Liberal Supporting Joe Biden's Gun Control Responds To My Video, Here's My Response

Joe Biden Gun Control
After I posted my video titled: "Joe Biden Tells Congress To Ban AR-15s and Enact Other Gun Control to Destroy the Gun Industry", I received an email from @Steve_Mp5 on Instagram and reads:
A connection of mine is as far left as they come. I always send her your videos so she has a glimpse at the other side. I wanted you to see her comments on your last video.
After reading her comments, I decided to make a video responding to her comments. Let's dive right in shall we.
Here's her Letter:
“This guy is very good at parsing rhetoric but the hilarity is he’s creating his own rhetoric in the process; we could easily parse NRA rhetoric, in the same way, to show how it works to persuade its listeners. That the definition of rhetoric: persuasive language ... and literally every politician, every corporation, and every institution uses it.
It’s pretty cynical to say calling for gun control after a mass shooting is purely exploiting the situation. Why isn’t it just reacting to a tragedy? Gun death rates don’t speak to what people are **really** worried about ... they are not worried about gang violence or suicides ... they are worried about the oft arbitrary mass slaughter in public places like schools, malls, concerts, movie theaters.
Why are gun owners against background checks? Yeah, it’s not going to prevent everything, but it might stop some of it, especially violent domestic abuse, and I really don’t see the downside. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I don’t know what to say to you about assault weapons. Clearly, they have been used in some mass shootings & honestly are pretty terrifying to lots of non-gun owning Americans ... why? Because they were *designed* for war, designed to kill more people faster. Outside of it being something people love as a hobby, what is the logic for having endless assault weapons in the hands of everyday people?
Why isn’t Joe trying to sue BMW? 🤔 hmmmm, because BMWs are not designed to kill/murder & guns are (& do at a much more regular rate). That is some peak rhetorical shit right there. Cheese has probably been used to kill people, Hammers, Tylenol, etc., so if politicians don’t call for a ban on everything that’s ever been used to murder they are hypocrites? That makes no sense. As far as I can see guns were literally designed to kill & when not just being used for sport that’s largely what they do.
Why is there a gun INDUSTRY? Have you ever read about the history of the relationship between the arms industry & the U.S. military-industrial complex?
The answer to why there needs to be a consumer market for guns seems always to comes back to the 2nd amendment argument of having the right to defend yourself & again - if you’re talking from the government that’s laughable... & if you mean from other people then handguns should work just fine.
What has generated in this guy a rapacious fear of being harmed? Of needing to defend himself?
Some would argue that as long as there are endless guns then everyone could/should feel afraid & need to defend themselves with ... 🥁🥁🥁🥁 ... guns. it’s the perfect consumer loop. ”
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  1. Paul Nicholson

    Paul Nicholson23 minutes ago

    Let me ask you folks a question that most of you already know the answer to, here goes. What did the government do after the riot at the Capitol building ? That's right, they put up fences with Razor Wire and called in the National Guard Armed With, drum roll plz, that's right GUNS! Not only did they protect the Capitol building with the national guard (all with automatic rifles) but NANNY PELOSI WANTED A 50CAL MOUNTED ON THE STEPS WITH ORDERS TO KILL! GUNS, FREKIN 50CAL MACHINE GUNS! Now the Dems want to take your scary A.R.15's! See, guns are bad and scary and the Democrats don't want them in the hands of regular people like you and I but its OK for them to have them and have the secret service and the National Guard using them for their protection. SEEM HYPOCRITICAL, DAMN RIGHT! Don't let them infringe on your 2nd amendment rights. Stay vigilant friends and don't fall for thier BS, thank you.

  2. predcon1

    predcon146 minutes ago

    A car wreck, fire, or choking on food, hey? Lessee, I frequently travel on roads also travelled by drunk motorcyclists and teenagers with no spatial awareness, I often leave a space heater on in my room when I sleep, and an esophageal disorder means the muscles that drive the peristaltic motion in swallowing food can't do what they do as efficiently as they should. Yeah, I'd say those odds are accurate.

  3. jay sullivan

    jay sullivanHour ago

    Why don’t these people, the ones who want to destroy the Constitution, just leave the country?

