WILL YOU MARRY ME? The Proposal...

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  1. JuJu & Des

    JuJu & DesMonth ago


  2. Elwood Riley

    Elwood Riley5 days ago


  3. Lindsey Davis

    Lindsey Davis12 days ago

    Congrats to the most down to earth and real couple you guyd deserve nothing but happiness and peace 💜🙂

  4. derrick patterson

    derrick patterson19 days ago

    👍🏾 congrats bro

  5. Zizi Dabaja

    Zizi Dabaja24 days ago

    Congratulations 💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏😭

  6. anime guy

    anime guy24 days ago

    Congrats Julius & Destiny 👏🏻

  7. Regina Siimoi

    Regina Siimoi45 minutes ago

    Congratulations guys💜💜🎉

  8. Carol Barrios

    Carol BarriosDay ago

    Where this at ? lol

  9. It's your girl Estel

    It's your girl EstelDay ago

    Congrats ♥️

  10. Yesenia Raya

    Yesenia RayaDay ago

    Who’s been rocking with Julius since JKJ 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ Way before he brought this girl onto the channel

  11. chloe allen

    chloe allen2 days ago

    WOW, I haven’t been on USlikes for a while but I used to be obsessed with your videos and I find out you engaged and pregnant! Congratulations 💜

  12. Amo Keelan

    Amo Keelan3 days ago

    Yaaaay Juju and des congrats love xx

  13. Sandra Cruz

    Sandra Cruz4 days ago

    We love an emotional man ❤️

  14. Evette Erica

    Evette Erica4 days ago

    congratss !!

  15. Patrice

    Patrice4 days ago


  16. Becca Hernandez

    Becca Hernandez4 days ago

    This is so beautiful ☺️ I’ve had people ask me how do you know when you’ve found “the one” and I always say you’ll know. When it brings tears to your eyes when you talk about how much you love that person. When they make you a better you, you found the one. Congratulations 🎉

  17. Teresa Nunez

    Teresa Nunez4 days ago

    Omg I’m dying 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  18. Student Athlete

    Student Athlete5 days ago

    Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 on the proposal.

  19. Elwood Riley

    Elwood Riley5 days ago


  20. Sophia Mosime

    Sophia Mosime6 days ago


  21. Jamie Siliezar

    Jamie Siliezar7 days ago

    aww so cute 😍 where are the guys that are like you !?😩

  22. kendra casey

    kendra casey7 days ago

    had to go back and watch EVERY VIDEO YALL EVER MADE! Juju crying made me cry bro

  23. Kayleen Cosgrove

    Kayleen Cosgrove7 days ago


  24. Ruth Musau

    Ruth Musau7 days ago


  25. Rachel Wallin

    Rachel Wallin8 days ago

    That truly came from the heart ♥️ I’m so happy for you both!!! Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾🎉

  26. Jessica Lunsford

    Jessica Lunsford8 days ago

    Congrats y’all are so cute

  27. Dayanna Flores

    Dayanna Flores8 days ago

    This was such a beautiful moment, congratulations 🎊🍾🤍 may God bless you both!

  28. LaCimbrea’s Life *

    LaCimbrea’s Life *8 days ago

    I know there have been a million comments however I wait for a few videos then I watch you guys 😭 I am so happy for you guys the journey that you have shared with us has been not just hilarious but serious emotional but most of all heartfelt I hope you guys last a lifetime always communicate always say I love you and don’t be afraid to comprise. 🥳Congratulations 🎉 you two are amazing thank you for sharing your life.

  29. Mildred Contreras

    Mildred Contreras9 days ago

    Finally!!🙏🤗😘😁 Congrats u to!

  30. Crystal Manzo

    Crystal Manzo9 days ago

    What piano song is this??😭

  31. Shinelle Payne

    Shinelle Payne9 days ago

    Aww❤... Congratulations 🥰

  32. Prettygirl raezha

    Prettygirl raezha9 days ago

    Congratulations guys I loved juju sweet message in the begin so happy for u guys ❤️❤️! In that ringgg niceeee 😭🥺!

  33. Dexter Fields

    Dexter Fields10 days ago

    If u did not love this video your a hater cause this was an amazing video

  34. Jeanette Crute-Bullock

    Jeanette Crute-Bullock10 days ago

    So freaking happy for you both. Nana

  35. Naomi

    Naomi10 days ago

    this is such an emotional moment you 2 guys are the best couple on you tube we love you !!! congrats !!

