Dunkey's Best of 2020

Edit : Leah actually played Animal Crossing for 700 hours. My bad.
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  1. Matt Hoffman

    Matt Hoffman14 minutes ago

    He ain’t gonna do it is he? 10:08 He done it

  2. Nils Grønkjær

    Nils Grønkjær2 hours ago

    Wow dude you had me right until the end and then you went and spoiled RDR2... I've never been so pissed off at a USlikesr. That was such a d**k move man...

  3. Tom Trabue

    Tom Trabue3 hours ago

    I honestly think that people are more likely to come around to The Last Jedi before The Last of Us 2.

  4. ComradeRemus

    ComradeRemus5 hours ago


  5. Private Information

    Private Information11 hours ago

    🗣I 👏am 👏 an👏 ar👏tist 👏and 👏a 👏chess👏 mas-ter!👏 thats👏who👏you👏are👏tal👏king👏to!

  6. sarge

    sarge13 hours ago

    gotta disagree half life alyx was good


    AGUSTINI SUARIF17 hours ago

    Nice list

  8. EasyMoney30

    EasyMoney3020 hours ago

    Tekken came out in 2015 tho

  9. Antonio CGonzález

    Antonio CGonzálezDay ago

    Cmoon, fenyx rising its good! 8-10 for me I did play BOTW, one of my favorite games ever

  10. 권용대

    권용대Day ago

    I bought and played Red Dead Redemption 2 to watch the end of this video. It has several flaws, but I lived another life in the past thanks to the game. Masterpiece.

  11. Александр Федоренко

    Александр ФедоренкоDay ago


  12. Duke

    DukeDay ago


  13. bo jackson

    bo jacksonDay ago

    Time trial sucks, multiplayer is the only way to go, preferably local.

  14. Mooshkajoe !

    Mooshkajoe !Day ago

    Talks about Heroes of the Storm. Plays a song from Lost Vikings. I see what you did there. Horrible review, 2/10, called the rape hotline, gonna commit sudoku brb.

  15. lubas

    lubas2 days ago


  16. keviscool

    keviscool2 days ago

    Wait why was mario kart deluxe included in this?

  17. Juan Gomez

    Juan Gomez2 days ago

    Did anybody else get mad when he said what he liked about doom and noticed that titanfall 2 hasn't been on a list-

  18. Obama 420

    Obama 4202 days ago

    I take my eyes off the screen for two seconds and I see a bear doing karate.

  19. Spebby

    Spebby2 days ago

    the spelunky music tease burns

  20. ParkNPlay

    ParkNPlay2 days ago

    Doom Eternal is in a thirteen way tie for my favorite game of all time, but saying it's the first FPS game where developers actually tried is ridiculous.

  21. ParkNPlay

    ParkNPlayDay ago

    @vexorian doesn't matter, still a ridiculous statement

  22. vexorian

    vexorianDay ago

    The first FPS in years* where they actually tried

  23. KingFoofy

    KingFoofy2 days ago

    You are right.

  24. Arkanthrall

    Arkanthrall2 days ago

    When I saw the list of moves in Tekken I thought "you could learn to play violin in less time than mastering this game".

  25. Zach Ballou

    Zach Ballou3 days ago

    1:20 he looks like a malnourished Reggie

  26. Thomas Sheffer

    Thomas Sheffer3 days ago

    Why did you like Alyx?! I saw your video on it, the puzzles can be frustrating but everything else is wild!

  27. ThatOneDude 1710

    ThatOneDude 17103 days ago

    Blinx isn't on here, review is terrible.

  28. ChillingAcid

    ChillingAcid3 days ago

    Wait a minute, does this mean that RDR2 is a 4/5 now?

  29. Rowear

    Rowear3 days ago


  30. Very Good

    Very Good3 days ago


  31. U. Shkartmaz

    U. Shkartmaz3 days ago

    Last of us 2 has ok gameplay and bullshit infuriating story

  32. Brandon Shen

    Brandon Shen3 days ago

    One of the best moments from read dead 2 is when you're clearing the oil field out with dutch and he tries to leave you to die

  33. Luc Palmgren

    Luc Palmgren3 days ago


  34. coolbeans

    coolbeans3 days ago

    goat video

  35. Anachronity

    Anachronity3 days ago

    0:17 what game is that? It looks terrifying.

  36. Audible Sharpness

    Audible Sharpness4 days ago

    Hades is not set in Hell. Shit joke.

  37. blooperb6

    blooperb64 days ago

    As soon as number 3 showed up, a honda add popped up and i was like what the fuck Honda released a game??

  38. James Calder

    James Calder4 days ago

    Patiently awaiting dunkmaster darius 2

  39. bobity steve

    bobity steve4 days ago

    about time soup got some recognition as game of the year

  40. RazzaqPS

    RazzaqPS5 days ago


  41. meh

    meh5 days ago

    Man I should really play Red Dead II so I don’t constantly have to avoid all these spoilers.

