We've got BASS! 6 12's Clear Acrylic Ported Box Wired up & Test Fired! Mirrors + LED's MUST SEE!

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Finally got it all wired up and playing! It sounds really good so far and that is just on the cart in the middle of the shop floor. It should sound a lot better once it is actually in the vehicle. I hope!
For those wondering why i would take a 100% clear box and make 3 of the panels NOT clear anymore...I did that because even though it looks badass sitting in the shop, once it hits the Caddy i don't need to see carpet (under it) or the factory "jack stowage" or rear AC panel as i look into the box. Two sides and bottom are now mirrors. It's hard to get a good photo because so much going on in this box but what it does is it makes it look like endless subs. I would rather see that than my stock carpet and plastic interior panels. The mirrors are mounted on the outside facing in through the 1" acrylic. This also gives me a nice little recess for the LED's to sit. When all this is done, when it is in the vehicle, it will be trimmed to match the interior and NOT just one big cube plopped into the hatch area. Hang tight, watch me do what i do. Thanks for joining me on this epic journey if you are! :)
TONS more pics of the system including the recent amp-rack build - get caught up here: www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/210401-2015-cadillac-escalade-sound-system-install-the-box-is-started-6-12-subs-clear-acrylic-on-the-menu-update-page-10/?do=findComment&comment=3248385

About my subs (visit www.b2audio.com/rampage for more info)
2012 had the seeds planted for the RAMPAGE. A direct derivate from the legendary & innovative X2C subwoofer with a 5″ voice coil. Although the RAMPAGE XM is based on a 4″ coil platform, its performance will not stand in the shade of its heritage. In many ways, it pushes the boundaries even further. The new basket offers better cooling with improved SAFT (Smooth Air Flow Tech) & has the ability of offering even more XMAX than the previous basket . 3.15″/ 80 mm peak to peak handled by the 315 mm / 12.4″ spiders , that are amongst the largest you will find on any traditional 15″ subwoofer (without the use of adapters), in addition the new basket offers a triple landing so you can customize the stiffness and spider size to your application.
OCAF version II (Optimized Cooling And Flow) implemented in the new motor design has adapted the large flares from the X2C’s backplate. In addition the pole piece features a dual cooling system that leads the air more efficiently away from the voice coil. Even though the internal diameter of the coil is 4″, the outer diameter of 4.33″ makes this coil a widebody, coupled with an 8 layer tall winding, this design is made for daily abuse or demo days!
The RAMPAGE XM’s motor keeps the same 10.24″ diameter as previous XM subwoofers, but the triple stack ferrite slugs are increased by 25%. Still we are able to keep the entire height of the motor to a mere 10% more than 2nd gen XM. With the longer Xmech, the added 10% comes into play.
Another tool was made for the XL composite dustcaps with embossed B2 logo. The half spherical design with wider wedges stiffens up the cone, offering greater stability, and helps keep that transient response tight. So when the bass drops its on point. Using a slightly wider strech foam surround there’s less mechanical parts that will limit your stroke.
#Cadillac #Subwoofers #Plexiglass
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More info on these amps here: damoreengineering.com/
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  1. meade916

    meade91613 days ago

    as always, i LOVE to hear where you guys are from, what you are watching on (are you in front of your big screen?) Shout out your city and thanks for watching! This is a fun build and i am excited to share it with you guys!

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    HmP :n4 days ago

    Finland. Watching on my laptop because kids takeover the tv. :D

  3. DubHead

    DubHead4 days ago

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  4. Иван Оборотень

    Иван Оборотень5 days ago

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    Voornaam Achternaam7 days ago

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  6. Al-Ameen Mohammed

    Al-Ameen Mohammed7 days ago

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  7. Travis flame

    Travis flame5 hours ago

    I'm trying to build a plexiglass box . Where do u suggest I get the plexi from .. ??

  8. Cary Bunker

    Cary Bunker2 days ago

    This is PTCary. Still a fan of all your builds!

  9. Cary Bunker

    Cary Bunker2 days ago

    Boo! I’m not buying any AudioControl cause I can’t get the white stuff!

  10. Suro bledek

    Suro bledek2 days ago

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  12. Junior Alday

    Junior Alday3 days ago

    How much for a sub box for a ram single cab ??

  13. Joe Franco

    Joe Franco3 days ago

    Hey Steve hows it going!! Alot of us have crew cabs and are wanting to see u work some magic on one of them preferably a gmc sierra 2014 to 18 like to see what u come up with cause that escalade is freaking sick!!!!!

