Right-Wing Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Went After Biden's Dog | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Why did Newsmax's Greg Kelly decide to go after the Bidens' dog? MSNBC's Brian Williams takes a look. Aired on 02/20/2021.
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Right-Wing Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Went After Biden's Dog | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Sarah Blair

    Sarah Blair9 minutes ago

    Hey Greg Kelly, why don’t you pick on one of the Secret Service dogs. At least they can defend themselves unlike poor old Champ. He’s geriatric for a large breed dog. Let the old guy live his remaining years in peace. If this is Biden’s biggest scandal, then he can meet my dogs any time.

  2. Leslie Holm

    Leslie Holm3 hours ago

    Speaking of who needs a face brushing.....Don Jr.

  3. santanisme

    santanisme4 hours ago

    Giving dogs a bath is actually a bad thing. Especially for dogs who have a double coat. Their protective thin layer of fat on the hairs will be washed of. If your dog ain't dirty, don't wash them. Especially not with soap!

  4. Yago Usera

    Yago Usera8 hours ago

    I think Someone forgot to tell "Greg Kelly "His Toupee Looks A Lot Rough".

  5. Marc Rue

    Marc Rue9 hours ago

    I guess it was a slow day at newsmax, because they went after the President’s dog?! This man needs a hobby. And my hats off to Brian Williams for the zinger at the end👍🏽

  6. Denzel Mckenzie

    Denzel Mckenzie10 hours ago

    Lol so this what its come down to.... we talking about a dog thats like 90 in dog years😒

  7. Nancy Carlsen

    Nancy Carlsen11 hours ago

    Greg Kelly /Kelly Greg....making fun of a dog!! What a reporter you are. See you are going to the top!

  8. Cooldude69

    Cooldude6911 hours ago

    Someone is finally getting back at Biden for burying dogs and this is how you treat them??

  9. Kathy D

    Kathy D11 hours ago

    Sheeesh. Thanks Brian. Those Newsmax guys are stupid. First, what's wrong with these guys? Were they in a coma during the two term Obama years? Bo and Sunny? Did they mention Trump didn't have a dog. That should have been the first clue Trump was unqualified. They did a hit job on Champ with a B&W photo for a scary political spot scaring people about a candidate. A 12 year old beautiful dog. I'll take the Bidens, Champ, and Major any day over a hate-filled Trumpist!

  10. Debra Nielsen

    Debra Nielsen11 hours ago

    Proving once again that Repugnants are the lowest form of life.

  11. Ksthy Simmons

    Ksthy Simmons12 hours ago


  12. jesuitx

    jesuitx13 hours ago

    Champ is the goodest boy

  13. Baloo Dances

    Baloo Dances13 hours ago

    Seriously going after a dog, what morons watch fox and news max. These far right psychos need to be off the air.

  14. Elana Golombko

    Elana Golombko14 hours ago

    How low can you go Did you run out of topics 😕😞

  15. wcwright44

    wcwright4414 hours ago

    Have they no shame?

  16. Free Speech

    Free Speech17 hours ago

    Wrong dog being talked about. The dog is actually Biden.

  17. whitequeen96

    whitequeen9619 hours ago

    This reminds me of the HUGE SCANDAL of O'bama wearing a tan suit and how it "showed a total lack of respect for the job." Phfft!

  18. Emily C

    Emily C21 hour ago

    Tell us again how your helicopter was shot at. Oh, right that was a lie. That’s how you got yourself demoted to MSNBC

  19. Tetragramm

    Tetragramm22 hours ago

    Have you never seen an elderly Shepherd? That's all you have to go after, their elderly dog? Pathetic

  20. barbara kenway

    barbara kenway22 hours ago

    What despicable low-lives these three men are. There is far more nobility in that dog than they will ever know in themselves.

  21. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel Martinez22 hours ago


  22. Samus Knight

    Samus Knight23 hours ago

    The sad part is you know the Far Right is going to use this as some indication that Biden is a horrible President. It'll be some big scandal in their eyes. "He can't care for his dog! This proves he'll do the same to America! We need President Trump back!” Oh brother... 🙄🙄

  23. Skorpio Rising

    Skorpio Rising23 hours ago

    I’m glad this is what people are talking about while our country falls apart. 😒

  24. Todd Grooms

    Todd GroomsDay ago

    Greg Kelly said he loved the dog, Brian. Im also suspicious of an awesome giver to the democratic party, picking on a little news anchor that gets censored all the time from big tech. Why would NBC listen to Greg Kelly and then misrepresent what he said. But also its nice how close nbc is to know the age and where and when the dog came into the life of the Bidens. congratulations on your awesome story of the dogs birthday and character.