  36. Princess Mensah

    Princess Mensah10 days ago

    Congrats guys love you Soo much❤️❤️❤️💋

  37. Norae Laylaib

    Norae Laylaib11 days ago

    Congrats Des and Juju youve found your soulmate ❣🥺💪🏾

  38. Jasmine H

    Jasmine H11 days ago

    I’m late but I’m crying! Congrats Julius and Destiny the Queen!!!! Julius literally did such a perfect job and Destiny looked so beautiful!!!! I’m married and I’ve been married for going on 2 years now and it’s everything when u spend your life with your best friend! God bless you two to many years and I can’t wait to see more growth. Love you both!

  39. Michell Garcia

    Michell Garcia11 days ago

    On my birthday 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Naiyah J

    Naiyah J11 days ago

    Awww you guys got engaged on my birthday😂😩😩

  41. Missy Fang

    Missy Fang11 days ago

    Best place to propose at! Congrats y’all!!💯❤️

  42. Paul Ignatius

    Paul Ignatius12 days ago

    Congratulations 🎊very inspirational people love watching y’all ❤️❤️❤️

  43. Celine Diaz

    Celine Diaz12 days ago

    Such a lucky girl🥺he’s such a good warming loving person

  44. Memph10 Gaming

    Memph10 Gaming12 days ago

    YOU BETTA KING!!!!! Yessirrrrrr

  45. A Marie

    A Marie12 days ago

    Knowing the baby will see this one day 🥺🥺🥺

  46. izzle m

    izzle m12 days ago

    I don’t even know you guys but i’am soooooo happy for you finally 🥺🥰 I wish you all the best things in life ❤️

  47. Sysco

    Sysco13 days ago


  48. The Life Of Dess

    The Life Of Dess13 days ago

    congrats ♥️

  49. Delilah West

    Delilah West13 days ago


  50. Melissa V

    Melissa V13 days ago

    Truly one of the most beautiful proposal's I've seen ... Cherish everyday together..time flies by so quickly and to have a genuine love is a blessing make everyday a birthday ...God bless you ..

  51. irene sanchez

    irene sanchez14 days ago

    i love you guys, i am so happy for the both of you. may god bless you both thru your beautiful journey

  52. Dominique Servais

    Dominique Servais14 days ago

    Congratulations to you both!!! The best couple I’ve ever seen.

  53. Enesi Kaoma

    Enesi Kaoma14 days ago


  54. Shebadxo

    Shebadxo14 days ago

    Congratulations to you both I’m soooo happy for you guys God bless you both

  55. Jayanna Jackson

    Jayanna Jackson14 days ago

    At this point I just feel like people hit the dislike button to be negative because what is there to not like....? Like really

  56. Olga Vazquez

    Olga Vazquez14 days ago

    Congrats juju and des

  57. Ellie Shaw

    Ellie Shaw14 days ago

    Awww wow this was beautiful I loved this it was amazing love you guys so much 😍😍🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰❤️❤️

  58. Natashalee De Jesus

    Natashalee De Jesus14 days ago

    Congratulations!!!🥺❤️ not me balling first thing in the morning!😩


    BREYANA GARCIA15 days ago

    When he started crying my heart sunk🥺❤️

  60. Adelle Pomele

    Adelle Pomele15 days ago

    Congratulations guys ❤️

  61. Sabrina Raielle

    Sabrina Raielle15 days ago

    Omg I love u guys so much blessings to both off y'all and mayy god bless u both for more ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  62. Keke Davis

    Keke Davis15 days ago

    Omg he’s really crying I freaking love u guys I’m so jealous on the low lol me n my man just broke up todayy

  63. chisom Jennifer

    chisom Jennifer15 days ago


  64. Keke Davis

    Keke Davis15 days ago


  65. Roselia Stjulien

    Roselia Stjulien15 days ago

    OMG CONGRATULATIONS THIS is a HUGE milestone for you guys and u both look so in love and its just perfect like God Has made you guys to be together so thank the Lord for that!!💙💙💙

  66. Alex Zarate

    Alex Zarate15 days ago

    Proud of you guys so much watch you guys videos its been great can't wait for more congratulations

  67. Grace A.

    Grace A.15 days ago


  68. Jenni Artzz

    Jenni Artzz15 days ago

    What is this place called?

  69. Minnie 19

    Minnie 1915 days ago

    A love like this or nothing tbh congratulations 🎊🍾🎈😍😍

  70. Dakota Romero

    Dakota Romero16 days ago

    Did the proposal have a little to do w her being pregnant?

