Inside the Capitol Hill Riots

This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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  1. VICE News

    VICE News8 days ago

    This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection. WATCH NEXT: How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection -

  2. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham LincolnDay ago

    @Marduk Gilgamesh mob mentality man.

  3. Marduk Gilgamesh

    Marduk GilgameshDay ago

    @Abraham Lincoln some of them.100s of thoasands of people cant fit inside the capital lol

  4. Marduk Gilgamesh

    Marduk GilgameshDay ago

    @Abraham Lincoln yeah.people just started following the person in front of them.big crowds are dumber than small crowds

  5. Marduk Gilgamesh

    Marduk GilgameshDay ago

    @Joe Rodriguez read their bible Rules for Radicals.its dedicated to lucifer :3

  6. Marduk Gilgamesh

    Marduk GilgameshDay ago


  7. Elaine Pl

    Elaine PlHour ago

    They climbed over the wrong wall. Ten un buen viaje. Guárdelos en México.

  8. Inanna Enigma

    Inanna EnigmaHour ago

    This is all Trump leaves to his legacy; terrorism and white supremacy.

  9. tonny WANG

    tonny WANG2 hours ago

    in comparison with this nice air of democracy,China is simply the hell. Enjoy it guys!

  10. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    Chinese for trump went to capitol. My parents Chinese coworkers went. Only a few as way more for Biden.

  11. Joseph Murawski

    Joseph Murawski2 hours ago


  12. Ross Daniels

    Ross Daniels3 hours ago

    Have they ever looked at the dominion machines, why not????

  13. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    Only know for WV. Machine issues in one of the counties.

  14. Pari Jan

    Pari Jan3 hours ago

    O my God disgusting creatures look at their anger there not human their waste of creatures on this planet I swear what a waste of creatures on this planet growing up my mom always told me just take peace now I know the descriptors or disgusting disgrace on this planet is ashamed that they did this to their own country their own country it's unbelievable

  15. Ross Daniels

    Ross Daniels4 hours ago

    Some insurection, what burned??? Pathetic, how many cities burned bc of the democrats???

  16. Robert Fapswell

    Robert Fapswell4 hours ago

    This is what it was like to be inside a "Village People" convention!

  17. Something Generic

    Something Generic4 hours ago

    these republicans really piss me off this is so stupid

  18. Marck Kilpatrick

    Marck Kilpatrick2 hours ago

    And Democrats burning down cities and riots doesn't?

  19. M Smith

    M Smith4 hours ago

    In another life Vice would call this a mostly peaceful protest... Oh wa

  20. Olivia Brennand

    Olivia Brennand6 hours ago

    Never underestimate a mobilised crowd of disillusioned and angry people.

  21. Rock girl

    Rock girl7 hours ago

    "Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence." - Mahatma Gandhi

  22. -Chris-

    -Chris-7 hours ago

    wtf is wrong with yall

  23. RJ KORE

    RJ KORE7 hours ago

    Hurts my heart & not even Amerikan...

  24. Rock girl

    Rock girl7 hours ago

    Love you videos???

  25. Ibrahim Hassine

    Ibrahim Hassine7 hours ago

    U should make a video about what happening now in tunisia

  26. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    Tunisia has made a few American news sources. Vice is hands on reporting and they can’t travel there due to Covid.

  27. XPTo _

    XPTo _8 hours ago

    They have atitude!

  28. Trebled Tortie

    Trebled Tortie9 hours ago

    As Thor once said, “I thought humans were more evolved than this!”

  29. Wolf Hound

    Wolf Hound2 hours ago

    More like Neanderthals...

  30. Jay Bomb

    Jay Bomb4 hours ago

    @Trung Nam Tran I wouldn’t even called them Americans lol

  31. Trung Nam Tran

    Trung Nam Tran4 hours ago

    We are. Just not these Americans.

  32. Jay Bomb

    Jay Bomb5 hours ago

    They’re not humans.

