Hailey Bieber On The Early Late Night Show | Dixie D'Amelio

Hey guys!!! I'm back with Episode 2 and I couldn't be happier that @Hailey Rhode Bieber is our second guest! We had a lot of fun together, learning some secrets about each other and making custom shoes for each other!! Don't forget the show airs every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
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  1. Ari Pitt

    Ari Pitt3 hours ago

    Dixie is so boring and she looks 40

  2. Thao Thai

    Thao Thai4 hours ago

    Why is does she limit her comments is she that insecure and plus she is so fake

  3. Hazel Matheson

    Hazel Matheson9 hours ago

    The way Dixie destroyed those nice sneakers...

  4. leaf bug

    leaf bug9 hours ago

    Awkward much 🖐💀

  5. Klark Reigns

    Klark Reigns11 hours ago

    When they were talking about dancing and dixie said she wasnt good enough at it, kinda feel like she thinks shes not good enough at all. Which is really upsetting.

  6. Miranda moroncini

    Miranda moroncini13 hours ago

    I love how genuinely does actually Hailey talk

  7. Kimoya Daley

    Kimoya Daley13 hours ago

    everybody think hailey is mean until they watch this interview, I'm not a fan but I think she handled these questions like a pro

  8. Hannah Hyat

    Hannah Hyat15 hours ago

    I love hailey!!!

  9. Maira

    Maira18 hours ago

    I think that Dixie should open another USlikes channel for this show

  10. 21 hour ago

    wait i thought this show was a joke...

  11. Coin Coin

    Coin CoinDay ago

    Hailey B. Beautiful with a Heart. That is why justin marry her.

  12. Antonella Macri

    Antonella MacriDay ago

    I feel bad Dixie is too insecure, she looks uncomfortable.

  13. ᴊxɢɢᴜᴋ

    ᴊxɢɢᴜᴋDay ago

    Still waiting "GhoSty" to comment on this.

  14. remas7593

    remas7593Day ago

    I love you 😚❤

  15. Soani Velez

    Soani Velez2 days ago

    them talking about the paparazzi's made me realize majority, if not all, are men. i never see any women paparazzi. interesting.

  16. MrMotherfuck123

    MrMotherfuck1232 days ago

    Unbelievable what kinda Ppl have 'Shows' these Days, wtf...

  17. Froggi’s Gaming

    Froggi’s Gaming2 days ago


  18. XSeer

    XSeer2 days ago

    Im a selener but i agree that hailey is pretty

  19. Trishhla Bhandari

    Trishhla Bhandari2 days ago

    Her voice is so therapeutic

  20. Stephanie Aquino

    Stephanie Aquino2 days ago

    okay this is a possible friendship i love it

  21. ecr'

    ecr'2 days ago

    Hailey so beautiful😍 im dying

  22. Valeria Alejandra h

    Valeria Alejandra h3 days ago

    We love Hailey

  23. Eirin Crossing

    Eirin Crossing3 days ago

    i don,t really see the point that some off ya,ll hate hailey for many reasonds but hailey is a nice person and she actually is a human too and she have been going too alot soo i don,t really know why ya,ll make a group off this

  24. iaeaoae방탄

    iaeaoae방탄4 days ago


  25. Lea Kuhn

    Lea Kuhn4 days ago

    Gosh i can listen l to Hailys voice the whole day wow, so calm 🥰

  26. Desiree’s life

    Desiree’s life4 days ago

    7:00 i know y’all are tryna find that paparazzi part

  27. rrvv jjrr

    rrvv jjrr4 days ago


  28. Richa Sharma

    Richa Sharma5 days ago

    Who wanna see Gigi Hadid here.....

  29. Sarah S

    Sarah S5 days ago

    I love Hailey’s mindset. Her wisdom and maturity is definitely from leaning on God. She’s an actual good role model!!!!! Truly not many celebrities are like her. She’s happy to be a woman of God and is laid back, not trying to be the number one star but happy with family life. We need to see that nowadays.

  30. Noel Harris

    Noel Harris5 days ago

    Awe dixie seemed nervous. Is it just me? and I actually gained an appreciation for Hailey. She not just the wife!

  31. Mini Mine Time

    Mini Mine Time5 days ago


  32. Mini Mine Time

    Mini Mine Time5 days ago


  33. Mini Mine Time

    Mini Mine Time5 days ago


  34. Stephaine Horta

    Stephaine Horta5 days ago

    I love hailey

  35. Maisa Garcia

    Maisa Garcia5 days ago

    hey dix bestie hear me out. If you had Louis Tomlinson as a guest you could talk about Liam, One Direction, how he grew as an artist and compare it with how you are growing. There is plenty of stuff that you could talk about. Plus you already had the one direction fandom attention when you collabed with liam it would be just PERFECT if you have Louis as a guest. If it goes really well the fandom will take you and im telling you we are powerful. Please think about it ilyyy.

