How to Beat Facial Recognition Software

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  1. City Prepping

    City Prepping17 days ago

    Sign up at to get member-specific content in our weekly newsletter.

  2. below me

    below me9 days ago


  3. Niels Raider

    Niels Raider9 days ago

    @Jaques Studly tought about that one to! But then we come to thermal camera's already tested in countries that use them on a day to day basis

  4. Jaques Studly

    Jaques Studly9 days ago

    Wear a burqa?

  5. Niels Raider

    Niels Raider10 days ago

    If i disco next everything there is still the neighbors house having it and the neighbors will be the spies for them. No more escaping indeed unless we kill al in charge let them learn the next one trying gets the same. But yes i already think is about late. So better for me to shut up at all

  6. Niels Raider

    Niels Raider10 days ago

    @Pardon Me? Not mine ript out all form tracking, camera's microphone's etc put a needle in your Phone's microphone's or rip it out use a sepperate one when you use it! They can follow that conversation but not continuesly anymore. I know where everything is so no need for GPS no microphone's here. Altho they can use software with turn your speaker in microphone's basicly work the same way even your lights but the do net to be connected to a system like that. They can use almost everything yes but not that easely it still needs the hardware and software connected its not like they can lazer every room to listen in, or they would not need spies anymore and they still do but listening to every fool is hard. But yes i know my tech. Learn code also means learn to hide redirect. Like telling siri you are going to the store it does not know when you leave your not actualy going to the store. By feeding it false information you can still do something. Place your Phone in the bag of your wife let your wife go to the store tell siri you go together but you have watch for every little detail and that is gonna get harder and harder. Nearly inpossible

  7. George Washington

    George Washington2 minutes ago

    7:42 what is an alogarhythm?

  8. Wayne Flanigan

    Wayne Flanigan23 minutes ago

    All those Democrat sheeple have done it just by wearing a mask that doesn't protect against anything but dust and pollen.

  9. Peter Sandell

    Peter Sandell2 hours ago

    I think you're talking about China???? 🖕

  10. Rozz Grey 801

    Rozz Grey 8013 hours ago

    Erase your face off their database! The fascist fuckwits behind this mass surveillance bullshit didn't reckon on the virus and people forced to wear masks, dumb bastards.

  11. Duane Davidson

    Duane Davidson4 hours ago

    nancy bringing a machine gun nest to a neighborhood near you soon

  12. Duane Davidson

    Duane Davidson4 hours ago

    when i grow up im going to be a stowaway on bill gates pirate super yacht 🚢

  13. Eddie X

    Eddie X5 hours ago

    Wear a burka no one will challenge you

  14. Spanky Harland

    Spanky Harland8 hours ago

    how to beat facial recognition software- where a face mask with reflective sunglasses and a hat.

  15. The Colliman

    The Colliman13 hours ago

    You can see all the movies playing out in real life we should be fighting back before its too late .

  16. Paul Saunders

    Paul Saunders2 hours ago

    That's why they were made. To condition us.

  17. Russell

    Russell15 hours ago

    Dude, china rates your gait. Your walk. Gait recognition. And as government lusts to know more , we gotta decide if we want safety or liberty. Also , cover your ears. And i do keep my cell camra taped.

  18. SKOL

    SKOL20 hours ago

    Masks help.

  19. fleamarketmutt

    fleamarketmutt20 hours ago

    FivG hasn't made wifi any better here.

  20. Oasis 87

    Oasis 8723 hours ago

    In the beginning, y'all know the rest

  21. dave t

    dave tDay ago

    Wear a sombrero

  22. The Silenced Opposition

    The Silenced OppositionDay ago

    This is the sorry oppressive world of V. And the solution to that is a mass uprising.

  23. John Doe

    John DoeDay ago

    Thx I'm paranoid enuf f the go vt

  24. Pollyanna

    PollyannaDay ago

    Its not just facial , they want you 6 ft apart because they are watching your walk patterns, arm swing, etc They are more advanced

  25. doacarnage

    doacarnageDay ago

    I guess facial recognition is null & void now that everyone wears a covid mask.

