Welcome To The World

Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on USlikes since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!


  1. DJ Dyegon

    DJ Dyegon6 minutes ago

    Aww so cute congrats

  2. Evan brown

    Evan brown7 minutes ago

    Omg your back

  3. Gamal azab

    Gamal azab9 minutes ago


  4. Lil Japes

    Lil Japes9 minutes ago

    knox LMFAOFAOF=

  5. hyze_Renegades _-18

    hyze_Renegades _-1811 minutes ago

    2 years later: we had another kid

  6. Niko

    Niko13 minutes ago

    Congrats 👏🏼

  7. Dropzy -_-

    Dropzy -_-14 minutes ago

    Knox the Box

  8. Payton Mcbride

    Payton Mcbride14 minutes ago

    congrats romanatwood

  9. Steven Freislich

    Steven Freislich15 minutes ago

    Wow I love this man ....just his voice makes my day . Congrats Mr/Mrs Atwood

  10. Tia Heide

    Tia Heide17 minutes ago


  11. Jeremiah Swope

    Jeremiah Swope18 minutes ago

    again? really?

  12. FireKicks

    FireKicks20 minutes ago

    Welcome to the world Knox!

  13. lil laith

    lil laith21 minute ago

    imagine spawning in to life a roman atwood is your dad

  14. tim zuidenga

    tim zuidenga22 minutes ago


  15. Leonie Kelly

    Leonie Kelly23 minutes ago

    How does she look that good after giving birth she soo pretty with out make up ❤️

  16. King_zeno

    King_zeno23 minutes ago

    I hope ur mom is okay up in heaven

  17. Ivo Pitonak

    Ivo Pitonak25 minutes ago

    Congratulatiooooons! You're awesome ! Sending warm hugs

  18. Sandy Anderson

    Sandy Anderson27 minutes ago

    I am happy they are posting again

  19. Kev Smith

    Kev Smith27 minutes ago

    10:01. Hmmm.

  20. King_zeno

    King_zeno30 minutes ago

    All of u look so different

  21. Brody Heydon

    Brody Heydon31 minute ago

    That baby gonna be chewing on plastic

  22. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi31 minute ago

    “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  23. thomas brafford2005

    thomas brafford200534 minutes ago

    Will you be posting more

  24. Hitless_

    Hitless_35 minutes ago

    Welcome to the fam Knox. Can’t wait to see you in the upcoming future blogs

  25. thomas brafford2005

    thomas brafford200536 minutes ago

    I am so glad you are back

  26. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi31 minute ago

    Congrats to the whole family! Love yall!

  27. Hitless_

    Hitless_38 minutes ago

    He’s back

  28. Bryce Woods

    Bryce Woods38 minutes ago

    I was thinking of baby names because my sister is pregnant and Knox is the name that came to my mind

  29. Manga Fox

    Manga Fox39 minutes ago


  30. fadi toma

    fadi toma40 minutes ago


  31. Lukas Chandler

    Lukas Chandler41 minute ago

    Man I miss yall

  32. Dhana Khei

    Dhana Khei46 minutes ago

    Welcome Knox!!! Love from Shreveport Louisiana 💕💕

  33. Drew Rappoport

    Drew Rappoport47 minutes ago

    same Birthday just 17 years apart

  34. Brian Stirk

    Brian Stirk52 minutes ago

    Hey guys go glad to see you guys are okay and congratulations with the newest member to your family

  35. Emma Card

    Emma Card54 minutes ago

    why haven’t i been getting notifications 😭

  36. SuperJamez1992

    SuperJamez199256 minutes ago

    Dude, he’s a hunk. Congrats to both of you and all the new siblings. Hope y’all all the best.

  37. BRENDAN copster

    BRENDAN copster57 minutes ago

    Congrats again guys

  38. LucasSteersTV

    LucasSteersTV59 minutes ago

    Glory to God in the highest! God couldn’t have picked a better family to give this baby!

  39. Hell Cat9900

    Hell Cat9900Hour ago


  40. hallam sherlock

    hallam sherlockHour ago

    Congratulations to the both of you

  41. ChampionBran

    ChampionBranHour ago

    Congrats to the whole family! Love yall!

  42. Brayden.Brush.25

    Brayden.Brush.25Hour ago

    waiiiiiiiit a minute

  43. Isabel

    IsabelHour ago

    Last time I clicked this fast on a video was when Cora was born🥺 Congratulations to you and your family! 🤍

  44. Trujillo Trujillo

    Trujillo TrujilloHour ago

    Damn a other kid 😭

  45. Gage Groff

    Gage GroffHour ago

    Congratulations you guys!!

  46. Mike Statile

    Mike StatileHour ago

    He posted!!!🥳🥳🥳

  47. francisco landin

    francisco landinHour ago

    I guess I'm just to tough to cry

  48. Carmen

    CarmenHour ago

    Congrats guys

  49. Gayla Brown

    Gayla BrownHour ago

    Congratulations @Attwood Family! He is so handsome!!!

  50. michael schmid

    michael schmidHour ago

    blessings to your evergrowing family :)

  51. Dakota Dark

    Dakota DarkHour ago

    Congratulations on the new family member

  52. Sparklerific Survivors

    Sparklerific SurvivorsHour ago

    Congrats you guys! So happy for you all. ✨✨

  53. Joel N

    Joel NHour ago

    omg your back

  54. SpideyFuture

    SpideyFutureHour ago


  55. Zac Flipz

    Zac FlipzHour ago

    I know time been rough but y'all should do the vlogs where y'all do fun and crazy projects with the family, for instance, the slip and slide

  56. Natalie Stubblefield

    Natalie StubblefieldHour ago

    Congratulations 🎈 👏 I'm so happy for you all

  57. Jada Thomton

    Jada ThomtonHour ago

    Awww so cute!

