A Fight to the Death! (Destination Elk V3 - Episode 12)

Each season, there has been an "epic" scene that defines the Destination Elk series. That scene happens in today's Episode!
Donnie and Corey are hunting in Utah with Casey Harbertson, co-founder and President of MTN OPS. And Casey has his eye on a giant 5x6 bull the guys saw earlier in the hunt. However, Casey isn't the only one with his eye on the big bull. Another bull has come in to challenge the big herd bull, and the fight that ensues is nothing short of breath-taking!
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  1. Wolf Hewitt

    Wolf Hewitt3 hours ago

    Dang!!!!!! Thats the way to go out. One last fight Sweet bull

  2. J Mason

    J Mason3 hours ago

    Got to see two elk fighting a few years ago and there were five smaller bulls just watching them for what seemed like an hour.

  3. Duncan Campbell

    Duncan Campbell3 hours ago

    Cool having Lewis sticking around to catch the rest of the action and jumping in on another pack out.

  4. Nicola Ketcherside

    Nicola Ketcherside3 hours ago

    🦌🏹 Love the fight scene!! Would be awesome to see in person!!

  5. Sarah Brusseau

    Sarah Brusseau4 hours ago

    What a bull!!! Did the he have any fresh punctures while you guys were cutting him up from that fight? Amazing footage

  6. Torre Oberg

    Torre Oberg4 hours ago

    That’s so crazy! Must haven been so cool to watch!

  7. Jon Bittleston

    Jon Bittleston4 hours ago

    I know for a fact you guys get some of the best elk footage around! From last year when Corey almost got stepped on to this year's fight scene, it has definitely kept me hooked every day when the next episodes drop! Awesome job again guys!

  8. Curtiss Bushaw

    Curtiss Bushaw4 hours ago

    I've seen 3 serious bull fights. Great footage!

  9. Scott Ferguson

    Scott Ferguson4 hours ago

    Awesome! Almost as awesome as giveaways!

  10. Brandon Roth

    Brandon Roth4 hours ago

    Another great hunt! Congrats on a awesome Idaho Bull!

  11. Anthony J

    Anthony J4 hours ago

    Cool footage

  12. G.W. Summers

    G.W. Summers4 hours ago

    That was epic! The closest I have come to witnessing that was a few years back when we could hear them in the distance and by the time we got there all we found was mud blood and torn up ground.

  13. Daniel Carrales

    Daniel Carrales4 hours ago

    I’ve seen plenty of white tails fighting which can get pretty fierce, but elk fighting is another level up!!!

  14. Kyle Huskin

    Kyle Huskin4 hours ago


  15. Earl Hicks

    Earl Hicks4 hours ago

    With all the addrinaline that meat might not be very good.

  16. Marie Stewart

    Marie Stewart4 hours ago

    I don’t care if I win. That is the coolest fight scene!! How awesome it would be to witness that.

  17. Bob Makoutz

    Bob Makoutz4 hours ago

    That was awesome!! Bulls fighting and still fighting after Casey dropped him. Congratulations!!

  18. Jedd Ward

    Jedd Ward5 hours ago

    Awesome hunt guys!

  19. Paige Morse

    Paige Morse5 hours ago

    So cool to watch, can't imagine seeing that in the field

  20. All Oregon Property

    All Oregon Property5 hours ago

    Epic fight so glad waited to shoot so we could watch that!

  21. Shawn Rakoz

    Shawn Rakoz5 hours ago

    Had a fight like that happen to me but it was during deer season as usual 🤣

  22. Mark Matthews

    Mark Matthews5 hours ago

    So many Adrenaline rushes during elk season.

  23. Ryan Millsap

    Ryan Millsap5 hours ago

    Second best time of year!

  24. jonathse

    jonathse5 hours ago

    The bulls fighting would be so cool to see in person!

  25. Faith Family Forest

    Faith Family Forest5 hours ago

    I remember out hunting 2 years ago in the brakes and hearing a bull fight and thinking my dream was about to come true to be able to pick which one I wanted to shoot! Instead it was another hunter behind the only bush on the hillside raking and getting barked at by elk on the other hill!

  26. Ben Stommes

    Ben Stommes5 hours ago

    Epic...seeing that dust fly as they went at it was awesome.