  4. ImaFreakin Historian

    ImaFreakin Historian2 hours ago

    Hunting harvesting game

  5. William Tauriello

    William Tauriello3 hours ago

    The ‘Koffee-Klatch Karen’ that you responded to has proven her immaturity by running her mouth. Her attitude is shaped by a media that is too untrustworthy to report just facts, and her small inbred circle of those who think like they do with no interest in facts, just emotions. She’s afraid of facts and lashes out with her emotion. Thank you for calling her out.

  6. Daniel Boner

    Daniel Boner3 hours ago

    You are the Man!!!

  7. Dylan Mathews

    Dylan Mathews4 hours ago


  8. Aliway

    Aliway4 hours ago

    This woman is just a drone. Its absolutely disgusting. There are thousands upon thousands of Australians telling us here to not let the government take our guns!! Whoever this woman is she should be embarrassed!!

  9. Joe D

    Joe D4 hours ago

    I love smart people

  10. UnkFam

    UnkFam5 hours ago

    im standing up and clapping...and feel the need to clean my AR....

  11. Michael Shea

    Michael Shea6 hours ago

    Your last statement says it ALL! I appreciate all that you do to maintain this fight we have with the brainwashed & misinformed members of society!! Thank you Colion!

  12. Pete Morrell

    Pete Morrell6 hours ago

    Well said. I’m proud of you.

  13. USA man city fan

    USA man city fan7 hours ago

    i would love for someone to explain to me why republicans are so better than democrats. to me it seems like 2 sides of the same exact coin 🤷‍♂️ both sides are corrupt, both sides play the victim role & act like the other side is the root of all evil. so me as a person thats in the middle, i will love a person to tell me the truth using only facts & logic....

  14. Rodney Cabotage

    Rodney Cabotage7 hours ago

    Your summary nails it.

  15. John J III

    John J III7 hours ago

    Facts honey!! Kills their nonsense every time.

  16. Brody Cash

    Brody Cash7 hours ago

    This is why I hate leftists so much. They have been literally using the same words in their arguments for the last 20+ years. It has not mattered that we destroy all their points. They are grown children that are living in a fantasy world.

  17. nooblet 1

    nooblet 17 hours ago

    You can't fix stupid

  18. Guy David

    Guy David8 hours ago

    The second amendment is what stands along with the first amendment, and the demon rats are on the attack against both amendments and the entire US Constitution, as well as the entire United States as we know it,

  19. Jonathan Keeton

    Jonathan Keeton8 hours ago

    Goddamn I got chill bumps loved every bit of this

  20. Jose Zamora jr

    Jose Zamora jr8 hours ago

    The founding fathers were like "guns r dope and people need them"

  21. otis decker

    otis decker9 hours ago

    Time to start wrapping people hands and feet before they go out haha

  22. Braudiel Gaming

    Braudiel Gaming9 hours ago

    Damnnnn she madddddd

  23. JimmyDickens1

    JimmyDickens110 hours ago

    Outstanding rebuttal, Colion!!

  24. Johnn Rowe

    Johnn Rowe10 hours ago

    I wanna thank u bro for everything u do. It really means the world to us. #cometakeit.

  25. Rozzbourn

    Rozzbourn10 hours ago

    there was a question posed to the Japanese after the war about why they didnt invade mainland america after pearl harbor.. the answer was that they knew americans were well armed and it would be almost impossible to successfully invade us.

  26. ToEveryPredator YouAreMyPrey

    ToEveryPredator YouAreMyPrey10 hours ago

    I fucking love this dude! Thank you Dr. Noir, you truly are one of the greats!

  27. evilvicious

    evilvicious10 hours ago

    Did anybody check on the person colion layed that smackdown on? Cuz that was straight up murder and he didn't use an ar15, just stating the facts Here folks.

  28. Sir Greedy

    Sir Greedy10 hours ago

    Damn dude, you fucking destroyed her. No mercy. I WILL NOT COMPLY

  29. D Miller

    D Miller10 hours ago

    I love your videos keep them coming

  30. jay stone

    jay stone10 hours ago

    do we as a country even need the federal government? can states strip the fed of its power?

  31. Squirrel

    Squirrel10 hours ago

    if this wasnt true you would be fact checked and taken down. ;)

  32. jay stone

    jay stone10 hours ago

    guns dont kill people people kill people .

