Todd And Julie Finally Meet Chase's Girlfriend | Chrisley Knows Best | USA Network

Todd and Julie finally meet Chase's girlfriend, Emmy, and Todd lets her know what his expectations are. Watch Chrisley Knows Best Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network.
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  1. prunella goodrich

    prunella goodrich9 minutes ago

    This is sooo scripted. Especially with Emmy. Sounds like she memorized her lines and sounds like a robot. But she is beautiful and I like her.

  2. Cody Fast

    Cody FastHour ago

    That could be his mother... she looks 35 lmao

  3. Rock Wilson

    Rock Wilson2 hours ago

    She's to much women for that boy

  4. Melissa Lynn

    Melissa Lynn4 hours ago

    She looks like a 20 yr old julie

  5. Daisy X

    Daisy X13 hours ago

    She’s so cuteeeee!!!

  6. Gary Chapin Jr

    Gary Chapin JrDay ago

    Congratulations chase

  7. Janasia Mangum

    Janasia MangumDay ago

    She look more like Julie then Savannah

  8. life of MK

    life of MKDay ago

    She's so beautiful

  9. Julie Anthony

    Julie AnthonyDay ago

    Chase's girlfriend looks like his Mother Julie..

  10. Venice Smith

    Venice Smith2 days ago

    So true, just like his mom!

  11. Christina Spears

    Christina Spears2 days ago

    I'm happy for you Chase! Your girl is very beautiful and she fits perfect in your family! 👌🏽I wish all of you peace & happiness always! 💛☮

  12. Kristy Bishop

    Kristy Bishop2 days ago

    I really wish Savannah would grow her hair back out.

  13. Kaysh-Lee Knight

    Kaysh-Lee Knight2 days ago

    Just watched the episode had to come and see if y'all was thinking what I was thinking! Mini Julie lmao.

  14. Kristen Beaty

    Kristen Beaty2 days ago

    All so fake and forced! She seems very uncomfortable lol!

  15. Jacqueline Kane

    Jacqueline Kane3 days ago

    She won't last long. She's cute tho...

  16. Siandra Reed

    Siandra Reed3 days ago

    She us gorgeous lol

  17. Na'Lay Jennings

    Na'Lay Jennings3 days ago

    Grayson: do you like sports Emma: do I look like I like sports Grayson

  18. Charlotte Smith

    Charlotte Smith3 days ago

    Omg! She looks exactly like Julie!!!!!💥 I absolutely love this show💖

  19. Eileen benninger

    Eileen benninger3 days ago

    Of course Todd is in control mode.

  20. Lilo Style

    Lilo Style3 days ago

    Wow she looks like she could be chase mother

  21. Tonii Mead

    Tonii Mead3 days ago

    Chase gained weight

  22. Sherry McPhail

    Sherry McPhail3 days ago

    She does look like Julie...nice Chase!!

  23. Ivette Gonzalez

    Ivette Gonzalez3 days ago

    Many blessings to them. Hope they grow together learn from one another and TAKE IT SLOOOOOWWWWW. ❤️

  24. Carama

    Carama3 days ago

    Absolutely adorable!!!!

  25. Edna Johnson

    Edna Johnson3 days ago

    Emmy looks like a young Julie. They make a sweet couple. She'll have no problem fitting into the family, i.e. when she said Grayson do I look like I do sports? That was too funny.

  26. Denise Chung

    Denise Chung3 days ago

    Wait I saw the thumbnail and thought it was his mom! She’s so pretty

  27. Grace Bediako

    Grace Bediako3 days ago

    New season? What season is this?

  28. Lenny Pinettè

    Lenny Pinettè4 days ago

    Looks a little like Shania Twain....A little

  29. Zoey Jafferally1

    Zoey Jafferally14 days ago

    Darn Chase's new girlfriend looks more like Julie the mom then Savannah the daughter. Savannah in my honest opinion looks actually like Todd the dad!!!!

  30. Fancy FanClub

    Fancy FanClub4 days ago

    Chase reminds me of my big bro. he’s so wholesome

  31. Shannon Ramirez

    Shannon Ramirez4 days ago

    She seems a little robotic to me like she practiced those lines in front of a mirror but she’s beautiful no doubt

  32. Krystal Kitchen

    Krystal Kitchen4 days ago

    She’s looks like Julie

  33. Garden Scapes LLC

    Garden Scapes LLC4 days ago

    Did this guy pay the taxes he’s getting investigated on ditching????

