If life was like one of those TERRIBLE mobile game ads (part 3)

A gaming short about how life would be if it was one of those mobile game ads. This is the third entry in the series. By now we have all probably seen those ads for mobile games that are just very poorly made and not at all gameplay footage of the actual game😂. Those ads are just so terrible they are almost funny, so I decided to make a parody skit about them. In this part, the players try to open a door, but they all fail until the last player thinks outside the box.
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Music taken from the free audio library on youtube studio


  1. •Boba Is the best!•

    •Boba Is the best!•7 minutes ago

    Noob: opens door You: :0 The one who talks to much: :0 intelligent: :0 Noob: dam it feel good to be a gangster -puts roasting glasses on-


    DANVERBANKS_BG Bg37 minutes ago

    So cool

  3. Lyn Woodard

    Lyn Woodard37 minutes ago

    Why is this so true-

  4. •mafuee•

    •mafuee•40 minutes ago

    The note say to push it , not to pull it...v:

  5. Crystal Morales

    Crystal Morales47 minutes ago

    Lol true 😂

  6. Sergio Kristo Ramos Escobedo

    Sergio Kristo Ramos Escobedo47 minutes ago

    BUT uuuh aaaah Its ok

  7. Arif Budiman

    Arif Budiman54 minutes ago

    Am noob

  8. I wonder what name I shall have Hmm

    I wonder what name I shall have HmmHour ago

    When the noob opened the door the others tried to summon the elemental gods by ferociously beating the ground

  9. Lilli Nielsen

    Lilli NielsenHour ago

    Soo good noob. 😃🙂👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Cypher-G Gaming

    Cypher-G GamingHour ago

    Looks legit

  11. Irvin Lie

    Irvin LieHour ago

    Mission completet

  12. Muhammad Hanif

    Muhammad HanifHour ago

    I hate you

  13. Vika Likee Ринчинова

    Vika Likee РинчиноваHour ago

    Its strange but cool

  14. Amel stories

    Amel storiesHour ago


  15. Ian Alagdon

    Ian AlagdonHour ago

    person: has average iq also person: *struggles to open door*

  16. 09 _Dipper

    09 _DipperHour ago

    Ekisde no entendí

  17. Jason Lu

    Jason Lu2 hours ago


  18. 新マイクラ3

    新マイクラ32 hours ago

    honyaku よくあるくそゲーム

  19. Enzo Dominick Pecito

    Enzo Dominick Pecito3 hours ago


  20. ALD3R

    ALD3R3 hours ago


  21. tanveer lohal

    tanveer lohal3 hours ago

    I am not sure what I am watching but this is a some, this is asome

  22. Darxest

    Darxest3 hours ago


  23. Queen Royalty

    Queen Royalty3 hours ago

    Frrr they be like "Hmm? Or AHHH or HAJHAJAJA

  24. KickyTheFotniteKing

    KickyTheFotniteKing3 hours ago

    New underestimate the power of noobs

  25. Keldon Van

    Keldon Van3 hours ago

    Me when I sniffed cocaine

  26. Christopher Brock

    Christopher Brock3 hours ago

    Omg stop pulling

  27. King Gillison

    King Gillison3 hours ago

    There is no way this is a short

  28. Yuki

    Yuki3 hours ago

    Looks prettu fun

  29. Ko Deku

    Ko Deku3 hours ago

    This just proves how dumb people can get LIKE IT LITERALLY SAYS PUSH

  30. SpikeWolf _6482

    SpikeWolf _64823 hours ago

    noob:has higher lever then intelligent IQ Guy That's InTeeLlIgeNT AnD AlL:has 0 and I mean 0 IQ me:👁👄👁 what (confused face) 🤔🤔

  31. Ziah crispo

    Ziah crispo4 hours ago

    Are diy villigers

  32. dominik palacios

    dominik palacios4 hours ago

    Girl turning at the wrong place stupid sorry for the blog on Christmas I see you please turn it the wrong way

  33. Jorge Villanueva

    Jorge Villanueva4 hours ago


  34. henry garcia

    henry garcia4 hours ago


  35. *;-alex emily-;*

    *;-alex emily-;*4 hours ago

    Bruhhh truee

  36. yobani ahumada ramires

    yobani ahumada ramires4 hours ago

    Lo peor que e bisto

  37. Waldo Wally

    Waldo Wally4 hours ago

    Sad When the Door Locked up

  38. Zer0-セル0

    Zer0-セル04 hours ago

    Lmao Boss level 99

  39. WholesomeHammie 🐹

    WholesomeHammie 🐹4 hours ago

    -aggressively attempts to pull the door open-

  40. Gem

    Gem4 hours ago

    Took me a while to figure out he was supposed to push the door..

  41. Skillius BL

    Skillius BL4 hours ago

    Why is this so accurate?

  42. Jwheh eHe

    Jwheh eHe4 hours ago

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Los comerciales de los videojuegos: xd

  43. kristin oleka

    kristin oleka4 hours ago

    Those ads where they keep missing the right things on purpose (if you guys know the gmae company VooDoo you know what I mean) pisses me off so fucking much I cant even fathom to you how much I hate it literally triggers my severe anger issues goddamit!!😡🤬🤬

  44. Jacob McDaniel

    Jacob McDaniel4 hours ago

    As I am watching this I am shocking my toung with a apple charger

  45. Ernesh

    Ernesh5 hours ago

    Cyberpunk 2077 -Doors are hard-

  46. manu coutinho

    manu coutinho5 hours ago

    * pushes door that says push * Game: **REGISTERED GENIUS**

  47. Muhammad fateh Amir husain

    Muhammad fateh Amir husain5 hours ago

    This push, level 10 and 30 why u pull :v

  48. Hai :3

    Hai :35 hours ago


  49. Kayla Chambers

    Kayla Chambers5 hours ago

    FG TV

  50. NuclearBruh

    NuclearBruh5 hours ago

    That's a mafia works

  51. Danish Afnan utomo

    Danish Afnan utomo5 hours ago

    He: "hi" Hi hi

  52. walkover

    walkover6 hours ago

    This isnt accurate but its so heccin funny

  53. Ayla Nuri

    Ayla Nuri6 hours ago

    That's what I am saying always God bless u r smart another to do this vid

  54. Impa

    Impa6 hours ago

    He nails the feel and vibe of a mobile game so hard. It’s creepy.

