Today, I recieved my Collectors Edition of the new FaZe Rug inspired Gfuel flavor, Sour Blue Chug Rug.
It is tasty and sour.
I hope you guys enjoy (:
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  1. Noah Lazar

    Noah Lazar13 days ago

    Dukaja: I didn’t watch any reviews Dukaja 1 min later: I watched a lot of these and they’re not really authentic

  2. Noah Lazar

    Noah Lazar13 days ago

    And ur still replying to comments that are made?

  3. Dukaja

    Dukaja13 days ago

    This is 294920 years old sir

  4. Ayesha LUCIANO

    Ayesha LUCIANO16 days ago

    That settles I'm buying it I can't wait!

  5. Ayesha LUCIANO

    Ayesha LUCIANO16 days ago

    Thx for the review bro I'll keep u guys updated if I like it or not! ( I think I'm going to love it!)

  6. Rylan Cantu

    Rylan Cantu19 days ago

    The chug rug has a nasty after taste and taste like medicine it’s pretty nasty lol

  7. CaramelHotdog

    CaramelHotdog19 days ago

    Go to shop rite and get those sour punch straws. The blue raspberry ones taste exactly like it

  8. IvikRBLX Josefsen

    IvikRBLX Josefsen23 days ago

    First comment in 2021 in this video

  9. ikeaschnitzel

    ikeaschnitzel23 days ago

    I'm very new to gfuel but I've already ordered three times xD thanks for all the reviews, really helped me choosing out of soo many flavors!

  10. Jessica Bindert

    Jessica Bindert29 days ago

    i thought it tasted like the after taste of the blue rasberry warheads

  11. Daniel Khan

    Daniel KhanMonth ago

    I like this g fuel too and I enjoyed:)

  12. kip thebeast

    kip thebeastMonth ago

    0:15i did not no he could parkour

  13. PokemonHanks Collecting

    PokemonHanks CollectingMonth ago

    Tbh this flavor is ok it’s kind of overrated because I noticed that it’s way more sour then any other flavor which it kinda feels too sour

  14. Roger Ludwig

    Roger LudwigMonth ago

    That looks really good I have to try that out

  15. •Alabama•

    •Alabama•Month ago

    Is it too sour?

  16. WFY Murda

    WFY MurdaMonth ago

    That was one long intro

  17. Injustice Plays.

    Injustice Plays.Month ago

    Man I bought a tub of Amazon and it was garbage maybe it was fake idk

  18. Nivzi

    NivziMonth ago

    “I’m feeling extra ambitious today so imma add 4” he sounded like he felt so cool when he said that😂😂 jokes aside this was a very good video ive been watching for a year and just now found this one

  19. Reaper Raptor

    Reaper RaptorMonth ago

    does it really not come with the scoop

  20. Devin-NF

    Devin-NFMonth ago

    wow that was a lot of powder LOL

  21. Mike Guitar

    Mike Guitar2 months ago

    I wish they would rerelease this collectors box I really want the rug shaker 👍

  22. AmongTheLiving_86

    AmongTheLiving_862 months ago

    How does the worst faze member have the best flavor of all the faze members??

  23. Treyson Walkowiak

    Treyson Walkowiak2 months ago

    Baby dukaja

  24. Airrr

    Airrr2 months ago


  25. MC FallenKnight

    MC FallenKnight2 months ago

    5:56 it was like he blue up


    MILKYCROCS2 months ago

    2 day shipping = Ships in two days

  27. Nooby Bot

    Nooby Bot2 months ago

    Nobody gonna talk about Goku in the gfiel box

  28. Hasan Zaman

    Hasan Zaman2 months ago

    Why would you ruin it with aquafina

  29. TheAverage Blitzer

    TheAverage Blitzer3 months ago

    In your thumbnail you look like a man child

  30. AdLambo

    AdLambo3 months ago

    Liked the video just for the intro ahah you should too :) also great video bro

  31. slvvr

    slvvr3 months ago

    This is in my Top 5 not surprised you like it!

