When you're trying to impress a girl...

looking for a minecraft girlfriend.


  1. Just an 8-bit m0nk3y

    Just an 8-bit m0nk3y2 hours ago

    its the ending that got me crying

  2. HisokasSmallPP Its really small

    HisokasSmallPP Its really small2 hours ago

    Is no one gonna acknowledge that he glowed up, I mean he got that clear skin now😩🤚

  3. Lukas Dos Anjos

    Lukas Dos Anjos4 hours ago

    ngl nathan in that wig looks pretty good

  4. Why you so Random G

    Why you so Random G5 hours ago

    I can't with the end 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Leon Jack

    Leon Jack6 hours ago

    Hahaha! Ahhh no. PLOT TWIST Boi. 😂

  6. Kha Cho

    Kha Cho7 hours ago

    They gay

  7. Dream

    Dream10 hours ago


  8. Raneem Jomaa

    Raneem Jomaa11 hours ago

    oh shoot they all gay in reality

  9. Raneem Jomaa

    Raneem Jomaa11 hours ago

    0:35 this is a new start of a fast-food commercial 😂😂🤣🤣

  10. Tomi Ai

    Tomi Ai11 hours ago

    It’s like he’s trying to tell us something....

  11. Felix9763

    Felix976312 hours ago


  12. Mizo animations

    Mizo animations14 hours ago


  13. Fade_Goated

    Fade_Goated15 hours ago

    im not even paying attention to the video i just like the music and intense moments xD

  14. Aidan Hu

    Aidan Hu15 hours ago

    U have the absolute best acting skills and voice changer and

  15. godofwind

    godofwind15 hours ago

    Can you make a second version but 1 of them doesn't say I like men

  16. Karah Y.

    Karah Y.18 hours ago


  17. pardis

    pardis19 hours ago


  18. ʚ Natsumi Cloudii ɞ

    ʚ Natsumi Cloudii ɞ20 hours ago



    PINGU PINYODay ago

    Did it broke rip you must have worked hours and then you were like what ever it happens all the time

  20. Ejl

    EjlDay ago

    0:23 he said "CHICK fil a" instead of "chick FIL A" and it hurts.

  21. 101King

    101KingDay ago


  22. 李胤彥Kody Lee

    李胤彥Kody LeeDay ago

    He is too single he wore a wig to get a girlfriend and the gf is him

  23. Damien Pantaleone

    Damien PantaleoneDay ago

    You got me at “I like men”

  24. brown crewmate

    brown crewmateDay ago


  25. Yuri Fernandez

    Yuri FernandezDay ago

    I like men...

  26. Moneybrainz99

    Moneybrainz99Day ago

    Bro the 'i like men' fucking murdered me

  27. spongebob

    spongebobDay ago


  28. Schuyler Yancy Zeng

    Schuyler Yancy ZengDay ago

    " I Like Men " Me be like: Bro wtf are you gay???

  29. Aboudyyaya

    AboudyyayaDay ago

    Am I the only one who saw all those arowana

  30. Nate do random stuff

    Nate do random stuffDay ago

    bro the most realistic thing is the fishes in the background

  31. ChrisDuckless D

    ChrisDuckless DDay ago

    Not to be racist or anything but those 4 men look's like the same person 0:01

  32. Gerson Sacalxot

    Gerson SacalxotDay ago

    When they saybI like man I kept laughing

  33. funnyd

    funnyd2 days ago

    THE END THO 😂😂😂😂😂

  34. Random Kid On Roblox

    Random Kid On Roblox2 days ago

    Me: I'm Not a Simp *Also me When My Crush Says he Likes* :


    IRONIC CGA2 days ago

    Just Take all Three it's a Lost Cause Before it Even Started Lol 🤣

  36. kz857

    kz8572 days ago

    Wait there gay...

  37. DaOldMan36 Gaming

    DaOldMan36 Gaming2 days ago

    Emma: I like men All the guys: I like men Me: wait. that's illeagal

  38. Sharkii

    Sharkii2 days ago

    I must admit *i do like men and that's is a fact*

  39. Amikoizumi

    Amikoizumi2 days ago

    Already opened Chick-fil-A sauce lol ur not slick I saw u nathen

  40. Joseph Linscheid

    Joseph Linscheid2 days ago

    Woa there buster

  41. TheReal_Eden

    TheReal_Eden2 days ago

    i like men too even i am

  42. Caevinn

    Caevinn2 days ago


  43. Sir Drudles

    Sir Drudles2 days ago

    Nathan is actually very cute as a girl

  44. Jose Luis Villarreal

    Jose Luis Villarreal2 days ago

    They just beat her up then their response out of no where is " my pleasure."

  45. Ulf

    Ulf2 days ago

    im dying🤣

  46. Daniel Wong

    Daniel Wong2 days ago

    Emma:I like men The boys: *I like men*

  47. Demented souls Gaming

    Demented souls Gaming2 days ago

    Is there something u want to tell us?

