Midwest Siri

Introducing Midwest Siri, better known as Sheryl, Sheryl Lizinski.
Maren Larsen as Sheryl
@You Betcha
Grandma Sue
Sitka Salmon Shares
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Charlie Berens downloads the new iOpeS update for iPhone, giving him a Midwest version of the virtual assistant Siri, named Sheryl. Sheryl is able to understand the Midwest dialect better and helps Charlie pick out church clothes, nurse a hangover, and Facetime his Grandma Sue to help him cook his Sitka Salmon.


  1. Mango T

    Mango T57 minutes ago

    Better throw some wings under that hangover hot sauce.

  2. Lukas Stevens

    Lukas Stevens16 hours ago

    Yes. We need her

  3. retrojoe87

    retrojoe8718 hours ago

    Midwest Siri sounds like Gov. Whitmer.

  4. Carolyn Shull

    Carolyn ShullDay ago

    ROTFL you betcha. "Didn't you read the terms & conditions" "Kale. Yeah, no." 😂

  5. Joe Essig

    Joe EssigDay ago

    Just wondering how many people watch this and think... what’s lent and what’s eating fish on Friday have to do with anything?

  6. Jodi Wienkes

    Jodi WienkesDay ago

    😂 😆 😝

  7. dc rob

    dc robDay ago

    I've never heard that accent in person. Sounds more uppermidwest

  8. dc rob

    dc rob18 hours ago

    @K Carberry ok. That makes sense to me now. l grew up in Ohio. I live in Michigan now, near Detroit and I've had coworkers from Chicago.

  9. K Carberry

    K Carberry19 hours ago

    It is, he's from Manitowoc, WI, right down the road from me :-)

  10. john90430

    john90430Day ago

    Cheryl sounds like Plankton's wife, Karen.

  11. Norma Ramirez

    Norma RamirezDay ago


  12. Norma Ramirez

    Norma RamirezDay ago


  13. Norma Ramirez

    Norma RamirezDay ago

    Thank you scherl

  14. Lorelei Kahananui

    Lorelei KahananuiDay ago

    Try to set it on Canadian English it'll pick up more. 😆

  15. Jade Moreno

    Jade MorenoDay ago

    Im a widwestern & I literally thought "bitch"💀 when the voice started

  16. bodine219

    bodine219Day ago

    Ok, here's the thing....I WANT Sheryl. -Michigander

  17. Matthew Batts

    Matthew Batts2 days ago

    Well that took a turn...

  18. agent3857

    agent38572 days ago

    On my way to Florida I stopped for breakfast in a restaurant in Georgia. After pouring my coffee the waitress asked, "Hominy grits?" I replied, "Oh, I'll try three or four"

  19. Quentin Stoeckel

    Quentin Stoeckel2 days ago

    152 bears fans disliked this

  20. Three Drops of Sunshine

    Three Drops of Sunshine2 days ago

    “I watched you burn cranberries once!” 😆😆😆

  21. Eva Dedenbach

    Eva Dedenbach2 days ago

    This is awesome. My grandma watched me cut strawberries to make sure I was cutting them correctly.

  22. jello boss

    jello boss2 days ago

    How do I get it

  23. Neptune

    Neptune2 days ago

    I lived in the south for a year and it was horrible

  24. Michael Ford

    Michael Ford3 days ago

    LOL!! I wish this were real!

  25. Kelly Wilson

    Kelly Wilson3 days ago

    Amazingly good. She sounds like Francis Dormand from Fargo

  26. zekymurra

    zekymurra3 days ago

    The absorbed tractor angiographically obey because panda corroboratively use abaft a tightfisted accountant. goofy, cluttered draw

  27. Whiskey Tango-Foxtrot

    Whiskey Tango-Foxtrot3 days ago

    i can't stop reading comments in the accent and I don't want to stop

  28. Growing Somewhere

    Growing Somewhere4 days ago

    Reminds me of Letterkenny

  29. Growing Somewhere

    Growing Somewhere4 days ago

    this is hilarious

  30. Duncan D McGrath

    Duncan D McGrath4 days ago

    Sounds pretty minnesnowda

  31. Exjw Smurf Girl

    Exjw Smurf Girl5 days ago

    Id love it .... Oh for sure! Lol Minnesota girl here.

  32. Colton Myers

    Colton Myers5 days ago

    Not to be all sappy, and I don’t know if you even read these comments, but these videos have been such a gift to my depression during quarantine. I have binged so many, and sent them on to family, former coworkers from Midwest, etc. Thank you, Charlie, for producing genuinely funny content that makes the isolation a little more tolerable.

