Michael Jordan's "Double-Nickel" Game | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

25 years ago today, Michael Jordan dropped 55 points in a classic performance at Madison Square Garden. It was his 5th game back in the NBA after retiring nearly two years earlier.
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  1. David Smith

    David Smith6 hours ago

    19:31 your welcome

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  3. Robert Praag

    Robert PraagDay ago


  4. Mike V

    Mike V2 days ago

    6:32 9:24

  5. Palm Trees

    Palm Trees3 days ago

    It’s crazy that Bryant bested this with 61 in 2009, then C. Anthony with 62 in 2013 L. James also had a 50 point triple double in the Garden in 2009

  6. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones3 days ago

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  9. Fat Darryl

    Fat Darryl3 days ago

    laughable that people think these teams can compete today

  10. Fat Darryl

    Fat Darryl3 days ago

    also where is this handchecking on guards??? man these analysts liedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  11. Sneak Attack

    Sneak Attack4 days ago

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  12. yung mayo

    yung mayo4 days ago

    Jordan would be avg in today’s league I can see how back then he would be a goat but you got lebron and shit now curry all them he would just blend in wouldn’t win 3 straight back to back for sure

  13. JohnstonADeborah LandersFernando

    JohnstonADeborah LandersFernando4 days ago

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  14. Brian williams

    Brian williams5 days ago

    My favorite play? Last pass to wennington

  15. MidnightMaiBoi

    MidnightMaiBoi5 days ago

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    Diego Maia9 days ago

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  19. LeBron James

    LeBron James9 days ago

    LeBron is better in my opinion

  20. togonumber

    togonumber10 days ago

    Can someone tell me when that Pippen dunk in the first quarter happens ????

  21. bilge bayraktar

    bilge bayraktar14 days ago

    Didnt anyone got confused that mjs jersey number is 45

  22. Prettyboi Killuh 777

    Prettyboi Killuh 77715 days ago

    Lebron would destroy these men.

  23. Kristina Ragland

    Kristina Ragland17 days ago

    Best footwork of any athlete in the nba

  24. Michael Mario Game live

    Michael Mario Game live17 days ago

    come see my video jordan fans

  25. joel 24

    joel 2418 days ago

    damn this basketball is better today its just logo shots

  26. Karlo Vulic

    Karlo Vulic19 days ago

    Jordan wear number 45

  27. David Arsenyan

    David Arsenyan20 days ago

    Bro... I keep hearing that the defense was sooo good back then soo tough. Stop it man, the refs gave every.single.call. cut the crap. Todays nba is way tougher. Dont @ me.

  28. La Machine

    La Machine20 days ago


  29. dadillonful

    dadillonful20 days ago

    Lmaooooo bron would average 50 against these scrubs and the illegal defensive calls 5:04 🤣

  30. Young Messiah

    Young Messiah21 day ago

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  31. Manuel Soares

    Manuel Soares24 days ago

    This is before allstars started adding 3 point shots into their game... If Jordan played today in his prime, added the 3 ball into his game, he would be averaging 40 points a game, easily!

  32. Ker Loz

    Ker Loz24 days ago

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  33. Alex Campion

    Alex Campion25 days ago

    it's easy to dismiss MJ as an a-hole, but if you really look into it, you discover that beside personal ambition and extreme competitiveness, there was also the fact that he wanted to do things for other people: if you bought a ticket, he wanted you to get your money's worth; when doug collins had his first coaching game with the bulls, MJ told him "i am not going to let you lose your first game with us". and he always speaks with great warmth about rodman and pippen. they were his boys. was he hard on everyone? yes, no doubt. but was it all a "me, me, me" thing with him? absolutely not. he wanted company at the top. he wanted everyone there with him. and then of course, there was kobe. MJ turned himself into a reference library for that guy. those aren't the actions of a selfish man.

  34. King A

    King A25 days ago

    Y is there even still a GOAT conversation. Mj really is in a class of his own

  35. swissh1

    swissh125 days ago

    I was there ! I'm a life long Knicks fan but that was a epic performance by Jordan.

  36. Lashunti Williams

    Lashunti Williams26 days ago


  37. Lashunti Williams

    Lashunti Williams26 days ago


  38. Lashunti Williams

    Lashunti Williams26 days ago


  39. Lashunti Williams

    Lashunti Williams26 days ago


  40. Lashunti Williams

    Lashunti Williams26 days ago


  41. Lashunti Williams

    Lashunti Williams26 days ago


  42. Terry Smithson

    Terry Smithson27 days ago

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  43. Jay Yow

    Jay Yow28 days ago

    abusing easy mid-range with the smoothest alley hoop

  44. big j j

    big j j28 days ago

    Bruh i swear on everything I just got a add about goats coincidence I think not

  45. Hankakah

    Hankakah29 days ago

    Craig Sager at 2:54 "Starks told me moments ago the Knicks still plan to have him go one on one, no double teaming, he wasn't intimidated before and he's not now and he says he's eager for the challenge" To MJ : hold my beer after scoring 55 points, it wasn't much of a challenge.

