sok992 days ago

    Really great

  41. Kevin Blanchard

    Kevin Blanchard2 days ago

    Kind of sick of the camera guy

  42. salientfilm

    salientfilm2 days ago

    Hey Harrison...I just subbed. hahaha. well done guys. and that online unlock bullshit is annoying as hell. adobe does that shit with it's products. have fun trying to edit in a no net zone. idiots. stay safe. stay healthy. stay blessed.

  43. joshua hernandez

    joshua hernandez2 days ago

    you're white of course everything sucks until your bro shows you something newer lol

  44. the number 3

    the number 32 days ago

    المحادثه بينه وبين المصور ضحكتني 😂

  45. F felix

    F felix2 days ago

    bla bla bla, can’t even watching 5 min, shut up

  46. Eric Hill

    Eric Hill2 days ago

    Requiring an app to log into to make the thing go full power is the Chinese way of spying on people

  47. Joshua Vasquez

    Joshua Vasquez2 days ago

    What brand of boots are those? I want to get some exactly like yours!

  48. acourtney365

    acourtney3652 days ago

    White privilege wonder how far you get if you where black??? Curious

  49. rallyguy132321

    rallyguy1323212 days ago

    First time on your channel. Good stuff, I just subscribed. Funny video, the 9.5k that gave a thumbs down must be greenies.

  50. CaptainPlanetMoo

    CaptainPlanetMoo2 days ago

    Did this guy really use a chainsaw to cut a cardboard box open?

  51. Freddie Nerkury

    Freddie Nerkury2 days ago

    $3,500 ??? Waste of money that's for sure.

  52. Mahdi Zakoura

    Mahdi Zakoura2 days ago

    Talk to much

  53. jaze0802

    jaze08022 days ago

    hey...can u /donate that bike to me instead...it will surely go to a much good use...I have a /laundry in the city..for me to go around the city faster, either i walk or borrow my colleagues bike...

  54. Joe

    Joe2 days ago

    I like Harrison the camera man talking.... :)

  55. Justin Sander

    Justin Sander3 days ago

    We know Harrison that guy wearing basketball shorts and crocks with socks. But, still has a pocket knife handy. We all know that man. We either are that man or drink beer with him.

  56. Mr Mawson

    Mr Mawson3 days ago


  57. Ron

    Ron3 days ago

    Do another line!

  58. Ron

    Ron3 days ago

    Let the camera man talk your stupid!

  59. Ron

    Ron3 days ago

    I feel dumb after watching this 🙄🖕

  60. Superior Lawn Care

    Superior Lawn Care3 days ago

    That is not cheap. Oh if your rich it's cheap I get it

  61. Christos Kolonis

    Christos Kolonis3 days ago

    So funny bro... Love the Generator Bike mod... :) God Bless

  62. Christos Kolonis

    Christos Kolonis3 days ago

    A Harley has 100 ft lbs. Doubtful this mountain bike has that,

  63. Christos Kolonis

    Christos Kolonis3 days ago

    That loading the app to get past the governor is a Segway thing. I've had a couple of Segway products and it was the same thing.

  64. bbw loverr r

    bbw loverr r3 days ago

    Damn he just exposed Segway😭😂

  65. NoneYer Business

    NoneYer Business3 days ago

    I don't waste my money on Chinese made crap. If you want to blow money away, send it to me, I'll put it to good use for rent, utilities, food, meds, and ammo to fight the Democrat Communists that stole the elections nationwide in America with the help of China.

  66. C.A.S

    C.A.S3 days ago

    Stop being a prick to Harrison

  67. 3Strand Carpentry

    3Strand Carpentry3 days ago

    Is this basically a sur ron?

  68. Stephanie Biro

    Stephanie Biro3 days ago

    Crybaby for sure

  69. dead pirate tattoo

    dead pirate tattoo3 days ago

    I was intrigued until you went all Jesus. Now I'm going to purge we you from my feed.

  70. lucas pallan

    lucas pallan3 days ago

    I’m so confused when I hear another voice 😵‍💫 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  71. Jalawi Alotaibi

    Jalawi Alotaibi3 days ago

    where I’m from, with that price point I can buy used and excellent condition 2018-2019 YAMAHA dirt bike 😄


    MAFF BUCKLEY3 days ago

    Heap o junk 😂

  73. Doug Chesterfield

    Doug Chesterfield4 days ago

    When the cameraman knows more about a bike than the bike guy. Glad the cameraman spoke up to stop the constant rambling.