  34. Garden Scapes LLC

    Garden Scapes LLCDay ago

    @Rhee Ryder yep!

  35. Rhee Ryder

    Rhee RyderDay ago

    Is that any of your business?

  36. Barbara Garrison

    Barbara Garrison4 days ago

    I love this family. I love Todd he makes the family go around.

  37. Dark Chocolaté

    Dark Chocolaté4 days ago

    😩😩😩They DO look alike! And Chase is shaped just like his daddy.

  38. E

    E4 days ago

    She's beautiful!

  39. Elizabeth Munoz

    Elizabeth Munoz4 days ago

    She reminds me of Julie

  40. celina hernandez

    celina hernandez5 days ago

    She definitely looks like u mrs. Julie i thought it was u chase was kissing in the head in the clickbate photo

  41. Pamela evm

    Pamela evm5 days ago

    Ummm she looks like Julie

  42. Amy Salguero

    Amy Salguero5 days ago

    She definitely looks like your mom which are Beautiful!💜💜

  43. Iam ThatIam

    Iam ThatIam5 days ago

    Breaking news..she is Julies long lost daughter..EEK the plot thickens 😳

  44. Lyris Greenidge-Adams

    Lyris Greenidge-Adams5 days ago

    Chase looked for a woman like his mamma. So cute!

  45. Debra Blake

    Debra Blake5 days ago

    They say BOYS pick FEMALES that REMIND THEM of MOM...NOT a BAD THING .. it CAN be GOOD..!! 💟

  46. Michael Girafalco

    Michael Girafalco5 days ago

    Ew I’m sorry but Emmy looks like his mother.

  47. christopher clark

    christopher clark5 days ago

    She looks like she is 15-20 years older than him.

  48. Lajoy Daniels

    Lajoy Daniels5 days ago

    Am I the only one saw Julie say Columbus at the same rime as Emmy lol 😂

  49. Tracey G.

    Tracey G.5 days ago

    😭😭😭😭noooooooo I missed this episode..... CURSE you ercot😂

  50. Craig Williams

    Craig Williams5 days ago

    I thought he was gay....I'm just saying

  51. Sarah Harvey

    Sarah Harvey5 days ago

    I’m glad chase found someone who can keep him in check. Love her accent. She’s so pretty.

  52. Carmen Jimenez

    Carmen Jimenez5 days ago

    Ewwww 🤢 this is creepy af she looks like his mom not just a lil bit a lotta bit

  53. JadoreMii

    JadoreMii5 days ago

    Chase is not straight come on

  54. Mark Zelinski

    Mark Zelinski5 days ago

    O good, the daughter lost the Mohawk or whatever she had going on!


    PINKYFISH5 days ago

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  56. April R

    April R5 days ago

    Yeah she is Chase’s one

  57. Aundria Taylor

    Aundria Taylor5 days ago

    I agree she does look like Julie😍😂😂

  58. Robin Kirkland

    Robin Kirkland6 days ago

    No hate,but she looks older than him,is she?

  59. Dolce Delicious

    Dolce Delicious6 days ago

    She's so pretty!

  60. Making up with Sin

    Making up with Sin6 days ago


  61. Jess with Da Kids !

    Jess with Da Kids !6 days ago

    She definitely looks like Julie.

  62. masonn million

    masonn million6 days ago

    Why was Julie mouthing what the girl was saying as she was saying it this is rehearsed 😭😭😭

  63. Alyea Brown

    Alyea Brown6 days ago

    She’s beautiful

  64. Maria Espinoza

    Maria Espinoza6 days ago

    Wait so HOW did they meet? I'm confused

  65. Tiffany Favray

    Tiffany Favray6 days ago

    She looks like Chrissy Tiegan

  66. Mary Clark

    Mary Clark6 days ago

    She looks way older than Chase

  67. Ann Burchfield

    Ann Burchfield6 days ago

    She looks like Julie

  68. Jeannette Stewart

    Jeannette Stewart6 days ago

    Guys always usually like women like their mom and it’s scary how spot on she is with his mom

  69. Brooke Smith

    Brooke Smith3 days ago

    My hubby married the complete opposite of his mom! Going on 20 years married now.

  70. Heather Stephens

    Heather Stephens6 days ago

    She looks like Julie. Sorry Chase she's beautiful but that looks like momma.

  71. Elizabeth piccolo

    Elizabeth piccolo5 days ago

    He could do worse. At least she’s a smart cookie.

  72. Mattie Moreno

    Mattie Moreno6 days ago

    I just loved it. God bless you all.

