Meet My 1-Day-Old Foster Puppies!

Meet my 1-day-old foster puppies!
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Ahh good day everyone! My name is Joey Graceffa and welcome to my official daily vlog USlikes channel where I like to film my daily life with my puppies. You can find videos on my life with puppies, puppy first times, cute puppy moments, and SO much more! Join the family and make sure you are subscribed! I love you, until next time, good damn bye!


  1. Joey Graceffa Vlogs

    Joey Graceffa Vlogs16 days ago

    What should we name these little guys?!

  2. Sidonie Franklin

    Sidonie Franklin12 days ago


  3. Lazulite

    Lazulite16 days ago

    @Boipelo Pela 45 BIRTH STONES YES

  4. [Joey-Graceffa-shorts ]

    [Joey-Graceffa-shorts ]16 days ago

    @Lacey Gerten YASSSS

  5. Zanah

    Zanah16 days ago

    What about candy/candy bar themed names?

  6. Idk

    Idk16 days ago

    coffee drinks! macchiato Brulé cappuccino espresso etc.

  7. Adri R

    Adri R2 hours ago

    @ 8:09 I just fell in love 🥰

  8. Sukhpreet Sandhu

    Sukhpreet Sandhu2 hours ago

    luv you pup1 fixer2 alpha3johny4loffer5piku

  9. Beth Bowers

    Beth Bowers14 hours ago

    Hi Joey, just found your channel and I already ADORE you! I love that you rescue dogs, and rescuing preggers dogs?!?! Oh my DAWG!!!! You’re wonderful. I acquired health challenges many years ago that leave me less able to rescue on a large scale, but I am owned by two rescue dogs that are amazeballs! Thanks for all you do for animals that cant do it for themselves. ❤️❤️. You’re my new favorite youtuber!

  10. Meg C.

    Meg C.18 hours ago

    You should write some of these ideas down in case you foster more Mamas later on. Some of these are so cute that people are suggesting!

  11. diane mainiero

    diane mainiero19 hours ago

    There not your puppies

  12. 123 festive

    123 festive2 days ago

    what about names of flowers? Violet, Roses,Irises and more like if agree

  13. Violet 14

    Violet 142 days ago

    Awwweee name em chocolate brands or chocolate flavours

  14. Gina B

    Gina B3 days ago

    Baby pups 🐕🐶💚

  15. Joscelyn vang

    Joscelyn vang3 days ago

    So I don’t know if it is a good Idea but maybe naming them after like Pokémon’s because there’s a Pokémon called yamper and other Pokémon names can also be cute so I’m not sure

  16. Crystal Ader

    Crystal Ader3 days ago

    I wonder why Joey never lets his own animals meet the animals that he fosters?

  17. Hot Mess Jess

    Hot Mess Jess6 hours ago

    When animals come from an unknown origin/ history or have spent time at shelters they can have communicable diseases. It’s best to separate fosters from family pets and other groups of fosters.

  18. Rollyne Wong

    Rollyne Wong3 days ago

    You could also use ribbons

  19. Baby.maxxie _yt

    Baby.maxxie _yt3 days ago

    Love joey

  20. Lexy Bunny

    Lexy Bunny3 days ago

    You could name the pups after food restaurants cause mama was found behind a fast food shop.

  21. Fluffy Murkin

    Fluffy Murkin3 days ago

    I just found you today. I love your heart!

  22. E e e L i a

    E e e L i a4 days ago


  23. Exploration Laura Lion

    Exploration Laura Lion4 days ago

    Great puppies they r so cute

  24. Emma Fisher

    Emma Fisher4 days ago

    Pls name one gunner my nans dog died and that was his name thanks

  25. genna gem

    genna gem4 days ago

    Did you not release that that’s the rainbow

  26. Arerina Rameka

    Arerina Rameka4 days ago

    The Collector Returns - Escape the Night S5 (Ep 1) The Collector Returns - Escape the Night S5 (Ep 1) The Collector Returns - Escape the Night S5 (Ep 1)

  27. phantom wolf

    phantom wolf4 days ago

    Name them after coffees like mocha and latte and all that

  28. Ava Leshem

    Ava Leshem4 days ago

    Maybe you can name the after birth stones

  29. {liliana iavarone}

    {liliana iavarone}4 days ago

    oKaY~lEtS nOt SiT oN tHe PuPiEs

  30. Tyler Leigh

    Tyler Leigh5 days ago

    That mamma is the sweetest dog!! I hope you keep her she is so sweet ❤️

  31. Icetooth The hybrid

    Icetooth The hybrid5 days ago

    9:41 my cat did that once with her kittens i actually laugh a little it was a little bit funny

  32. redbutterfly57

    redbutterfly575 days ago

    I enjoyed this vlog so much 💓 💖

  33. arosewil28

    arosewil285 days ago

    My pup (who gave birth before I got her) heard the puppy noises and started searching for babies

  34. Jonathan Wassabi

    Jonathan Wassabi5 days ago

    At 2:03 yoshi sounds

  35. Denise Emond

    Denise Emond5 days ago

    This is very beautiful. Good for you.