  33. FER- CURIUM1

    FER- CURIUM19 hours ago

    All that military spending just for some cops to get defeated by some hill billies

  34. Vector Hold

    Vector Hold9 hours ago

    The stars and stripes are big and dumb, deep in the heart of DC

  35. Victor Soriano

    Victor Soriano10 hours ago

    No puedo esperar a mañana. You're finally GREAT Gringoland and just hope tomorrow is fill whit less coward's that own a gun just for show it off.

  36. y'all heard of diabetes?

    y'all heard of diabetes?10 hours ago

    When there are no Germans to conquer America conquers itself.

  37. Dan Levitt

    Dan Levitt10 hours ago

    Half of those people have severe mental issues

  38. George Floyd 卐

    George Floyd 卐11 hours ago

    The left and the right are both idiots. 🤦‍♂️

  39. кנ64

    кנ6411 hours ago

    Thats what happens when you defund the police lol

  40. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    Not what it means. It’s means refunding so police aren’t overfunded. Many police forces get more funding than school counties. Police training is mostly free. Friend’s brother paid $0 for his training. Uniform, taser and gun weren’t free but police station provided.

  41. Chad Wiederkehr

    Chad Wiederkehr11 hours ago

    With all this rage, it's a good time to be stoic about the whole situation. It's just evolution repeating itself. It's best to keep a calm mind and not let this situation to get in your head. We should use more of our time and energy in finding solutions to the issues facing us.

  42. Clarissa Lewis

    Clarissa Lewis11 hours ago

    The government is best which governs the least

  43. Clarissa Lewis

    Clarissa Lewis11 hours ago

    Love how you had to add scary music and you lied too , we didn't start marching until his speech was finished

  44. Joseph Casanova

    Joseph Casanova12 hours ago

    He needs to be changed with the Rico law

  45. Srji Srku

    Srji Srku12 hours ago

    Vice news=Fake news simple as that. Greeting from Serbia

  46. _trust_nobody_ 85

    _trust_nobody_ 8513 hours ago

    United (silly) of america

  47. Nikolai Greenlee

    Nikolai Greenlee13 hours ago

    2:39 Shoenice here, so basically I'm going to storm the capitol and eat a tear gas can

  48. G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

    G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut13 hours ago

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until Biden tries to take away guns or some other Constitutional right. All hell will break loose. Bloodshed. Remember, the Country was founded on rebellion. Rebellion against THE KING. And ps. Blacks and Whites will band together against the Government at this next level. The Bloods and the Crips will march with the Hells Angels

  49. D B

    D B13 hours ago


  50. greyeaglem

    greyeaglem14 hours ago

    "It's our country and we want it back!" I think I hear laughter coming from reservations everywhere.

  51. Vilius Dambrauskas

    Vilius Dambrauskas14 hours ago

    0:22 really missing bottle of vodka in one hand and half eaten sandwich in other

  52. Paul Flores

    Paul Flores15 hours ago

    These are the special people that the POS loves.

  53. Carlos Cantu

    Carlos Cantu16 hours ago


  54. Carlos Cantu

    Carlos Cantu16 hours ago

    They look so silly it’s embarrassing lol first of all why do they keep shouting “USA” USA “? I’m sure both parties dem and rep loves USA ! And second what are the protesting for ? What did they think they were going to accomplish by protesting ? There’s no proof the electing was a fraud so keep it moving with dignity !

  55. Paul Storteboom

    Paul Storteboom16 hours ago

    take your country back Americans !

  56. Alan Morris

    Alan Morris17 hours ago

    If Donald Trump had won this election with Dominion voting machines, would you Republicans still say somebody cheated? Did you know we used Dominion voting machines in 2016 when Trump won the election?

  57. Jesse Gonzales

    Jesse Gonzales17 hours ago

    I hope they prosecute everyone of them thing i ever seen..

  58. Ezekiel John Agunod

    Ezekiel John Agunod17 hours ago

    I vote for kekistan

  59. Roger Robles

    Roger Robles18 hours ago

    And that’s the reason antifa wears mask so it’s harder to catch them Trump supporters

  60. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    Matthew Heimbach wore a mask and it was easy to identify him as known neo-nazi who terrorized Towson.