  71. Jacki AKA

    Jacki AKA16 days ago

    Congratulations guys

  72. Nichole Red

    Nichole Red16 days ago

    I wish and hope marriage/happiness on all of you guys ! God bless ❤️

  73. Sanchez R

    Sanchez R16 days ago

    The way he loves her man when you find that don’t lose that . Love y’all congratulations Nd congratulations on the rainbow baby. 💯💯 blessings 💯🤍

  74. Dalia Lopez

    Dalia Lopez16 days ago

    I have been waiting for this for a really long time.!!!!! I love you both and your are both lucky to have each other. God bless you both very much. Make each other happy and remember that a relationship isn’t easy and let alone a marriage. You guys will do amazing together!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  75. Sonali Bajpai

    Sonali Bajpai16 days ago

    Omg this was so beautiful❤ Congratulations you guys !!🥂 May God Bless You Both 🙏❤ I literally had tears

  76. cara whaley

    cara whaley16 days ago

    Congratulations both of you ❤️❤️❤️

  77. Michelle Pro

    Michelle Pro17 days ago

    Omg im so latee on the videoss ! But i aam literallyyy cryingggg 😭🥺❤️ i am SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWOOO much lovee and prosperity for both ❤️

  78. melissa alvarez

    melissa alvarez17 days ago

    Omggg congratttts💕💕💕💕

  79. Panichi Daniels

    Panichi Daniels17 days ago

    Aweee Congratulations!!

  80. Shaine Solomon

    Shaine Solomon17 days ago

    Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊🍾 What a beautiful proposal 💍😍😩

  81. Ali Delbuono

    Ali Delbuono17 days ago

    He deff did dam good job!! I love u both

  82. Ali Delbuono

    Ali Delbuono17 days ago

    Aw you are a great man destiny is such a special amazing women and you are such a lucky man. Destiny i love u congrats girl you are so lucky ju is a great man!!

  83. Why Youcare

    Why Youcare17 days ago

    damn i must have gotten some hot cheeto dust in my eyes

  84. Montanier Robinson

    Montanier Robinson17 days ago

    I’m so happy for u too I love my jujus and Dez u have came a long way

  85. Aida Fall

    Aida Fall17 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉

  86. leilani ortiz

    leilani ortiz17 days ago

    juliusssssss you got me crying 1 minute in!!!!! so beyond happy for you guys

  87. Erica Seda

    Erica Seda17 days ago

    Congratssss 🎉🎉🤗🤗💕💕


    LYDIA SANTANA17 days ago

    Boy you better cry for your woman.👏 That is beautiful

  89. lisa t

    lisa t18 days ago


  90. lisa t

    lisa t18 days ago

    Beautiful words ..Angel of God💙❤🌺🙏

  91. Areli

    Areli18 days ago


  92. Synquis Harris

    Synquis Harris18 days ago

    Congratulations you guys deserve happiness and I wish y’all the best ❤️

  93. Josette K. Esquivel

    Josette K. Esquivel18 days ago

    The ROCK, I mean the RING IS GORGEOUS!!! LUCKY GIRL!! 🥰❤️

  94. Altered venoms Gaming channel

    Altered venoms Gaming channel18 days ago


  95. Josette K. Esquivel

    Josette K. Esquivel18 days ago

    Love you two! 🥰❤️

  96. Carly-Rose Doss

    Carly-Rose Doss18 days ago

    Happy crying 😫

  97. Andrea Rose

    Andrea Rose18 days ago

    Awww yaaay congrats

  98. Lola Cam

    Lola Cam18 days ago

    562 ppl are miserable 🥴😂

  99. Victoria Porras

    Victoria Porras18 days ago


  100. Daniela Lopez

    Daniela Lopez18 days ago

    Juju did amazing setting up everything it was so beautiful! 🥺 And that RING 💍

  101. m p

    m p18 days ago

    Yea I’m only 1min in and I’m already crying🥺😂😍😍😍🥲💘

  102. Laila B

    Laila B18 days ago

    Congrats ❤️

  103. Evelyn Rojas

    Evelyn Rojas18 days ago

    Congratulations!!! ❤️

  104. Marrissa Gonzales Garay

    Marrissa Gonzales Garay18 days ago

    I know I’m late but I’m so excited for y’all 🥲🥰. Congratulations 🍾

  105. luna

    luna18 days ago

    congratulations!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