UFC Fighter cries after record breaking missing weight as several fighters come in over weight

Several fighters miss weight at the UFC Fight Night: Curtis Blaydes vs Derrick Lewis official weigh-ins.
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  1. Bamba la Samba

    Bamba la Samba6 hours ago

    This guy should move up weight classes, there is really no more weight to cut for him

  2. Jay T

    Jay T9 hours ago

    Man dude better go to LW. You're in the wrong division smh.

  3. Happy Thoughts

    Happy Thoughts14 hours ago

    Now imagine uncle Dana's stuffing his fat face with hotdogs while he tells you what a bitch you are for not being malnourished enough before a fight 😂. (Anyone remember that TUF episode?)

  4. selig7

    selig720 hours ago

    Dude legit looks like an action figure, don’t know if he’s juiced or not but I can’t see him loosing a single pound fro where he is.

  5. Jay Lovett

    Jay Lovett22 hours ago

    How can you miss by that many weight classes, that’s insane 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. Dr.Stu!

    Dr.Stu!23 hours ago

    Too fat for 155 even, up to welterweight with you.

  7. Royal Fam

    Royal FamDay ago

    That’s like starting work at 9am showing up 4:30pm complaining about traffic Lol 😂 Dude should have just come in at 170 and said he made a mistake he thought he was fighting at welterweight Lol 😂

  8. Deadpool

    DeadpoolDay ago

    MMA Weight Classes Should Be ✅ Super Heavyweight: 240 - 280 Heavyweight: 220 - 240 Light Heavyweight: 210 - 220 Middleweight: 200 - 210 Welterweight: 190 - 200 Lightweight: 180 - 190 Bantamweight: 170 - 180 Flyweight: 160 - 170 Super flyweight: 150 - 160 Strawweight: 140 - 150 No man should be under 140 involved in a contact sport⚠ & they should do hydration test the week of the fight + weigh in the day of.

  9. Jack Jack

    Jack JackDay ago

    At first I didn't know what was so crazy then I realised he was fighting feather

  10. El Amor

    El AmorDay ago

    Just get rid of weight cutting. We don’t need depleted athletes risking their lives like this before the fight.

  11. G S

    G SDay ago

    Ya know I kinda feel for the guy as it seems he's genuinely upset at himself, but honestly, if you're over by that much, why even show up? Make up an excuse, say you're sick/injured or something, at least give yourself another chance to be rescheduled

  12. Peter K

    Peter KDay ago

    Weight cutting should be abolished for the health and safety of fighters. It's crazy how much weight some of these dudes are cutting.

  13. Jon Willard

    Jon Willard2 days ago

    Stop with the sweating off twenty pounds so you fight smaller guys. Be your natural training weight. Quit the whole " I want to fight the smallest guy I can" shit.

  14. Kanye East

    Kanye East2 days ago

    Ultimate weight cutting championship

  15. Jason O

    Jason O2 days ago

    Weight cutting shouldn't even be a thing in the sport. Take Chael's advice and do same-day weigh-ins like they do for wrestling. Every fighter walks around probably 20 lbs heavier than their weight class, so why are we having two guys who both weigh 165 kill themselves to cut down to 145 and fight at that weight, instead of just fighting each other at 165? It's stupid

  16. Alucard Hellsing

    Alucard Hellsing2 days ago

    Dudes name is drako lol

  17. Shubham Pandey

    Shubham Pandey3 days ago

    There should be a rule that if you miss weight for a set number of times then you need to move up a division or leave UFC .

  18. Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing

    Debater of Everything Presenter of Nothing3 days ago

    Seriously though, the unprofessionalism in MMA is the new "just 2 guys rolling around"

  19. Jacob Caudill

    Jacob Caudill3 days ago

    Beans melt steel beams

  20. Gaming Addiction

    Gaming Addiction3 days ago

    dude im 200-210 pounds natural weight i would never ever go down to 155 first of all because i couldnt and second of all thats practically bullying lol

  21. mmadigest

    mmadigest3 days ago

    "Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers." -Mayhem Miller

  22. Nick

    Nick2 hours ago

    Not because I want to... but because I NEED to

  23. Jhon Leee

    Jhon Leee3 days ago

    The world is cold! Nigga stopped crying because when k.o. someone u don't cry about it. Be a man! Live your life and participate with the world. I used to had sympathy for people until they all kept fu.king me over and over. It's homeless people and everyone else I help so enjoy your life

  24. Ding Dong

    Ding Dong3 days ago

    Why would they want to fight weights beneath them

  25. Daniel Springer

    Daniel Springer3 days ago

    When will they make weight cutting illegal, and weigh them 5 minutes before the fight?

