Angriest Man on Twitch

This is the greatest horrible father of All Time


  1. jeezjacob

    jeezjacob6 hours ago

    Jeez....this made me cry....

  2. Brandon Murray

    Brandon Murray7 hours ago

    I say stupid shit to my dog because I know he can’t understand lol I don’t think I’ve ever said I’ll break your neck tho

  3. Zachary Payne

    Zachary Payne16 hours ago

    It's funny how he reported the guy when he died.

  4. Morca

    MorcaDay ago

    When he was saying get the fuck out and ill break your neck I think he was talking to the dog

  5. Hiss 。

    Hiss 。Day ago

    Wait... this guy is a father? He’s a kid himself.

  6. bomby

    bombyDay ago

    "dude dude dude bro dude dude man dude bro duuuude deewwwd"

  7. Chewy Bacca89

    Chewy Bacca892 days ago

    He beats his daughter.

  8. Jules

    Jules2 days ago

    caught him in 4k

  9. Games With Bob

    Games With Bob2 days ago

    I love how he left his vc on

  10. Joshua Ward

    Joshua Ward2 days ago

    Sounds like the only things not beaten in this guy's house are his video games.

  11. Jeb

    Jeb3 days ago

    Wouldn't be surprised if not everything he did was verbal and he hit or kicked his child as well

  12. Bluey

    Bluey3 days ago

    3:04 ruh roh rhaggy

  13. pizza mozzarella

    pizza mozzarella3 days ago

    I thought it was peanut butter gamer in the thumbnail for a moment


    HELLBOUND3 days ago

    I wonder how on earth he won custody

  15. Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus

    Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus3 days ago

    And anyone who claims to be a good guy is in fact not a good guy, what a joke I’d do 25 to life just to slap the life out this man

  16. Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus

    Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus3 days ago

    Love your videos Charlie but this shit is absolutely fucked, but dog or not please continue to expose this shit

  17. Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus

    Mrdrjesus Mrdrjesus3 days ago

    With a daughter of 3 years who was extremely emotional as a child. I’d literally love to publicly humiliate this man. What a joke if this is the man you are to a child you’re better off leaving.

  18. Void

    Void3 days ago

    Other stuff doesnt disturb me but stuff involved with children disturbs me the most

  19. Jalen Simms

    Jalen Simms4 days ago

    Lol gets killed by another streamer and gets exposed by that streamer

  20. Odyssey346

    Odyssey3464 days ago

    the issue is that he hasn't activated windows

  21. CR1MS0N Jewel

    CR1MS0N Jewel5 days ago

    This man is a disgrace to ohio and ohioans everywhere

  22. Kektii i

    Kektii i5 days ago

    This is so fuckin horrible that i cannot watch this. holy shit what the fuck how do people have the audacity to do this kind of horrible shit

  23. very bonked

    very bonked5 days ago

    Imagine if, somehow, NONE of what he said was directed at the baby and it was directed at his dog, that little kid still saw/heard their father physically abuse a living thing. That instills such fear in a child , I hope the kids ok somewhere

  24. FalseProphet

    FalseProphet5 days ago

    3:05 I’ll wait for the professional memers to make a new one out of this 😂

  25. HBFace

    HBFace5 days ago

    The dog used his mind powers to make him fail

  26. Taczpat

    Taczpat5 days ago

    Activate Windows

  27. Twisted Jester

    Twisted Jester5 days ago

    Someone needs to call CPS and Peta

  28. Hutchy’s Kid

    Hutchy’s Kid5 days ago

    I hope that poor little child is rescued from this abusive, neglectful wanker.

  29. Dan The man

    Dan The man5 days ago

    Anyone know what happened to him

  30. Garv Goyal

    Garv Goyal5 days ago

    Send me this guy's address, who wanna watch me break this guy's neck. I'll do one for the world and his daughter dog and other family

  31. BuriedPython30

    BuriedPython305 days ago

    Actually I do think the last part was at his dog you can hear paws hitting the ground but everything else yup shitty person but the last part he technically wasn’t lying

  32. Mason Lapine

    Mason Lapine5 days ago

    Thank you for bringing this to the light Charlie. This man deserves to be seen at his worst

  33. Domain Ultimate

    Domain Ultimate5 days ago


  34. Ashlee Ortiz

    Ashlee Ortiz5 days ago

    Did he really smack that kid for pooping in a dipper what a peice of crap the lowest of low all over a game an innocent child has to suffer wtf

  35. saqqaq

    saqqaq6 days ago

    why does this have 1K dislikes

  36. TopIce

    TopIce6 days ago

    Chill guys he was just talking to his dog *Everything fine*

  37. Chris Brochu

    Chris Brochu6 days ago

    There’s gonna be some people who don’t get the joke

  38. Kalie Stevens

    Kalie Stevens6 days ago

    She was literally screaming "ow" the whole time he was off screen. That "man" is putting hands on her.