  26. Justeau Anka

    Justeau AnkaDay ago

    This is what happens when there is no love. When we cant or arent allowed to work out for ourselves whom we like and dont like. That dirtiest of words invented for hates sake 'racism' crept in as BLM because the law invented it. I have never met anyone I can hate. I dont like some and I really like others around me. I dont think I know what racism is but I know what love is. When a couple who had love has had mistrust enter their lives. When families split. When love gets lost and never to to re-emerge. This stuff you are watching is computer game material. Give yourself a chance to find what love means to you. If it ends up you are a nerd then love was what was missing to begin with and you play the games being watched here. And, at the end what is there? No love. None going out or coming in.

  27. Meathead Jose

    Meathead JoseDay ago

    Yeah good old technology is biting us right in the ass give me the old days any day .yeah they're already doing it China Mart as soon as you walk in the store

  28. Garrock Waters

    Garrock WatersDay ago

    The ears tell it all. No need for face at all.

  29. Jeff Garrett

    Jeff GarrettDay ago

    You beat it by just wearng ur mask all the time

  30. Ady Day

    Ady DayDay ago

    Only the Chinese communist party has this’s lucky we’re not Chinese...the CCP is run by paranoid killers and’s a culture of bullying another human into dust slavery...the CCP is based on one supreme killer who rules with fear....the culture is trained to worship the one god as everything..CCP doesn’t do’s one collective society with one owner of human life...the CCP knows..because the culture isn’t based upon good respect..there’s always going to be someone to challenge that throne...hence!..the reason why the CCP uses this kind of surveillance...keeping the throne is hard for the CCP..they allow some to enjoy a little taste of help keep the rest down...if those few selected..shows any signs of enjoyment of power..the CCP quickly removes them and the message is ..understood by the next person who is given permission to try power...avoidance of face recognition is simple....don’t go to China..👍

  31. Jan Smith

    Jan Smith2 days ago

    turn your cell phone off when you move about. This is the biggest way they track you. Pay cash

  32. Bob Woods

    Bob Woods2 days ago

    Facial recognition works in a scamdemic when we are all wearing masks? Well not everyone, I don't. Fools driving in a car windows up and a mask on? Do you realize how stupid you look.

  33. Brandon S

    Brandon S19 hours ago

    It's like sleeping alone with a condom on.

  34. Bob Woods

    Bob Woods2 days ago

    Facial recognition works in a scssm

  35. brynnus

    brynnus2 days ago

    Face masks are now available with your own face on them, good enough to open a phone with. However they rely on you uploading a picture so they can be made. A few little tweaks in photoshop before uploading will give you a mask that your friends can recognise, but machines can't.

  36. Carl Patterson

    Carl Patterson2 days ago

    Thank God for this! Judge Dread, meets R2D2. I wear my sunglasses at night, John has a long mustache. Cryptic bullshit! You've been seen!

  37. Gary Rosson

    Gary Rosson3 days ago

    My nixon mask is gonna come in handy

  38. David Graf

    David Graf3 days ago

    It is possible for AI to track you. You being you will only let them know it’s you.

  39. David Graf

    David Graf3 days ago

    I think this is a day late and a dollar short my friend. Sorry but if targeted USlikes adds trickle from my phone USlikes to the USlikes on my workstation after it was plugged into my house internet, then they are using my internet provider info. So, any cell, Bluetooth, or wifi ping will tell any receiver everything about you even the grammar issues in this msg.