  36. Maisa Garcia

    Maisa Garcia5 days ago

    dix bestie hear me out. If you had Louis Tomlinson as a guest you could talk about Liam, One Direction, how he grew as an artist and compare it with how you are growing. There is plenty of stuff that you could talk about. Plus you already had the one direction fandom attention when you collabed with liam it would be just PERFECT if you have Louis as a guest. If it goes really well the fandom will take you and im telling you we are powerful. Please think about it ilyyy.

  37. Maisa Garcia

    Maisa Garcia5 days ago

    have louis tomlinson as a guest PLEASE

  38. Maisa Garcia

    Maisa Garcia5 days ago

    petition: next guest louis tomlinson

  39. Maisa Garcia

    Maisa Garcia5 days ago

    have louis tomlinson dixie im begging you

  40. Goatboymagic

    Goatboymagic5 days ago

    wtf is this bs, why is this girl famous?

  41. Eunoiaa Iaaa

    Eunoiaa Iaaa5 days ago

    Hailey is actually sweet heyy

  42. cess espinosa

    cess espinosa5 days ago

    I mean she only got famous bc of tiktok and her sis too 😫😭

  43. Nct_lovely_fan_ Imida

    Nct_lovely_fan_ Imida5 days ago


  44. Nhlanhla Skyler Mahlangu

    Nhlanhla Skyler Mahlangu5 days ago

    Go Dixie!!!!!! You are a bad bad!!!!!!

  45. tori

    tori6 days ago

    So wasteful 😲

  46. Yes Pls

    Yes Pls6 days ago

    Hailey has such a calming voice

  47. Julia Olabi

    Julia Olabi6 days ago

    Not hailey wearing a Harry styles inspired outfit

  48. Ivana Vidaurre

    Ivana Vidaurre6 days ago

    Hailey is kute

  49. kiki's vlogs

    kiki's vlogs6 days ago

    I love dixie

  50. Adja Gaye

    Adja Gaye6 days ago

    Hailey is so cute❤❤

  51. Amethyst Quartz

    Amethyst Quartz6 days ago

    I honestly think Hailey is RAD !

  52. Hernandez

    Hernandez7 days ago

    she actually ask to why are different beautiful people has so favorite old aesthetic

  53. Sally Adel

    Sally Adel7 days ago

    ok so, in the shoe part where dixie was kinda wipin or somethin the shoe i was like " OH NOO! DON'T RUIN HAILEY'S SHOE!!!!"

  54. N Esparza

    N Esparza7 days ago

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God's one and only Son. (John 3:16-18) Whoever is reading this, Jesus loves you. Yes you. He loves you with all your faults and all your brokenness. He wants a relationship with you. He wants to heal you and redeem you. He wants to save you. He not only loves you, but died for you and took your punishment and mine upon himself. A death he didn’t deserve but we did. If you have not given your life to him and accepted him into your heart and repent of your sins, I sincerely hope you make the decision to do so soon. We are not promised tomorrow. “Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” (James 4:8) God bless. ♥️

  55. Somer King

    Somer King7 days ago

    Why does everyone hate Hailey? I think she's a sweet girl. She cant help Justin Beibers past. He married her ,let them be.

  56. Sagal Elmi

    Sagal Elmi7 days ago

    People are talking about how Selena isn’t going to come on the talk show Justin and hailey are MARRIED so stop talking about their past relationships and move on already!

  57. Alisa Hucic

    Alisa Hucic7 days ago

    The intro is a legend 😂

  58. Andrea Fintock

    Andrea Fintock8 days ago

    I never haerd ofvthis show!!!!

  59. Rutaiba Khan

    Rutaiba Khan8 days ago

    How cool would it be if Dixie and justin collaborate

  60. CassGaff

    CassGaff8 days ago

    "I don't know if I would call it artsy" smears black all over the shoe 🤣🤣

  61. A Enmy

    A Enmy8 days ago

    The shoessssss

  62. esperanza larrain

    esperanza larrain8 days ago

    i love them so much

  63. ???

    ???8 days ago

    Love u Hailey

  64. Hayla Musallet

    Hayla Musallet8 days ago

    aaaahhhh dddddooooo eeeemmmmmaaaa cccccchhhhhaaaammmmbbbeeerrrrllllliiiaaannn ppllzzzzzzz

  65. ax-sci fi

    ax-sci fi8 days ago

    If the hype house is on this interview i am gonna smash my keyboard

  66. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty9 days ago

    I love how respectful she was, and didnt ask questions that would make Hailey in a difficult position

  67. Mihika Dangwal

    Mihika Dangwal9 days ago

    honestly, listening to this makes me realize how difficult having privacy as a celebrity. People need to respect women and their privacy. These people should be sued for doing such stuff. i have seen a few vids of hailey with the paps, but she always is so nice and kind to them. it should be every woman's right to wear a short skirt freely, without having to worry about those dumbass people who dont have humanity in them.