  25. Robert Simmons

    Robert SimmonsDay ago

    Champ is not a puppy. He is old and showing his age gracefully. Unlike the host on Newsmax. The fact that he can still get around the rose garden is a testament to his resilience. I love German Shepherds and this foolish, self proclaimed reporter is ignorant regarding this subject.

  26. Karen James

    Karen JamesDay ago

    I agree, if their going after Biden’s dig they are desperate for news.

  27. America Prefers#45

    America Prefers#45Day ago

    The more I watch MSNBC I lose more faith in humanity and getting the truth

  28. America Prefers#45

    America Prefers#45Day ago

    What a disgrace to media and journalism. While you people are being distracted with crap like this the Biden regime is literally destroying america. If we are going to cancel networks for misinformation MSNBC,CNN and NPR need to be cancelled first. These three state run networks contribute the most misinformation and propaganda then all other networks combined. There are comedians that are more truthfully then any of these places.

  29. Shielsia Derru

    Shielsia DerruDay ago

    It looks that scary tough dog from those face book posts who befriends an innocent kitten

  30. Marige OBrien

    Marige OBrienDay ago

    Pay no attention. Greg Kelly is just doing his best EX-president Trump impression. And it is on a par with Trump's mentality-- that the only importance of a dog is how it looks. Wow. No one who actually does love dogs would start and end on that topic. Champ is a GREAT dog! He's 12? He looks AWESOME!!! I doubt Greg Kelly will look half as good when he's 85-90, which is roughly the human equivalent. But Champ's not stupid. So don't count on him loving Greg Kelly. It's more likely Champ would politely ignore him and stay as far away from him as possible.

  31. Anthony Ngu

    Anthony NguDay ago

    Genuine criticism of Biden's policy like welching on $2,000 relief cheque... Nah we can't do that. Let's go after his dog....

  32. Angel Tompa

    Angel TompaDay ago

    The stupendous milkshake biophysically return because delivery serologically bow apud a joyous brian. misty, mature iran

  33. Poppy Jalto

    Poppy JaltoDay ago

    Dumb and dumber on display ..The elderly dog obviously has more intelligence than the three off them put together

  34. Cameron Padron

    Cameron PadronDay ago

    I was gonna say he just looks like a really old dog. Nothing wrong with that. Not really sure why new companies have to attack a dog to begin with, but whatever.

  35. AvatarJackson

    AvatarJacksonDay ago

    Dude he WON THE ELECTION! Attacking a good boi ain’t gonna change the results!

  36. Jen

    JenDay ago

    I'd call Greg Kelly a dog but that's too good of a name for him.

  37. Gerry Hurdelbrink

    Gerry HurdelbrinkDay ago

    Did it ever occur to you he may have just returned from a romp in the yard??? You don't have much to say that is truly relevant if that is your subject! Talk about a sore loser !!!

  38. Lynette Miller

    Lynette MillerDay ago

    With all the stuff going on in the country, THIS is all a bunch of grown men have to do with their time, is clown a DOG? STFD and STFU! Good grief!

  39. Tresa 06

    Tresa 06Day ago

    They are attacking a dog ?!?! 12 yrs old is an elderly dog !!! How pathetic these so call men are !!!

  40. Sandra H

    Sandra HDay ago

    ....and he looks like Richard Nixon. Now people are going to dog bash.

  41. Stephanie Schermi

    Stephanie SchermiDay ago

    Dog is 12, moron!!! Old old old Doing very well to have gotten to 12. Moron!!! Read a book!!6

  42. Patrice Dhanis

    Patrice DhanisDay ago

    Having been an owner of a German shepherd can say that champ looks normal.

  43. Marian Lincoln

    Marian LincolnDay ago

    If you've ever had an " OLDER " Dog the DONT always look like a bright new shiny puppy.... So get over yourself. He's a BELOVED and Cherished Pet.

