Britney Spears Cold Open - SNL

A talk show hosted by Britney Spears (Chloe Fineman) features guests Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant), Governor Andrew Cuomo (Pete Davidson) and Gina Carano (Cecily Strong).
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  1. JR FURY

    JR FURY8 hours ago

    Governor Cuomo made an ORDER that put infected Covid patients in the nursing home resulting in deaths at the nursing home. It seem that this sketch plays down this scandal.

  2. David Armillie

    David Armillie11 hours ago

    LOL I watched it 3 times so far 2:14 #FreeBritney

  3. David Armillie

    David Armillie11 hours ago

    Gina Carano’s controversial social media posts, Lucasfilm has released a statement Wednesday night, with a spokesperson saying “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

  4. David Armillie

    David Armillie11 hours ago

    Watch 5:36 They totally flashed #FreeBritney I love it!!!!

  5. Will

    Will12 hours ago

    Well, Ted Cruz never caused any elderly people to die and then covered it up.

  6. h k

    h k13 hours ago

    it was really nice of britney to bring the zodiac killer on her show

  7. Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez15 hours ago

    Strong misunderstood women lol

  8. Greg Rock

    Greg RockDay ago

    Gina Carano didn't say anything remotely like "Conservatives have it as bad as people living in Nazi Germany," but as with so many other things, if what actually happened isn't egregiously misrepresented and bruted around as something it was nowhere near...well then, the joke falls flat, doesn't it? While I thought her comments about mask-wearing and the pandemic were largely baseless-- if not to say a bit stupid at times-- I find there to be a real piquant irony in the fact that Carano called out liberals for straw-manning and misrepresenting political conservatives so as to demonize them, and for using bully-boy tactics to shutdown/silence/deplatform people they can't coerce into doing what they want...prompting liberals to show their outrage over such scurrilous accusations by doing exactly what she described. Over the past few years, SNL has managed to put strong writing and talented performers together to turn out some of the best sketch comedy the show ever did, all they way back to it's early heyday 35-40 years ago. Which makes it suck that much harder when they cheap out and fall back on weak crap like that.

  9. Greg Rock

    Greg Rock3 hours ago

    ​@MrMaxinne What she said was: *"Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”"* Translation: "People are much easier to push around, marginalize, and eventually infringe upon their civil rights and individual liberties if people in positions of power and influence make them out to be some sort of scurrilous enemy within." This being what liberal progressives/bed-wetting SJWs habitually and relentlessly accuse conservatives of doing to illegal immigrants, Muslims, and black people. From the moment that the 2016 election was called for Trump, the Rachel Maddows, Don Lemons, Van Jones', and Trevor Noahs of America's mass-circulation media were positively losing their shit and and making all manner of idiotic prognostications about how otherwise closeted/undercover white supremacists and Neo-Nazis were going to be 'emboldened" by the new Racist In Chief to feel totally secure and at complete liberty to not only discriminate against various demographics, but be wholly and openly racist, abusive, even physically violent towards them. Yeah...that **TOTALLY** happened. So much so that people had to keep making up/reporting bogus hate crimes. The best-known among them being Jussie Smollett's comically inept, cartoonishly idiotic, and utterly incompetent attempt to make himself a martyr for gays and black people via a phony "bashing" by two random strangers in MAGA hats. As is their habit, liberals couldn't start buying into his BS fast enough. If you wanna some real comedy gold, go find one of the highlight reels showing politicians, "journalists," and entertainers tripping over each other to condemn the attack, and then bloviate about how it ought to be expected in "Trump's America," while saying that those who expressed doubts only did so because Jussie was black and/or gay, not because his story was **OBVIOUSLY** total bullshit. Even if I were to agree that Gina Carano was saying that "conservatives today" = "Jews during the Holocaust" (which would piss me off because I'm sick of people constantly comparing everyone/everything they don't like to Hitler/Nazis) her firing by Disney and the self-righteous twaddle about her horrible offense is still rank hypocrist of the highest sort. Besides the constant equating of Trump to Hitler; liberal media figures and liberal politicians alike couldn't stop comparing federal detainment/processing facilities for illegal immigrants on the southwest US border to concentration the point of calling them "concentration camps." One of Carano's co-stars circulated a meme juxtaposing a picture of Jewish kids in a Nazi death camp to Latino kids in an ICE facility. Did he get summarily shit-canned for that? Was he called out as anything but "stunning" and "brave" for being so principled and compassionate? To the extent that it hasn't been perfectly obvious for years at this point, American liberals remain unwilling, unable, too self-righteous, and far too full of shit to take to heart the lesson that this kind of elitist, pandering bullshit is a huge part of the reason why an incompetant, bungling assclown like Trump was able to get elected President in the first place.

