Caught on Tape: Frightening Video of the Massive Pileup Wreck on Ice in Fort Worth, Texas

An additional camera angle shows the speed vehicles were going when they wrecked on I-35 in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday, February 11. This video is circulating on social media and is believed to be originally posted to Facebook by Edgar Velazco Moncada.


  1. Greg Raymond

    Greg Raymond16 hours ago

    MAN, I’m gonna open me a junk yard along side of that freakin highway.

  2. FaZe FireClipz

    FaZe FireClipzDay ago

    1:10 the scariest part of everyone's life who was in that accident

  3. YoJon

    YoJonDay ago

    Haha crazy

  4. Samantha

    SamanthaDay ago

    The most horrific video

  5. Second Encounter

    Second Encounter2 days ago

    * Some good suggestions from Europe: 1. The freezing rain is very dangerous, more dangerous than normal ice and snow for pedestrians and drivers too. If possible stay at home. 2. The road maintenance have to handle the roads with salt, or other anti-ice materials. 3. Have to use winter tires. 4. Never go faster than 15-30 mph. *

  6. super modern

    super modern2 days ago

    なぜ誰もクラクション鳴らさないの?Why doesn't anyone honk?

  7. Mckenzie Anderson

    Mckenzie Anderson2 days ago

    Lord be with them all! And their families!! In Jesus name Amen!🙏🏼

  8. Jhon Trochez

    Jhon Trochez3 days ago

    (jesus christ apocayplse ?/?/20?? truth last earth)

  9. Sam Turberville

    Sam Turberville3 days ago

    At this point people should invest in flying to their destination and give up driving. Also make all cars go no faster than 15-25 mph

  10. Jadamion Cole

    Jadamion Cole3 days ago

    Who Got Hurt In Fort Worth During The Pile Up

  11. Joe Ranamo

    Joe Ranamo3 days ago

    The first thing to do in an accident scene is to control traffic. A road block with warning signs should've been erected a distance before the scene.

  12. ron ron

    ron ron3 days ago

    i am bad for loving this?

  13. Thomas Gonzales

    Thomas Gonzales3 days ago

    Why wasn’t anybody getting g out their vehicles 🤦‍♂️

  14. G. Martinez

    G. Martinez3 days ago

    Wow this coulda been way worse

  15. tvSquareEyes.

    tvSquareEyes.3 days ago

    why were no people trying to slow them down 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏Peace and Love to families that lost their loved ones🧡🧡🧡🙏🙏🙏

  16. HiPoint1095Carbine

    HiPoint1095Carbine4 days ago

    Corpses were strewn everywhere

  17. Lancers2005

    Lancers20054 days ago

    And nobody not a single person I see trying to stop 🛑 flag down or somehow desperately try and get people to stop!!! Only filming taking movies as people die! Welcome to America 2021

  18. Jim

    Jim4 days ago

    Basic physics. Brakes don't work without friction.

  19. Nicky Haugh

    Nicky Haugh4 days ago

    Well that was something graphical yet nothing too gory!!!

  20. Kathy Kickingwoman

    Kathy Kickingwoman4 days ago

    Does anybody know if the person in that white pickup survived? You can see the white pickup ontop of the semi at 1:38...

  21. Kathy Kickingwoman

    Kathy Kickingwoman4 days ago

    I do believe that FJ crusier was right behind him

  22. D C

    D C4 days ago

    Unacceptable semi driving. You have to except the unexpected. I would have ripped him out if his truck. He caused the death of innocent people.

  23. Robert Caron

    Robert Caron4 days ago


  24. Shay Givenchy

    Shay Givenchy6 days ago

    Oh what a thrill

  25. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles6 days ago

    I think some people driving on the opposite side could have helped , but decide not to ,

  26. Danielynns Riding World

    Danielynns Riding World6 days ago

    Praying for those ppl injured and passed on😟✋

  27. OldTrucksRule

    OldTrucksRule6 days ago

    1:09 I felt tears in my eyes at that part

  28. friedchicken

    friedchicken6 days ago

    props to this guy recording. If it was a woman we would have a video of a dashboard with crashing sounds and screams

  29. Maurice Barry

    Maurice Barry6 days ago

    You have to give credit to these car companies. I mean cmon now, less than 10 people killed? Like holy crap, 100+ car accident, trucks slamming into it at 40+ like..

  30. Trumen Jst

    Trumen Jst6 days ago

    21st century... and no app or national tracking system in US that prevents pileups on the roads. Sad! Has Silicone Valley ran out of ideas? Or it's just not interesting?

  31. Tammy Trevino

    Tammy Trevino6 days ago

    My bf crsshed in his trailer -truck on black ice.