  14. Adam Deboer

    Adam Deboer3 days ago

    Makes my phone speakers really work haha first time experiencing this

  15. Adam Deboer

    Adam Deboer3 days ago

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  16. Hebu The Lone Wolf

    Hebu The Lone Wolf3 days ago

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  17. Nicholas Tidwell

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  18. Jordan Prado

    Jordan Prado4 days ago

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    Juan Banda4 days ago

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  20. DubHead

    DubHead4 days ago

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  21. Иван Оборотень

    Иван Оборотень5 days ago

    Очень крутая сборка! Произведение искусства.

  22. Michael Amend

    Michael Amend5 days ago

    Steve, your visions and designs are so above all I have seen! I've been into car audio since I was 13 now 32 years later Im blown away at the advancement of the tech your skills and builds are truly mind blowing

  23. Mr_Killjoy420

    Mr_Killjoy4205 days ago

    if y'all have any dumbass questions direct them towards me, I have the time to deal with people who don't know what they are talking about.

  24. Cameron Nurcombe

    Cameron Nurcombe6 days ago

    All i can say is, wow that looks awesome!

  25. shane mc

    shane mc6 days ago

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    00 Hood Billy6 days ago

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    Seky6 days ago

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  30. Mild to Wild RC

    Mild to Wild RC6 days ago

    Man I am loving the plexi work💪After a bad car accident I can no longer do these systems,but after 20+yrs I still love my music and know a work of art when I see it❤️Just a shout out from a former USAC and IASCA competitor and set records in my S-10 Blazer with 9(10” Rockford Fosgate) and 4 1100a2 ,and several sets of separates and mid bass drivers❤️Loved it and brings back memories of staying up and working with friends to be the best and loudest💪❤️

  31. meade916

    meade9166 days ago

    hell ya man! I don't know about all that "setting records" talk but i hear ya, everyone misses their beat when they don't have it. :D

  32. Nice guy No smoke

    Nice guy No smoke6 days ago

    Looking good SMD

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    John Castillo6 days ago

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  35. meade916

    meade9166 days ago

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  41. Dion M. Bass Sr.

    Dion M. Bass Sr.8 days ago

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    @Mr_Killjoy420 Enough demand for a product and it happens

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  55. meade916

    meade9164 days ago

    @Barbatio i cut tons of 1/0, 2/0 and 4/0 wire. Even 8/0. I am partial to what i use because i actually use them. Knipex are good but please put up some of the work you did that actually required them. I wanna see. :) So many people cheerlead for their "favorite" product and don't have any experience other than reading something on the internet. lol

  56. Barbatio

    Barbatio4 days ago

    @meade916 IMO Snap-on makes great hand tools, I'm just partial to knipex for cutters and pliers, I've just always felt that they are more precisely assembled

  57. meade916

    meade9167 days ago

    @Barbatio these are better than Knipex IMO. And cheaper.

  58. Barbatio

    Barbatio8 days ago

    I'd encourage checking out Knipex's selection, they specialize in pliers cutters and much more.

  59. meade916

    meade9168 days ago

    the Snap On truck. :)

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    Mopar Stephen9 days ago

    Wow man - this is just some next level work right here! I'd love to see that in person, but I'm on the opposite end of the country.

  62. Damian G

    Damian G9 days ago

    The end result is beautiful.

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    Daniel Rumey9 days ago

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    German Soto9 days ago

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    PG ROAD GLIDE 159 days ago

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    meade9168 days ago

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  71. BAYkuR 530

    BAYkuR 5309 days ago

    Would it not be a good idea to crimp the wire ends with ferrules before putting them in the angled connectors? To keep all the loose ends tight and give the screws something to bite into?

  72. meade916

    meade9169 days ago

    no. A complete waste of time actually.

  73. Dario Nunez

    Dario Nunez9 days ago

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  74. Brian

    Brian9 days ago

    It’s super cool, but it just looks weird to me. Probably because the woofers look like they’re floating but idk, this box looks so bizarre compared to the say; the clear box for 6 6.5’s under the seat that Bobby gately built

  75. Rich Aquila

    Rich Aquila10 days ago

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    Rich Aquila10 days ago

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  77. Will

    Will10 days ago

    Wire looks alot cleaner. Like the cover switch. Maby I would have gone with black bottom, but I see where your going, with it. The clear box reminds me of my next build. Like the neons!

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    Hussle & Motivate10 days ago

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    Vince R11 days ago

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    Darrell Hobbs11 days ago

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  94. Atmospheric Pressure

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  98. J Hodge

    J Hodge11 days ago

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  99. #diablo the gamer

    #diablo the gamer11 days ago

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    meade91611 days ago

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