Today, we try out some GFUEL steak, made with the Shiny Splash GFUEL flavor!!
Shiny Splash GFUEL Review:
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  1. Dukaja

    Dukaja3 months ago


  2. Styj

    StyjMonth ago

    Try it with spicy demon ade

  3. marshal fenn

    marshal fenn3 months ago

    I followed u on twitch

  4. Ragnamonkey

    Ragnamonkey3 months ago

    No offense duk daddy. But I think it would be better with spicy demonadeq

  5. YeahFusk

    YeahFusk3 months ago

    Love this vid bro

  6. Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage3 months ago

    Try sneak energy

  7. ovwarrior

    ovwarrior11 days ago


  8. VRSlasher Gaming

    VRSlasher Gaming12 days ago

    Is that a T-bone I see????? I love steaks and meats

  9. wake_rayz

    wake_rayz16 days ago

    You never even kept the meat in water there could be germs

  10. WobbuffetSilverKing

    WobbuffetSilverKing25 days ago

    should of tried it with Spicy Demon'ade

  11. ツCruz

    ツCruz26 days ago

    its funny how he had to setup the camera in an aisle and walk through it after lol

  12. Hilary Wugalter

    Hilary WugalterMonth ago

    We’re do you order gfuel

  13. hayden bales

    hayden balesMonth ago

    Should have done like a gfule dry rub

  14. Meesix

    MeesixMonth ago

    You should have either used butter, mustard or Mayo as a binder for the GFUEL instead of marinating it

  15. Jay Jay

    Jay JayMonth ago

    You should make Gfuel jello

  16. IPlayStuff

    IPlayStuffMonth ago

    Spicy demonade could of been very viable it’s pretty much like a lemon pepper steak

  17. OffDew

    OffDewMonth ago

    ok do it with spicy demonade rub the powder on the steak and grill it ez

  18. Spawn

    SpawnMonth ago

    Video idea: gfuel macaroni

  19. XChromEmo666X

    XChromEmo666XMonth ago

    To be fair you would have been better doing the demonade the Cayenne would have given it a little bit of kick and the lemon would have went good for a marinade you should try the demonade with chicken that would probably go good

  20. Thunder

    Thunder2 months ago

    How to waste $20

  21. AmongTheLiving_86

    AmongTheLiving_862 months ago

    I got a beef its what for dinner ad during this 😂😂

  22. Cole Roobey

    Cole Roobey2 months ago

    This guy deserves way more then 55k this guy a goat

  23. nathan leblanc

    nathan leblanc2 months ago

    what kind of camera do you use???

  24. Dukaja

    Dukaja2 months ago

    sony a7II

  25. Habe

    Habe2 months ago

    Love your videos i just feel bad that you dont get the views you deserve

  26. Benjamin Parent

    Benjamin Parent2 months ago

    For a future video idea you could cook some chicken or a different type or cut and put it with spicy lemonade g fuel

  27. YinMajora

    YinMajora2 months ago

    I want to see Dukaja redo this one but with the spicy demonade flavor. Limonade steak is a real thing, peppery steak is a real thing, soooooo spicy limonade (gfuel) steak seems like it should be a real thing.

  28. DarkNeptune

    DarkNeptune2 months ago

    You should make a GFUEL cake

  29. Toxinguz

    Toxinguz2 months ago


  30. Dieks Dev

    Dieks Dev2 months ago

    Make g fuel ice cubes

  31. Rishi

    Rishi2 months ago

    When you run out of ideas to film:

  32. Manuel García-Casas

    Manuel García-Casas2 months ago

    Change ur yt to dukafuel

  33. Manuel García-Casas

    Manuel García-Casas2 months ago

    I don’t see any difference between you and Harry Potter besides your blonde hair

  34. Macho_Stuff

    Macho_Stuff2 months ago

    Roommate: walks in Dukaja: has a mountain of gfuel

  35. Unknown K

    Unknown K2 months ago

    Use gfuel as the seasoning

  36. Ismael Cervantez Cruz

    Ismael Cervantez Cruz2 months ago


  37. Mr Scruffles

    Mr Scruffles3 months ago

    Shouldve done demonade

  38. Awolfthatgoesmeow :3

    Awolfthatgoesmeow :33 months ago

    Now this is a real gamers meal

  39. Cosmic Scenes

    Cosmic Scenes3 months ago

    These kids are addicted to gfuel I swear

  40. sonictonic

    sonictonic3 months ago

    Catching up on your vids right now and damn, this is hard to watch lol. That poor steak lol...