  44. SmokeStack

    SmokeStackDay ago

    Lol right wing idiots grasp for anything when they're looking for a scandal. Here it is folks puppygate. Start the impeachment hearing.

  45. Sandra Gulley

    Sandra GulleyDay ago

    I grew up with Germen Sheperds and own one now. They blow there coats several times a year. With age they sometimes don't like to be brushed. My Anna looks about the same right now. Only she loves to be brushed and vacuumed every day.

  46. Kim Coleman

    Kim ColemanDay ago

    Seriously, they're discussing a dog? That's news? Such idiots!

  47. Lelleith Murray

    Lelleith MurrayDay ago

    To quote President Biden:"Come on, man!"

  48. Terry Webb

    Terry WebbDay ago

    I'd rather have a junkyard dog than have a full blooded breed.

  49. Warren Rowe Photography

    Warren Rowe PhotographyDay ago

    I think Greg Kelly needs a bath and a comb as well.

  50. Jen Tenn

    Jen TennDay ago

    Gurl if that shocks them they should see the orange slovenly gross man that got fired from the White House

  51. Susan Spencer

    Susan SpencerDay ago

    Greg Kelly is sad because nobody will ever love him the way the Bidens love Champ. Champ is the best good boy!

  52. Brad V. MI

    Brad V. MIDay ago

    Well the mainstream media did go after Melania! LMAO 🤣

  53. Dan Iancu

    Dan IancuDay ago

    msnbc = pathetic

  54. Milo Salisbury

    Milo SalisburyDay ago

    The pup is old! Calm yourself.

  55. Debra Lecuivre

    Debra LecuivreDay ago

    These guys are the biggest idiots I have ever seen! Believe me, that's saying something!

  56. Chris G

    Chris GDay ago

    Newsmax is the Dog in this story.

  57. felix acosta

    felix acostaDay ago

    gee.. don't say anything about a dog..just go after barron.. dems. way of thinking 🤔🤔..

  58. Patricia Bennett

    Patricia BennettDay ago

    TELL U WHAT go wash the dog

  59. Patricia Bennett

    Patricia BennettDay ago

    Could have been a rescue dude u dum

  60. ladygreyheart2012

    ladygreyheart2012Day ago

    Newsmax is a joke. At least the Bidens wouldn't leave their dog behind in a freezing house. #CancunCruz & #LyingHeidi

  61. MrMezmerized

    MrMezmerizedDay ago

    Newsmax: fawns over most unpresidential family ever Also Newsmax: complaining about supposedly unpresidential dog

  62. Oscar Schmidt

    Oscar SchmidtDay ago

    His dog would do a better job.

  63. John Campbell

    John CampbellDay ago

    Am I surprised that Newsmax would grasp at anything for a story. Nah....not at all and Champ is a fine looking dog. Biden's "boring" presidency is going to be a breath of fresh air.

  64. Rick Jordan

    Rick JordanDay ago


  65. c d

    c dDay ago

    newsmax - so low - dog more intelligent than this fake newsmax

  66. MMShaggy

    MMShaggyDay ago

    Ridiculous and pathetic.

  67. twilady2500

    twilady2500Day ago

    How low can you get to attack a dog🙄

  68. Gavin Jackey

    Gavin JackeyDay ago

    I love how people can criticize the right and it's cool. But if it's the other way around it's some huge controversey . In no way was it alright for this guy to target President Biden's dog. But people used to go at Melania for what she wore. Common people, let's be rational.

  69. L W

    L WDay ago

    Whatever their "strategy" was, this clearly backfired on them. Now the world thinks they are scum.

  70. Dr Bendover

    Dr BendoverDay ago

    Put the mutt down democrat:)

  71. blah blah blah

    blah blah blahDay ago

    So weak it's almost sad to hear these people speak

  72. blah blah blah

    blah blah blahDay ago

    Insulting dogs? Or just insulting "dogs"

  73. Jeanette Smith

    Jeanette SmithDay ago

    Why didn't you run down Trump's dog? Oh yeah, Trump didn't have any. The Biden's dog is a shelter dog. They do not always look as pretty as purebred dogs.

  74. CASS NM

    CASS NMDay ago

    Biden must be doing great if all they can criticize is his dog. German Shepards are working dogs, and top 3 in popularity.