  42. BAS

    BAS5 days ago

    The video starts at 10:08

  43. General Grievous

    General Grievous5 days ago

    If dunkey doesn't know, abathur in heroes of the storm is a character in star craft 2 in the zerg campaign

  44. Creature Crossing

    Creature Crossing5 days ago

    Donkey listed ACNH in the the top 10!!! I'm surprised and thrilled :D

  45. Friederike

    Friederike5 days ago

    6 years ago you said you hated heroes guess i gotta play it now

  46. Carlos Torres

    Carlos Torres5 days ago

    If they don't laugh like Muttley then its not a real laugh at all.

  47. Bruce Windows

    Bruce Windows6 days ago

    yeah but what about bubsy

  48. kingwingding

    kingwingding5 days ago

    bubsy 3d remake when

  49. Daniel Zanin

    Daniel Zanin7 days ago

    05:47 ha!

  50. Kuwabara Kuwabara

    Kuwabara Kuwabara7 days ago

    This list is shit just like 2020..

  51. jaysun

    jaysun7 days ago

    I played Heroes of the storm when it came out, at the time i thought of it as just dumbed up version of league. Now after several years i came back and its just fun version of league.

  52. Xarci

    Xarci7 days ago


  53. an an kuek

    an an kuek7 days ago

    So you though waiting 1 year for this video was long? Think about that guy who waited 26 years for dunk's Mario 64 review!

  54. white wolf

    white wolf8 days ago

    Jason.. u ever make a video about the story and evolution of metal gear games?

  55. gronkleman123

    gronkleman1238 days ago


  56. calska140

    calska1408 days ago

    Bummer he didn't like FF7 remake. I never played OG FF7 and I hate jrpgs but I loved FF7 REMAKE. Oh well I guess he just hates RPGs a little more than me. At least we agree on tekken7

  57. Kenny

    Kenny8 days ago

    Unpopular opinion but Dutch is probably my favorite video game character of all time

  58. ReviewNerd

    ReviewNerd8 days ago

    Where is mario bros 2

  59. Expanses

    Expanses8 days ago

    How the fuck Half life Alyx was bad lmao. Although dunkey is a very good content creator I do not rate him as a good reviewer at all lmao, some of the stupidest takes of all time. Disliking Half life alyx and then liking Last of us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 ?????? Dude needs a medical chekup.

  60. Alex Burton

    Alex BurtonDay ago

    He made it loud and clear he didn’t like cyberpunk

  61. Matthew Dossett

    Matthew Dossett8 days ago

    Last of us 2 had a weak narrative with a horrible ending that made no sense

  62. Tf2 1000

    Tf2 10009 days ago

    Game of the year: "SOUP"

  63. Varun Nadgir

    Varun Nadgir9 days ago

    What is the music at 8:04??

  64. Varun Nadgir

    Varun Nadgir8 days ago

    @Goose Game yeah I know that I’m just looking for the name

  65. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    One of the soundtracks for red dead 2 I can't recall which one

  66. Ultra Joey

    Ultra Joey9 days ago

    Aaaaand all the good stuff is coming out 2022. Welp, it's all worth the wait!

  67. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    Yeah I'm sad there's nothing good to look forward to besides ragnarok

  68. Charlie Pennington

    Charlie Pennington9 days ago

    Dunkey gets when to play games

  69. Captain Mineral Water

    Captain Mineral Water9 days ago

    Oh my man uses spelunky 2 music , maybe it is in the list?????

  70. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago


  71. b b

    b b9 days ago

    This is why I appreciate dunkey. He acts dumb for the laughs, but clearly knows what's up. Great analysis. Zero outta five.

  72. Ethan Cosgrove

    Ethan Cosgrove9 days ago


  73. SwagHags69

    SwagHags6910 days ago

    blah blah blah, super mario 2. got it. nothin will ever beat super mario 2. it's the perfect game. I GET IT.

  74. Paz

    Paz10 days ago

    Why don’t you like half life alyx? That game was fuckin sick

  75. Alex Burton

    Alex BurtonDay ago

    O r b

  76. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    Watch his video on it

  77. Lolahunter 67

    Lolahunter 6710 days ago

    Red dead Redemption is just a worse Ghost of Tsushima, change my mind

  78. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    Gameplay wise yes story wise not even close

  79. Ibrahim Baghdadi

    Ibrahim Baghdadi10 days ago

    Hades actually has an easy mode called God mode

  80. Simon Schwarzwald

    Simon Schwarzwald10 days ago

    Woop-woop! Heroes of the Storm!

  81. Rjd

    Rjd10 days ago


  82. Sakurai Please

    Sakurai Please10 days ago

    I guess he’s killing Bowser.........in front of everyone

  83. penginn 122

    penginn 12210 days ago

    Hey half life ended up being better tho.

  84. rpgfan12

    rpgfan1210 days ago

    I would not be surprised if he did have some deep seated prejudice against Japanese people or Asians in general. Its a reach, but he seems to hate anything Japanese, even when its not anime.