  41. Deezy Games

    Deezy Games3 months ago

    day one of commenting on every vid he makes from now on

  42. Sayori Shoots You

    Sayori Shoots You3 months ago

    Spicy demanded might ove been good

  43. Aj Wood759

    Aj Wood7593 months ago

    Spicy demonade might have been better

  44. Dearies

    Dearies3 months ago

    You should have used spicy demonade

  45. Gabriel R

    Gabriel R3 months ago

    Ok, It's a date now! XD

  46. JujuPuggy

    JujuPuggy3 months ago

    I thought he was gonna season it with gfuel

  47. BlazingMonkey 17

    BlazingMonkey 173 months ago

    What about gfuel with boba???

  48. Aye!

    Aye!3 months ago

    YOOOOO TAKE those earphones off will ya!

  49. AJ gaming

    AJ gaming3 months ago

    To the few people who disliked your screen was upside down.

  50. Gianni Ruffolo

    Gianni Ruffolo3 months ago

    Spicy demonade prob would’ve been good lemon and spice

  51. nathical

    nathical3 months ago

    happy to see you have grown this far!

  52. Abe

    Abe3 months ago

    Caffeinated steak with lemonade and berry flavoring. I laughed

  53. Brody Hermansen

    Brody Hermansen3 months ago


  54. VLX Trippyy

    VLX Trippyy3 months ago

    your so underrated bro it’s crazy

  55. reducedfat67th

    reducedfat67th3 months ago

    Which state are you in?


    TEAM GAMMA UNBOXINGS3 months ago

    Answer dm

  57. Dark1fy

    Dark1fy3 months ago

    "We gonna soak our meat" Uhm who else thought of it as a dirty way?

  58. helo my children

    helo my children3 months ago

    Get the power xl air fryer combo I absolutely LOVE it and you would too

  59. Retro Games

    Retro Games3 months ago

    Can I get a poggers my pewdiepie packets came in today

  60. Snot ψ

    Snot ψ3 months ago

    Hello duk 👋 Im just here to say thank you!! I never tried gfuel but I saw you on my recommendations and I saw you tried pewdipies tub so I used your code and bought one thank you so much 😊

  61. Noodles Clips

    Noodles Clips3 months ago

    Hope I win! haven’t tasted Peach Cobbler also really want that Cold War heard it is a really good game but don’t have the money to buy it. But whoever wins congrats

  62. lil Juzou

    lil Juzou3 months ago

    Okay I said fairy floss last video and you choose this wtaf

  63. lil Juzou

    lil Juzou3 months ago

    Cotton Candy* (not American sorry for confusion xo)

  64. ginje ge

    ginje ge3 months ago

    is gfuel halal ?

  65. Monster bacteria

    Monster bacteria3 months ago

    Yo I found your tik tok it’s lit

  66. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 23 months ago


  67. Goose-_-

    Goose-_-3 months ago

    This is the best thing ive ever seen

  68. JimmyxWrld

    JimmyxWrld3 months ago

    you should of done spicy demonade

  69. Joosh

    Joosh3 months ago

    Cross contamination be like:

  70. Riley PinkP

    Riley PinkP3 months ago

    You should do this with chicken or turkey.