  73. Cleveland BCI

    Cleveland BCI6 days ago

    Dinosaur runs through the living room...... Everyone in comments: "Who cares? OMG!!!!!!!! She looks just like Julie!!!!!"😱😱😱

  74. life is love

    life is love6 days ago

    My favorite is the grandmother...She is hilarious !!

  75. King George the 1st

    King George the 1st6 days ago

    He is dating his moms look alike

  76. Ada Gramble

    Ada Gramble5 days ago

    Lol so true

  77. Latisha W

    Latisha W6 days ago

    I think she has little resemblance to singer miranda lambert. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤔

  78. C. Dawg Knight

    C. Dawg Knight6 days ago

    If she's already learning to zap Todd, she'll fit it with the family just fine.

  79. Crucian Empress

    Crucian Empress6 days ago

    Chase sits exactly like his Dad.

  80. Eb Brown

    Eb Brown6 days ago

    Omg!! I thought that was Julie!!

  81. Yesenia Cisneros

    Yesenia Cisneros6 days ago

    Read the comments and everyone is thinking what I was thinking.

  82. cunderw12

    cunderw126 days ago

    She kind of looks like Julie.

  83. Blue Ivy

    Blue Ivy6 days ago

    She's a great gal . You did good Chase 👍 Shes Beautiful .

  84. triplegoddess

    triplegoddess6 days ago


  85. Alan McKleroy

    Alan McKleroy6 days ago

    Chase girlfriend Emmy Medders is 26, born Nov 1, 1994. Chase's birth date is June 1, 1996...

  86. Iam ThatIam

    Iam ThatIam5 days ago

    Too invested

  87. Jenni Smith

    Jenni Smith7 days ago

    This show is so fake, fake, fake

  88. Momma Bear

    Momma Bear7 days ago

    If you can't see that this show is 1000% fake all while the dad and brother pretend to act straight, you need your head checked

  89. J B

    J B7 days ago

    Scripted BS

  90. Bubbles

    Bubbles7 days ago

    Seriously, no shade but She looks older than Chase.🤔 Maybe not older but more mature than he is.

  91. jjmusiclover3

    jjmusiclover37 days ago


  92. Tee Taylor

    Tee Taylor7 days ago

    OMGoodness...she looks soooo much like Julie...good choice Chase!

  93. AnaPaula Arruda

    AnaPaula Arruda7 days ago

    Omg I love her!!!! Awe he really likes her. 😊🙏👏👍

  94. My Name Name My

    My Name Name My7 days ago

    So cute

  95. Shay

    Shay7 days ago

    Yeah Chase sorry to tell u but I must say that she does favor your mother. If her heart & personality is like her are even somewhat similar u know that could really be a good thing. She's pretty Chase u did well. Now she can keep u straight cause u know u can get out of line sometimes. Lol so will she be joining u & Nanny Chrisley hanging out. Does it mean you'll be giving Nanny a limited amount of your time.

  96. rah rah

    rah rah7 days ago

    At 0:40 seconds u can see Julie mouthing the other girls lines 🤭

  97. Newyork Newyork

    Newyork Newyork5 days ago

    That's so bizarre!! Do you think she's a paid actress?

  98. Lakeshia Ball

    Lakeshia Ball7 days ago

    Awwwww chase and his girlfriend are a beautiful couple 💕 she does look a lot like Mrs. Julie she fits right in with the family ❤️❤️

  99. Country Girl

    Country Girl7 days ago

    Did they do a julie look a like casting call?? 😁 lol no one can be the OG 😎

  100. dee marlin

    dee marlin7 days ago


  101. Ada Gramble

    Ada Gramble5 days ago

    There not married

  102. Mary Bennett

    Mary Bennett7 days ago

    She looks like his mother Julie they're both beautiful

  103. TLC Beauty

    TLC Beauty7 days ago

    They look so cute together!!! This might just be the one to keep Chase a little more calm!!! And she might give Todd a run for his money!!

  104. Brittany

    Brittany7 days ago

    I would never date someone who looks like my Parent(s) or another family member🤢. It’s too close to inscest

  105. pezz candy

    pezz candy7 days ago


  106. Cynthia Curry

    Cynthia Curry7 days ago


  107. Michelle Blakeney

    Michelle Blakeney7 days ago

    His girlfriend does remind u of his mom and sister. That’s kinda weird!

  108. Teresa Duenez

    Teresa Duenez7 days ago

    She's Beautiful!! Great choice, Chase!!!