  74. Korbin Drake

    Korbin Drake4 days ago

    Came for bike review, nearly left for bible verse

  75. jo jas

    jo jas4 days ago

    what would hapen if you put an alternator to the back tire pluged in the charging port with an electric voltage regular circuit

  76. Fajrul Mazlan

    Fajrul Mazlan4 days ago

    Give the cameraman A F'ING JUSTICE.. LET HIM TALK!!!!!

  77. Travis Jones

    Travis Jones4 days ago

    FYI The X160 is a 48 volt system, the X260 is 60 volts. You can replace the controller with an upgraded one, but performance increase will be minimal. In order to achieve higher voltage-related performance, you'd have to replace both controller and battery..

  78. Travis Jones

    Travis Jones4 days ago

    One word suron! & anything over 750w is illegal on anything besides private property & OHV trails.

  79. Ballistic Rocket League

    Ballistic Rocket League4 days ago

    Well they got that review that they wanted😂😂

  80. Tanner

    Tanner4 days ago

    worst joke of all time in the beginning holy shit

  81. 07Kimo07

    07Kimo074 days ago

    No, you did a terrible job unboxing! First you uses a freaking saw to open a box?

  82. karim bakri

    karim bakri4 days ago

    do you need a drivers license for ride it ?

  83. Clay Wynn

    Clay Wynn4 days ago

    Greatest unboxing video evah!

  84. Mr Red

    Mr Red4 days ago

    I didn't find it on amazon

  85. Alvin Kinkel

    Alvin Kinkel4 days ago

    how about making your version of the cheapest e bike on amazon, then compare these two in a third video. Since this is just a rebrand sur-ron, have you tried to see if sur-ron batteries will work in the bike? I wonder how long you could have made it with a jacjkery hooked up to it instead of the gas generator?

  86. Blue Crush

    Blue Crush4 days ago

    Love the camera man! Leave him alone

  87. Blue Crush

    Blue Crush4 days ago

    At least the camera man knew what was what.

  88. Duelfuel

    Duelfuel4 days ago

    So how far and fast does it go?

  89. dewardvide O.

    dewardvide O.4 days ago

    I’m always so confused when the camera man talks coz I don’t know what he looks like

  90. Jeremy Spencer

    Jeremy Spencer4 days ago

    Your chainsaw sounds like a hairdryer lad.

  91. mark opalinski

    mark opalinski4 days ago

    you guys are funny , Just an observation Hey camera man Wats up "?

  92. Henry Jones

    Henry Jones4 days ago

    Petition to make Harrison the camera guy to talk..!!

  93. M TK

    M TK4 days ago

    chainsaw box opener stolen from AVE, aaaand his IS actually a "pocket" chainsaw. nice try though

  94. DefiledCorpse

    DefiledCorpse4 days ago

    bible verse of the week... lol

  95. No Name

    No Name4 days ago

    Cool and fun but how hard is it to get parts ? I never buy that stuff since once its broke then you must fight a nightmare to fix it

  96. Darren Barford

    Darren Barford4 days ago

    God damn the camera man ruined it for me totally 😂😂

  97. PiDsMedia

    PiDsMedia5 days ago

    Got half way before the host just annoyed and I'll search for the product elsewhere.

  98. SoCalZombies

    SoCalZombies5 days ago

    Yon know the manufacture is cussing you out when they see this video 🤬🤬😂

  99. Samuel Calbucci

    Samuel Calbucci5 days ago

    If you see a fly: take the shotgun, we need to make justice.

  100. Samuel Calbucci

    Samuel Calbucci5 days ago

    you used a chainsaw to open the box and despite this it was not even necessary to open it but you just needed to slide it out... XD

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  102. Oily Patch

    Oily Patch5 days ago

    Think I'll stick with my dinosaur powered bike.

  103. Ginsuma

    Ginsuma5 days ago

    That bike gets a 0 rating because no turn signals or headlights.

  104. Frenchy

    Frenchy5 days ago

    Trail dirt bikes don’t need turn signals and headlights only road dirt bikes need them

  105. Dee Tee

    Dee Tee5 days ago

    Best review ever! 👍👍

  106. Mark Westman

    Mark Westman5 days ago

    Gotta admit, by the end of the video I found myself incredibly annoyed that you didn’t just read the friggin manual first.