  46. Ker Loz

    Ker Loz29 days ago

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  47. mark balan

    mark balan29 days ago

    I don’t understand the Goat debate clearly MJ is above all. The defense is clearly much better in the 90s if you play basketball you know that is much difficult to score when you play physical basketball. Stept and harden even giannis dont have success on playing in playoff because its more physical in playoffs. In 90s the preseason is equivalent to NBA finals today Or maybe more physical back then.

  48. kkwm qgr

    kkwm qgr29 days ago

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    Chris GeorgeMonth ago

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    留美生活你想知道的事Month ago

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  51. D’Angelo Riley

    D’Angelo RileyMonth ago

    This Bulls team can run with a team from today.

  52. Chris George

    Chris GeorgeMonth ago

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    Morrisey AbdallahMonth ago

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    Greg LialiosMonth ago

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  55. Kananelo Sekonyela

    Kananelo SekonyelaMonth ago

    2021 anyone?

  56. Stardirt 6EQUJ5

    Stardirt 6EQUJ5Month ago

    Holy crap, watched this whole game, I don’t even watch full live games but but this was excellent! Also, Why’s everyone in the stands wearing suits? Lol

  57. William Rios

    William RiosMonth ago

    And he played 82 games almost every year in a physical era. Kyrie is depressed and takes off games and still gets paid... smh. I guess I should be understand and more progressive in my thinking... yeah fuck basketball. Fuck everything, let me do what I want and pay me no matter what. I've done enough.

  58. Mohammed

    MohammedMonth ago

    da fuck is that live chat

  59. kawaiiafangirl

    kawaiiafangirlMonth ago

    This is probably my favorite Jordan game that's not part of any of their 6 championship seasons. Jordan was only 3/9 in the 4th Quarter and 7/18 overall in the 2nd half. No doubt that the inactivity weakened his stamina. That, and the Knicks most likely increased the intensity of their defense. The block by Ewing around the 1:42:00 mark set up Jordan's pass to Wennington in the end of the game as a double-team was anticipated. Good IQ by Jordan and/or Phil Jackson.

  60. Samir Fountain

    Samir FountainMonth ago

    People really think lebron is the goat 😂

  61. My Glxck

    My GlxckMonth ago

    What’s a double nickel?

  62. My Glxck

    My GlxckMonth ago

    Bron would never get blocked more then 3 times especially in the paint niggas tryna tell me Jordan was a better finisher smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

  63. Trevor Bertin

    Trevor BertinMonth ago


  64. Happy Rainbow

    Happy RainbowMonth ago

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  65. YCQuint

    YCQuintMonth ago

    I just realized Jordan’s only the got Bc of the illegal defense rule, where if a man on offense is on the outside of the 3 his man has to stay near him while Jordan 1v1s some little dude in the post. There was no help defense🤦🏾 Timestamp 5:10 imagine the league with the skill now with the illegal defense rule

  66. Dark Matter Ra 7

    Dark Matter Ra 7Month ago

    Took him55 pts 2 beat The New York Knicks by 2. Legend Maat Hotep

  67. Sarah Kuder

    Sarah KuderMonth ago

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  68. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezMonth ago

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  69. A Dw

    A DwMonth ago




    Nba should post more of these classic games !!!!!!!

  71. DrMario41

    DrMario41Month ago

    Any question now about a Fake King against Mike??

  72. Chris Smoove

    Chris SmooveMonth ago

    Add a public comment...

  73. fatos

    fatosMonth ago


  74. dep9lp

    dep9lpMonth ago

    Announcer: Scottie Pippen very comfortable playing with Jordan Hubie: Well I would hope so Announcer: Some people aren't like Kukoc.... HAHA what a BURN by the announcer!! 1:01:39

  75. Finn Noveshen

    Finn NoveshenMonth ago

    On that game winner mJ got starks leeeeeaing

  76. Finn Noveshen

    Finn NoveshenMonth ago

    Whoever thinks Jordan is not the goat you do not respect basketball

  77. Finn Noveshen

    Finn NoveshenMonth ago

    This is just what we needed nba and god how old is hubie brown!!!????

  78. Vince Pica

    Vince PicaMonth ago

    12:01 That skyhook by MJ was very Kareem like

  79. splash force

    splash forceMonth ago

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  80. Kyle Jarvis

    Kyle JarvisMonth ago

    best Pippen dunk ever is not the infamous dunk over Ewing in the previous season's playoffs. it's his dunk over Charles Smith in this game. pure filth.

  81. kristen waller

    kristen wallerMonth ago

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  82. Higher Image Status

    Higher Image StatusMonth ago

    0:37 Greg Anthony Analyst Foreshadowing and Also “young” Hubie... 2:50 Sager with a “tame” suit. I miss the 90s. When it ended so did a certain vibe...