  71. professor nuggets

    professor nuggets3 months ago

    I eat beeans

  72. quoFN

    quoFN3 months ago

    i would have got the powder and rubbed it into the steak

  73. Itz David

    Itz David3 months ago

    I suggest moon pie coated bacon

  74. FireBlaster290

    FireBlaster2903 months ago

    happy 50K

  75. Paul Youkhana

    Paul Youkhana3 months ago

    i wish i could have gfuel

  76. Shaggi

    Shaggi3 months ago


  77. IcedT

    IcedT3 months ago

    he actually...

  78. Giggy Sphere

    Giggy Sphere3 months ago

    Hey so I’m 11 years old and I got gfuel you think I should drink it I don’t think I should

  79. You are a stick

    You are a stick3 months ago

    You know what maybe it is a date But just maybe

  80. NoahJ27

    NoahJ273 months ago

    You should cook a steak again but use spicy demon’ade it might taste a little better because of the spice. But who knows

  81. Jek

    Jek3 months ago

    Very fancy

  82. Jakcfn

    Jakcfn3 months ago

    YO, I have a video idea, Rouge Energy V.S GFuel, maybe???

  83. Subscribe to YoCrisis

    Subscribe to YoCrisis3 months ago

    the 6 dislikes are from the vegetarians

  84. Yeetbeat487 89

    Yeetbeat487 893 months ago

    Rip hype sauce So shad :(

  85. Grant Shovlin

    Grant Shovlin3 months ago

    make gfuel crossiants

  86. Killa Kan

    Killa Kan3 months ago

    Why tf wouldn’t you sub to duk

  87. Faze Gamer

    Faze Gamer3 months ago

    Plot twist: he eats everything with gfuel but he doesn’t want to reveal it

  88. Nqque

    Nqque3 months ago

    Bro finally i know if the fridge light closes if we close the door thanks bro

  89. ToFinPi

    ToFinPi3 months ago

    Make chicken nuggets with gfuel

  90. aDrive

    aDrive3 months ago

    Thats a nice steak

  91. Mr. Dinnington

    Mr. DinningtonMonth ago


  92. Big Hair

    Big Hair3 months ago


  93. Degyoo

    Degyoo3 months ago

    Yooo adrive

  94. Dukaja

    Dukaja3 months ago

    I saved you some!

  95. Mister-x

    Mister-x3 months ago


  96. FlygBosse

    FlygBosse3 months ago

    3:47 thats cursed

  97. The A Gamer

    The A Gamer3 months ago

    Did you know that you could have been the car that passed by

  98. g8me

    g8me3 months ago

    is that fridge camera necessary?

  99. PxraGrynes

    PxraGrynes3 months ago

    imagine being the cow who died just for your body to chill in gfuel

  100. Person Boi22

    Person Boi223 months ago

    Steaky 🤤

  101. bigjoemobile

    bigjoemobile3 months ago

    Duk bought a 70$ knife set but still opens boxed with the leg of a chair

  102. bigjoemobile

    bigjoemobile3 months ago

    G fuel Rice Krispies or ice cream sound kind of banger

  103. Reverse Twizz

    Reverse Twizz3 months ago

    My Ramsey is mad

  104. Kepskey

    Kepskey3 months ago

    It could be good with green apple

  105. Finkko

    Finkko3 months ago

    Should've done spicy demonade, bc it would give a type of spice and also a lemony flavor

  106. Gamer Kid74

    Gamer Kid743 months ago

    70$ just for knives

  107. Xzavier Creason

    Xzavier Creason3 months ago

    I feel like spicy demonaid would work well

  108. Jai Loon

    Jai Loon3 months ago

    THE THING IS it’s not unusual to marinate steak in sweet and sour things. If you maybe used some cumin oregano garlic etc. You could probably make some pretty tasty and unique gfuel carne asada.

  109. ryan taylor

    ryan taylor3 months ago

    100% likes the vlogging style

  110. brooks

    brooks3 months ago

    Show your house

  111. Eggs 2577

    Eggs 25773 months ago

    Hello man nice video, STAY SAFE!

  112. Huntingpengu 2

    Huntingpengu 23 months ago

    I think lemonade or lemon lime wouldve been the best on steak