  26. Some dude

    Some dude3 days ago

    Stop cutting so much weight

  27. Dojo Parsnip

    Dojo Parsnip3 days ago

    dude is shredded. and shedding tears. did he not have a body composition test weeks before and a few days before to see if he can make it? i dont understand. so much time to prep. this is your job.

  28. Regan Abel

    Regan Abel3 days ago

    He's missing the right weight class he's supposed to be in 🤣🤣🤣

  29. Dim Gelsinger

    Dim Gelsinger3 days ago

    holy shit your going to cry how pathetic you didnt know what weight you had to weigh or what your weight was how embarrassing

  30. deceive

    deceive3 days ago

    i know he fell ill during camp/fight week and all that but the ufc really needs to implement hydration testing like one fc. these extreme weightcuts are eventually going to result in ufc fighters getting seriously injured or even dying

  31. Daniel Springer

    Daniel Springer3 days ago

    @deceive fair enough (although you can guess my opinion on canceling the whole weigh in “events” if it means healthier and more fair fights)

  32. deceive

    deceive3 days ago

    @Daniel Springer that could also work, but the weigh ins are somewhat of an event in themselves so hydration tests would keep the spectacle of the weigh ins while making sure nobody turns up looking like a skeleton missing 2 weight classes

  33. Daniel Springer

    Daniel Springer3 days ago

    @deceive oh I was confused because I read “dehydration”. That makes sense. Although it seems to me that weigh in minutes before the fight would solve it all. But what do I know…

  34. deceive

    deceive3 days ago

    @Daniel Springer hydration testing is exactly what it says, ensuring athletes don't severely dehydrate to cut weight.

  35. Daniel Springer

    Daniel Springer3 days ago

    @deceive I don’t know what that means and I won’t pretend to know, but… they should just do it! Enough with people having seizures etc and uneven fights

  36. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson4 days ago

    Me: That dude was 5 over. What a lazy pile. Also me: Dips doritos in nacho dip then licks fingers like a degenerate.

  37. repatriate monk

    repatriate monk2 days ago

    dont forget the one liter milkshake with chocolate syrup and 'sprinkles'. gotta have SOMETHING to use as a dip, for the bacon.

  38. gab p

    gab p4 days ago

    Show respect theses guys damn near die to make weight

  39. DMac740

    DMac7404 days ago

    Stop cutting big weight weight like fools truth is they're needs to be very strict rules in place to protect fighters from them selves and their managers certain amounts should be acceptable like 10 -15 lbs over a week would be acceptable not twenty plus lbs over three days and being on the brink of death to having to be took straight to get iv therapy and such right after weigh ins.

  40. DMac740

    DMac7404 days ago

    Be nice to know what their weight should of been like had it up in the corner or something these weigh ins make zero point without that.

  41. Daniel Springer

    Daniel Springer3 days ago

    @DMac740 ok, nobody is 30 pounds overweight. They’re usually 5-10, and each weight division is a range of 10. And if you miss by 5 or less you’re usually fine. As always in life, double check any info.

  42. DMac740

    DMac7403 days ago

    @Daniel Springer Why they saying how much and many were over weight how would anyone know I saw a weigh in don't know who was or wasn't over weight.

  43. Daniel Springer

    Daniel Springer3 days ago

    Or look up the weight classes.

  44. domanic laczira

    domanic laczira4 days ago

    Stop trying for weight classes your not suppose to be in, man up and fight your weight

  45. mathew roberts

    mathew roberts4 days ago

    Did I really see a welterweight trying to make 145 and came in at 157?

  46. Splendid Truth

    Splendid Truth4 days ago

    All that antibiotic protein is making you fat and weak.

  47. jbom26

    jbom264 days ago

    I really don't like these guys trying to get so far down

  48. Andres Serna

    Andres Serna4 days ago


  49. TK Throwback

    TK Throwback4 days ago

    I’m 231 but I fight at middle weight , I just missed weight tho it’s fine 😉

  50. Alberto Campos

    Alberto Campos4 days ago

    Lol he was crying because he is going to be shipped to bellator lmao

  51. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever4 days ago

    Mayhem Miller still holds the record for worst weight cut

  52. bigheadrhino

    bigheadrhino4 days ago

    It’s more than about time for UFC to adopt OneFC’s “walking-weight” system. Why on earth would I want to watch athletes compete in a state where they were near death dehydrated a day before? I want to see athletes at their best. The point of weightclasses was not to see who was better at weightcutting.