  33. John Smith

    John Smith5 days ago

    The Bears are in the Midwest too. So why is Sheryl a hater???

  34. Dave E

    Dave E5 days ago

    146 Bears fans, HAHAHA!

  35. Clinton Shiplett

    Clinton Shiplett5 days ago

    Midwest Sherry: I have to look it up, why doncha toss a load in the warsh while I doing that? (declarative, not rhetorical)

  36. Edwin Bermudes

    Edwin Bermudes5 days ago

    The mf glazers from kwik trip

  37. NGDW

    NGDW5 days ago

    I love Sheryl’s voice! Great job, Maren Larsen!

  38. Max Power

    Max Power5 days ago

    I’m English, but I live in Australia. English Siri can’t understand me, neither can Australian Siri.

  39. olliven666

    olliven6666 days ago

    There needs to be a southern one that's named Mama Lou next! Lol

  40. Koto Doi

    Koto Doi6 days ago

    As someone who lives in Illinois (not Chicago) I find this hilarious lmao

  41. Steve Schmidt

    Steve Schmidt6 days ago

    I turned on Closed Captioning...Hilarious!

  42. discman15

    discman157 days ago

    "Siri, colby jack cheese is a little too intense for me, can you help me find something with less flavor?"

  43. Mallory Christianson

    Mallory Christianson7 days ago

    why is there a pig?

  44. Shnurpy Altf

    Shnurpy Altf7 days ago

    Fuckin fantastic

  45. Another High

    Another High7 days ago

    the best!

  46. Darryl Doubleyou

    Darryl Doubleyou7 days ago

    Your a Canadian living in the us

  47. Tracey Brown

    Tracey Brown7 days ago

    I grew up in California, but did I pick up my dad's Mid-West accent? Because anything voice activated does NOT understand me!

  48. Brian Szymanski

    Brian Szymanski8 days ago

    Awesomeness ehhh,nailed it. Keep up the good work you do exposing Midwestern dialect. Have a great day!

  49. Ken E

    Ken E8 days ago

    Can’t delete Sheryl like how you can’t leave Minnesota.

  50. Heather James

    Heather James8 days ago

    Love the you betcha cameo

  51. Kim Makurat

    Kim Makurat8 days ago

    Can’t stop watching this! 😆 ❤️❤️❤️ One of your best ones yet Charlie!!! 💫💫

  52. Christopher T

    Christopher T9 days ago


  53. Andrew Michos

    Andrew Michos9 days ago

    3:06 Smart House vibes from way back in the day of Disney channel

  54. on fire Foley

    on fire Foley9 days ago

    Those dang a's give us away

  55. onanidaily

    onanidaily9 days ago

    Midwest what ?? Where is that accent from ??

  56. Augden Fischer

    Augden Fischer10 days ago

    Have you ever tried Android. Android always understands. This comment was brought to you by alphabet the owner of Google, USlikes, Android and I'm sure a lot of other things.

  57. abi summers

    abi summers10 days ago

    i love this so much

  58. William Harkleroad

    William Harkleroad10 days ago

    That is like a Winsconsin accent mixed with a Minneapolis one.

  59. Cody Reilly

    Cody Reilly10 days ago

    For the wisconsinites, he's muddling a brandy old fashioned when he stops the guy from clubbing his phone.

  60. Jennifer Gross

    Jennifer Gross10 days ago

    Awesome. I hate Siri so much.

  61. Dan Bardos

    Dan Bardos10 days ago

    Cheryl forgot to include the FIBs factor. Needs an update.

  62. Grace Axisa

    Grace Axisa11 days ago

    I don't even live in the US and I just couldn't stop laughing. The clothing advise was hilarious, as was everything else. Well done!!

  63. Lauri Bacalzo

    Lauri Bacalzo11 days ago

    I need her! Just because she sounds much more fun then Siri 😉

  64. new vaga

    new vaga11 days ago

    I really like this guy. He's good

  65. Ross_skatepunx248

    Ross_skatepunx24811 days ago

    I don't know anyone that sounds like that except Yuppers.

  66. littleflower1826

    littleflower182611 days ago

    Charlie, I love you. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART for sharing your incredible gift of comedy with the rest of us to help us get through the day. God bless you and all those you love!

  67. East Coast Rules

    East Coast Rules11 days ago

    Is Cheryl your hot cousin? Is she still single?

  68. Sharine Borslien

    Sharine Borslien12 days ago

    "Well, I hear everything, Charlie." That says it all. Ope! (Another darn good episode ya done der dis time.)