  32. Jared F

    Jared F7 days ago

    I honestly so appalled and kind of surprised at how stupid people are like most of the population is so completely idiotic, ignorant and stupid. These people get behind the wheel everyday killing other people. Then add a winter storm and it gets much worse. How can someone be so stupid as to not know to drive slowly in this weather. Those 18 wheelers were driving the fastest!! They need to spend 6 months to a year behind bars for going so fast in the first place!

  33. Jared F

    Jared F7 days ago

    Actually the companies that pressure these 18 wheelers into unsafe conditions and speeds need to be sued and prosecuted.

  34. Александр Баранов

    Александр Баранов7 days ago

    Они настолько привыкли к своим "помощникам" системам помощи управления автомобилем, что не замечают гололед! Нахера лететь, если скользко? Идиоты.

  35. WILLIE T

    WILLIE T7 days ago

    Tape?? Looks like poor quality cell phone VIDEO to me!!

  36. Furiosa Sinclair

    Furiosa Sinclair7 days ago

    Life is precious. Salt is cheap.

  37. redbarron90

    redbarron907 days ago

    Just found out that the guy in the FJ survived! Cant imagine what that must have been like. Heres the news report The guy you see getting up after the wreck was in the black car in front of the white pickup. Not sure about the people inside the pickup though.

  38. Joe e

    Joe e7 days ago

    A Mexican guy is recording but a white guy posted it

  39. DaneBeats

    DaneBeats7 days ago

    did yall see the man who got up and walked away after that truck smashed his jeep smh

  40. Nico

    Nico7 days ago

    WOW incredible footage that's a scary situation to be in!

  41. M4ST3RP4C3

    M4ST3RP4C37 days ago

    How fast were those trucks going on this road coverted with ice before they lost control?

  42. Michelle Shantel

    Michelle Shantel8 days ago

    Heartbreaking 💔💔

  43. Roman 007

    Roman 0078 days ago

    Any deaths?

  44. Madeline Simmons

    Madeline Simmons8 days ago

    Stupid Stupid

  45. Chris Ludlow

    Chris Ludlow8 days ago


  46. Roblox Girl

    Roblox Girl8 days ago


  47. jjmcwill

    jjmcwill8 days ago

    Normally on the highway you would want to stay in the car if an accident has occurred. In this situation I am running.

  48. Steve Slingsby

    Steve Slingsby8 days ago

    So sad but not surprising....I live in Arkansas and make frequent trips to Dallas to visit a friend and absolutely hate how people drive in Texas especially in the Dallas vicinity where everyone is driving as fast as they possibly can....I could be doing 75 mph and I'm still getting passed like I'm standing still while that driver is cutting across 4-5 lanes to catch their exit/off ramp....just ridiculous, stupid, and most of all dangerous to themselves and others on the road!

  49. Mone G

    Mone G8 days ago

    One of the scariest feelings in the world knowing you can't stop what you're about to run into...

  50. marikie marie

    marikie marie8 days ago

    This is so awful to see !!! I cant even proceess this!!

  51. Laugh For Me

    Laugh For Me8 days ago


  52. Brown Banana

    Brown Banana8 days ago

    how does that even happen

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    Pengobatan Quantum Jaminan Uang Kembali *8 days ago

    Be strong Forth Worth from sister City, Bandung Indonesia..

  54. My Name Is My Name

    My Name Is My Name8 days ago

    Crazy how nobody thought to jump out their car and into the other lane

  55. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff8 days ago

    our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...

  56. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff8 days ago

    our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...

  57. Jojo Apple seed

    Jojo Apple seed9 days ago

    Had they been careful drivers

  58. Davidian Bros Productions

    Davidian Bros Productions9 days ago

    Very sad.


    CHRIS GAINES9 days ago

    In weather like this... how important could your trips have possibly have been?!

  60. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff8 days ago

    right bro would be better stand off in this kind of weather ..if it isnt necessary ..our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...,

  61. AH! Why is there poop in your mouth

    AH! Why is there poop in your mouth9 days ago

    That guy walking ducked at the last minute 1:11

  62. jose velazquez

    jose velazquez9 days ago

    Question there was anything blocking the drivers view like fog or ice roads cause I didn’t see any fog?

  63. jose velazquez

    jose velazquez9 days ago

    Thank u so much for letting me know Ashley!!!!!!

  64. Ashley Forever

    Ashley Forever9 days ago

    The only reason they didn’t stop was because of the black ice, they could see the pile up ahead but no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t stop

  65. Michelle South Florida

    Michelle South Florida9 days ago


  66. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff8 days ago

    our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...,

  67. Charles Rump

    Charles Rump9 days ago

    Oh, a pileup ahead? Ima just keep going.

