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  1. Mackenzie Jendro

    Mackenzie Jendro23 days ago

    the fact she turned to Tj for reassurance on if she was crazy🤣

  2. Shannon Lawless

    Shannon LawlessMonth ago

    what natural wine do you drink, Carly?!

  3. Vikki Irvine

    Vikki IrvineMonth ago

    I have been at Walmart for 12 years.... this year was the first time I have had Thanksgiving eve off. I say eve because I'm 3d shift

  4. Batman G

    Batman GMonth ago

    Wow I wanna try that vanilla pudding Snickers and Apple was there any other things u add. ....that looks good!!👌👌👌👏👏

  5. lc 4life

    lc 4lifeMonth ago

    Maybe this is for the best. Your landlord sounds like a complete ass kicking you out right before the holidays and during the pandemic. Maybe you will find a way better place that you love even more than this place.

  6. Rachel Edelmayer Madsen

    Rachel Edelmayer MadsenMonth ago

    Carly I think that Waldorf salad needed like six more apples

  7. Jem C

    Jem CMonth ago

    Kitty trying to get back into the dryer 🥺😂

  8. Sofia Spillari

    Sofia SpillariMonth ago

    Carly I’m here for you!! We JUST moved to LA and a similar thing is happening with us, they jacked up the rent to practically force us to leave, and since we’re about to go on lockdown our hours at work are getting cut so we’re not making as much. We’re actually being forced to move home because the realty scene here suddenly sucks so I know it’s really hard. Wishing you luck gf

  9. flipflopsneeded

    flipflopsneededMonth ago

    Wait so are you guys still in the vlog squad? Where's durte dom too?

  10. Arianna Dombkowski

    Arianna DombkowskiMonth ago

    omg, i didn't know there was a Patti's somewhere besides where I live in IL. You have to try their avocado skillet, their breakfast potatoes, waffles, and pancakes!

  11. Kayla Ojeda

    Kayla OjedaMonth ago

    erin is so wholesome it is so cute and funny like she was so happy over a BRAN MUFFIN LMAO then cue next clip of her getting excited over LL Bean PJ's hahahaha

  12. Princess Jasmine

    Princess JasmineMonth ago

    Erin’s cheetah face mask is freakin cute!

  13. Kirsten Hogan

    Kirsten HoganMonth ago

    That snicker salad is too runny

  14. Ashley Pless

    Ashley PlessMonth ago

    Snicker salad is how Carly deals with the stress of being evicted 😂

  15. Kayla Ray

    Kayla RayMonth ago

    Just buy it and stay? You could use the money you used to use for rent to pay your mortgage. Right now is the best time to get a mortgage, they have extremely low rates. In a couple months they will go up. My boyfriend just bought a house because of this. If you have troubles just get David’s help 😂

  16. Kira

    KiraMonth ago

    Ahh Carly I'm so excited to see where this takes you! Buying a place would be so exciting!

  17. Maddi Fisher

    Maddi FisherMonth ago

    Snickers salad always reminds me of home and summer potlucks😭

  18. Natalie Marie

    Natalie MarieMonth ago

    The Snickers salad made the Midwestern in me so happy

  19. Mia Torres

    Mia TorresMonth ago

    snickers salad is the most nebraska thing carly has ever done

  20. Love for game #lol

    Love for game #lolMonth ago

    Mr unlucky please please please please please don't

  21. Caymiya

    CaymiyaMonth ago

    Idk why but I thought it was hilarious that Erin went to literally hold the phone in her hand. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  22. Josilyn Haxton

    Josilyn HaxtonMonth ago

    Yes Carly! Also from Omaha here and LOVE snicker salad! I usually just add the pudding packet alone to the whip cream it makes it less soupy!

  23. Taylor RedElk

    Taylor RedElkMonth ago

    I'm the same way with snicker salad, I could eat it all day!

  24. Nicole McAlister

    Nicole McAlisterMonth ago

  25. Kelly Achterhof

    Kelly AchterhofMonth ago

    Carly, we call it Taffy Apple Salad in my family, in Illinois!!

