Jake Paul - Park South Freestyle (Official Music Video) Ft. Mike Tyson

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  1. Nico Jänicke

    Nico JänickeMonth ago

    Damn this is what I actually put in my playlist - Jake's rap is 🔥

  2. Edixtz ._.

    Edixtz ._.11 days ago

    @Harbir Sagoo damn nigga calm down stop hating lmao this ain’t bad

  3. Ethan Barnett

    Ethan Barnett17 days ago

    Bro it’s trash

  4. Rasi Vlogs

    Rasi Vlogs18 days ago

    @Harbir Sagoo so what if where kids still bigger than ksi fanbass haha

  5. pinkqu

    pinkqu22 days ago

    His alts lol

  6. Shaashvat Bhor

    Shaashvat Bhor22 days ago

    You trippin.

  7. Molly Cornwell

    Molly Cornwell20 minutes ago

    Is it just me or did you like him back then when he was in team 10

  8. FaZe hage

    FaZe hage20 minutes ago

    Jake rappin is supper fire love the lyrics

  9. Evan Teixeira

    Evan TeixeiraHour ago

    Damn... he went from its everyday bro to this

  10. Klutz

    Klutz2 hours ago

    Fuck he know bout hollow tips

  11. MajorAsteroid 67

    MajorAsteroid 674 hours ago

    KSI music is better plus he actually writes it

  12. Anet Kaňoková

    Anet Kaňoková5 hours ago

    Okay this is insane😳

  13. Dustin 2Dust

    Dustin 2Dust6 hours ago

    Fight mike Tyson

  14. bobby bobson

    bobby bobson7 hours ago

    Shave ur beard

  15. YouNeedM3

    YouNeedM38 hours ago


  16. Crump Crump

    Crump Crump9 hours ago


  17. Vesica

    Vesica10 hours ago

    Garbage 🗑️

  18. Rob Staelens

    Rob Staelens10 hours ago

    Jake paul is so white

  19. Aleksandra Domazeti

    Aleksandra Domazeti11 hours ago


  20. povah huwn

    povah huwn12 hours ago

    jake want coner to fight wit him wtf.....u ren't fit for even coner jr....n knw u will be defeated but you want be famous by fighting him......Son!! calm down ...i got some cookies for u😁😁😁

  21. Terry Adkins

    Terry Adkins14 hours ago

    wow this is good



    Nice bro 🔥👌👌

  23. Ryan Seow

    Ryan Seow15 hours ago

    The funny thing is that Mike called him a bitch ass ni**a for calling out Mcgregor

  24. Martin Eisenreich

    Martin Eisenreich17 hours ago

    John Marianek - nechceš to předělat do češtiny ? 💪😁

  25. NoScarys

    NoScarys17 hours ago

    If you look at old jake compared to now he really stepped up this I fw it🔝

  26. Rose Kraken

    Rose Kraken17 hours ago

    Bro why do people like this? All he’s doing is flexing and showing off girls lmao

  27. Destiny Waller

    Destiny Waller18 hours ago

    Me when I get money

  28. The Prodigy Kid

    The Prodigy Kid19 hours ago

    Bruh tf you talking about opps you grew up in Ohio


    JOSHUA GUERRA21 hour ago

    fuck this rap is fire

  30. flowery

    flowery21 hour ago

    I forgot Jake Paul existed for a lil

  31. Oscar Morales Lopez

    Oscar Morales Lopez22 hours ago

    @Jake Paul You rap is so good i litarlly have Park South Freestyle, Dummy, 23, Fresh Outta London in my music playlist. I'M THE BIGGEST JAKE PAUL FAN

  32. Daniel Tillotson

    Daniel Tillotson22 hours ago

    Imagine having this kind of dislike ratio and STILL making videos unironically

  33. Mkenya Halisi

    Mkenya HalisiDay ago

    No way, I didnt know he raps too! The hype on the streets is for real. Do your thing we support you all the way. Love from Kenya