  27. J.R. Larsen

    J.R. Larsen5 hours ago


  28. shawn eggers

    shawn eggers5 hours ago


  29. Raised in the Rut

    Raised in the Rut5 hours ago

    I hope we get to watch a fight like that one day! Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

  30. Joey Hartsock

    Joey Hartsock5 hours ago

    That fight was intense! Awesome footage!

  31. Sarah Hartman

    Sarah Hartman5 hours ago


  32. Dale Singer

    Dale Singer6 hours ago

    Fight! Fight!

  33. Christopher Quinlivan

    Christopher Quinlivan6 hours ago

    I have heard bulls fighting in the woods around here and never got a chance to see it. Such a crazy, spine-chilling sound! Awesome.

  34. jaden madison

    jaden madison6 hours ago

    That is some awesome footage! It will be awesome being able to relive it through the years!

  35. acmckeage

    acmckeage6 hours ago

    Casey, you’re a stud brother! That was incredible to watch!

  36. Glen Triner

    Glen Triner6 hours ago

    The fight was amazing... it had to be unbelievable in person

  37. Jacob Kuta

    Jacob Kuta6 hours ago


  38. Jasmine Suarez

    Jasmine Suarez6 hours ago

    Awesome footage!

  39. christian boisvert

    christian boisvert6 hours ago

    Great hunt!

  40. christian boisvert

    christian boisvert6 hours ago

    Great hunt!

  41. Margaret Reid

    Margaret Reid6 hours ago

    What a fight!

  42. Garrett Hitz

    Garrett Hitz6 hours ago

    I have seen some light sparing before but nothing like that let alone shoot one while there fighting.

  43. Dylan Barrett

    Dylan Barrett6 hours ago

    Can’t wait for the season to start back up

  44. Dorothy Gehring

    Dorothy Gehring6 hours ago

    Hey Donnie!! What do you call a cow with no legs? Ground Beef :-)

  45. Richard Hampton

    Richard Hampton6 hours ago

    The other Elk was thinking what the heck went on here!!

  46. tls6362

    tls63626 hours ago

    Love watching the fighting scenes. Another great episode.

  47. Live4theHunt365

    Live4theHunt3656 hours ago

    Love Corey's joke about Donnie filming! Donnie I loved the filming, such a cool encounter!

  48. Laura Mortensen

    Laura Mortensen7 hours ago

    So cool getting to watch such a good fight!

  49. patrick severin

    patrick severin7 hours ago

    elk fight! Yes!

  50. Brandt Mortensen

    Brandt Mortensen7 hours ago

    Good ol fashion brawl. Once again that was some awesome footage..

  51. Vayla Van Dyke

    Vayla Van Dyke7 hours ago

    I know I take for granted the effort it takes to film and edit these hunts, but I sincerely thank you for doing so and for sharing it with us! What an absolutely amazing experience!

  52. Todd Landers

    Todd Landers7 hours ago

    Simply awesome!!

  53. Kelly Partin

    Kelly Partin7 hours ago

    What an epic fight!!!

  54. Chance Maes

    Chance Maes7 hours ago

    What a cool scene there!

  55. James Ingham

    James Ingham7 hours ago

    That would be awesome as hell to see in person

  56. Tanner Newby

    Tanner Newby7 hours ago

    I could have just watched those bulls fight and been just as content as killin one.

  57. Eric Vein

    Eric Vein7 hours ago

    That will get your heart pumping just watching from the recliner. I was on the edge of my seat. Great experience!

  58. Chelsea Borowski

    Chelsea Borowski7 hours ago


  59. Ryan Barthel

    Ryan Barthel7 hours ago

    Good episode

  60. Timothy L. Beach

    Timothy L. Beach7 hours ago

    Hope to witness the Fight Club out in the elk woods one year.

  61. Constance Hope

    Constance Hope8 hours ago

    That fight was epic!!!! BBD

  62. Scott Lefler

    Scott Lefler8 hours ago

    If that does not get your heart pumping you might need to see a Dr

  63. recon6036

    recon60368 hours ago

    Dang, that was an intense fight! What a great experience

  64. Dawson Martinsen

    Dawson Martinsen8 hours ago

    Can't wait for the giveaways!