  85. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    He liked Tsushima and everything made by Nintendo and even liked p5 his favourite company is Japanese he just doesn't like jrpgs

  86. William Maple

    William Maple10 days ago

    I haven’t even finished red dead redemption and I love it so much. I only had it for the game pass tho and then I got rid of the pass cuz I was broke lol so I’ll have to buy it some day

  87. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    Yeah I've beat it three times my favourite story hands down in any entertainment medium

  88. Xavier Decker

    Xavier Decker11 days ago

    What’s wrong with Half-Life Alyx?

  89. Cocky Lockridge

    Cocky Lockridge11 days ago


  90. Harry indeed

    Harry indeed11 days ago

    It’s so nice to see Dunkey come around on Red Dead. I felt like his review was a bit... lacking. Seeing him appreciate it more is really cool. Especially since I really adore it. Also seeing Doom Eternal here is really nice to see. That game is incredible and has been overlooked all year.

  91. Bafflinnn

    Bafflinnn11 days ago

    Ubisoft will never fail to surprise me with all the shit they make

  92. Alien Chatter

    Alien Chatter11 days ago

    Immortals Fenyx Rising is actually a fun and good game .... But alright. Lol

  93. Dieozam

    Dieozam12 days ago

    Actually surprised Demon's Souls didn't make it here

  94. Dieozam

    Dieozam11 days ago

    @Alexandre Taffarello How so? I saw his video with that luck glitch but I’m sure that’s patched by now.

  95. Alexandre Taffarello

    Alexandre Taffarello11 days ago

    Demon souls is fucking broken

  96. Sandy_ Mango

    Sandy_ Mango12 days ago

    Mario update for acnh

  97. Tzach Gefen

    Tzach Gefen12 days ago

    Hey man, just sending some love your way! Absolutely love your vids

  98. Reece Burnett

    Reece Burnett12 days ago

    Duncle the cart and redemption 👄

  99. Henry Shriber

    Henry Shriber12 days ago

    Me and my brother have been saying “go for the bongo flip” for days now and it still cracks me up


    SHUNGITE12 days ago

    Whats wrong with half life alyx tho

  101. Bloop Smoot

    Bloop Smoot12 days ago

    If I ever need game recommendations I just come back to these yearly videos

  102. Bloop Smoot

    Bloop Smoot12 days ago

    Ubisoft “whatever” is probably the most accurate thing ever said.

  103. Richie G

    Richie G13 days ago

    I recommend playing the rd2 campaign 2 or 3 times the fourth it's starts to feel like a chore

  104. Goose Game

    Goose Game9 days ago

    I've beat it three times I've played it once a year since release

  105. Caleb Kondraski

    Caleb Kondraski13 days ago


  106. Jakub Pawlik

    Jakub Pawlik13 days ago

    Cyberpunk, HF: Alyx disappointments, and the list start with Hots and has LoU2....Well, we clearly disagree :p

  107. Plommon

    Plommon9 days ago

    Hots is a banger what are you on about

  108. Alexandre Taffarello

    Alexandre Taffarello11 days ago

    Hots is fucking awesome

  109. Cole Goughnour

    Cole Goughnour13 days ago

    Sorry dunk, but the best game was actually KNACK 2 BABY!!

  110. Bon Sirota

    Bon Sirota13 days ago

    And tik tok took over animal crossing and now it’s dead

  111. /GYRO_AL/

    /GYRO_AL/13 days ago

    Streets of rage 4 was the only game that came out in 2020

  112. That Guy Named Joe

    That Guy Named Joe13 days ago

    "soup" ~dunkey, 2020

  113. CoZ_Vibes영혼

    CoZ_Vibes영혼13 days ago

    Helping utube algoritheem :p

  114. Twenty_Four_7

    Twenty_Four_713 days ago

    How can the last of us part 2 be under tekken 7?! I respect dunkey's opinions but the last of us part two had me emotionally spent for a week and I found myself so breath taken by the story I revalued a lot that I have in my life, for Doom and Tekken to be superior is mad but I enjoyed the video none the less! only Red Dead and Knack can come close to the last of us part 2.

  115. Twenty_Four_7

    Twenty_Four_710 days ago

    @TenuousBoot Yea I get you but as terms of quality and story telling Im still not sure how a bit of dumb fun > incredible story with innovative way of showing us by having us play abbey 1/2 way through but well feck it at least its up there I just dont think some of them games should be above it at least

  116. TenuousBoot

    TenuousBoot11 days ago

    I'm guessing because Tekken is more dumb fun than the last of us. You have to admit that the last of us is bleak as hell and sometimes you don't want that, sometimes you wanna beat up random people as a bear in the ocean

  117. Epyon

    Epyon14 days ago

    Bongo flip lol

  118. Tj Hogue

    Tj Hogue14 days ago

    Ok I don’t get it is this just a list of the best shit dunkey played in 2020? None of these games are new

  119. Ahmed malaki

    Ahmed malaki14 days ago

    5:41 it’s like enter the gungeion

  120. Warcraftgamingpro 33

    Warcraftgamingpro 3314 days ago

    You and leah should play stardew valley. It's like animal crossing and you wont be disappointed

  121. Hopeful Hyena

    Hopeful Hyena14 days ago