If 🅱️OVID was an STD

How might the left respond to civil liberties violations? In today's cartoon, we find out...


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    @Tristan DizZo stop being right.

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    Tristan DizZo2 hours ago

    It was. I usually watch your videos same day or the next... this was a whole week out!

  4. Jerimiah Young

    Jerimiah Young5 hours ago

    How's this? Fry's just want out of business.

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    Karl Marx3 minutes ago

    I didn't get notifications for the last two videos of yours so that's nice

  8. johnnybegoode

    johnnybegoode4 minutes ago

    This is basically how the right has been behaving in the last year. Irony is a clip about trusting science yet the anti science crowd has made the whole situation worse and far more drawn out with greater impact to the economy. If people respected this from the start and actually took some personal responsibility to protect their communities this thing would have been done in a month. All the stuff the evil doctors and scientists said would happen, happened and you guys still double down on its a hoax and attempt at our liberty B.S. The measure is actually in the spread of this disease conservatives could have so owned the liberals if they had chosen to take it seriously and make the effort to mitigate it on their own individual actions and proven that government does not need to get involved to deal with it but they choose to ignore the situation think only of themselves let the disease get a foot hold because they cant handle a mild inconvenience proving that sometimes the government has to intervene in the lives of its citizens to deal with crisis which is sad.

  9. Peterchen Butterbrot

    Peterchen Butterbrot12 minutes ago

    it's funny, 'cause it's true... that shit's airborne bat-soup-AIDs

  10. Richard Lopez

    Richard Lopez27 minutes ago

    Just realized... the special reporting isn't wearing any pants... and probably hasn't been since the beginning...

  11. latt.qcd92

    latt.qcd9232 minutes ago

    The Media: "How the lockdowns perpetuate toxic masculinity and the long history of men trying to control women's bodies."

  12. Psalm119

    Psalm11951 minute ago

    This is so true it’s almost not funny.

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  14. Stevie Vaughn

    Stevie VaughnHour ago

    Normally a fan of these videos, but the suggestion that the left cares more about sex than the right kind of cracks me up. Sure I’ve know a few hardcore puritans that save themselves for marriage, but especially nowadays I know a ton of gun toting, Murica loving Republicans who love country, partying, and hooking up with strangers. Kind of a weak argument I feel, not to mention a lot of the leftists I know are actually way more insecure about hook ups then the party bros and conservative women I know. Now if you’re basing your entire definition of conservative off of religious beliefs and celibacy, sure I guess this fits.

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    Life imitates art

  17. john hannibal

    john hannibal2 hours ago

    COVID being an STD would be proof of anti-trans attitudes, a violation of the rights of gays and the Pedophiles Union would have the ACLU put a block on children wearing pants

  18. Bill

    Bill2 hours ago

    Basically: Yep.

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    Algorithm comment

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    Best ever. XD

  21. Simon Peter

    Simon Peter4 hours ago

    Tbh it’s the reasonable way to act

  22. Peter Edwards

    Peter Edwards4 hours ago

    err if you didnt know already it is transmitted through bodily fluids through mucus membranes. By definition it can be considered an STD. These people just want to tell YOU what to do, but they will do what they like.

  23. Andrew Laco

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    Coomers of the world unite!

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  25. David Berner

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    Prostitutes in 2020 be like:

  26. elgatochurro

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    "let's riot"

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    Great video! Minecraft World of Warcraft Destiny 2 Call of Duty Final Fantasy 14 OutRiders Valheim are video games. ^^

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    Let’s hope someone lets it slip that this is real. I know I heard it someplace

  29. nick L

    nick L5 hours ago

    "I'd like to leave the mask on"

  30. Great Leader

    Great Leader6 hours ago

    We just going to ignore the fact that they wanted you to wear a mask while having sex? At this point they're just seeing how far they can push people and laughing behind their backs.

  31. Ryan Croyle

    Ryan Croyle5 hours ago

    Truer words have never been spoken. This is just a test to see how we would react to absolute control, I fear for what’s next.