  53. Sahil Meena

    Sahil MeenaDay ago

    Khabib says this is number one bullshit.

  54. Hayden H

    Hayden H4 days ago

    It's all that pandemic pounds.

  55. Atlas

    Atlas4 days ago

    The title gave me a stroke.

  56. Let me Think

    Let me Think4 days ago

    Dude is crying like he deserves sympathy. Like guy, you couldve just fought at lightweight and made that weight. Instead, you wanted to increase your advantage and accepted a fight at a weight class you can't even reach.

  57. G

    G4 days ago

    That's why I keep saying!! These fighters need to fight at their natural weight!!!!!! Its a shame to beat up on guys smaller than u!!

  58. You Tube

    You Tube4 days ago

    No excuse....you can say the are trying to cut too much weight which may be true but if they actually prepared properly they could do it I saw my 205+ lb coach make 170 and he did it because he prepared and he is a professional

  59. You Tube

    You Tube4 days ago

    “It’s ok” .......no .....no it’s not

  60. You Tube

    You Tube4 days ago

    Like don’t flex after missing weight like that hold your head in shame and scurry off the scales

  61. moh.fly35

    moh.fly354 days ago

    at least he broke a record

  62. joseph4043

    joseph40434 days ago

    That dude should fight at lightweight to much to cut for him obviously

  63. Downzy2019

    Downzy20194 days ago

    How can these guys lose any more weight they are shredded as is.

  64. Zishan

    Zishan4 days ago

    Too much muscles for a featherweight lol lose some..

  65. Disney Chase

    Disney Chase4 days ago

    Bro, a lot of mma fighters are fucken losers

  66. Khaos CODM

    Khaos CODM4 days ago

    Someone explain what’s happening lol

  67. Angel King

    Angel King4 days ago

    When cheating becomes a legal thing but gets exposed...stop sandbagging and move up to your true weight. That would solve all these weight cut issues.

  68. cleo patty

    cleo patty5 days ago

    People need to just start fighting at their natural weight. I don’t feel bad for them for trying to fight in a different weight class bc if they just settled with their normal weight, this would never happen. And we wouldn’t have people dropping 30lb for a easier fight. It’s such bullshit and people need to stop obsessing over weight. There’s 0 more sports that require the same type of body manipulation.

  69. tumen89

    tumen895 days ago

    the walk of shame

  70. Beavis Butt-Head

    Beavis Butt-Head5 days ago


  71. Tech support

    Tech support5 days ago

    That’s fucking illegal

  72. Johnny Nighthawk

    Johnny Nighthawk5 days ago

    That's like a protege in victoria's secret that got told she can't be a model because she too fat. 😂

  73. big papa

    big papa5 days ago

    it was the face mask

  74. B2BClutchYuh

    B2BClutchYuh5 days ago

    Ain’t no way he should fighting at FW. He’s shredded and missed the LW limit.

  75. Grizz Snipes

    Grizz Snipes5 days ago

    "he was 15ibs off, unprofessional"-Dana

  76. Block Burner

    Block Burner5 days ago

    What TF are u even trying to say in the title

  77. keith /keef

    keith /keef5 days ago

    Maybe some of these fighters need to start fighting at there real weight class lol. Can only cut so much water weight

  78. Dr Diabetes

    Dr Diabetes5 days ago

    I honestly don't see why there is so much focus on weight. I understand they want these matches even with no advantage, but I don't think weight is an issue unless it's more than a 20lbs difference.

  79. DVRKMVZTXR 963

    DVRKMVZTXR 9635 days ago

    ur not in there fighting are you, if these fighters go to through that much to make weight then theirs definitely a worthwhile advantage

  80. Wolves OnGfuel

    Wolves OnGfuel5 days ago

    Man fights at featherweight cuz he didn’t want that lightweight smoke

  81. Tyler Crain

    Tyler Crain5 days ago

    Acting like food poisoning ain't the best way TO lose weight. phhhh lol

  82. Tip Of The Iceberg

    Tip Of The Iceberg5 days ago

    Rafael Alves needs to be welterweight or something

  83. All Things Considered

    All Things Considered5 days ago

    Man those guys bust thier asses to make weight. I'm sure that shit hurts when they don't make weight

  84. NM

    NM6 days ago

    makes you think that this guy did it on purpose, 12 pounds of pure muscle remaining and you miscalculated it? I don't believe that people can be this stupid.