  83. Rosa Fields

    Rosa FieldsMonth ago

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  84. Justin Time

    Justin TimeMonth ago

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  85. Albin Ortiz

    Albin OrtizMonth ago

    RIP Craig Sager. He looked so young here :/

  86. Taylor Scott

    Taylor ScottMonth ago

    Teams actually play defense it’s crazy

  87. Igor Novakovic

    Igor NovakovicMonth ago

    Imagine Starks guarding Lebron hahahahahah he would score 100 points on his little ass

  88. Shawn Pine

    Shawn PineMonth ago

    I was at this game 8 rows behind the Knicks bench!! It was my junior year in High School!! And me being a life long die hard Knicks fan and it was my 23rd Knick game I ever saw live my 18th at The Garden and 5 at the Meadowlands vrs The Nets (Im born, raised, and still live in New Jersey, East Orange aka ill town) Anyways I was so happy and pumped up for this game!! I had my white Anthony Mason Jersey on and The Garden was the ONLY arena where we would give Jordan and the Bulls HELL! There was always your group of front running Bulls fans at The Garden but they didnt act crazy cause they knew better they in MSG, COME ON NOW!!! LOL Jordan loved playing here 1 cause he was born in Brooklyn and 2 us Knick fans would give him hell and Jordan loved that about us lol!! But for some reason I knew he was going to have a great game!! He didnt miss anything!! Starks did not know what to do!! I remember yelling in the 4th quarter "Yo Starks!! WHAT IS UP DOG, DO SOMETHING TO STOP HIM" And Starks must of heard me cause he looked right at me and just shrugged his shoulders like he was saying im trying everything!! what you want me to do!!! But MJ could not be stopped that game, he was NBA JAM "HE'S HEATING UP"!! THEN ON FIRE LIKE FLAMES WERE GOING THROUGH THE BASKET EVERYTIME HE MADE A SHOT!!!! It proved he indeed was back!! And yea being a die hard Knick fan I was just in Awwww on his performance and he was loving every minute of it!!! My pops told me during the game "Shawn remember this game cause you will NEVER see a performance in person like Jordan is putting on right now"!! It was me 16 years old at the time, my pops, and my little brother Kevin who was 10 at the time and was the only knick game we ever went to that he didnt ask me pops to take him to the bathroom lol thats how much he was into what he was witnessing on that court that day!!! It still remains one of my favorite memories growing up and I will NEVER EVER FORGET THE DOUBLE NICKEL GAME NEVER!!! THE NIGHT JORDAN TOOK OVER MSG AND LET THE ENTIRE NBA THAT "HE'S BACK" SMH HE HAD 20 POINTS IN THE 1ST QUARTER ALONE I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO HIT 60 BUT HE WAS ONLY 5 POINTS AWAY FROM MY PREDICTION I TOLD MY POPS AFTER THE 1ST QUARTER!! AND ALSO THANK YOU TO MY POPS FOR SURPRISING ME AND MY BROTHER WITH THE TICKETS TO THE GAME THAT HE SHOWED US THE MORNING OF SMH THAT WAS MY POPS LOVED TO SURPRISE US AND SEE US HAPPY AND A SMILE ON MINE AND MY BROTHERS FACE ALWAYS!!! JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS MEMORY!! AND STILL IM A DIE HARD KNICKS FAN FOREVER

  89. peter salazar

    peter salazarMonth ago

    Just turned 25 and grew up watching lebron but my family was always a jordan lover .....and I def would choose jordan over lebron anyday, lebron is def number two and that's hard to say cus hakeem/kobe/magic/bird are not close behind but those two are the best of all time 😤😤😤

  90. luwen Hu

    luwen HuMonth ago

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  91. pamela angela

    pamela angelaMonth ago

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  92. Terrance Allen

    Terrance AllenMonth ago

    Michael Jordan goats 👍👍👍25 year

  93. Hae Zhao

    Hae ZhaoMonth ago

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  94. jan conner

    jan connerMonth ago

    55 points yet didn't make the NBA Finals that year... #ButHesYourGOAT 😂😂😂

  95. Jonathan Hudgins

    Jonathan HudginsMonth ago

    MJ always knew MSG was special and put on a show in NYC.

  96. DrJackJeckyl

    DrJackJeckylMonth ago

    RIP everybody

  97. dawdawd awdawd

    dawdawd awdawdMonth ago

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  98. Frisbeetarian

    FrisbeetarianMonth ago

    Good auld days

  99. TheBoyJenius

    TheBoyJeniusMonth ago

    Man... that fall by Mike in the second qtr could have went real left.

  100. Tanner Rolfe

    Tanner RolfeMonth ago

    19:30 Your Welcome!

  101. Imarandomdude Yes

    Imarandomdude YesMonth ago

    Bruh and they say the game so soft now look at all the calls