  32. A random fat shyboi With interent access

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    Ight guys I'ma head out. Gotta go down to the bioweapon wing to make this an incurable std

  33. Ron

    Ron6 hours ago

    Not dissing you because you gotta get your bread but I thought it was funny I had to sit through a 15 second ad for a 54 second video that includes plugs 🤣

  34. Theo Pouroumalis

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    Bold of you to assume lockdown advocates are getting sex

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    Comments for BOOST

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    You joke but in the UK this is actual government guidance.

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    Not Finch7 hours ago

    This made me laugh

  39. Leaping Llamacorn

    Leaping Llamacorn7 hours ago

    HA! It’s so accurate 😭🤣

  40. I eat CEREAL!!!

    I eat CEREAL!!!7 hours ago

    Eat your cereal

  41. Tyler Blue

    Tyler Blue7 hours ago

    I don’t get it...? Why would only liberals act that way? And if they act the way depicted, they certainly wouldn’t be banging strangers if they’re careful with the virus. This just doesn’t make sense. Unless it’s some sort of dumb conservative traditionalist joke about only libtards could sin and have pre-marital sex 😱

  42. Kris Harris

    Kris Harris7 hours ago

    i still dont see how they make pornstars wear mask like they dont think all skin contact doesnt give covid easy access

  43. Brevet Howe

    Brevet Howe8 hours ago

    This video didn't show up for over a week.

  44. Sky Blue Off-Road

    Sky Blue Off-Road9 hours ago

    that last sentence is spot on!!!! I will say it, COVID IS A MEDIA DRIVEN POLITICAL HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. perception ascending

    perception ascending9 hours ago

    Republicans should SWARM tinder. I'm talking basically turn it into a redpilled dating service XD

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    already working on it

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  48. George Ianţa

    George Ianţa9 hours ago

    Good thing viruses don't spread through sex. They only spread when you don't beliebe the science

  49. SirSnufflelots

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    Disturbingly plausible.

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    O left this comment

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    Nice one, as always.

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    Why does this feel believable?

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    Lol the title

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    I uh... thought the fire in the thumbnail was a sea of splooge. I need to detox the ol brain for a bit.

  56. Arnive Blanchard

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    This has to be one of the best statements on our current culture.

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    Nawt mah burfcontwol

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  60. yukimarusword

    yukimarusword13 hours ago

    Would make sense since they think the world is overpopulated.

  61. Jose B

    Jose B13 hours ago

    This is too real

  62. Sargonarhes

    Sargonarhes13 hours ago

    Strangely accurate.

  63. K Blond

    K Blond16 hours ago

    Wheres the lie?

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    Frikkin A!!!...🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸🔱

  65. Kyle Tipper

    Kyle Tipper17 hours ago

    My boss asks me how I was able to keep my workload up during Covid. Obviously I didn't tell her I've secretly been going into the office and using the resources there.

  66. Ree e

    Ree e18 hours ago

    Pre marital sex is cringe

  67. jackdestined

    jackdestined19 hours ago

    all I'm saying is that happened in the UK did it stop me from doing the sexy time no it didnt look up the bunking ban if you want to know more about it (it was a ban on having anyone stay overnight at your home that isn't family)

  68. Stephen Kaake

    Stephen Kaake20 hours ago

    wrong, CNN would have as much sex as possible, lie about it and blame it all on Trump voters

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    leaving comment to boost

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    Can't wait till this is a thing.

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    Ain't this just the Good damned truth

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    Herpes is very common

  73. Juan Rodriguez

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    Your videos are always a bless for me.

  74. Arkylie

    Arkylie22 hours ago

    I'd love to see you do a longer video with this theme, a compare-and-contrast kinda thing on the common-sense restrictions that leftists refuse to accept regarding the dangers of sex vs. the restrictions that make sense for CVD, and a comparison of overreaching restrictions or whatever. I was kinda expecting more like that when I clicked on this video -- like some of your previous videos (mostly, IIRC, about feminist talking points). Not that this was bad, but I could definitely see more material here if you explored it in greater depth.

