No, this is NOT a PS6 prototype...

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  1. lihing gaming

    lihing gaming10 hours ago


  2. LarryThe_Turtle10

    LarryThe_Turtle10Day ago

    WHAT?! that is really amazing

  3. Dib Irken

    Dib IrkenDay ago

    I like how he kept the footage of him missing the headphone jack. 😂🤣😭

  4. Takumi Fujiwara

    Takumi Fujiwara2 days ago

    this guy is getting better, keep it up. dont mind what the others say, just do what you like and enjoy

  5. Befit Halo

    Befit Halo2 days ago

    Your voice is obnoxious

  6. Nonexistent

    Nonexistent2 days ago

    Comment #900

  7. Thiscatlooksangry Noreally

    Thiscatlooksangry Noreally3 days ago

    Next the Small passive speakers from the good old sony ericsson Walkman phones haha

  8. Dry Ice

    Dry Ice3 days ago

    play cyberpunk on it

  9. simp

    simp3 days ago

    Thats a stove

  10. blazeddonakayak

    blazeddonakayak3 days ago

    not one person thought that was a ps6 prototype

  11. Jalen Watson

    Jalen Watson3 days ago

    This is not a ps6 prototype😂😭 love it absolutely

  12. Piratekiller99

    Piratekiller995 days ago

    crappy by today's standards

  13. Qonah Mobarak

    Qonah Mobarak5 days ago

    What song is that?

  14. ecinyrtlli

    ecinyrtlli5 days ago

    I like this guy now

  15. The year the last human was born V

    The year the last human was born V5 days ago

    I find it weird that we are using ps5 as a joke instead of the ps5

  16. e 5

    e 55 days ago

    How do you get shocked by a green light indicating the things on 😂

  17. Tubby Fatfrick

    Tubby Fatfrick5 days ago

    You have achieved a balance between having an interest in the subject, while not being overly excited. Congratulations.

  18. Michal Nemecek

    Michal Nemecek5 days ago

    the heck kind of music do you listen to

  19. A Touch Of D34TH

    A Touch Of D34TH4 days ago

    @LeKpz Z oh no, someone hasn't played a certain game, ever think they have better things to do?

  20. Michal Nemecek

    Michal Nemecek4 days ago

    @LeKpz Z thak you for enlightening me

  21. LeKpz Z

    LeKpz Z4 days ago

    Its from zelda uncultured swine.

  22. Deaconator22 Official

    Deaconator22 Official5 days ago


  23. MoonmanSP

    MoonmanSP5 days ago

    Yes because I definitely thought that was a PS6 prototype.... cmon man

  24. SPCLexington658

    SPCLexington6585 days ago

    It looks like a PC

  25. David Ramos

    David Ramos6 days ago

    Og portable speaker

  26. Ahegao Pisy

    Ahegao Pisy6 days ago

    Old but old

  27. Edible Cactus

    Edible Cactus6 days ago

    This video reeks of the early 2000’s


    DA GREAT ONE7 days ago

    Sony fridge

  29. Cameron Sandifer

    Cameron Sandifer7 days ago

    It's not a ps6 prototype?! No freaking way?!?!

  30. Speed Lite

    Speed Lite7 days ago

    Reminds me of the BenQ fold speakers which sound amazing but cost like a thousand bucks


    GHOSTY GAMEZ7 days ago

    the date on this video is glitched, it says 2021 but i think its supposed to say 2012


    GHOSTY GAMEZ7 days ago


  33. dawrek

    dawrek7 days ago

    Everyone : thinks that new ps will be small Sony : stfu check this out The big white co Nsole

  34. Apang

    Apang7 days ago


  35. Julian Zamora

    Julian Zamora7 days ago

    i thought this was a pencil sharpener

  36. mixtape productions

    mixtape productions8 days ago

    imagine if this was how the next ps would look like😂😂😂 A couple years later... when the ps6 is released😳🥵🥶

  37. Tomasz Bogucki

    Tomasz Bogucki8 days ago

    How name this speaker ?

  38. Robo Puff

    Robo Puff8 days ago

    na no

  39. Cj Schneider

    Cj Schneider8 days ago

    Did the green light surprise you?

  40. Helm

    Helm8 days ago

    Can this guy stop

  41. nikodem747

    nikodem7478 days ago


  42. redshift912

    redshift9128 days ago

    Why is this worthy of a video ? A shitty speaker ? Wow , cool story

  43. Fishguin

    Fishguin8 days ago

    It would be real cool if it was

  44. Emerson Renaki

    Emerson Renaki8 days ago

    It's a pokémon theme?

  45. Fireheart Industries

    Fireheart Industries8 days ago

    I actually used to have one of these years ago! That was a bit of a nostalgia trip

  46. S33S / JBL

    S33S / JBL8 days ago

    Better buy a JBL xD

  47. myles0303

    myles03038 days ago

    Who the hell though this was a ps6?

  48. Fresh Man

    Fresh Man8 days ago

    Idk it looks like a ps6 to me

  49. GhostDude

    GhostDude8 days ago

    Toon desk:🤪🤪🤓🤓👺👺

  50. Rafael Pernil

    Rafael Pernil8 days ago

    Okay, but does it have Apple Pen support?

  51. EPIC4GAMES !

    EPIC4GAMES !8 days ago

    The speaking is working as it was designed for, whats so fucking amazing about it....

  52. 0o0Zero0o0

    0o0Zero0o08 days ago

    Uses a PlayStation looking speaker. Doesn't use the PS1 sound to test speakers.