  33. Don G

    Don G10 hours ago

    You are a very impressive and knowledgeable speaker my friend 👍🏻

  34. Rowdy Flyer1903

    Rowdy Flyer190311 hours ago

    I bought an AR15 for a couple of reasons: First, the hatred of the Black Guns from the left. I did not buy one till I thought Hillary was going to win the 2016 Presidential Election. Next they are fun as heck to shoot. They don’t kick as hard as my 270 or 4570. Next they are adaptable and customizable as an old Chevy pick up truck. They are fun to build and fun to work on. Next to shoot well with them takes practice and is a cerebral challenge to understand the physics involved. Next I can have a selection of calibers to do the job. 223/556 is great for harvesting deer or target shooting but a 6.5 Grendel or a 300 Blackout is better for harvesting hogs. I love my ARs but sadly lost then in a boating accident.

  35. System Of A Dom

    System Of A Dom11 hours ago

    I feel like every time this dude speaks to his opposition the absolute impact of what he says is equal to a 40 Mike Mike 🤣

  36. Sgt. Black

    Sgt. Black11 hours ago

    Another great video, keep it up brotha...👌

  37. I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi

    I loathe people who're still talking after I say hi12 hours ago

    Fucking schooled!

  38. ricardo perez

    ricardo perez12 hours ago

    I don't feel safe in California ... Gun control doesn't work...🤔

  39. Robert Burrell

    Robert Burrell12 hours ago

    Why do these uneducated people about guns understand a gun will not hurt anyone by itself hell you can load one throw the safety and lay it down that gun will not move but now let a stupid person pick that gun up and pull that trigger then its going to hurt something put your thoughts and ideas to the crazy person that picked that gun up

  40. Steve DeckerDog

    Steve DeckerDog12 hours ago

    Think about it . First they take our guns then they take our rights. They can't do it backwards. That's why we have the 2nd 🙏 amendment. Think hard before you take a side. God Bless You.

  41. Felipe deSouza

    Felipe deSouza12 hours ago

    This lady has no clue!

  42. Pan-African Thought Society

    Pan-African Thought Society12 hours ago

    I'd like to start this discussion among us 2A advocates please. We must admit that guns were indeed designed to kill or at least maim. I haven't researched this so feel free to correct me, but I assume that the inventor of the firearm did not have skeet or any other competitive shooting in mind when he invented the firearm. A successful hunt ends with an animal's death. And we "defend our lives" by killing or at least maiming/disabling the threatening person. It is a tool designed to kill. Otherwise we wouldn't also be so fascinated by ammo designed to cause massive damage after penetration (which increases the chance of the attacker's death). Can we not admit that and still fight for our 2A rights?

  43. M C

    M C12 hours ago

    You saved the best for last! Awesome response.

  44. Pan-African Thought Society

    Pan-African Thought Society12 hours ago

    "facts, logic, data, and unrelenting sexiness." 😂😂😂

  45. Chance Sterling

    Chance Sterling13 hours ago


  46. LTINFP R2J2

    LTINFP R2J213 hours ago

    Beautifully said!

  47. LTINFP R2J2

    LTINFP R2J213 hours ago

    The video helped me defend the 2nd Amendment better.

  48. Aleksandr Tsoy

    Aleksandr Tsoy13 hours ago

    Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Look what’s happening in NYC now... 2021. The most gun controlled state = the most gun violent state.

  49. Nina Parker Photography

    Nina Parker Photography13 hours ago

    "Facts, logic, data....and unrelenting sexiness!"

  50. Mike Urquhart

    Mike Urquhart13 hours ago

    Cogent, well presented counter argument...well done. Not to be be glib, but, your liberal friend brought a knife to a gun fight.

  51. leam1966

    leam196613 hours ago

    one thing you left out and these people think it cant happen a country like china could drop in out of the sky by the billions fully armed with machine guns AK 47s or what ever china is using if they know we where dis armed . . AND THESE LIBERALS THINK IT CANT HAPPEND WELL THEY THOUGH 911 COULD NOT HAPPEND AND IT DID . point is any thing can happen in this world . oh one more thing after what has happened in this country last summer I would not want to be unarmed . a lot of new gun owners and its because of the violence in our streets . there is a clear danger lurking in our country and trying to disarm us will just heighten the matter .and divide the country more

  52. John Peters

    John Peters14 hours ago

    There is alot more ways to kill people then just guns but you can't tell leftist and liberals that.