  68. Voyager TimeMachine1

    Voyager TimeMachine19 days ago

    End of the world 🌎

  69. Jonathan Trapp

    Jonathan Trapp9 days ago

    If y’all don’t know how to drive on ice, then slow the fuck down or don’t drive. This could have been avoided. I guess thoughts and prayers sent to those involved that they learn how to slow the heck down.

  70. Mi M

    Mi M9 days ago

    Do not be deceived by "heartwarming" baloney or clever manipulations! The "Federal" Reserve just gifted $2 TRILLION to its banksters buy their uncollectible, mortgage-backed bonds in 2019 to 2020, when they knew that if the banksters attempted to sell such bonds, they would have had to sell them at ludicrously low prices: particularly, because real estate has been in a huge bubble for years and this pandemic has prevented so many businesses from opening, resulted in their insolvency and defaults on their rents and mortgages, and will result in many, many commercial landlords also being in default on their mortgage-backed bonds given to the banksters. Will anyone give even a fraction of such sums to the poor in Texas or those ordinary Americans who now face huge bills to repair their burst pipes or to buy water to give to their families because the water supply became contaminated? NEVER. There will be federal loans, which the Texas poor and middle class will have to pay for the next decade(s.) They will not get bailouts, because they do not control the USA, like the banksters control it. With this covid pandemic, I also must point out to all minorities but particularly to African-Americans, that you are being fooled by those in power with nonsense, like the tv shows "American Gods," into believing that things are changing. They are not, because those in power just want you to keep voting for them even though they secretly despise you and keep giving them power while you get nothing back, have to attend lousy schools, get inadequate nutrition from companies, like fast food companies that know that their food is hurting you, not qualify for significant sums in student loans, then not be able to get a decent job, and if you got any student loans, have to pay them for the rest of your life, because they are not dischargeable in bankruptcy anymore. Vote for your own people of your own race, poverty level, ethnic group, and religion, who will actually care about you and act in your own best interests and not for the corrupt "elites" who never represented your interests and got the $2 TRILLION in bailouts these last two years or $29 TRILLION during the last bailouts. See "Bernanke’s Obfuscation Continues: The Fed’s $29 Trillion Bail-Out Of Wall Street" in Huffingtonpost. See "The Fed's $29 TRILLION bailout of Wall Street" in multiplier effects d o t o r g. Take it from a fellow minority member. However, to all of you poor whites, wake up! You have also been getting the shaft for decades, albeit those who have been wielding it may have sometimes been of your own racial group. Support people who might care about you, because they come from the same position and poverty level and will return to it after they leave office.

  71. W L

    W L9 days ago

    Slow the fuck down.

  72. Jay Hwang

    Jay Hwang9 days ago

    This is the one big reason why every drivers putting on their hazard lights(also known as emergency lights) just like South Korea. It notices that see something not right ahead. Let's All slow down or stop and as soon as you see the blinkers go off in the car in front of you, you should do the same thing to alert the cars behind you. This is probably because there is something in your lane and this is the warning before you might have to slam on the breaks. God bless State of Texas.

  73. LYFE

    LYFE9 days ago

    I dont get it!!!! Why do we always see videos like that?! Why don’t the people on the opposite lane honk or warn the upcoming cars?!! Instead they rather film or watch the show :(

  74. Bob Outélama

    Bob Outélama9 days ago

    You can witness here, for all to see, SUV's and Trucks unable to break on bad road. Add to that the false confidence those vehicules will give to their owner. You overspeed and you die.

  75. Revoular Pictures

    Revoular Pictures9 days ago

    Worst thing I’ve seen all year. Heart ❤️ goes out to Texas.

  76. Samuel Ary

    Samuel Ary9 days ago


  77. exploring with donald

    exploring with donald10 days ago

    Holy fuck, yeah no ones walking away from this

  78. BRS RC

    BRS RC10 days ago

    My heart goes out to all that were involved. And especially to the families of those who were lost. That's got to be the most terrifying thing in the world to be in the middle of that. Especially if you're in a small car and you withstand the impact. Then just when you think you're safe you get completely obliterated by a gigantic truck. The terror must have been intolerable

  79. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff8 days ago

    our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...,

  80. Nicolas Salazar

    Nicolas Salazar10 days ago

    I couldn't watch anymore semi's slam into smaller vehicles.. 🥺

  81. Cat Blue

    Cat Blue10 days ago

    Gut wrenching!

  82. Scott and Caroline

    Scott and Caroline10 days ago

    Oh my goodness, that was so terrifying! My husband and I were there when we heard the news about what happened thats why we decided not to drive anynore going to San Antonio.