  61. FZNur B

    FZNur B18 hours ago

    This whole thing is quite sus. These cops were put there as sheep to the slaughter. Never thought I would feel this sad for the us police. As MKJ said, hate doesn't erase hate, only love does. Don't give into it.

  62. christian hito

    christian hito18 hours ago

    Come and learn democracy from Africans

  63. Keita Foxy

    Keita Foxy18 hours ago

    I’m just floored by how pathetic that defence was.

  64. J J

    J J18 hours ago

    I love it.. rip Down that swamp hill... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  65. Dennis Hall

    Dennis Hall19 hours ago

    1776! America!

  66. Pour Toujour

    Pour Toujour20 hours ago

    President Trump created a closer relationship of peace between Israel & Saudi Arabia. Yet Democrats, Dems Media & Biden voters allege Donald Trump (who brokered 1st time ever peace deals) incited violence/insurrection at the United States Capitol? Dems can u make up a better LIE?

  67. shittyname 1

    shittyname 120 hours ago

    jesus the back fire started i guess

  68. Fraser Wood

    Fraser Wood21 hour ago

    What a bunch of losers

  69. Lit

    Lit21 hour ago

    Next time just say your Newsmax or fox News lul

  70. Invictus Dominus

    Invictus Dominus21 hour ago

    Great democracy you have there USA, keep it up!

  71. The Devil You Know Podcast

    The Devil You Know Podcast21 hour ago

    It was a protest not a riot you hypocrites! BLM and Antifa burned, looted and vandalized cities!!!

  72. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    They had to clean up the whole capitol. DC residents were very angry over the trash people left.

  73. Vic

    Vic14 hours ago

    And these hogs broke in to and looted the capitol. Wow!

  74. Wally

    Wally22 hours ago

    Right wingers love playing the victim. Old white supremacist tactics.

  75. Areal1 Givens

    Areal1 Givens22 hours ago

    They will never live this down😆😆😆😅😅

  76. Perry Olson

    Perry Olson22 hours ago

    Should’ve disbanded as soon as it turned. Tear gas, rubber bullets, batons.

  77. don longo

    don longoDay ago

    2:47 thats the flage of the country of georgia on his plate carrier...

  78. Kevin Ander

    Kevin AnderDay ago

    BLM criminal, one of many criminals that Pelosi, Schumer, and Mcconnell hired to cause trouble at the capital so they could blame it on President Trump.

  79. Dennis P. Ginther

    Dennis P. GintherDay ago

    Wow, you can see the fires in the background. Hello? When it comes to something like this. You have got to ask yourselves. Is it me? Or are 500 thousand people wrong? It's you. You need to rethink your position. Because 500 thousand people are not criminals. They're not liars. They are your brothers and sisters. Furthermore, they believe that there are some issues that need attention. That need thorough investigation. What is wrong with that? Is there something you are hiding? I think so.

  80. Vic

    Vic14 hours ago

    So if enough people believe something, it is true? China would like a word with you.

  81. Jack Lan

    Jack LanDay ago

    As an American, this makes me proud. "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

  82. Vic

    Vic14 hours ago

    Can you give me a citation on that quote?

  83. Andrew Christensen

    Andrew ChristensenDay ago

    So like, I think this assault was horrible, but certainly it wasn't 'unprecidented' violence...?

  84. Jessie Jordan

    Jessie JordanDay ago

    Wow Vice, you sure found yourselves in all the right places in all the right times that day huh? What outstanding "luck"..

  85. Caleb Fouty

    Caleb FoutyDay ago

    George soros's new movie

  86. Caleb Fouty

    Caleb FoutyDay ago

    Ohhh I wonder what will happen next season on the lies at the white house. An so are the days of our lives!!!

  87. Xander Estrada

    Xander EstradaDay ago

    where tf were u vice when all this blm crap was going on

  88. Sunny Sunshine

    Sunny SunshineDay ago

    @escaperoute131 😂🤣

  89. Hardik M Shah

    Hardik M ShahDay ago

    This is America.

  90. mary spencer

    mary spencerDay ago

    Trump and his ilk incited this. How can they live with themselves?