  58. Jayden robinson

    Jayden robinsonHour ago

    been watching you since 7th grade now i’m graduating high school i’m so happy i have been here to see the parts of ur life u have put on here welcome to the world knox atwood

  59. Noah McCaffery

    Noah McCafferyHour ago

    This made me smile !!!!!!

  60. Kaiya

    KaiyaHour ago

    ☠ I missed this much for the past 2-3 yrs without watching yall

  61. Bea Hernandez

    Bea HernandezHour ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a video sooo fast congratulations guys 🥺♥️

  62. bro ttention

    bro ttentionHour ago


  63. kieran wiggins

    kieran wigginsHour ago

    Great great news top family smile more always

  64. Mela Cosplay

    Mela CosplayHour ago

    i’m so happy right now omg congrats😭💖

  65. Usher Rizvi

    Usher Rizvi2 hours ago

    CONGRATS !!!🍾 🎉

  66. Karlie Malone

    Karlie Malone2 hours ago


  67. Анна Зарецкая

    Анна Зарецкая2 hours ago


  68. Raphael D

    Raphael D2 hours ago

    Nice to meet you Knox 😊

  69. fluffy_gamer999

    fluffy_gamer9992 hours ago


  70. buzzaway123

    buzzaway1232 hours ago

    Thank you so much for sharing such an intimate and beautiful moment in your lives

  71. Audrik Orona

    Audrik Orona2 hours ago

    I miss the vlogs :(

  72. Kelsey D

    Kelsey D2 hours ago

    Crazy!! My baby was born on the 6th also and my labor looked pretty similar to brits!! Lol

  73. Griffin Mangel

    Griffin Mangel2 hours ago

    and now there will be no video for 3 months or longer

  74. Kamryn Coauette

    Kamryn Coauette2 hours ago

    Omg he was born on my birthday!

  75. Taylor Ann Rodamaker

    Taylor Ann Rodamaker2 hours ago

    He's gonna be a mini Knoxville lol

  76. Andrew Bullen

    Andrew Bullen2 hours ago

    You guys are mean for disliking his videos he is a good person

  77. Colton Tipton

    Colton Tipton2 hours ago

    I feel so bad bc I just say this today and I never miss a video of yalls. Congrats thou!!

  78. Chris Fagan

    Chris Fagan2 hours ago

    Congratulations!!!!!! Love you guys!!

  79. KRUNT DA2

    KRUNT DA22 hours ago

    Congrats roman 🥺

  80. ArschBulette

    ArschBulette2 hours ago

    So happy to see no freakin masks on you and your baby, like they do in europe. They are trippin here. S.O.S

  81. Chloe

    Chloe2 hours ago

    Kids under 2 can’t wear masks here

  82. CB Tyler04

    CB Tyler042 hours ago

    It seems like a dog name

  83. Ryder Wiggins

    Ryder Wiggins2 hours ago

    Can you please do a update you don’t have to if you don’t want to but I would like you to come back to USlikes I’ve been watching you ever since I was five and now I am 12 I love your guises videos and I was sad when you guys stopped making them

  84. Tags_Nick

    Tags_Nick2 hours ago

    but congrats anyways:)

  85. IamAlly

    IamAlly2 hours ago

    Cutest baby ❤️

  86. Tags_Nick

    Tags_Nick2 hours ago

    How many more babies do yall want

  87. Renato Alvarez

    Renato Alvarez2 hours ago

    Another one 😳😁😁😁😁

  88. Melano Eefea

    Melano Eefea2 hours ago

    Where’s your mom she’s not seeing the kid ?

  89. Tulip Biru

    Tulip Biru2 hours ago

    Knox knox who's there..johnny..johnny who.. Johnny knoxville

  90. Juice

    Juice2 hours ago

    Roman Atwood is so amazing And legendary 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

  91. Okayish Stoners

    Okayish Stoners2 hours ago

    im not crying

  92. diana martinez

    diana martinez2 hours ago

    omg im so happy for yall!!!, love the name

  93. Cynthia Lagunas

    Cynthia Lagunas2 hours ago

    Love 🖤🥺

  94. Suzy glukhova

    Suzy glukhova2 hours ago

    OMGGG!! Congratulations to you two!! 🤍

  95. Monica Lopez

    Monica Lopez2 hours ago

    How did I miss this 3 Dayd ago

  96. Tammy Mills

    Tammy Mills3 hours ago

    Congratulations, love the name. He's gorgeous.

  97. thecali gamer

    thecali gamer3 hours ago

    my sister went into labor today! they were SO CLOSE to being on the same day

  98. thecali gamer

    thecali gamer2 hours ago

    guess it wasnt that close but if my sisters would have came early they would have been so close

  99. R.I.P. Juice WLRD

    R.I.P. Juice WLRD3 hours ago

    baby after baby

  100. Billi Webber

    Billi Webber3 hours ago

    I am so happy for you guys. Miss you so much and can't wait to see more of little Knox!

  101. elvenpriest060

    elvenpriest0603 hours ago

    I'm guessing this ain't the last one lmao

  102. dgaming 3

    dgaming 33 hours ago


  103. Ben Kelly

    Ben Kelly3 hours ago

    How do you spell his name?