    ILLPHAQUPDay ago

    Anything Brian Williams says is IMMEDIATELY DISREGARDED> FAKE NEWS>

  76. David

    DavidDay ago

    Let's find a photo of Greg Kelly's aged mother and insult her the way he insulted Champ.

  77. blossomlate

    blossomlateDay ago

    Good grief!!! What a line of crap from a “news” anchor!!

  78. vickie wimmer

    vickie wimmerDay ago

    Are you serious Greg Kelly? He is a beautiful dog you need glasses if you think he's dirt come on is that all you have to complain about is President Bidens dog?

  79. NurmaBP

    NurmaBPDay ago

    I actually more interested to Ted Cruz's dog that left alone for days in winter storm, while the whole family went to Cancun.

  80. lilwendy92

    lilwendy92Day ago

    It’s like asking why your 70 year old grandma doesn’t have smooth skin.

  81. mustang mike

    mustang mikeDay ago

    These mofos are talking about the dog not being presidential?! Look at their beloved former president, talk about not being presidential! I can't bare politics because of Republicans. They're terrible hypocrites.

  82. WhereAml

    WhereAmlDay ago

    People who've never had german sheperds

  83. SexyLadyy38 Cleveland

    SexyLadyy38 ClevelandDay ago

    That dog got more then trump hahahaha

  84. Rayna Avery

    Rayna AveryDay ago

    Don’t they have anything better to do....this is pathetic

  85. Jean Nieves

    Jean NievesDay ago

    His Dogs are beautiful They have Integrity

  86. Ras C

    Ras CDay ago

    Absolute bellend.

  87. Donna LE

    Donna LEDay ago

    That picture has been either photo shopped to look drab or was taken on an overcast day. Champ is much darker than that picture shows, he's a beautiful dog!

  88. savage daughter

    savage daughterDay ago

    MSM is so predictable...i figured I'd see nonsense and tds the minute I clicked on this🙄

  89. savage daughter

    savage daughterDay ago

    @nathan mckenzie nobody had to .open minds can figure it out. Thanks.

  90. nathan mckenzie

    nathan mckenzieDay ago

    No one mentioned the cheeto

  91. Dump Trump

    Dump TrumpDay ago

    Yet more Fake Outrage from the Reich Wing & this kind of thing is the reason why I don't vote Republican any more. Going after someone's dog? That's a POS move.

  92. tim peters

    tim petersDay ago

    The dog is elderly and has Arthritis and possibly hip dysplasia. It is clear that the animal is loved. If you spoke about my Dog like that, you would have a serious problem!!

  93. MsAllimack

    MsAllimack2 days ago

    A person that has to make an attack on a dog because of their BS RW propaganda machine really needs to sit down and shut up! You have to be deficient some brain cells to even want to listen to Newsmax.

  94. Dayita Bira Datta

    Dayita Bira Datta2 days ago

    Is there no level below to which the loony right will sink?

  95. Patricia Saluti

    Patricia Saluti2 days ago

    How Idiotic this man Is. Hes An older Dog Gorgeous. Joe's Dogs Are gorgeous

  96. Patricia Saluti

    Patricia Saluti2 days ago

    This man Is So Obnoxious

  97. tearl

    tearl2 days ago

    Remember when the lame stream media went after Trump's shoes, or his wife's clothes? That is even more pathetic than going after a dog.

  98. Lilia

    Lilia2 days ago

    They’re so bored, they have nothing better to do than criticize someone’s dog. A DOG.. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  99. Earth ANGEL

    Earth ANGEL2 days ago

    The Republican party is the trump party now n they are disgusting

  100. Jaelyn Brose

    Jaelyn Brose2 days ago

    I love German Shepherds. I hate people that steal elections and news media that helps cheaters. BTW... I had a German Shepherd that lived to 14 yrs old, and I have another one that is turning 10 in April, and she's still behaving like a 2 yr old.

  101. Starboy's Girl

    Starboy's Girl2 days ago

    LETS TALK about sexual misconduct Greg Kelly did

  102. firevid

    firevid2 days ago

    That's rather hypocritical coming from the news outlet that spent years engaging in subtle and not so subtle personal attacks on a sitting US president, his family and his supporters.