  83. Dead inside

    Dead inside10 days ago

    Nice lets all go 80 mph into a visable pileup


    IANinALTONA10 days ago

    Why do these morons hold their phone vertically?

  85. Smoky Mountain Mama

    Smoky Mountain Mama10 days ago

    That person waking along the interstate was putting himself in extreme danger! All that flying debri......he could have been hit.

  86. Rowan Lewis

    Rowan Lewis10 days ago

    Were the drivers asleep? Why were they driving so fast. You guys really need smart highways with changeable speed limits with speed cameras. So happy our trucks are only allowed to travel at a max of 56mph and most companies limit that even further to 50mph

  87. Moose of Squirrel

    Moose of Squirrel10 days ago

    Slow down, please. This is just frightening.

  88. AtomicRadius atomicradius

    AtomicRadius atomicradius10 days ago

    If you had to experience how these morons drive on any given day of the week you would be laughing your rear end off right now, I know I am. Texans are some of the most inconsiderate murder bound drivers in the entire country. No mercy. Good riddance to the dead.

  89. Urodium Excelsior

    Urodium Excelsior10 days ago

    So, nobody could stop for miles?

  90. Bbay person

    Bbay person10 days ago

    1:14: God: "YOU DIE NOW!"

  91. Yawanah Yasharahla

    Yawanah Yasharahla10 days ago


  92. Jennifer Marie

    Jennifer Marie10 days ago

    1:12 is HORRIFYING! I’m praying for these poor ppl and their families!

  93. Rff Fff

    Rff Fff8 days ago

    our condolences who lost their life be carefully on the roads ...,

  94. Doug N

    Doug N10 days ago

    Amazing only 6 died

  95. Star Boy

    Star Boy10 days ago

    This is sad. How can this be prevented ? SMH. RIP.

  96. kettle r

    kettle r8 days ago

    answer is simple. dont drive 70 mph in icy conditions.

  97. M4str Qwief69

    M4str Qwief6910 days ago

    Anybody else catch the person jumping over the barricades in time. 1:12 🙏🙏🙏

  98. Valerie REDHOUSE

    Valerie REDHOUSE10 days ago

    No one should be on the road. Unless your a truck driver or have an emergency. Common Sense

  99. El Doucheo

    El Doucheo10 days ago

    I live in Canada, I know brutal winters. People up there don't own winter tires and all season tires are shit. With those conditions and at those speeds, this is truly horrific to see. This upsets me and brings me to tears right now. RIP to all who died and to the injured, I pray you make a full and healthy recovery. 🙏

  100. Michael Janiszewski

    Michael Janiszewski11 days ago

    Definitely a terrible way to die. When the roads are slick just slow down and consider survival a win.

  101. Manuel Pebe Pueyrredón

    Manuel Pebe Pueyrredón11 days ago

    I literally can’t explain the amount of fear this brings to me knowing that inside there’s someone who’s feeling impact after impact over and over again... Thinking about the kids who were caught up in this and the terror of not being able to exit your vehicle. It’s the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen

  102. Michelle South Florida

    Michelle South Florida5 days ago

    Luckily no kids were in this accident. The driver of the Toyota FJ and both vehicles in front of him actually SURVIVED the Fed Ex truck hit. His name is Trey McDaniels and there are interviews with him. Wasn't even hurt! Guy is a paramedic and actually got out of car to help people!

  103. Diana Williams

    Diana Williams11 days ago

    Absolutely scary and heartbreaking

  104. Joe Livingston

    Joe Livingston11 days ago

    i guess the morons were watching their phone instead of watching whats ahead and putting on their breaks

  105. Raul Ybarra

    Raul Ybarra11 days ago

    This made me feel helpless just by watching this. Makes you want to help them.

  106. Michelle South Florida

    Michelle South Florida5 days ago

    They actually lived. Google Trey McDaniels. He was the FJ cruiser struck from behind by the Fed Ex. The guy in the white truck and other black car also lived. amazing

  107. Juan Tiniguar

    Juan Tiniguar11 days ago

    This is just

  108. J B

    J B11 days ago

    Final destination 🤔🤔

  109. ̈

    ̈11 days ago

    Looks like many had time to exit their vehicles but instead they sat & waited on the next deadly impact.

  110. crystal sola

    crystal sola11 days ago


  111. Josie Strange

    Josie Strange11 days ago

    That man at 1 minute, 18 seconds getting back up... O.O This is one scary video.

  112. Dr Gunsmith

    Dr Gunsmith11 days ago

    Oh lord, iv never seen anything so heartbreaking, people literally being killed and hurt as we watch, 😔 RIP 🙏