  65. isellcatlitter

    isellcatlitter8 hours ago

    when you guys found those 2 bulls fighting, my dad would have yelled at the top of his lungs..."HEY I GOT TO TAKE ANOTHER SHIT".... NEVER TAKE HIMHUNTING, he always forgets his hearing aids...

  66. Phil Hanly

    Phil Hanly8 hours ago

    Thank you Cory and Donnie for just an incredible hunt!!!

  67. christopher Houser

    christopher Houser8 hours ago

    I just finished watching the season. You guys are amazing. The fight with the bulls was really cool.

  68. Sam Comer

    Sam Comer8 hours ago

    Awesome fight seen

  69. Brandon Moser

    Brandon Moser8 hours ago


  70. Haylie Ryan

    Haylie Ryan9 hours ago

    I love you guys! Keep doing what you guys do!

  71. John Horvath

    John Horvath9 hours ago

    Cool fight!

  72. David Slaughter

    David Slaughter9 hours ago

    Epic! Just epic.

  73. Nate Skogen

    Nate Skogen9 hours ago

    First rule of fight club...

  74. Adam McCabe

    Adam McCabe9 hours ago

    You guys do a great job chronicling the journey of elk hunting! Donnie's dad jokes are on point this yr!

  75. Dale Franckowiak

    Dale Franckowiak9 hours ago

    badass fight!

  76. BJ_is_out

    BJ_is_out10 hours ago

    Good job

  77. Garrett Peltzer

    Garrett Peltzer10 hours ago

    To be able to get a bull while fighting is epic!!

  78. William Stankey

    William Stankey10 hours ago

    Amazing footage!

  79. Clayton Robinson

    Clayton Robinson10 hours ago

    This fight is better than McGregor V. Maywether

  80. Katie Davidson

    Katie Davidson10 hours ago

    Always wonder if its malicious or boredom that sparks the fights, either way super cool to witness!

  81. Jene Prudent III

    Jene Prudent III10 hours ago

    That was an epic battle. I would love to see one in person.

  82. Erik Reyes

    Erik Reyes10 hours ago

    Always look forward to watching this series!

  83. Mitch O

    Mitch O11 hours ago

    What a fight scene.

  84. Dylan Bemis

    Dylan Bemis11 hours ago

    I want to win

  85. Kory LaPoint

    Kory LaPoint12 hours ago

    Elk hunting kings!

  86. Brian Nelson

    Brian Nelson12 hours ago

    Another awesome episode!

  87. Jer Bow

    Jer Bow12 hours ago

    Awesome fight!

  88. Dustin Spendlove

    Dustin Spendlove12 hours ago

    This has to have been the best episode yet. Best dad joke and then to get video of a great fight scene of two mature bulls and then to get the best one of the two congratulations to Casey and Lewis for two great bulls. My family loves the series keep up good work Corey and Donnie

  89. Pascal D Wilkins

    Pascal D Wilkins13 hours ago

    That fight scene was pretty cool, don't see many videos like that on here

  90. Aaron Volner

    Aaron Volner13 hours ago

    Great vid as always fellas!

  91. Zane Allen

    Zane Allen14 hours ago

    Man that is some really cool footage!

  92. Justin Roberts

    Justin Roberts14 hours ago

    Loved the fight scene!

  93. Hunt'n the sandhills

    Hunt'n the sandhills14 hours ago

    Corey, i only have 1 lung.... imagine if i had 2! The 2 older guys are on top, the younger 2 are still half way up. Awesome fight scene.

  94. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller14 hours ago

    What a crazy fight!

  95. Glenda Jensen

    Glenda Jensen15 hours ago

    Bend it and send it

  96. Fish Talker

    Fish Talker16 hours ago

    That was epic. One of the coolest fight scenes and kills every caught on camera and what a stud bull thanks Donnie for the great footage and what a stud bull!!

  97. Jeremy Lewis

    Jeremy Lewis17 hours ago

    What an awesome sight!

  98. Bret Myers

    Bret Myers17 hours ago

    Always bring a gun to a dagger fight.

  99. Taylor Burke

    Taylor Burke17 hours ago

    now that was awesome!!!

  100. Jordan Holcomb

    Jordan Holcomb17 hours ago