  75. Cassie Fuchs

    Cassie Fuchs23 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that I read someone that Covid can be sexually transmitted since sex involves bodily fluids?

  76. Alex Bailey

    Alex Bailey23 hours ago

    How did I not see this when it was uploaded?

  77. Jacob Anawalt

    Jacob Anawalt23 hours ago

    Ha! I was just thinking something similar the other day.

  78. Alex Bailey

    Alex Bailey23 hours ago

    I like how the news guy wasn't wearing pants

  79. Jacob Boehne

    Jacob Boehne23 hours ago

    Algorithm fortifying comment

  80. striderflys

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    That was right on.

  81. Arevernus

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    That was Epic

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    if only someone would spread this like 4chan to make it true to people.

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    Little boost for FreedomToons 😳😳😍🥰😩

  84. James Savik

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    If it was mandatory no sex, Civil War would break out instantly.

  85. Mitter Nacht

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    Oh lord, repent ye all. The end nigh.

  86. Ryan Howard

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    ha. it's funny

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    Comment boost

  88. John Robertson

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    Heh. Not an inaccurate premise

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    comment? me? I could never! oh wait...I already did

  91. The Fan Without a Face

    The Fan Without a FaceDay ago

    Funny thing, this is pretty accurate.

  92. 27johnnylove

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    This is great. You always animate what the rest of us are thinking. Brilliant!

  93. G Schultz

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    Is this a Ferrari binotto joke?

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    A comment

  95. R S

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    Im a proud member of Antifa >> Anti-Fauci We need to destroy Faucism

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  97. medexamtoolsdotcom

    medexamtoolsdotcomDay ago

    Well I'm sure it is sexually transmitted already, no mutations needed. If you have sex with someone with covid19, I'm sure you'll get it. Hell, if you'll get it from them coughing in the same room with you, how could you not get it from having sex with them.

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    Freedom Toons 2 the moonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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    for some reason, my screen of this window just froze at 0:41 for the remaining time of this video.

  100. Chinese Virus Zombie

    Chinese Virus ZombieDay ago

    Whats the big deal, just have sex with a mask on

  101. Kebab

    KebabDay ago

    🅱ovid was invented by 🅱onald 🅱umph.

  102. Nathan Young

    Nathan YoungDay ago

    Businesses have a right to be mad, and governments definitely could’ve handled this better. But I feel that it’s necessary to say that these lockdowns are doing a good thing. The system could definitely be improved, so that the lockdown would be shorter and we could get back to business. However, even though the virus has a death rate of 2%, that’s still millions of people in America alone. It’s not just old people either, if for some reason their lives don’t matter to you. It’s anyone with a compromised immune system. So, diabetics, people who’ve had surgery, anyone who is immunocompromised for whatever reason is at risk. Lockdowns aren’t saving one life, they’re saving millions. And thank god for that vaccine

  103. Nathan Young

    Nathan Young22 hours ago

    COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 1-2%. At least that's what the data shows us. You get an even higher rate if you divide the total deaths worldwide by the total cases worldwide Plus, people can't stay home forever. If there weren't lockdowns, and people were just allowed to roam free whether they had the virus or not, people at risk wouldn't be able to go anywhere. Just as it's unfair that businesses have had to suffer for this long, it's also unfair if we put all the responsibility of the virus on those who are most vulnerable to it.

  104. R S

    R SDay ago

    were did u get the 2% rate? anyway, if you are at risk, stay home, and let the rest of us carry the fuck on.

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    I hate that even after subscribing and hitting the bell icon AND setting it to ALL, USlikes still hides these videos from me for over a week. Thanks, Susan.

  106. Kaiser IV

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    I mean if you have covid then have sex it can spread that way... Lol

  107. badgerkitteh

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    Dance dance to the al gore rhythm

  108. Brett Blain

    Brett BlainDay ago

    What is this referring to? I don't remember any std related news

  109. RedSerpent

    RedSerpentDay ago

    Throught all of human history the words "no more having sex with strangers" can only be used in the 21st century as at any other time you had to be married to bang someone.