  40. James Cole

    James Cole3 days ago

    i was told not to smile when i got my drivers lisence...i did anyway...which was probably a mistake because i i didnt want to be recognised i probably could just smile

  41. ColleenKaralee

    ColleenKaralee3 days ago

    Persons of interest - try to avoid letting anyone for any reason take a blood or tissue sample - as a precaution; however, we as awaremess of being unlimited eternal spiritual beings can rise in viewpoint above anything. It is only our desire to solve the problem by fighting and resistance that keeps the engines of war and contention going on and on and on. All minds are servo-mechanisms. One of my favorite movie examples is Guy Ritchie's movie, "Revolver", especially the elevator scene.

  42. PAULA O

    PAULA O3 days ago

    China, is now developing a face recogniton that can see through a covid mask. They are taking demintions of the forehead too.

  43. Dave Lund

    Dave Lund4 days ago


  44. Flavia Finnegan

    Flavia Finnegan4 days ago

    Hummm....l suspect that the technology is more advanced that we think otherwise why would THEY encourage us to wear masks during this alledged pandemic when this would be making tracking our movements more difficult for them 🥊🥊🥊

  45. Vin One

    Vin One5 days ago

    The CV19 masking is sure way, no?

  46. Brett Clement

    Brett Clement5 days ago

    Good stuff, now, as we move forward, we have LIDAR to worry about. It learns your gate and can identify you along side AI. Maybe a video in the future about changing your gate so LIDAR can't track you? Keep up the good work... 😉🤫🤐

  47. Rocket-Pipe

    Rocket-Pipe5 days ago

    Anyone ever think about the mask mandate in most countries is to test and refine algorithms to recognize faces that are concealed?

  48. Joey Landry

    Joey Landry5 days ago

    Wear your mask 😷

  49. Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be easier to make a habit of destroying the cameras?

  50. c m

    c m5 days ago

    Thanks for the content 😎

  51. Marcus 81

    Marcus 815 days ago

    Shalom Fam!

  52. Billy Payne

    Billy Payne5 days ago

    Excellent video ! Great job , I would never thought of some of the methods and material that you use .

  53. Mitch North

    Mitch North6 days ago

    11:20 You're welcome.

  54. Aaron Walderslade

    Aaron Walderslade6 days ago

    Advice begins at 6:49

  55. Karla Brewster

    Karla Brewster6 days ago

    Start at 6:50 is you want ot avoid the boring stuff

  56. R D

    R D6 days ago

    I just recently bought a Oculus Quest 2. I'm guessing that isn't the best way to avoid facial recognition technology? lol

  57. ELOAA Ministries

    ELOAA Ministries6 days ago

    The TV show "Person of Interest!"

  58. Tragic Magic Studios

    Tragic Magic Studios6 days ago

    Watch the movie Anon You're welcome

  59. bryan carter

    bryan carter7 days ago

    Time to say enuff is enuff smash them cameras wer u see them

  60. Shaun Brown

    Shaun Brown7 days ago

    Welcome to Vegas, it's been like this for a long time already. It's just not used against most. They know practically EVERYTHING you do here in Vegas, I love how people come here to escape only to get cought because there is no privacy here!

  61. GeTTiT nOw

    GeTTiT nOw7 days ago

    So... None of these options worked for the people in the White House 💁‍♂

  62. City Prepping

    City Prepping7 days ago

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  65. D I N O

    D I N O7 days ago

    Thank you for this but the only con about this would be that criminals now know how to use these methods as well and can make it easier to commit crimes

  66. City Prepping

    City Prepping5 days ago

    @D I N O what's number + 1 5 1 2 4 0 0 7 4 8 7...

  67. D I N O

    D I N O6 days ago

    @City Prepping is that the phone number? Seems interesting

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  70. The Cosmosagan

    The Cosmosagan7 days ago

    Drive with the visor down in your vehicle to inhibit the traffic cameras.

  71. City Prepping

    City Prepping7 days ago

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  74. Rocky Bukkake

    Rocky Bukkake7 days ago

    Kaczynski was right.