  10. MrMaxinne

    MrMaxinne12 hours ago

    She did just that, tho. Compared GOP supporters to Nazi era Jews

  11. poison ivy

    poison ivyDay ago

    nice job throwing up occult hand gestures when talking about britney’s subliminal messages on instagram..... the useful idiots won’t catch it but i see you #FREEBRITNEY

  12. Jesse Nunez

    Jesse NunezDay ago


  13. Jitana Martinez

    Jitana MartinezDay ago

    Ironic how he’s being investigated for sexual harassment as well

  14. Young 'Leb

    Young 'LebDay ago

    Aidy's Ted Cruz is my favorite

  15. Lindsey Ergler

    Lindsey Ergler2 days ago

    You did awesome Pete 💕

  16. Alfie Bart

    Alfie Bart2 days ago

    OMG the voice is sooo spot on LOL and the head tilt

  17. Heidi F

    Heidi F2 days ago

    lol you guys are so biased🤡

  18. Heidi F

    Heidi FDay ago

    @Spiritual Being it's not even funny

  19. Spiritual Being

    Spiritual BeingDay ago

    Duh, it's a comedy show. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  20. harley quinn fan 101

    harley quinn fan 1012 days ago

    if you didnt know the snl at 1000 was britney spears

  21. bri

    bri2 days ago

    Pete Davidson is the perfect Cuomo. I think we'll be seeing more of him as Cuomo now that there are 3 women accusing Cuomo of sexual misconduct.

  22. Queenie Rieske

    Queenie Rieske2 days ago

    The uneven scallion analogously face because singer inherently punish into a boring trail. strange, teeny-tiny stocking

  23. NF411

    NF4112 days ago

    Chloe is fantastic. I can't remember the last time I saw SNL give a cold open lead to someone in their first two years on the show.

  24. MarkY MarK

    MarkY MarK2 days ago

    The way Britney (her dancing) introduces Governor Andrew Cuomo LOL this is great comedy.

  25. ThePrattLP

    ThePrattLP3 days ago

    Y'all didn't get the TRL joke.

  26. StewAlmighty

    StewAlmighty3 days ago

    That's not what Gina said lmaooo

  27. Luc Grillet

    Luc Grillet3 days ago

    one of the best skits in a long time

  28. jestin robinson

    jestin robinson3 days ago

    I’m baffled that there aren’t more comments about how shitty this show has become. First off, Gina Carano doesn’t act like that at all. So it’s ok for you pieces of garbage to impersonate her and make her act like a man, because she’s would literally kick the shit out of everyone on that stage at the same time in real life? You have to rag on her because she’s a conservative? You people are a bunch of hypocrites and you have a horrible sense of humor if you still watch this show and think it’s funny. You cancel culture pussies.

  29. rose b

    rose b3 days ago

    i love how cecily is physically unable to look at aidy without breaking.