  39. seth romero

    seth romero6 days ago

    He’s obviously not okay

  40. Luger Man1000

    Luger Man10006 days ago

    Lmao “I don’t fucking care Riley shush”

  41. GT-R Nights

    GT-R Nights6 days ago

    "business owner"? What's that dude selling Mary Kay or something? 🤣🤣

  42. Chuckn’

    Chuckn’6 days ago

    I love how at 2:49 the soldier is just listening to the conversation and than at 2:53 when he says imma break ur neck, the soldiers just like yep I’ve heard enough

  43. Steve Gardner

    Steve Gardner7 days ago

    I'm not for killing but I'd go spend time to put this thing away

  44. ___

    ___7 days ago

    thank u for exposing these shit bags

  45. Lacey Craig

    Lacey Craig7 days ago

    Oh my god after this I know the horror of twich no hate on twich btw

  46. Itz Zok

    Itz Zok7 days ago

    Worst dad on Earth 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  47. Karebu Shmarebu

    Karebu Shmarebu7 days ago

    I can't believe this poor animal abuser is being bullied by all of you, social justice gone wild Also y'all acting like if it was his kid he was yelling at that he did something wrong, well i think you've all forgotten that its aloud cause children don't have feelings, they don't develop them till puberty so its finnne

  48. Karebu Shmarebu

    Karebu Shmarebu5 days ago

    @saqqaq toats m'boats

  49. saqqaq

    saqqaq6 days ago

    yeah man, i cant believe these people bully this guy who DEFINITELY shouted at his dog and not his child (no doubt in my mind at all)

  50. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts7 days ago

    Charlie looks like Jesus sounds super calm but can roast darker than me trying to make pan grilled cheese with the oven on max

  51. FD_ForReal

    FD_ForReal7 days ago

    Hes ass at the game 😂

  52. Armory Kittington

    Armory Kittington7 days ago

    There's going to be more of this. We have such a weird, Facebook raised, domesticated, nothing of a moral compass youth of America now entering their 20's and drinking/being awful while recording themselves. Also, that's not how someone talks to a dog. That's how a pathetic man-child yells at a child because someone killed him on the vidya game. What a time to be alive.

  53. Femi Oke

    Femi Oke7 days ago

    I hope he gets arrested.

  54. darbyk14

    darbyk147 days ago

    Piss Palit

  55. darbyk14

    darbyk147 days ago

    Queen cake

  56. Jack Marshall

    Jack Marshall8 days ago


  57. Jemy Nguyen

    Jemy Nguyen8 days ago

    Make him pay child support

  58. Squog McGog

    Squog McGog8 days ago

    All this over a video game

  59. Wagwan Piftinn

    Wagwan Piftinn8 days ago

    I thought that was dellor

  60. Squagg1y

    Squagg1y8 days ago

    "I FUCKING HATE YOU AND I WILL BREAK YOUR NECK!!!" wonder how that kid thinks about that piece of shit

  61. Pikapiks 87

    Pikapiks 878 days ago

    Stop shitting Everywhere

  62. Iuwl

    Iuwl8 days ago

    You often hear about girls growing up with "daddy issues" and this walking dumpster of a human being clearly showed what it looks like.

  63. Bimmy Beutron

    Bimmy Beutron8 days ago

    the dude in the thumbnail looks like that dude that sucks at freestyle rap and im kinda confused

  64. danielle dowlin

    danielle dowlin8 days ago

    God this man is so childish And this man is so dumb And this man is so ANNOYING THIS MAN NEED TO GO PRISON 👮

  65. binky dinkles

    binky dinkles9 days ago

    I don’t think spanking a dog is animal abuse if they get spanked for the right reasons. If you got absolutely destroyed because you just suck at Tarkov, and beat your dog because she’s in your room is absolutely HORRENDOUS.

  66. JUNKIE

    JUNKIE9 days ago

    Wouldn’t the dog be barking?

  67. Julianna H ꨄ

    Julianna H ꨄ9 days ago

    You don't ever accuse a pet of shitting "itself". You would say "stop poopin in here/on the carpet/in my shoe" "we go outside when we doodle" lol whatever. Shitting "Itself" implies that that its stuck on its person i.e. in clothes, so... A person, a child. It was to his kid, he's full of... Shit. And, even if it WAS the dog? Shame on you. Even if it wasn't disgusting, horrifying behavior, you're not allowed to abuse animals - its illegal. Someone needs to take the children/animals out of the home. Edit: "killamf"? Cringe.