  75. City Prepping

    City Prepping7 days ago

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    City Prepping7 days ago

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  77. Jim McClarin

    Jim McClarin7 days ago

    As a tall and elderly gringo living in Ecuador who always wears camo patterns, I think I stand out way too much to avoid detection in public. The best I can hope to do is blend into my surroundings in the forest.

  78. Theresa

    Theresa8 days ago

    Unfortunately, you must have missed a recent study going on in China. They've developed software from satelites that watch you from above, depicting your style of walking. Everyone walks differently (just think about the soles of your shoes- how they wear differently. These keen cameras from space can even identify the shape of your head, ears, shoulders, etc.

  79. Dwight Turner

    Dwight Turner8 days ago

    The technology is now in place so that those who do not receive the mark of the beast will be cut off by the government shutting down their ability to buy or sell.

  80. City Prepping

    City Prepping7 days ago

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  82. Matt Olson

    Matt Olson8 days ago

    Would a base ball cap that has small LED lights throw off the facial recognition system off?

  83. Frank Pohl

    Frank Pohl8 days ago

    Orwell was some month in the circle of Ron Hubbard. And Ron was one of the 1 decipl. of Allester Crowley the neo satanist that time. Ron had an affair with A.wife and had to flee from england to USA. There he changed the name of the stolen book "Neosatanism" into Dianetik. Satan loves to controle menkind. Its the last fight for the power over the souls. The bible is full with information aboiut this times and days that one day no one woll sell or buy enysthing without "the sign" on the hand or the head. Pesecution will come also in the west. The west had made deals and big money with satanic cults like china- china from today is a product of the wall street. Many cults like in the arabic world kill thouse how thing diverend or are diverend. In the endtimes- many will be killed by the neighbors. Like in the third rich.

  84. czarface

    czarface8 days ago

    A scanner darkly

  85. Ronnda Pagan

    Ronnda Pagan8 days ago

    Great video and good tips on keeping from being recognizable by the cameras. Thank you for the valuable information.

  86. JMJ Pray for us

    JMJ Pray for us8 days ago

    I can’t put that mask on! 😑

  87. Thegan

    Thegan8 days ago

    China, coming to a Canada near you with the dictator wannabe Trudeau and his drama teach turned pc sparkle socks overload.

  88. Sirena Spades

    Sirena Spades8 days ago

    Video starts around 7:04

  89. Dante95240

    Dante952408 days ago

    The next billionaire will be those who create a wearable camera scrambler... get to it people!

  90. Bentley & Porsche Anderson

    Bentley & Porsche Anderson8 days ago

    Woof, one large asteroid is needed.......

  91. Wise Vortex

    Wise Vortex8 days ago

    just get a new face dumby's.

  92. Up for an Adventure

    Up for an Adventure8 days ago

    That’s why masks were mandated in blue states prior to the 2020 US election, to hide faces. So BLM / Antifa actors would not be recognized during the summer of love riots.

  93. well said

    well said9 days ago

    I probably just sold myself out ... SO NEEDED! .... I get it, THANK YOU SOOOO much FOR THIS VID and all your others!!!!

  94. guardsmanom134

    guardsmanom1349 days ago

    If you've ever had your picture taken, made a video on YT, or been to a grocery store before December 2nd, 2019, your face is already in the database. Sorry to burst y'all's bubble, but it doesn't help to do this stuff while you have a cellphone or laptop computer- they all have GPS built in. Facial recognition software's greatest weakness is changing the distances in your "T" spot. The length and width of the bridge of your nose, the distance between your eyes, and the shape of your jawline when in sideprofile, are the largest points of reference for facial recognition software. Beards, bowties, blemishes, and bugeye glasses will cause the system to overload and throw up red flags. Sunglasses and bleaching of facial hair and head hair, as well as changing gait and stride, can help profusely. Be aware of limps, and exaggerate them if you can't hide them effectively enough that you cannot notice them. If you're a smoker, switch to dip or snus, and vise versa. If you are normally rambunctious, learn introversion. Avoid cities where possible, country folks tend to have more guns and less cameras. Travel by night, and learn the wildlife around you. All these tips, and more, when you need them. All you have to do is ask the right questions of preppers.