  30. Corette Jones

    Corette Jones3 days ago

    This THing was Gold!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty3 days ago

    “Yeah, but I’m on the upgrade list though.”😂

  32. Beast EternalInferno

    Beast EternalInferno3 days ago

    abby elliot would've done better as britney, i think

  33. Brian Koller

    Brian Koller3 days ago

    I'm flying through a big brother turn style. Down in the Subway. Girl you got the White Stuff. # Brian Koller # Impressed

  34. InternetDork101

    InternetDork1013 days ago

    I love how this show is powered by the insanely unorthodox world we live in 😂😂

  35. Jesse Sleight

    Jesse Sleight4 days ago

    Snl really shoved its liberal slant in our faces by making the 2 guests say not to compare themselves with Cruz and that she's first class and he's a can of soup or something like that

  36. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty3 days ago

    More andrew cuomo skits please!!

  37. P.Y. The Leader

    P.Y. The Leader4 days ago

    what the fuck was this

  38. Cassie Blythe

    Cassie Blythe4 days ago

    Horrible impression of Gina . Was this the best u could do? She's a badass so don't even try 🤣🤣👎👎👎

  39. Marta Roquette

    Marta Roquette4 days ago

    I've never seen Pete Davidson with such a good acting - he didn't laughed

  40. Nick Latino

    Nick Latino4 days ago

    I love when he's like when you die, I will not count your body

  41. Genece Davis

    Genece Davis4 days ago

    I can’t with Ted Cruz’s hair and pina coloda... “hola!” 🤣

  42. Josh S

    Josh S4 days ago

    “On Instagram, you said Conservatives have it as bad as people living in Nazi Germany.” Fact Check: FALSE. Gina Carano’s post never mentioned Republicans or Conservatives. Those who say she said that are putting words in her mouth.

  43. Nik Tsouk

    Nik Tsouk4 days ago

    Pete sounds like Bernie

  44. fournierman

    fournierman4 days ago

    I love the remark about Disney World. So, so true.

  45. rukia1216

    rukia12164 days ago

    As a Texan I mean this with my whole soul.......fuck Ted Cruz!

  46. Ken Fox

    Ken Fox4 days ago

    Brittany is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. AAE

    AAE5 days ago

    Truly funny skit, I laughed out loud!

  48. Mcheetah

    Mcheetah5 days ago

    Except Gina never actually said that? And why is she so butch in this?

  49. MrGonzale09

    MrGonzale09Day ago

    have you seen Gina on the mandalorian she looks butch. in real life she was sexy and skinny.

  50. Bud Ganjaman

    Bud Ganjaman5 days ago

    Wow SNL has really jumped the shark... How is this $hit show still on???

  51. max

    max4 days ago

    Because people luv it. How come your watching????

  52. We Love Entertainment

    We Love Entertainment5 days ago

    More andrew cuomo skits please!!

  53. KaeD Scrivens

    KaeD Scrivens5 days ago

    "Well if you die on it.... they're going to move the body...."

  54. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu4 days ago

    Happy Fridanksgiving enjoy the turkey pie


    SANTOSOSANTOS5 days ago

    YOU ARE A PILE OF SOUP... truer words were never spoken..LOL

  56. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu4 days ago

    I feel cold as a fish. I'm OK no more clubs. If I was a Clark Bar I'd make you me Energy Star. Brian friend Koller

  57. sean mchugh

    sean mchugh5 days ago

    Am I getting old or is snl not funny.

  58. max

    max4 days ago

    You're getting OLD. Don't like don't watch.

  59. Video Game Sanctuary

    Video Game Sanctuary5 days ago

    Gina is a LEGEND! She won't apologize no matter how much leftist morons want her too. 21 light saber salute!

  60. TheAguyer89

    TheAguyer895 days ago

    Aidy's cornrows effing KILL ME

  61. Emily Alexandra

    Emily Alexandra5 days ago

    idk I need to see Pete to gru now

  62. Video Game Sanctuary

    Video Game Sanctuary5 days ago

    Funny how people are talking shit about Gina without knowing that she can kick all their asses 😂😂😂

  63. David

    David5 days ago

    This show continues to be as unfunny and low level as usual. I feel bad for some of the actually talented actors that have to endure such shit writing.

  64. max

    max4 days ago

    Why do you watch it??? Are you being forced.