  68. Ryan Crawmer

    Ryan Crawmer9 days ago

    Charlie saying “this guy sucks” was honoring him

  69. Persistent Scholar

    Persistent Scholar9 days ago


  70. K Kondor

    K Kondor9 days ago

    Child abuse awakens something primal in me. I'm watching this at 6 am with my morning coffee and I want to throw hands.

  71. DyukCloak

    DyukCloak9 days ago

    This is the greatest "dog threat" of All Time

  72. Graham J Hall Audio

    Graham J Hall Audio9 days ago

    God bless you Charlie, you are the roast master for those that deserve much worse. 👌

  73. dAM sON

    dAM sON9 days ago

    I also call my child doode

  74. justs0li

    justs0li9 days ago

    that was real rad dude

  75. p1ssh0rse :P

    p1ssh0rse :P9 days ago

    i am nauseous now

  76. Liviejoyl

    Liviejoyl9 days ago

    Watch magnet fishing bro

  77. Ryan Chenier-Poulin

    Ryan Chenier-Poulin9 days ago

    What a little bitch man i hate shit like that. Thank you for sharing

  78. Aiden Cox Music guy

    Aiden Cox Music guy9 days ago

    *tells a baby to stop shitting itself*

  79. Patrick Gagné

    Patrick Gagné9 days ago

    Even if he was threatening his dog would still be child abuse... Enabling a child to be in the presence of violence (whichever kind)

  80. rex salazar

    rex salazar9 days ago

    so i guess only in my country people beat their pets when they do bad stuff, and people dont see it as animal abuse. :_:

  81. shisui edits

    shisui edits9 days ago

    activate windows

  82. Soviet Death robot

    Soviet Death robot10 days ago

    Mass genocide sound really appealing

  83. Dat_bois1

    Dat_bois110 days ago

    I don’t understand why people get so mad at games

  84. Penguzl

    Penguzl10 days ago

    Why is he talking to a child like the child is some stoner guy who just took a shit in his house.

  85. GA Fishing

    GA Fishing10 days ago

    He’s just dellor but not racist

  86. Turkey Danz

    Turkey Danz10 days ago

    the funny part is it was a dog he threatened cause i could hear the collar and his leash rattling, but i feel bad for the daughter and the dog dude

  87. iinfinitesimal simonne

    iinfinitesimal simonne10 days ago

    It's hard for me to watch clips like this because I grew up with a father who spoke to me pretty much the same for my entire childhood. and It makes me so sad to know that anyone has had to have a similar upbringing. So sad to see this.

  88. Bel Screams

    Bel Screams10 days ago

    Honestly some fucking people don’t deserve to be parents. I feel so sorry for all the children out there with shitty toxic abusive parents

  89. qtjat on ig

    qtjat on ig10 days ago

    3:09 very accurate

  90. lil mangeto

    lil mangeto10 days ago

    I mean I get mad but I will not ever say that to my family and my dog

  91. TheTurn UltimateGaming

    TheTurn UltimateGaming10 days ago

    Love the impression 😄

  92. RealMetalGaming

    RealMetalGaming10 days ago

    I think the second one could be directed at his dog. Still terrible father.

  93. Alfie

    Alfie10 days ago

    So is nobody gonna talk about this clip 3:01

  94. Riley B

    Riley B10 days ago

    I give it 50/50 dog or child but still despicable

  95. James Asterwolf

    James Asterwolf10 days ago


  96. quinn

    quinn10 days ago

    he’s a squeaker

  97. ayrock06

    ayrock0610 days ago

    guys its ok it was just his dog

  98. Matt Gutowski

    Matt Gutowski10 days ago


  99. DRIFT 76

    DRIFT 7610 days ago

    2:30 actually disturbing wtf

  100. Mr.J Jr

    Mr.J Jr10 days ago

    Shaggy isn’t doing well after being fired from mystery inc

  101. Connor Nelson

    Connor Nelson10 days ago

    It honestly almost made me cry that he refers to his child as "Bro" and also hearing her screams

  102. Elito Dubuu

    Elito Dubuu10 days ago

    tips for the people who hates child, nor to take care of them(like me) but forced since yo mama is leaving, shouts cant make a baby stop crying. so for the love of god, stop shouting at babies. okay?

  103. clubgaming supreme

    clubgaming supreme10 days ago

    That's so fucked man who would do that to any kid, it's just not right and he should have it kid taken from him because he obviously isn't and good dad