  95. janet alvarez

    janet alvarez9 days ago

    Those data storage will be eliminated, you know what’s coming, just when.

  96. croperful

    croperful9 days ago

    What about using some Groucho glasses with the attached big bushy eyebrows and mustache?

  97. Lord Sathanus

    Lord Sathanus9 days ago

    Soon prepping will be more than what it is. The Biden era will fast track the world into a technocratic dictatorship. Prepping will become survival over the next 10 years.

  98. arthur santosuosso

    arthur santosuosso9 days ago

    10X THANKS

  99. Sandy Seibel Hager

    Sandy Seibel Hager9 days ago

    Good tv shows/movies to watch "Next" "Person of Interest" and "The Net" on similar subjects. I also like movies about AI.

  100. J Film

    J Film9 days ago

    They are building lenses into the screen on phones which stop the touch function of the screen working when the lens is covered. Any suggestions?

  101. J Film

    J Film9 days ago

    Hats with different colour hair hanging under.

  102. J Film

    J Film9 days ago

    Social Services aka the SS tried taking and have had kids taken away from parents that have been branded as conspiracy theorists. Can we sue those institutions as these so called conspiracies have now been proven to be true?

  103. J Film

    J Film9 days ago

    Hence front facing cameras on your phones and tablets.

  104. redmunchkin

    redmunchkin9 days ago

    Good that it is totally acceptable to wear masks these days.

  105. C_B

    C_B9 days ago

    Cool CP logo.

  106. C_B

    C_B9 days ago

    I was standing in line at a Las Vegas casino when 2 security guards approached me and asked to see my identification. My guess was that their facial recognition system told them that I looked like someone else that they did not want to be in the casino. After I showed them my ID, they said thanks and walked away.

  107. 1 Stooge

    1 Stooge9 days ago

    I can beat you after the facial.

  108. arthur santosuosso

    arthur santosuosso9 days ago

    10X THANKS !!!

  109. Chris Alden in Alaska

    Chris Alden in Alaska9 days ago

    So a mask, ball cap and wrap around sunglasses will hide your identity.

  110. Flex Bender

    Flex Bender9 days ago

    Get life sized pictures of Joe Biden .Make masks out of them .

  111. Su Homelands

    Su Homelands10 days ago

    They started walk pattern registration now.

  112. Woke Bae

    Woke Bae10 days ago

    Very useful information

  113. City Prepping

    City Prepping9 days ago

    Glad you liked it

  114. Lee Martin

    Lee Martin10 days ago

    Wal mart is a big FR site...

  115. Johnny Cruise

    Johnny Cruise10 days ago

    delete Facebook and twitter

  116. WHY

    WHY10 days ago

    A brilliant video, like everyone else! If you had a moment to take a look at my channel and advise me on anything, I would be honored!


    DAVE CHAINGUARD10 days ago

    Can big bushy beards be of any help....??

  118. T S

    T S10 days ago

    Wal-Mart don't shop at walmart

  119. T S

    T S10 days ago

    Id 2020 tricked me !

  120. James King

    James King10 days ago

    Nope this is not the biggest threat. The biggest threat right now is Financially. The CCP wants to shut down the US Economy. If they are successful, and they think they have financially made us their slaves they will try invasive techniques such as these and maybe even invasion. I don't think that America will let it get this far and there will be some who are wise enough to see what is happening. Red Dawn is happening but a different way then the movie had shown.

  121. Theyrek Rnations

    Theyrek Rnations10 days ago

    Even under pres. 44, 400 people at least were killed with drones(unless i am mistaken) . There has to be some kind of FR involved with that

  122. Mary Curious Life

    Mary Curious Life10 days ago

    There is activist groupe in canada that paint geometric shapes on their art