  53. Tucker Waldrip

    Tucker Waldrip14 hours ago

    This guy would be the best Captain of a Debate team, haha

  54. DW None

    DW None14 hours ago


  55. Curtis Reeves Reeves

    Curtis Reeves Reeves14 hours ago

    Well said sir and I stand behind you. Amazing how quickly logic, facts, and reason completely nuke the left’s argument for gun control. Even a child could recognize their proposed legislation is NOT designed to make anyone safer. It IS about control and conformity.

  56. sjshoopoo

    sjshoopoo15 hours ago

    "unrelenting sexiness". Can't disagree with that.

  57. KING SR20VE

    KING SR20VE15 hours ago

    Good FUCKING SHIT!!!!!

  58. Medicman695

    Medicman69516 hours ago

    That Ladies thought process: I hate his videos and all guns, I think I'm gonna not do any research on gun facts and try and use big fancy terms and phrases to attack all of this educated, pro 2a, lawyers comments. Colin: Hold my beer, I'll be back in 5 minutes

  59. • SuzukiLifeLtr450 •

    • SuzukiLifeLtr450 •16 hours ago

    Chipping away little by little until they can take the whole

  60. Christian Gomez

    Christian Gomez16 hours ago

    Colion Noir you are the absolute top dog I love sharing these videos

  61. Peggie S

    Peggie S18 hours ago

    ❌🇺🇸🤬Jeremiah Clement,She sounds like a liar,just like they want her to lie‼️🤮🇺🇸❌

  62. Peggie S

    Peggie S18 hours ago

    ❌🇺🇸God bless you my friend ❣️I agree on all levels‼️🇺🇸❌

  63. clint kees

    clint kees19 hours ago

    You got another thumbs up here! Damn straight good sir! Keep up that voice for you are indeed our voice and may you continue to push our cause.

  64. Adam SHARK

    Adam SHARK19 hours ago

    That's was awesome!!!! Well said my friend!!!

  65. Ric Richey

    Ric Richey20 hours ago

    Spot on with every point and fact sir!! Should we feel sorry for people like her? Or just remind ourselves that so many( especially demitia Joe supporters) don’t always have a helmet to wear or a window to lick?

  66. xabbit0508

    xabbit050820 hours ago

    Funny how liberals dont have a problem with D.C. killing unknown persons over seas in the middle east but will turn around and support authoritarianism

  67. Michelle Nash

    Michelle Nash21 hour ago

    Wooooooooo!!!! Awesome Colin!!!

  68. xabbit0508

    xabbit050821 hour ago

    A Lot of Liberals are to Chicken Shit to Stand up to their Groups and Manipulators. I wouldnt even use facts against these libtards because they would use it against you.

  69. Andrew Sicari

    Andrew Sicari21 hour ago

    Greatest end of video - EVER.

  70. Andrew Sicari

    Andrew Sicari21 hour ago

    9:00 is where CN goes on FIRE! Awesome!!!

  71. Ricky Hessler

    Ricky Hessler21 hour ago

    One of your best videos to date!!!....I hope she heard and listened to you.....hope there is a follow up.....maybe you should invite her to shoot these mean scary guns........just saying

  72. Corey Reed

    Corey Reed22 hours ago

    Well put!!! May every man who walks upon this soil exercise "Freedom"! Let no man be deprived of what is owed. Especially by those with opinionated rhetoric...

  73. Allyn Flinchbaugh

    Allyn Flinchbaugh23 hours ago

    My response would simply be, "GFY, you're not the boss of me".

  74. Lucas Barbeau

    Lucas BarbeauDay ago

    Eloquent rhetoric. Well said sir

  75. Thewalking Deadlifter

    Thewalking DeadlifterDay ago

    Damn my dude. You smacked all her points lol. She punching the air somewhere rn

  76. Anton Jurun

    Anton JurunDay ago

    If she's worried about an industrial connection to military complexes I sure hope she's never driven a Volkswagen.