  91. Vic

    Vic14 hours ago

    Simple: No scruples

  92. Alcides Prieto

    Alcides PrietoDay ago

    USA! USA! Confederate flag enters the building. SMH

  93. Nicholas Vida

    Nicholas VidaDay ago

    I can’t wait for new South Park episodes

  94. Retro917

    Retro917Day ago

    HOORAY!! M-A-G-A!! ...YOO-ETH-AIY" .... *snickering

  95. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueDay ago

    ?? But enjoying the video. ????

  96. Raul Grajales

    Raul GrajalesDay ago

    Games of Thrones!!

  97. L H

    L HDay ago

    Shoenice said the thumbnail photo of this video is not of him. FBI, what are your thoughts?

  98. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueDay ago


  99. Wo Pp

    Wo PpDay ago

    And they wonder why i drink alcohol

  100. Su150 Jsg

    Su150 JsgDay ago

    BLM Riots

  101. Richard Cruz

    Richard CruzDay ago

    Where's Charleston Heston?

  102. dan hannan

    dan hannanDay ago

    Should of shot them all.

  103. Sweet Home

    Sweet HomeDay ago

    Lmao these people are supposed to be “grown adults”?

  104. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    A lady lost custody of her 4 kids for trying to storm the capitol.

  105. Joseph Murawski

    Joseph Murawski2 hours ago

    They are have you not seen everything the left have done??lmaooo

  106. M A

    M ADay ago

    Bye bye America I won't miss you!

  107. Marduk Gilgamesh

    Marduk GilgameshDay ago

    Dont listen to vice was co founded by a n n n nazi! TOT

  108. camp Rich

    camp RichDay ago

    Imagine it that were a group of black people ravaging that United STATES government's offices like that. How many dead bodies that would have been lying down inside of these offices by guns?

  109. r_y_a_n

    r_y_a_nDay ago

    At least 100 dead and everyone arrested

  110. Vee Music

    Vee MusicDay ago



    'And some, I assume, were good people'. Oh, wait¡

  112. Nelson

    NelsonDay ago

    This is why I don’t invite my wife’s family over for thanksgiving’

  113. Zachary Mabb

    Zachary MabbDay ago

    The police were too lenient...this wasn't a riot, it was an ACT OF TERRORISM! Anyone who tries anything like this during the inauguration will not see the same leniency. Bullets will fly to protect the system our founding fathers created. True Americans fight for our country, NOT its president!

  114. Michelle Le

    Michelle LeHour ago

    Yeah agree. They did tear gas and mace. People said they ended up in casts due to it.

  115. K P

    K PDay ago


  116. Anjong

    AnjongDay ago

    You're witnessing the new Olympic sport being demonstrated - Trailer Trashing. Scores are based on your deplorability.

  117. zenoist2

    zenoist2Day ago

    Why aren't you showing all the videos of police waving the crowd on , opening doors for them , taking selfies with the crowd while joking and laughing and pulling people into the building?

  118. pk26pk26

    pk26pk26Day ago

    REMINDER: All journalists are *fair game* and are very good as "soft targets".

  119. Aluzcz

    AluzczDay ago

    Fake news, antifa provokers started this.

  120. Michelle Le

    Michelle Le52 minutes ago

    Matthew Heimbach and other white supremacists stormed the capitol. Video proof he supports

  121. Tiffany Palmer

    Tiffany PalmerDay ago

    Such a sham. Like wtf really.

  122. tammi

    tammiDay ago

    yeah this country is fucked

  123. daly thompson

    daly thompsonDay ago

    2020: Worst year ever. 2021: Hold my beer.

  124. Flat4Fan

    Flat4FanDay ago

    Biden stole the election. But main stream media won’t show it

  125. Tech1

    Tech1Day ago

    Fanatic White America, how nice. Many of you don't decades hating minorities. Now you are America's enemy, the worst of the worst. Lock them up now.

  126. J 3

    J 3Day ago

    MAGA 🇺🇸

  127. James Sharrar

    James SharrarDay ago

    maybe we should ask Kuwait for help....they owe us one...