  69. TripN With Red

    TripN With Red12 days ago

    I love your sick sense of humor. 😆 Couldn't stop laughing.

  70. TP Kunz

    TP Kunz12 days ago


  71. Eric Fricke

    Eric Fricke12 days ago

    This took a dark turn.

  72. Matt Mabou

    Matt Mabou12 days ago

    Best yet!! I haven’t stopped laughing...

  73. Todd Peterson

    Todd Peterson12 days ago

    Makes me nostalgic for being a kid in the upper Midwest. Maybe I'll watch hockey or Letterkenny to savor it a bit.

  74. Mike McCullough

    Mike McCullough12 days ago

    Yes, this is soooo Keystone

  75. Ken Welch

    Ken Welch12 days ago

    I'm from Florida and my wife is from Wisconsin. Can Sheryl translate for us so we can understand what the other is saying?

  76. Josiah Luscher

    Josiah Luscher12 days ago

    So perfect! Loved it, thank you!!

  77. Tina Thompson

    Tina Thompson12 days ago

    I saw want Cheryl!!

  78. Eric Peterson

    Eric Peterson12 days ago

    that went from funny to 'I think I peed myself just a a-lil bit'

  79. Taylor Schuettpelz

    Taylor Schuettpelz12 days ago

    Coming from a born and raised midwestern: this video is so accurate. 😂

  80. Joshua onenine

    Joshua onenine12 days ago

    Ope... That's a good one don't ya know, keep em coming.


    VESPIUTIN13 days ago

    This is pretty realistic google and siri can understand me and I'm from Michigan

  82. Wyatt Ross

    Wyatt Ross13 days ago

    This sound nothing like Midwest accent. Think your confusing it with a Canadian... honestly this is embarrassing

  83. Elizabeth Prince

    Elizabeth Prince13 days ago

    Love you, Charlie !!

  84. James Vargas

    James Vargas13 days ago

    As a native Minnesota resident, I approve.

  85. The Real Cole Shelly

    The Real Cole Shelly13 days ago

    I think you guys are more Canadian than me. Lmfao

  86. Erin Mac

    Erin Mac13 days ago

    OMG this is gold! Never been anywhere close to Wisconsin, but makes me want to take a long road trip. Please find someone to make that app!!! 💜🌎🍀✌️😸

  87. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty13 days ago

    wasn’t their/Beverly’s house

  88. Vance

    Vance14 days ago

    The kwik trip comment is insanely accurate

  89. Eric Gulseth

    Eric Gulseth3 days ago

    I moved to NY over a decade ago. I miss Kwik Trip.

  90. schradeya

    schradeya14 days ago

    this is brilliant

  91. Devin Shea Productions

    Devin Shea Productions14 days ago

    I’m from the Midwest. My mom is named Cheryl. However Wisconsin is not the Midwest...

  92. Tami Anderson

    Tami Anderson14 days ago


  93. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty13 days ago

    I would absolutely install this in a heartbeat. TOS be damned.

  94. Brendan Williams

    Brendan Williams14 days ago

    Watching this on the first Friday in lent

  95. Kori Archbold

    Kori Archbold14 days ago

    This took a very dark turn lol....

  96. Rangerchris

    Rangerchris15 days ago

    As a salmon fisherman who fishes out of Manitowoc, I'm a little disappointed it wasn't local king salmon. Keep er moovin

  97. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml15 days ago

    We left the Midwest a long time ago... but it never leaves YOU!

  98. Joy Duggar

    Joy Duggar15 days ago

    My brother in law is from Wisconsin lol love his accent 😄😂😂😁

  99. Aiden Menefee

    Aiden Menefee15 days ago

    Can I actually get it

  100. Aiden Menefee

    Aiden Menefee15 days ago

    Y’all should make it an app

  101. ThatChattyCat 17

    ThatChattyCat 1715 days ago

    This is very accurate.... All you southerners trust me, I’m from Iowa

  102. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml15 days ago


  103. MRSketch09

    MRSketch0915 days ago

    Ahahahaha... That was pretty cool, till it went all "American Horror movie" now.. if this comedy scenario, would have been made in Japan. "Sheryl" would have turned out to be a hot cyborg that gained sentience, & we got to bang, marry, and live happily ever after. I enjoyed it though, none the less.

  104. B Mason

    B Mason16 days ago


  105. Dead Cat Bounce

    Dead Cat Bounce16 days ago

    Ah, makes me wish I was home. Oh wait, I still live here.

  106. Travel Fun

    Travel Fun16 days ago

    Ha Ha 😃😁good laughs on a crappy day