  77. Gizmo Gaming 2.0

    Gizmo Gaming 2.0Day ago

    Chevy was built up and profited from WWI . car company! There was a guy who cut a guys head off with a machete about 5 years ago , gun availably is low( Canada ) but violence is the same as it was when the bans happened , same as Australia.

  78. Dusty Lee

    Dusty LeeDay ago

    Holy shit this person is brain dead.

  79. clublouie

    clublouieDay ago

    So well put!

  80. Retro Gamer Mama

    Retro Gamer MamaDay ago

    You killed this video Colion!!!

  81. Clay Holley

    Clay HolleyDay ago

    Damn I was commenting when I looked up & saw you on Fox News. Good job. We need all the voices we can get right now to speak up

  82. Clay Holley

    Clay HolleyDay ago

    Very well articulated & I appreciate you & your voice to educate others. I think we’ve all seen how government can control free speech through “cancelling” so many voices across this great nation. If Biden or any other President can limit, ban, or tax the 2nd Amendment while controlling our voices I’d say it’s pretty clear why the 2nd Amendment was written. The really tragic part of this story is that you had to make a 14 min video to explain why We The People have the RIGHT to bear arms. But again, thank you for taking the time to explain freedom to those that can’t fathom the cost of that freedom.

  83. Jonny Quest

    Jonny QuestDay ago

    A little over one month and OBiden has accomplished the following......cost of gasoline has risen by more then 80 cents a gallon and still rising....thousands upon thousands of good paying jobs lost at the stroke of a the borders without limitations and covid screenings for the illegals.....allowing cross gender to participate in female sports......the list goes on and on.....this man has no regard for the oath in which he took....hiis soul purpose is to erase Trumps accomplishments regardless of the harm it does to average Americans...As Americans, we should be outraged.....IMPEACHMENT is the only hope for us....The Democratic Party leaders have all failed to SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution of the U. S. and to even begin to attack our Constitutional 2nd Amendment Rights is just another example of disregarding their oath of office...IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT is warranted.

  84. Thomas Deem

    Thomas DeemDay ago


  85. BRANDON Mitchell

    BRANDON MitchellDay ago

    Defend the 2nd!

  86. Deutschland403 O

    Deutschland403 ODay ago

    She sounds extremely intelligent and you can tell she doesn’t let the media do all of the “thinking” for her. Good on you affluent white liberal lady! Please educate all of us on how to end the world’s problems. I’m sure your life struggles have taught you many tough first hand lessons

  87. Johnny Smithson

    Johnny SmithsonDay ago

    You nailed it. This was epic.

  88. johnny bobblz

    johnny bobblzDay ago

    Colion is right again you can't reason with the left.

  89. TheMcpvideo

    TheMcpvideoDay ago

    Yep Liberalism is definitely a mental disorder 🤦

  90. Nicholas Moe

    Nicholas MoeDay ago

    Keep up the good work man!

  91. john leca

    john lecaDay ago

    Honestly I do not believe you need any firearms, your facts and logic are already pretty incapacitating. Lol Now let me ask this are you really smart or are they really dumb? Here I will answer for you: YES. Bam!!!!!!

  92. Derek Lockyer

    Derek LockyerDay ago

    Thank you

  93. Jona velazquez

    Jona velazquezDay ago

    Well holy smokes y’all if this wasn’t a verbal beat down I don’t know what is , good job Colion

  94. Joe Jon

    Joe JonDay ago


  95. Ben George

    Ben GeorgeDay ago

    As long as Americans have guns, the foreign nations won't dare to invade.

  96. Lawrence Garcia

    Lawrence GarciaDay ago

    Do people who argue with you realise your an actual attorney.??

  97. Joe Jon

    Joe JonDay ago

    Hey CN, There is a gun industry BC We were still trying to settle this country when a war broke out and our young Government asked gun Makers to Make them for Yep Defense of our Nation.

  98. a Beltran

    a BeltranDay ago


  99. Dave Howard

    Dave HowardDay ago

    Great answers to her. Thank you for handling it like a champ

  100. Dave Howard

    Dave HowardDay ago

    I should add, she won’t digest anything you said.

  101. J SKI

    J SKIDay ago

    Mic drop