  85. Mud Motors Max

    Mud Motors Max6 days ago

    Izzy was right make them lose 80% of they’re purse and they will fix this issue real quick!

  86. J Oso Flawless

    J Oso Flawless6 days ago

    He cleary tried to cheat and fight smaller opponents

  87. derek donaldson

    derek donaldson6 days ago

    Do away with weight limits and let the real champions shine.

  88. P Dub

    P Dub6 days ago

    That sucks. Looks like he can’t lose anymore weight. Dumb on his part but I hope finds his way.

  89. Gatervision

    Gatervision6 days ago

    End the weigh in gauntlet...

  90. korlu01

    korlu016 days ago

    Fighting out of Burger King

  91. John Wick

    John Wick6 days ago

    I came in eleven lbs over weight one time and then destroyed the guy. 😅🤭

  92. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud6 days ago

    Adesanya is right for now on Just fine the fighters 80% of their fight purse if they miss weight that will scare them

  93. Docta J.

    Docta J.6 days ago

    He's most likely crying because he just put his body through something terrible to attempt to knock the weight off. He knew he was way over before he stepped on the scale. He cried because he tried... If he didn't try he'd have no reason to cry.

  94. ryu12387

    ryu123876 days ago

    I have a solution, 30% pay reduction and a 1 point deducted going into the fight, for anyone who misses weight

  95. Slices of SIB

    Slices of SIB6 days ago

    Why is he featherweight!!??!?!??! Ripped to the bones, put the the man up!!!!!


    JDINCINERATOR6 days ago

    Reminds me of that guy from the Ultimate Fighter who claimed to be a warrior but after a loss he cried like a baby.

  97. Jerico23

    Jerico236 days ago

    is like any other job , respect the job and the job will respect you.

  98. Jake Flood

    Jake Flood6 days ago

    Why not do what they did for khabib and just look at the scales and dont touch it 😂😂

  99. Andre Rozetti

    Andre Rozetti6 days ago

    Wasn't crying when he was smacking that pasta

  100. Sebastian Saxon

    Sebastian Saxon6 days ago

    Time for hydration tests.

  101. Bruno Lahaie

    Bruno Lahaie7 days ago

    why even show up why make your opponent cut weight for no reason really unprofessional stuff

  102. Pablo Schultz

    Pablo Schultz7 days ago

    Why do they even use these scales? Seems like there is room for error plus they've been called questionable before.

  103. Honest T

    Honest T7 days ago

    Gotta move to one fc style hydration measures. This weight cut shit is stupid and dangerous. Why is this still a thing?

  104. Handfloboxingreview

    Handfloboxingreview7 days ago

    Weight cutting is one of the most dangerous parts of combat sports. If all fighters fought at their walk around weight they would perform better but because of weight bullying everyone cuts down to try to get an advantage. In the long run it hurts fighters health.

  105. Charley Weinhardt

    Charley Weinhardt7 days ago

    it's called, you're a lightweight now...

  106. Mech D

    Mech D7 days ago

    He was afraid he looked fat

  107. Smoking joe Smoking,

    Smoking joe Smoking,7 days ago

    homie what's 7 pounds!!!!!! should be a 10 pound flux

  108. Smoking joe Smoking,

    Smoking joe Smoking,7 days ago


  109. Smoking joe Smoking,

    Smoking joe Smoking,7 days ago

    Ufc staving these fighters

  110. etu

    etu7 days ago

    the only thing that’s“feather” related to this man are the two steps he took onto the scale

  111. Vinny LT

    Vinny LT7 days ago

    it doesn't matter. its probably better he missed weight so he can fight in his actual division. The guy is shredded, and I can only imagine he is already massively dehydrated. fighters need to stop cutting weight. like this.

  112. Greg Volcy

    Greg Volcy7 days ago

    The fact that he didn’t even make the weight class above his.....

  113. The last Emperor

    The last Emperor7 days ago

    More weight classes.

  114. Johny R

    Johny R7 days ago

    This is steroids. You don't miss weight by that much on standard notice by just eating the wrong things. Something went wrong with his regimen.