  34. Liz Castro

    Liz CastroDay ago

    Yoo this is fire on mute straight banger on mute

  35. idk anymore

    idk anymoreDay ago

    Jake: I ain't ever had a ghost Designer: am I a joke to you

  36. Murillo

    MurilloDay ago


  37. Ethan B

    Ethan BDay ago

    Better than g eazy and jack Harlow 😂

  38. Sidar Ozbek

    Sidar OzbekDay ago

    I swear dis yute sed d n word some racist guy

  39. Iconic_ Glory

    Iconic_ GloryDay ago

    2:16 is the best part of the song

  40. Memes-150

    Memes-15017 hours ago


  41. Stoked Gaming

    Stoked GamingDay ago


  42. Sverige Wallah så att säga

    Sverige Wallah så att sägaDay ago

    He think he is a gangster or something

  43. Julio

    JulioDay ago

    This is trash

  44. MikeTheFortnite Pro

    MikeTheFortnite ProDay ago

    Wtf i Côme in 4 years this what he up to

  45. Facee The Bull

    Facee The BullDay ago


  46. Pokechris1098 Walker

    Pokechris1098 WalkerDay ago

    Jake this go hard

  47. FoxLoverOOF YT

    FoxLoverOOF YTDay ago

    Dang jake paul down graded

  48. XO

    XODay ago

    Freestyle with a chorus 🤣🤣🤣

  49. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac MartinezDay ago

    I’ll roll you n mcgregor at the same time in an mma fight

  50. Isaac Martinez

    Isaac MartinezDay ago

    No disrespect but throw a bone I’m capable

  51. hardy_sd6

    hardy_sd6Day ago

    Lil jakey return the rentals and stick to USlikes

  52. Jadon Thomas

    Jadon ThomasHour ago

    They ain't rentals

  53. Simon Walters

    Simon WaltersDay ago

    Flow still as boring as Everyday Bro 🙄

  54. Ruben Santiago Chavez

    Ruben Santiago ChavezDay ago

    Only one of the best youtubers ever amazing music evolution

  55. Yes Yes

    Yes YesDay ago

    Imagine paying to bring a child up then it becomes friends with this fuck

  56. Trent Crane

    Trent CraneDay ago

    No cap, jake isnt my fav youtuber, but you cant lie, this is fire.

  57. Denzmo

    DenzmoDay ago

    Trash 🗑


    DRXPPINDay ago

    imagine drake on this tho

  59. Tyler Mills

    Tyler MillsDay ago

    It would be even more cringy. 2 wanna be gangsters making irritating noise over a beat!

  60. diesel patches baby jr

    diesel patches baby jrDay ago

    please go to o block and say ur from 63rd 😃

  61. Killster Co

    Killster CoDay ago

    This song is trash

  62. The GaBsTer

    The GaBsTerDay ago

    2:15 ur welcome

  63. The GaBsTer

    The GaBsTer5 hours ago

    I was about to say that🤣

  64. Memes-150

    Memes-1507 hours ago

    @The Senate Pauler spotted enemy inbound

  65. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    Damn ur so hilarious 😐

  66. The GaBsTer

    The GaBsTerDay ago


  67. Memes-150

    Memes-150Day ago


  68. AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is Kevin

    AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is KevinDay ago

    Trying to learn how to box Kevin Lee from Hollywood Md. and ima Messenger of heaven yes I have a purpose I know I do because it was life or death to find out I didn’t feel I did and I needed to know my papa and my brother were in heaven to live this life and well I got my sign. and I know my purpose it ain’t being on these streets. Someone scoop me up and make a dawg outta me 💪 I’m tryna train 18 y/o see me on insta amessengerofheaven

  69. AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is Kevin

    AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is KevinDay ago

    Lol gotta put in opportunity’s where ever they lye even if you get no hits back I’m trying

  70. AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is Kevin

    AMessengerOfHeaven And my name is KevinDay ago


  71. Debunking ARG

    Debunking ARGDay ago

    i was disabled,couldnt even move my arms but they randomly worked to turn this off. Oh and also this is ghost writed i already know

  72. Debunking ARG

    Debunking ARG4 hours ago

    Unoriginal response

  73. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    Unoriginal comment

  74. TJ Jonesy

    TJ JonesyDay ago

    This is fire 🔥

  75. Plupowtf

    PlupowtfDay ago

    Get a life

  76. CxpalotOreo

    CxpalotOreoDay ago

    I cant believe Mike joined in on this garbage

  77. Lord Hogg

    Lord HoggDay ago

    Absolute shite! ZERO CONTENT! Stolen flow and ghost written gtfoh



    Jake 3 for 3 no cap 🧢 need more of this 🔥🔥🔥


    TASBIR ISLAM22 hours ago

    @Memes-150 why you bringing religion into this?If the song is good Thats what matters!

  80. Memes-150

    Memes-150Day ago


  81. Oppai Visuals

    Oppai VisualsDay ago

    Calls it a free style but he read the lyrics And besides he dint even write it

  82. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    He doesn't have a ghost writer, you're just in denial.

  83. Boncca Twissle

    Boncca TwissleDay ago

    Literally never been so bored listening to a song in my life jesus christ...

  84. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    @Jacky T you probably just described your entire playlist, just hating for likes. Shut up.