  65. Fran kky

    Fran kky5 days ago

    “And Im not trying to send people subliminal messages though my videos”

  66. itsjemmabond

    itsjemmabond4 days ago


  67. Drem m

    Drem m5 days ago

    SNL is part of the problem. Don’t think they won’t turn on you either.

  68. Alyssa Jackson

    Alyssa Jackson5 days ago

    The Britney is spot on!!!!

  69. sephalon1

    sephalon15 days ago

    I like how the Cuomo stuff is about mis-counting the nursing home deaths instead of, you know, the fact that he's responsible for all those nursing home deaths. But SNL is basically the humor wing of the Democrat party so whatever.

  70. Joseph Wiesenfeld

    Joseph Wiesenfeld5 days ago

    Wow pete's impression was amazing!

  71. KS Mongeau

    KS Mongeau5 days ago

    why goes gina sound like she`s from new york ? she was born in tx moved nev and now lives in cal...

  72. Brian Koller

    Brian Koller5 days ago

    I feel cold as a fish. I'm OK no more clubs. If I was a Clark Bar I'd make you me Energy Star. Brian friend Koller

  73. Smitty Cash

    Smitty Cash5 days ago

    Happy Fridanksgiving enjoy the turkey pie

  74. reptilexcq2

    reptilexcq25 days ago

    Fact: Ted Cruz is a woman.

  75. max

    max4 days ago

    You could be right.

  76. Ruben Karapetyan

    Ruben Karapetyan5 days ago

    I need to see Pete play coumo again!

  77. Chinmay Purohit

    Chinmay Purohit5 days ago

    Good that SNL took the correct stance on Gina Carano

  78. Ghost Unlimited Gaming

    Ghost Unlimited Gaming5 days ago

    This show used to launch the careers of the funniest people who went on to be legendary comedians. Didn't matter who it was on the show, they were funny. Now, I imagine watching this show is kind of what hell would be like. Every moment is torture.

  79. DayvinDazone

    DayvinDazone5 days ago

    The comment section is full of comments saying how Chloe nailed the impression but I was just shaking my head the whole time thinking how wrong it was. The thing is, Britney is not an airhead and I don't blame Chloe for going that route because the public probably never watched a Britney interview in their life -- if they had, they would know that Britney only speaks in the baby voice in her Instagram videos which are highly rehearsed and she's obviously uncomfortable. That's not the real Britney. Britney usually speaks in a lower tone and she's not dumb. This stereotypical bimbo impersonation all actresses go for is a really lazy way imo since it satisfies everyone's expectations and gets the job done fast, but not well.

  80. Daisy A

    Daisy A5 days ago

    In reality, nursing homes admins are always pushing patients not to be nursing home deaths.

  81. Tomun 73

    Tomun 735 days ago

    SNL is not funny anymore. #Istandwithgina #Firekathleenkennedy

  82. Tomun 73

    Tomun 734 days ago

    @max i heard about the gina carano skit so i watched this POS. obvious if you paid attention to my hash tags slick.

  83. max

    max4 days ago

    Why do you watch it???

  84. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu5 days ago

    The braids are hysterically funny.

  85. Juicy Smooyay

    Juicy Smooyay5 days ago

    Yikes 😬

  86. Bob Jackson

    Bob Jackson6 days ago

    So, Biden's in a memory care center?

  87. EveN Texas

    EveN Texas6 days ago

    I’ve got an old lady crush on Pete. Just sayIn.

  88. Lisa Alisa

    Lisa Alisa4 days ago

    Crush . You mean like car 🚗 accident ? 😊

  89. Bognor Sir

    Bognor Sir6 days ago

    That Chloe Fineman her hands were shaking during this was very nervous.

  90. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu5 days ago

    Happy Thursgiving enjoy the turkey pie

  91. Pannam

    Pannam6 days ago

    cuomo lied people died.

  92. superutuber100

    superutuber1006 days ago

    Peter's impression sounds like Frank Costanza.

  93. shameblamenamegame

    shameblamenamegame6 days ago

    Brittney: That was funny! Who was that?