  55. Kitzune

    Kitzune6 hours ago

    I love how this man creates these scenarios they’re both funny and relatable

  56. Carlos Nadales

    Carlos Nadales6 hours ago

    Minecraft villagers:

  57. WarningJar [GD] ._.

    WarningJar [GD] ._.6 hours ago

    Bruh XD THIS made me laugh

  58. Mission Failed

    Mission Failed6 hours ago

    Why did i laugh so hard at this

  59. mr pink

    mr pink7 hours ago


  60. Aurora Heller

    Aurora Heller7 hours ago

    That’s rite he is a noob

  61. NJ - 08GM 731030 Thomas Street MS

    NJ - 08GM 731030 Thomas Street MS7 hours ago

    No cap this is ur best vide yet

  62. Alvin Yangson

    Alvin Yangson7 hours ago


  63. irfan azizi

    irfan azizi7 hours ago


  64. REAPER

    REAPER7 hours ago

    XD i likw these kind of videos

  65. el leshe shabo xd

    el leshe shabo xd7 hours ago

    Literally that's how ads are

  66. El comunista Peloso

    El comunista Peloso7 hours ago

    Jajajaja es verdad

  67. Fernando Lombardo

    Fernando Lombardo7 hours ago


  68. Bailee Latte

    Bailee Latte7 hours ago

    I’m noob/smart one

  69. *Catarina Almeida*

    *Catarina Almeida*7 hours ago

    H e i s t h e m a n 😔🖐️

  70. galaxy.pot4toYT

    galaxy.pot4toYT7 hours ago

    Ads be like:

  71. I want to be yoongis slippers

    I want to be yoongis slippers7 hours ago

    If life could be this simple

  72. * little niki *

    * little niki *7 hours ago

    It literally said push....😑

  73. ELMNTAL V1

    ELMNTAL V18 hours ago

    The laugh at the end, is exactly like those ads

  74. Jordan Nelsen

    Jordan Nelsen8 hours ago

    Now that is good

  75. Lep ep

    Lep ep8 hours ago

    This is more funnier than the ad loll

  76. christian metayer

    christian metayer8 hours ago


  77. The Masked Man

    The Masked Man8 hours ago

    I love these

  78. A guy•

    A guy•8 hours ago

    My brain during lunch be like:

  79. Чува4ок

    Чува4ок8 hours ago

    - 1 minutes my life omg...

  80. Gaming with Freya

    Gaming with Freya8 hours ago

    Lol I tried to pull push door then some random girl from my school pushed it then she called me dumb to this day I am still ashamed

  81. Nova The wolf

    Nova The wolf8 hours ago

    These aren’t average and higher iQ’s These are 10-20 iQ’s (As in the first 2 people’s IQ’s)

  82. Jermaine Haynie

    Jermaine Haynie9 hours ago


  83. Mohammad Yousif

    Mohammad Yousif9 hours ago

    i lost it at the kneeling at the end 😂

  84. uvuvuevuevue ossas

    uvuvuevuevue ossas9 hours ago

    This is like all those damn ads

  85. uvuvuevuevue ossas

    uvuvuevuevue ossas9 hours ago

    Why is this so true

  86. kirby productions // ihaverobux

    kirby productions // ihaverobux9 hours ago

    Hmm simulator

  87. EG! Barrozo

    EG! Barrozo9 hours ago

    The bow so fast XD!

  88. Andris Lencbergs

    Andris Lencbergs9 hours ago

    This is awesome and so realistic XD

  89. Humberto Claymen

    Humberto Claymen9 hours ago

    Que engraçado, só esqueci de rir.

  90. Dylan Keeter XD

    Dylan Keeter XD9 hours ago

    Level 1000000000000000 - dream

  91. S Boi

    S Boi9 hours ago

    How dose 1 level give him 49 levels

  92. Emilio Cosme

    Emilio Cosme9 hours ago


  93. Dua Elsadi

    Dua Elsadi9 hours ago

    Baby do same teck cool


    SHAREED JOHNSON9 hours ago


  95. Toca Boca Plays

    Toca Boca Plays9 hours ago

    I knew it bc they pull it even it says push

  96. Cookie Carrot Love

    Cookie Carrot Love10 hours ago

    When they both bow it literally got me laughing

  97. Savannah uzumaki

    Savannah uzumaki10 hours ago


  98. V0id

    V0id10 hours ago

    "Legally Intelligent" Wait there's a way to be smart illegally?

  99. whoops

    whoops3 hours ago

    Premeditative murder Assuming you had a plan

  100. •g̶a̶b̶y̶ k̶a̶w̶a̶i̶•

    •g̶a̶b̶y̶ k̶a̶w̶a̶i̶•10 hours ago

    Mano pq o USlikes me recomendo isso???

  101. Mihai Craciun

    Mihai Craciun10 hours ago

    Average iq and legaly inteligent punching the air right now