  85. Boncca Twissle

    Boncca Twissle18 hours ago

    @AVE - yea totally 😳

  86. Jacky T

    Jacky T22 hours ago

    Yeah same scheme for 2mins, no tonal shifts, autotuned coz no emotional variation.. what a clown he is

  87. AVE -

    AVE -Day ago

    You cappin for likes, u like the song

  88. Samuel Klimo

    Samuel KlimoDay ago

    Jake's rap is 🔥

  89. Brayden Forrester

    Brayden ForresterDay ago

    I like how kids can’t watch him no more

  90. Brayden Forrester

    Brayden ForresterDay ago

    I miss the old jake

  91. Fredrik Larsson

    Fredrik LarssonDay ago

    Wow! Pathetic!

  92. Bruce Nontell

    Bruce NontellDay ago

    You are so bad man. Give up. Seriously some of the worst rap I’ve ever heard. It makes me sick

  93. Ayush Patra

    Ayush PatraDay ago

    "4 cars deep ridin'in' , postar girls slidinin'........se again" ricegum need to hear that

  94. Ladislao Torres

    Ladislao TorresDay ago

    The girl in pink at the beginning🤣🤣

  95. you're trash

    you're trash2 days ago

    Damnnnn, Jake give to ghost writer a raise💀

  96. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    He doesn't have a ghost writer, you're just in denial.

  97. Just Zhenos

    Just Zhenos2 days ago

    Imagine tryna be popsmoke

  98. Dani Daniels

    Dani Daniels2 days ago

    Anyone else wanting Mike Tyson to spit some fucking fire


    XN INSOMNIA2 days ago

    Wanna be white drake so bad

  100. Arjun Aulakh

    Arjun Aulakh2 days ago

    lol imagine having a ghostwriter

  101. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    He doesn't have a ghost writer, you're just in denial.

  102. Xotiic ._.

    Xotiic ._.2 days ago

    This is FIRE 🔥 on 🔇🔇🔇

  103. club boys Cool Boys

    club boys Cool Boys2 days ago

    I am a big fan

  104. cuwinkiedink Leedal leedal

    cuwinkiedink Leedal leedal2 days ago


  105. ivi_sik

    ivi_sik2 days ago

    yo make an album

  106. Jonas Hume

    Jonas Hume2 days ago

    So Jake 🅱️Lood🩸or Crip🥶😂😂😂

  107. Koxy

    Koxy2 days ago


  108. byron artis

    byron artis2 days ago

    When you going to fight ksi

  109. byron artis

    byron artis2 days ago

    He copyed void

  110. Floow_GUARD

    Floow_GUARD2 days ago

    So cool bro

  111. Z-NATION

    Z-NATION2 days ago

    Its funny to see that 98% of the comments are people hating on him. At the end of the day he still got your view on the video and yall just made him that much richer

  112. The Senate

    The Senate7 hours ago

    @Thomas youtube is biased - they monetize songs like this because they get views. 6ix9ine songs are monetized ffs.

  113. Thomas

    Thomas2 days ago

    @AVE - cuz its a music video and he swears a bunch

  114. AVE -

    AVE -2 days ago

    @Thomas why wouldn’t it be

  115. Thomas

    Thomas2 days ago

    lmfao you know that this probably isn't monetized right?

  116. Z-NATION

    Z-NATION2 days ago

    Somebody @ me his glasses

  117. scrappyinit

    scrappyinit2 days ago

    Jake really chills with some fine women 😍😍

  118. Ryan Abbott

    Ryan Abbott2 days ago

    Ngl jake yer a piece of trash but this slaps

  119. Teris

    Teris2 days ago

    Jake: Ft. Mike tyson For 4 sec

  120. Kepfa

    Kepfa2 days ago

    This is fire lmao I love the instrumental & beats alot

  121. Chiggy D

    Chiggy D2 days ago

    The beat is fire that's it lol

  122. Memelance

    Memelance2 days ago

    Damn jakes yt channel is going more down and down

  123. Memelance

    Memelance2 days ago

    All the gangsters wants to be in jakes team

  124. Memelance

    Memelance2 days ago

    Jake doesnt know most of his fan are 9 years old

  125. Applomb Gamer

    Applomb Gamer2 days ago

    My man looking like Joseph Seed out here!

  126. Johnasaurus Rex

    Johnasaurus Rex2 days ago

    The only reason jake doesnt say the n word is if he did desiigner would stop writing his songs

  127. Famous_tech Time flies bye

    Famous_tech Time flies bye2 days ago

    This lit fire jake👍👍👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰😗🤑🤑🤑🐯🦁🐮🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

  128. Andrew Magirias

    Andrew Magirias2 days ago

    Jake hill>Jake Paul

  129. Angel Falcon

    Angel Falcon3 days ago

    Go back to it’s everyday bro ok

  130. Angel Falcon

    Angel Falcon3 days ago

    Straight he- trash 🗑 how can anybody listen to this ksi is a lot better

  131. charlie. L

    charlie. L3 days ago

    you should make a rap song without auto tune