  26. Jesi Johnson

    Jesi JohnsonMonth ago

    Snicker salad definitely a midwestern (from Iowa) thing! My grandma always makes this!!

  27. Madison Murphy

    Madison MurphyMonth ago

    buy the condo!!! when you want a housed you can sell!

  28. Jay Mata

    Jay MataMonth ago

    Plot twist: David bought her the condo

  29. Karmen

    KarmenMonth ago

    Carly, everything happens for a reason :)

  30. Emily Barron

    Emily BarronMonth ago

    Carly: I don't know what I'm gonna have to do, I'll live in my car if I have to Erin: So I just got these new pajamas

  31. Abigaill Rodriguez

    Abigaill RodriguezMonth ago

    Erin: cracks her phone Carly: eating crac 😂 my bad snicker salad

  32. madison snider

    madison sniderMonth ago

    The salad is 100% the best my grandma makes it! Yum!

  33. Janey Walker

    Janey WalkerMonth ago

    erin, your pj's thing makes total sense, just wanted to say

  34. Natalie Boyce

    Natalie BoyceMonth ago

    The lines in NYC to get tested are the same, its crazy.

  35. Maria Maria

    Maria MariaMonth ago

    Carly looks better blonde

  36. Anna Michaud

    Anna MichaudMonth ago

    omggg nolan in natalie’s merch🤩

  37. Bla Bla

    Bla BlaMonth ago

    Apple iPhone is one of the biggest scams on humans in history 🤣

  38. ZyraWinters

    ZyraWintersMonth ago

    Carly! I think Snicker Salad is a Midwestern thing. We have it for Thanksgiving too and we’re in Minnesota. 😂

  39. Brittany Tucker

    Brittany TuckerMonth ago

    I think a fun video could be like You/Nolan vs Erin/TJ and you all have to make something to eat and have people blind taste test it. Like you could label them with numbers and drop them off with a few other VS members and see who comes out on top lol You could even challenge Scott and Jac or Todd and Natalie

  40. Mea-Lee Mentoor

    Mea-Lee MentoorMonth ago

    Hi here is a video idea tj and nolen have a cook-off and u rate it to find the winner

  41. Tsedale Forbes

    Tsedale ForbesMonth ago

    Erin you’re not crazy lol. I have in the house clothes and then pajamas. There is some slight crossover with them, but sometimes you don’t wanna wear pants to bed so you switch into shorts or sumn like dat

  42. Emmy Craig

    Emmy CraigMonth ago

    Whitey is a pure soul

  43. Ulyssa Tuku

    Ulyssa TukuMonth ago

    not me going to replay this video 50 times with ads playing so carly can keep her condo lmao much love you guys.

  44. Miss Kailah Marie

    Miss Kailah MarieMonth ago

    Carly: Gets eviction notice Also carly: I feel like this is the perfect time for a snickers salad

  45. Audrey Monique

    Audrey MoniqueMonth ago

    They had a drive through thing like that when I lived in, I think Arizona.

  46. Suzzy Songs

    Suzzy SongsMonth ago

    I love Erin and Carly so much 😭😂💕

  47. Steph G

    Steph GMonth ago

    I love carlys hair ❤️

  48. jessicarose

    jessicaroseMonth ago

    Giirrrrlll your Midwest is showing Carly!!!! I LOVE SNICKER SALAD!!!