  36. Pearlie Givens

    Pearlie Givens5 days ago

    Okay why do you have wigs

  37. Maddison Collins

    Maddison Collins5 days ago

    Name them after celebrities like For girls: Billie, Taylor, Niki, Sia, Ari For boys: Finneas,Ed,James, etc.

  38. Rae

    Rae5 days ago

    cute names for future: (just ideas, sorry for bad spelling.) Male: Ollie/ Oliver, Dale, Boots, Cade, Fin, King, Female: Olivia, Mimi, Quinn, BoBo, Clover, Iris, Either: Jamie, Freddie, Milo, Monster, Ghost, Loki,

  39. Problem Child

    Problem Child6 days ago


  40. Zainab Zahra Yousuf

    Zainab Zahra Yousuf6 days ago

    Joey you should name one Luna

  41. Mayz reborns_andthings

    Mayz reborns_andthings6 days ago

    Aww they are so cute!!! I have 15 pets🥺❤😗

  42. Wee Hen

    Wee Hen6 days ago

    Ahhh They’re so so too much cute 😍😆 🐶

  43. Panda Lover

    Panda Lover7 days ago

    omg soooo cuuuuute

  44. karen blanco

    karen blanco7 days ago

    The milky card systematically pine because leo muhly scrub via a mellow perfume. efficient, amuck mascara

  45. Mj Tirol

    Mj Tirol7 days ago

    If its a foster i'll treat it no matter what!!!

  46. Alpha Aqua

    Alpha Aqua7 days ago

    You should name them something that has to do with space

  47. Stprincess

    Stprincess7 days ago

    I love how every time he grabs one, she's like lol okay now put it back down

  48. Cleopatra Uchiha

    Cleopatra Uchiha7 days ago

    I think you should name the puppies with anime themes :)

  49. Jazlyn Coleiro

    Jazlyn Coleiro7 days ago

    4 boys and 2 girls

  50. Ryan Pheasey

    Ryan Pheasey7 days ago

    I’m super happy for you Joey! You did a great job helping the mum of the dogs give birth. If your giving some of the puppies away then I’m sure you’ll find a great home for them also keep up the good work love your videos ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Jennifer Fiestas

    Jennifer Fiestas8 days ago


  52. Mazie McLachlan

    Mazie McLachlan8 days ago

    What are there names

  53. Shandie Sullivan

    Shandie Sullivan8 days ago

    Omgggg the one with the little white front paw. I love it!!! I want it 😭

  54. taj Alman

    taj Alman8 days ago

    Orish would be cute for the orange or green puppy

  55. taj Alman

    taj Alman8 days ago

    Gummy would be cute for the blue puppy

  56. taj Alman

    taj Alman8 days ago

    Almond would be perfect for the purple little pup

  57. Brandon Andrews

    Brandon Andrews8 days ago

    Sat on the

  58. Kathryn Kovacik

    Kathryn Kovacik8 days ago

    Well we all new that he would get another pregnant animal

  59. Laniya Gaming girl

    Laniya Gaming girl8 days ago

    You should name the one with the purple collar midnight

  60. MyLifeinDK

    MyLifeinDK9 days ago

    Just love the small puppy noises😍

  61. Mackenzie Hill

    Mackenzie Hill9 days ago

    lol my fav. Part is where he says ok let mabey not sit on them 😂😂

  62. Jasmine Solm

    Jasmine Solm9 days ago

    Or birthstone names

  63. Jasmine Solm

    Jasmine Solm9 days ago

    Definitely name them after crystals

  64. Aaliyah

    Aaliyah9 days ago

    She is like don’t touch my babies

  65. Christina Nielsen

    Christina Nielsen9 days ago

    Maeby the cat has teeth problems thats why she drools? My dog did when he had a bad tooth

  66. BaileeGermanotta

    BaileeGermanotta9 days ago

    Joey takes such good care of his dogs. Look how clean the cage area is always. He always picks up after them!

  67. Ava Gundlach

    Ava Gundlach9 days ago

    One of them if girl Jenny and a boy name i Jack you should do all J' s cause you start with a J it could be the J family.

  68. Ava Gundlach

    Ava Gundlach9 days ago

    Name theme Fruit, Pokemon, or maybe Harry potter, or the charcters from your movie.