  48. Kristian GAM3Z

    Kristian GAM3Z2 days ago

    Nathan: "i like men" me: on the floor laughing

  49. Alilsleepy

    Alilsleepy2 days ago

    Little did he know I like men😏

  50. Class Corner

    Class Corner2 days ago

    "I like men!"

  51. The Gamer Guy

    The Gamer Guy2 days ago

    Some of the sealed packets are glued so strong that my fingers can't even open it and this dude opening it with his teeth

  52. Josip Pankretić

    Josip Pankretić2 days ago

    Where is chin ching?

  53. waffle Playz

    waffle Playz2 days ago

    that last part was gay

  54. C2B ChinoFN

    C2B ChinoFN2 days ago

    The end tho🤣😂🤣

  55. BacoK08X x

    BacoK08X x2 days ago

    I like men

  56. cannedgu

    cannedgu3 days ago

    Are you asian?

  57. David Nator

    David Nator3 days ago

    The fish on the background: 👁👄👁

  58. Dragonslayer Yt

    Dragonslayer Yt3 days ago

    Great video and also where jing jing we haven’t seen him in a while

  59. Daily chess games

    Daily chess games3 days ago

    1:27 shit went from 0 to 100 real quick


    RANDOMGAMEZ3 days ago

    1:28 I LIKE MEN!

  61. Jeff The Sister

    Jeff The Sister3 days ago

    Why is the ChickFalay scene straight out of a marvel movie.

  62. Phillip Lam

    Phillip Lam3 days ago

    The I love men lol 😂😂

  63. XRoguey

    XRoguey3 days ago

    lol, they all started to say i like men right after she said it 1:30

  64. Cookie_Playzシ

    Cookie_Playzシ3 days ago

    You are not the chosen one…

  65. OwO

    OwO3 days ago

    One lucky girl

  66. Bunny Wolf

    Bunny Wolf3 days ago

    Last one really got me

  67. Polish Filipino

    Polish Filipino3 days ago

    I see the title was made specifically for the last 10 seconds of the video

  68. Alan Shi

    Alan Shi3 days ago

    "it's so hard to choose" yeah because all 4 of them are the exact same person

  69. Diego Perez

    Diego Perez3 days ago

    What happened to hing hing

  70. Jodiann Morrison

    Jodiann Morrison3 days ago

    Imagine his neighbors hearing I like men 4 time at four A.M

  71. catmcfatterson

    catmcfatterson3 days ago

    dude i havent ate in chick fil a in two years pensive

  72. Mepnew

    Mepnew3 days ago

    I smell like air

  73. jamsonplayz

    jamsonplayz3 days ago


  74. Ralph Calinao

    Ralph Calinao3 days ago

    1:24 i like men made me laugh

  75. The Frookly Frook

    The Frookly Frook3 days ago

    I really wanna see a video with Nathan and Steven He together

  76. Kzythe

    Kzythe3 days ago

    Ending was just 😮 (surprising)

  77. Bowser Studios

    Bowser Studios3 days ago


  78. blorp

    blorp3 days ago

    it wouldve been so funny if they were like""wait you like men too?" and then they all go out with eachother

  79. Adam official comic dub

    Adam official comic dub3 days ago

    1:29 hol up

  80. Angry Alan

    Angry Alan3 days ago


  81. Cryptic

    Cryptic3 days ago

    Sooo uhhh did u kick gong gong

  82. steve plays

    steve plays3 days ago

    Jin jin is so funny

  83. GHOST

    GHOST3 days ago

    *my pleasure*

  84. Heavenly Dio

    Heavenly Dio3 days ago


  85. Burpy _

    Burpy _3 days ago

    Tell Ling Ling I said hi :D

  86. мӗат мӗ.

    мӗат мӗ.3 days ago

    simp Life be like:

  87. Aditya Yada

    Aditya Yada3 days ago

    Ending is hilarious 😂 .quote “ I like men “. There dedication/humour is beyond their own gender .

  88. Bonnie Holmes

    Bonnie Holmes3 days ago

    I like men😂😂😂 I like men

  89. Jayden Soesilo

    Jayden Soesilo3 days ago

    In press me😏

  90. Sara Jean

    Sara Jean3 days ago

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  91. TN CMonster

    TN CMonster3 days ago

    and just like that we need a part two

  92. lol ele

    lol ele3 days ago

    Please bring back ging ging he was my fav

  93. Johndoezerss

    Johndoezerss3 days ago


  94. rengoku online

    rengoku online3 days ago

    even hes a boy he stil looks like a girl with hair

  95. Rat Monke

    Rat Monke4 days ago

    *I like men* the funniest dialogue

  96. Victory Potato

    Victory Potato4 days ago

    The ending tho

  97. Skits to feed my Children

    Skits to feed my Children4 days ago

    1:29 same

  98. Sierra Kaye

    Sierra Kaye4 days ago

    Her: oh i'm straight Me: I'M STRAIGHT TOO! Wait--

  99. Q Zrex

    Q Zrex4 days ago

    i like men chain

  100. kingkaboob

    kingkaboob4 days ago

    i want ging ging