  49. image carolynn

    image carolynnMonth ago

    Guys! Put crushed graham cracker on top of your snicker salads! Even if it’s separately on your own serving, it’ll change your LIFE. -a fellow midwesterner in North Dakota

  50. Robyn Marella

    Robyn MarellaMonth ago

    FOR A TREAT like once every 5 years ... my family makes a snicker salad lol

  51. Caitlin Hernandez

    Caitlin HernandezMonth ago

    my mom makes the snickers salad but she uses vanilla yogurt instead of pudding

  52. Mike

    MikeMonth ago

    Carly, if you love it....just buy it....we all know the vlog squad is rolling in it ;)....and the LA market is always going shouldn't and most likely won't lose any money, even if you are there for just a year

  53. Kylie Rodriguez

    Kylie RodriguezMonth ago

    This blog genuinely made me smile and laugh to myself alone in my dark room

  54. Nrgking

    NrgkingMonth ago

    You just gotta hitem with a thats tuff

  55. Tabitha Brown

    Tabitha BrownMonth ago

    We eat snickers salad!!!! So glad someone else knows

  56. Diana Lee

    Diana LeeMonth ago

    Omg whitey I’ve missed her so much !

  57. Anthony Delarosa

    Anthony DelarosaMonth ago

    You need day sweats, going out sweats and bed sweats 🤣

  58. Anything and everything

    Anything and everythingMonth ago

    If I did want the new I phone I would go for max pro for the bigger battery I don't like apple because the way there going with privacy battery

  59. Cara

    CaraMonth ago

    anyone else erin going to change out of the pajamas to sleep?

  60. Savannah Hervig

    Savannah HervigMonth ago

    I think Snicker salad is def a midwest thing lol

  61. Coppola Twins

    Coppola TwinsMonth ago

    On the east coast we call this the fantasy of lights

  62. Arturo Ramos

    Arturo RamosMonth ago

    Her nose is big

  63. Danielle

    DanielleMonth ago

    Erin puts pjs on just to take them off when she goes to bed 😂

  64. Marcela Jimenez

    Marcela JimenezMonth ago

    that makes complete sense!!! I hadn't thought about pj's like that


    *CORRECTED*Month ago

    R u so pretty! And ur not even wearing makeup. I luv natural beauty.

  66. Chistina Isaacson

    Chistina IsaacsonMonth ago

    Definitely dont sound crazy. Such a great idea!!!!

  67. Lily Burger

    Lily BurgerMonth ago

    I'm always really touched & appreciative of how kind Erin is to service industry workers, retail workers, etc. Even if you're only interacting with them for a matter of minutes, it can really make someone's day to just be a decent person.

  68. Karla B

    Karla BMonth ago

    dude best fucking surprise ever

  69. st ko

    st koMonth ago

    Clickbait mofos

  70. Albert Du

    Albert DuMonth ago

    just call seat geek

  71. Alvaro P

    Alvaro PMonth ago

    13:36 I watched a video where someone ate like 3 or 4 snickers and they threw up so he might have a point here lol

  72. Alvaro P

    Alvaro PMonth ago

    nvm. it was like 10 snickers

  73. Hippie Chic

    Hippie ChicMonth ago

    Why do u need a mask for the winter festival if you were staying in the car??? Like weird.... Btw we own a wine business if u want some wine LMK! We’re a small business too

  74. Andrew Tennaro

    Andrew TennaroMonth ago

    David should buy Carly a house for his future vlog

  75. Cristian Cruz

    Cristian CruzMonth ago

    Yo carly you look great with brown hair 😁👍

  76. nayala

    nayalaMonth ago

    carly with her snicker salad is frank with his dinner 😹

  77. Maria West

    Maria WestMonth ago

    Omg yay llbean!!! Represent from maiiineee

  78. this is cara

    this is caraMonth ago

    You probably won't read this, but I just wanted to say that I know you've been a bit insecure about your latest content due to COVID, but I honestly appreciate it because I feel like I got to know you better, it made you guys feel more like "real people" to me, and honestly you've been keeping me company! So thank you, and I hope you're doing alright

  79. Olivia McBride

    Olivia McBrideMonth ago

    You can get days of the week socks

  80. pmp

    pmpMonth ago

    1:03 3:40 4:12 11:32 16:17

  81. wlcm2mylfe

    wlcm2mylfeMonth ago

    Carly will the new place fit your couch? 😉

  82. dancealwayslivefree

    dancealwayslivefreeMonth ago

    good luck

  83. Lindsay DeLong

    Lindsay DeLongMonth ago

    Carly! I know how you feel! I bought my first house for my daughter and I when I was 25 and as soon as I was walking up the front steps, I knew it was my house! I put in the first offer and they accepted. I lived there for 10 years! GO WITH YOUR GUT, GIRL! It knows you best!❤❤Good luck!