  53. CPL Noodle

    CPL Noodle9 days ago


  54. SoraxStacy147

    SoraxStacy1479 days ago

    The Japanese know how to make nifty gadgets - Joseph Jostar

  55. Earthworm

    Earthworm9 days ago

    Y’all never had one of these when you were younger and it shows

  56. coloured grass

    coloured grass9 days ago

    That speaker kinda looks like a satellite

  57. Guadalupe Jose Gutierrez

    Guadalupe Jose Gutierrez9 days ago

    The so called music tho

  58. Lit Pond

    Lit Pond9 days ago

    Ah yes, because I would totally think that's a ps6 prototype.

  59. ReddBerry

    ReddBerry9 days ago

    It looks like a mini PC

  60. Neil Rblx

    Neil Rblx9 days ago

    nah it's a ps 6 my dad works at sony

  61. PaullyBoiPlays

    PaullyBoiPlays9 days ago

    DankPod: "oh no my pckcell!"

  62. Nadhif

    Nadhif9 days ago

    It looks like a satellite

  63. Ezekiel Tweneboah

    Ezekiel Tweneboah9 days ago

    What song where you playing?

  64. Vigi1antVort3x

    Vigi1antVort3x9 days ago

    It looks like a mini pc.

  65. Sean House

    Sean House9 days ago

    Weird shit came out in the 90s and early 2000s

  66. My phone

    My phone9 days ago

    What is this dark magic?!

  67. Za Rand

    Za Rand9 days ago


  68. Zyro_Rhysツ

    Zyro_Rhysツ9 days ago

    That’s cool and all, but I refuse to sacrifice 4 AAAHHH batteries

  69. Rubyportal

    Rubyportal9 days ago

    *shows a small pc* "thais is not a ps6"

  70. XFlame

    XFlame9 days ago

    I would be disappointed if that was the prototype

  71. Potatosnipez

    Potatosnipez9 days ago

    Ok let’s turn it on *green light turns on* W O A H

  72. SoniTheEpic

    SoniTheEpic9 days ago

    *green light goes on* Whoa!

  73. Melroy Sojan

    Melroy Sojan10 days ago

    Nah man... You lyin... That's definitely the PS6 prototype... Who are you tryna fool?😏😑

  74. Zoran

    Zoran10 days ago

    Da Playstation speaker 👁️👄👁️

  75. A.I.

    A.I.10 days ago

    I thought thqt was a pencil sharpener

  76. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross10 days ago

    No shit its not a fucking ps6 prototype.

  77. Fingerboard Psychos

    Fingerboard Psychos10 days ago

    *Light turns on* No one: Literally no one: Him: WoWoA

  78. Dumbass 101

    Dumbass 10110 days ago

    End it all

  79. Isaac Re'rref

    Isaac Re'rref10 days ago

    Thing looks like a missile silo. Also was legit expecting a rick roll

  80. 0ld_chum

    0ld_chum10 days ago

    “and now you fly it like a toy bird”

  81. BIG BIRD

    BIG BIRD10 days ago

    Lets face it its a ps6 prototype

  82. I am groot

    I am groot10 days ago

    I low key just found out that you could pause USlikes shorts by tapping once lmao

  83. Carcarlo Giallini

    Carcarlo Giallini10 days ago

    Are u tactically sure about that?

  84. Sal Exume

    Sal Exume10 days ago

    I like how you assume we thought this was the ps6 prototype and not the radio speaker it clearly is you twat

  85. Luke Alexander Botardo

    Luke Alexander Botardo10 days ago

    😂they need batteries 😂ipod

  86. Jason Scott Morris

    Jason Scott Morris10 days ago

    I recognize that Zelda music

  87. AndrewKidd14145

    AndrewKidd1414510 days ago

    Remember all these little gadgets, my dad always was at circuit city, radio shack and all those places now dead. Good times looking at the cool progression.

  88. Bradyn Nguyen

    Bradyn Nguyen10 days ago

    Looks like a pc

  89. Ayoub Seth Alfyan

    Ayoub Seth Alfyan10 days ago

    Imagine if he Rick rolled us

  90. Raptapper

    Raptapper10 days ago

    Who the heck would think that would be a PS6 prototype?

  91. Kodi Latham

    Kodi Latham10 days ago

    That's something that I would of had in 2008

  92. Trashmann Von Trash

    Trashmann Von Trash10 days ago

    loading the batteries like shotgun shells dayum

  93. Bob Jon

    Bob Jon10 days ago

    I didn’t know you could still get iPods like that anymore

  94. Raster YT

    Raster YT10 days ago

    Looks more like a pencils sharpener

  95. DJSigmann The Lewd

    DJSigmann The Lewd10 days ago

    This man has just committed a criminal act by not playing the simpsons theme song

  96. dandij

    dandij10 days ago

    Omg how do you get that ps6???? 🥵🤯🤯🤯

  97. yellow mandarin

    yellow mandarin10 days ago

    U saw him miss with the cable right

  98. infinty

    infinty10 days ago

    You're evolving in a good way. And stop you have stoppedusing "that" voice. I can see people that are interested in retro tech.

  99. ELMANks !

    ELMANks !10 days ago

    I expected a rickroll

  100. Okami Rain

    Okami Rain10 days ago

    O.O so cool

  101. Cyborg King

    Cyborg King10 days ago

    I don't want to offend you or anything but why do you mumble

  102. Ereaes

    Ereaes10 days ago

    It's an amplified speaker. Amazing. Such wow.

  103. multiple personalities

    multiple personalities10 days ago

    Why does this take me back to the days of kool aid jammers and kids next door

  104. Sloothman

    Sloothman10 days ago

    The ps6 gonna be the size of a 55 inch TV