  68. Tammy

    Tammy9 days ago

    The poor shoes

  69. Eliana Graham

    Eliana Graham9 days ago

    I didnt know hailey sounded like that, her voice is so sweet and soft omg

  70. Mystery Shadow

    Mystery Shadow9 days ago

    You wouldn’t go up to a normal person and take a photograph without permission so what makes them think they can do it celebrity’s

  71. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty9 days ago

    my opinion tho 🤷🏼‍♀️

  72. Court4Short

    Court4Short9 days ago

    You know you're rich when you let someone ruin what I consider expensive.

  73. Esther Obazee

    Esther Obazee9 days ago

    Hailey is so pretty

  74. Atlas regisprin

    Atlas regisprin9 days ago

    hailey talking about ballet makes me want to hug her and dance together, kisses from Argentina

  75. BLINK

    BLINK10 days ago

    Hailey is a CELEBRITY! She is Justin Bieber's wife and a super model herself...why is she hanging out with tik tokers- 😑

  76. Khasan Farkhodov ❶

    Khasan Farkhodov ❶10 days ago

    Hailey+Justin=Selena 🥺😭

  77. Tstormer

    Tstormer10 days ago

    God has blessed me to not be an attractive woman so I do not get harassed bless ittt

  78. Ariana Ariana

    Ariana Ariana10 days ago

    How the heck did Dixie meet Hailey like Dixie only does 15-second TikTok videos

  79. BLINK

    BLINK10 days ago


  80. Itzzy Rose

    Itzzy Rose10 days ago

    Woah ..!? I didn't know that dix is that famous ... Love ya dix

  81. Annabel Egan

    Annabel Egan10 days ago

    i like Dixie but I cant believe she introduced her as "Miss Hailey Bieber", lol.

  82. aka aka

    aka aka10 days ago

    The most boring show ever m not watching this

  83. Evangeline

    Evangeline11 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about how cute Hailey's hairstyle is?

  84. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite2 days ago


  85. A

    A11 days ago

    I hate that dixie thinks she's cool when she's with hailey.....

  86. Autumn Jones

    Autumn Jones12 days ago

    Ok is this Haileys show now or what? Cuz she’s definitely leading the whole conversation and show. Dixie is a terrible host... especially when they got to the table to do the shoes, Hailey kept trying to talk to her and engage in conversation and Dixie was barely talking... I mean I get it, she’s shy but if that’s the case then don’t have a talk show... just my opinion tho 🤷🏼‍♀️

  87. Watergurll

    Watergurll12 days ago

    racist queens 😍

  88. Keira Gandy

    Keira Gandy12 days ago

    Soooo... I’m only here cause of hailey...

  89. potato

    potato12 days ago

    Hailey seems to be so sweet and humble and chill to hang out with i feel like she doesn't deserve all of this hate

  90. Rishop Mukherjee

    Rishop Mukherjee12 days ago


  91. Michelle Mckay

    Michelle Mckay12 days ago

    I got a genuine question, I’m really lost so someone please answer. Why did Hailey say “the reality is that you don’t owe anybody anything besides your family..........” when her supporters/fans back her and support her through as much as they possibly can? I understand the part about family but her supporters also deserve respect etc. No hate and not saying she doesn’t respect her supporters ❤️

  92. Kimberly Mcleod

    Kimberly Mcleod12 days ago

    Dixie being uncomfortable, made me uncomfortable. As a viewer, I didn’t like watching this at all, so boring. Sorry, but Dixie was horrible at interviewing.


    ISABELLA PUERTA12 days ago

    Does Dixie Damilio know Charlie Damilio? They should meet if they don’t know each other

  94. Reaper Reaper

    Reaper Reaper12 days ago

    What kind of shirt is that it’s not even covering anything there’s really not much there. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  95. Martina Pavlovic

    Martina Pavlovic13 days ago

    why is she acting so famous tho "i feel like the internet doesn't know you that much" it's Hailey Baldwin

  96. Megan Whitney

    Megan Whitney13 days ago

    People are always ragging on Hailey.. She seems like such a down to earth person with a good head on her shoulders.

  97. Rylanlikesbattlebots

    Rylanlikesbattlebots13 days ago

    Get a job

  98. nisa

    nisa13 days ago

    She is so sweeeeeet

  99. ryan chikudo

    ryan chikudo13 days ago

    When this was a joke it was considerably funnier

  100. Andrea Vasiljevic

    Andrea Vasiljevic13 days ago

    How did they meet and start hanging out wtf

  101. Khushi Shankar

    Khushi Shankar14 days ago

    this is so embarrassing

  102. Dylan X

    Dylan X14 days ago