  84. lauralynch52

    lauralynch52Month ago

    If you’re looking to buy Carly, I got great advice from a friend, she said try and talk to people who live in that area (especially other women) and see if it’s a nice place to live, if it’s safe, would they recommend you buy there etc. They will know if there’s any downsides of the location you picked. If you’re renting you can leave anytime but buying is a bit more permanent 🏠

  85. Amy Dingledine

    Amy DingledineMonth ago

    We love snickers fruit salad!! My uncle sells it in his grocery store in our small town too! Omg anyone who hasn’t tried it needs to! Also instant pudding if you ad vanilla and butter and microwave it after it sets makes it amazing!!!

  86. Darla Elliott

    Darla ElliottMonth ago

    No not crazy, I work only rarely shop and the rest of the time as soon as I get home I go for pj's with sweats saved for days off I get my nighttime clothes from Lands End or my favorite Vermont Country Store because I love the long white cotton flannel nightgown We are having to recreate our daily boundaries for ourselves these days and create what we need to, and that's ok cause we don't know enough of anything yet so have to for our sanity.

  87. Audrey Barnes

    Audrey BarnesMonth ago

    Carly buy something the rates are so good rn its YOUR TIME ITS A SIGN real estate is an asset renting is a liability

  88. Ashu Rai

    Ashu RaiMonth ago

    Chai wow indian ????????????

  89. Lauren B

    Lauren BMonth ago

    Snicker salad is so good!! It’s definitely a midwest/Nebraska thing

  90. Ally King

    Ally KingMonth ago

    you guys should make a video of you trying to play among us!!!

  91. melsbels01

    melsbels01Month ago

    The way we make snicker salad in my house is we mix the instant pudding powder into the cool whip but yours looks better 🥰

  92. Daniel Canela

    Daniel CanelaMonth ago

    That was a Amazon van backing on lol

  93. Alyssa Weyand

    Alyssa WeyandMonth ago

    the way carly says ornery 😭

  94. Soulbear42

    Soulbear42Month ago

    you know we all dm'd David asking him to buy Carlys condo right?

  95. Amaya Wallace

    Amaya WallaceMonth ago

    Keep putting us on to small business, please! Esp for the holidays! Black businesses would be great too!

  96. Mimi Cooper

    Mimi CooperMonth ago

    not me thinking Erin was mispronouncing 'scramble' the entire time with her accent until she said it was actually 'scrabble'

  97. Soulbear42

    Soulbear42Month ago

    at the start of this vid im in rage mode dont kick Carly out! Brb after ive watched it all.

  98. Kenna Getz

    Kenna GetzMonth ago


  99. Caiolyn Romereim

    Caiolyn RomereimMonth ago

    as someone from nebraska/ south dakota. snicker salad is just a midwest thing i think lol

  100. Laura Fernanda Villa

    Laura Fernanda VillaMonth ago

    erin reminds me so much of taylor swift bc of the way she talks like so soothing

  101. Omar Valentin

    Omar ValentinMonth ago

    When I was renting a bedroom in nyc the family told me I had to leave because they couldn't afford it 1 week and a half before the month was ending. I told them I cant leave if I have no where else to stay and they pretty much said yea but sorry we can't afford it so ya gtg. I stood my ground and it got to the point where they were sending some guy who was supposedly an "officer" threatening me but I knew my rights so I said im not leaving and ill call the cops on you. Long story short I ended up leaving to another room and just 1 month of being there they told me the owner was selling the place so we had to go (me and my gf were living together in the place before too) I think they were lying and just couldn't afford it either but my frustration was beyond belief the 2nd time we had to move again in less than 3 months.