  69. Jen Perka

    Jen Perka9 days ago

    naming them something fast food related would be so cute and fitting for where they found her

  70. Jen Perka

    Jen Perka9 days ago

    naming them something fast food related would be so cute and fitting for where they found her

  71. { •Lemon pie • }

    { •Lemon pie • }9 days ago

    Omg there so cute I want one when there older 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  72. Emily Podoll

    Emily Podoll9 days ago

    You should the purple one indi like indigo, individual,

  73. Suzanne Allard

    Suzanne Allard9 days ago

    Name them after Winnie the Pooh characters and you can call the mom roo

  74. Babu and June

    Babu and June9 days ago

    Plz name one April ai June plzzzzzzz

  75. H. Bleeker

    H. Bleeker10 days ago

    She looks like a boxer, staffie, and shepherd mix aka exactly like my shelter dog!!

  76. H. Bleeker

    H. Bleeker10 days ago


  77. Iulia Bianca

    Iulia Bianca10 days ago

    I was a pile of anxiety when she was sitting on them...!! 😬😬 My dog had 7 puppies, but she killed 3 by sitting on them during the night... It's very unfortunate... And yes, she had a quite wide open space, so that wasn't a problem

  78. Natasha Moloney

    Natasha Moloney10 days ago

    if you call the mom Rue you should name the babies after Hunger Games characters like Gale, Cato, Prim(rose), Katniss, etc.

  79. Ashley Leclair

    Ashley Leclair10 days ago

    Sakura's a WAP.

  80. Master Prankers

    Master Prankers10 days ago


  81. Adara Nova Tse

    Adara Nova Tse10 days ago

    Make a big collar from the all the colors u used in the babies :)

  82. Nina Markač

    Nina Markač10 days ago

    I L O V E THIS

  83. Robert Phillips

    Robert Phillips10 days ago

    When the mama sat on the baby did one of them get hurt

  84. WindWoman 3

    WindWoman 310 days ago

    Actually, Joey, when she stretches out her neck - she reminds me of a dingo!

  85. Rachel Sharp

    Rachel Sharp10 days ago

    Since you call the mama Roo, maybe you should name the puppies after Winnie the Pooh characters.

  86. TheLife OfDorian

    TheLife OfDorian10 days ago

    You should totally name them after trees! Like Oak, Ash, willow, juniper, and more! So adorable! Like so he sees!

  87. Odeta Cukanova

    Odeta Cukanova10 days ago

    The puppies make really cute sounds

  88. Sadie Granger

    Sadie Granger10 days ago

    You should name them after either *planets* (Pluto would be super cute for the runt!) or different *constellations* (Dipper would be adorable!) :)

  89. Sadie Granger

    Sadie Granger10 days ago

    Joey: She is the best mom! Mother dog: Oh you think that do you? Also the mother dog: *Sits on her puppies* Sakura and the mother dog have been plotting-

  90. Jacob Cook

    Jacob Cook10 days ago


  91. Ruby Schlafer

    Ruby Schlafer10 days ago

    When she sat on the puppies I died laughing

  92. callmebubbles

    callmebubbles10 days ago

    Malison ?

  93. Erin Hughes

    Erin Hughes10 days ago

    He would be such a great parent

  94. KrípTø ThéñĪgHt

    KrípTø ThéñĪgHt10 days ago

    Pls name 3 coda and Kira Kylo plss

  95. Deryn Young

    Deryn Young10 days ago

    Or u should call the after the Weasleys

  96. Deryn Young

    Deryn Young10 days ago

    Joey u need to name one bear like u need to 🥺💗

  97. valencia pandavill

    valencia pandavill10 days ago

    Joey you ARE the new stacyplays i knew it

  98. Ailish McElroy

    Ailish McElroy10 days ago

    Name them all after flowers like : Primrose,Daffodil etc.

  99. Orlaith Murchan

    Orlaith Murchan10 days ago

    Name one milly

  100. Emelia O'Brien

    Emelia O'Brien11 days ago

    This is amazingly beautiful and special. I love all of it. Thank you for saving her and her pups, thank you for the content. I am here from Colleens page and a new fan!

  101. Crystal Chavez

    Crystal Chavez11 days ago

    The chunky guy on top gave me major Rolly from 101 Dalmatians vibes!

  102. cyberkilos

    cyberkilos11 days ago

    each color matched their personality so well lol

  103. Emster234

    Emster23411 days ago

    It's kinda of bittersweet how much she has taken a liking to you. Sweet because she feels safe and found a good human, bitter because human is not temporary

  104. Mia Borders

    Mia Borders11 days ago

    You should name them after planets🥺

  105. le davis

    le davis11 days ago

    she is so trusting of joey with her puppies even though he’s only had her for a couple of days. it’s so wholesome.

  106. Beautybri14

    Beautybri1411 days ago

    These types of videos help my mental health.

  107. famous I am the

    famous I am the11 days ago