  94. R Bee

    R Bee6 days ago

    Not sure what the Britney jabs were about...She isn't dumb. Bad look.

  95. Angela Luna

    Angela Luna6 days ago

    “You are soup.” 🤣🤣🤣

  96. First Last

    First Last6 days ago

    Wow! SNL is totally covering up for Cuomo. He got in hot water because he placed infected elderly in nursing homes causing over 15,000 of deaths. He also refused to correct the problem because that would reveal what he did.

  97. Jacob Carrillo

    Jacob Carrillo6 days ago

    Who did you pray to?

  98. Teresa C

    Teresa C6 days ago

    What's "TRL"?

  99. Vic 2.0

    Vic 2.06 days ago

    Of course Gina Carano *didn't* say that, but let's not let the truth get in the way of this "comedy".

  100. craig mahaney

    craig mahaney6 days ago

    i really don't know why they think it's funny to have aidy bryant play men.She's funny but in my opinion it just doesn't work.Chloe was great as brittney though.

  101. Miguel Acosta

    Miguel Acosta6 days ago

    semiran bien riducula

  102. Bianca Jade

    Bianca Jade6 days ago

    I hope they have this skit back on since the real people are giving them lots of material & Pete OWNED his Cuomo role. 👏😂🏆No longer a fan of Cuomo but if Cruz & him ever got in a fist fight my $$$$ is on Cuomo. Although a Cruz & Graham fight would just be hilarious I imagine lots of hair pulling 😂😂😂

  103. Jacob Rommel

    Jacob Rommel6 days ago

    Cuomo messed up NYC

  104. anthonyk photos

    anthonyk photos6 days ago

    Sad part is after today's attempt at humor down in Florida you know Cruz is mad SNL made the hot water joke first.

  105. Jose Maria Gomez

    Jose Maria Gomez6 days ago

    bro I would watch every single episode of Briney Spears telling off people

  106. Jorge Rodriguez

    Jorge Rodriguez6 days ago


  107. Chris Mc.

    Chris Mc.6 days ago

    the real Brittany has more class in her pinky finger than everyone on SNL hahahaha!

  108. Genesis 1221

    Genesis 12216 days ago

    They trashing Justin lol I'm living for this

  109. Cullen Bohanonn

    Cullen Bohanonn6 days ago

    This is shit

  110. max

    max4 days ago

    So the question is why do you watch ????

  111. Moosey

    Moosey6 days ago

    lols at all these salty trumpers

  112. bleep bloop

    bleep bloop6 days ago

    I'm loving sober Pete Davidson. So happy for him and his comedy is hella good now!!

  113. Casey Hayes

    Casey Hayes6 days ago

    Ted Cruz literally just tried to connect himself to Gina Carano in his speech at CPAP convention...and also make jokes about going to Cancun.

  114. Double Boe 7

    Double Boe 76 days ago

    Cuomo killed thousands of elderly people in nursing homes. But yes, pay no attention to the murderer behind the curtain. Typical weirdo leftist hypocrisy and logic.

  115. Erodthebod

    Erodthebod6 days ago

    Whole episode was legit tbh. Brit impression is solid

  116. renamedmyselfMyla

    renamedmyselfMyla6 days ago

    The pina colado looks good

  117. Walter Stevens

    Walter Stevens7 days ago

    Gross all of you

  118. Y b

    Y b7 days ago

    We need more pete pleasss

  119. MountainIce007

    MountainIce0077 days ago

    Notice they haven't done any Biden skits since he was inaugurated? I wonder why!

  120. MountainIce007

    MountainIce0074 days ago

    @max No. There's plenty to make fun of now but they don't want to.

  121. max

    max4 days ago

    They will give a little time.

  122. baseballsux2

    baseballsux26 days ago


  123. anybodycanart

    anybodycanart7 days ago

    Turd CanCruz'in looking all Bo

  124. Another High

    Another High7 days ago

    Will there be a version of the Brittany's apology cold open this week?. or is that just not funny to you all of a sudden???