  32. The General Channel

    The General Channel3 months ago

    Guys I don’t know if you know but the beginning part is fake he didn’t actually throw the box up in the air and then catch it in his room I think I’m not sure

  33. Ante_Abaz 20291022

    Ante_Abaz 202910223 months ago

    i love this flavor definitely recomend

  34. Martin

    Martin3 months ago

    this was for sure one of my favorite dukaja videos, and I am re-watching it now cuz my sour blue chug rug arrived at the post office

  35. Aaron Kostrzewski

    Aaron Kostrzewski3 months ago

    Ik I'm very late, but I ordered this and ragin gummy fish today

  36. drxpz

    drxpz3 months ago


  37. deceased dog

    deceased dog3 months ago

    wait somebody please answer this if i make a purchase over 35 dollars i get 3 small packs for free?

  38. Vincent Klein

    Vincent Klein3 months ago

    I love me some nice white powder 😂

  39. Joeshmoe 92

    Joeshmoe 923 months ago

    I’m buying g feul soon and I’m posting it on my channel

  40. prod. Ako

    prod. Ako3 months ago

    What’s the outro and intro song name?

  41. Brandon Wong

    Brandon Wong3 months ago

    Dukaja: All these other youtubers give an unnatural reaction. Also Dukaja: Falls to the floor after taking a sip.

  42. vDede

    vDede3 months ago

    How do we get the pack of chug rug cuz when I go to the Gfuel website I click on rugs Gfuel there’s no pack or if I order the Gfuel does it come with the shaker

  43. Fady T

    Fady T3 months ago

    Is it just me or does he look like randomfrankp in this thumbnail

  44. AdLambo

    AdLambo4 months ago

    Best intro I’ve ever seen on USlikes.

  45. Retro Games

    Retro Games4 months ago

    What is the song at 0:00

  46. Ante_Abaz 20291022

    Ante_Abaz 202910224 months ago

    should i pick it up?

  47. notivanlol

    notivanlol4 months ago

    me late and he’s saying “I wish you guys can smell it when mine just came 2 hours ago”

  48. Juggernog Bruh

    Juggernog Bruh4 months ago

    Who else just waching this just to see what they think about the flavor

  49. Dukaja

    Dukaja4 months ago

    (: lmk if you get it, code DUK for 30% off!

  50. carl barber

    carl barber4 months ago

    love it

  51. Yahir Saavedra

    Yahir Saavedra4 months ago

    whats the background song im vibing to it

  52. Plaakk

    Plaakk4 months ago

    Roumers say his window is still open

  53. Lauren Mose

    Lauren Mose5 months ago

    Bruh this music made me just dance and the my guy is all over the place lol

  54. Dukaja

    Dukaja5 months ago


  55. Waluigi

    Waluigi5 months ago

    It is good but I don’t really like sour things

  56. Dingilil

    Dingilil5 months ago

    The reaction oh my god 😂😂😂 love watching your vids

  57. Junior

    Junior5 months ago

    Does the shaker come with it or cost extra

  58. Ryryflies

    Ryryflies5 months ago

    How do you pay for 2 day shipping there is no option for me

  59. Eric Jonkman

    Eric Jonkman5 months ago

    Man I think it must have just been me, I had a sample packet, I went in with huge expectations that it would be amazing... Took my first sip and was really let down :( tasted exactly like a sour flavor of a cheap preworkout, like those garbage sugar-free pre workouts :( I kind of want to buy a tub to see if maybe my sample was just off???

  60. Eric Jonkman

    Eric Jonkman5 months ago

    @Dukaja I love the actual flavor of sour blue raspberry, just my sample tasted horrible... I LOVED sour cherry and I love sour Fazeberry as well, that's why I'm so confused about why SBCR was so bad to me

  61. Dukaja

    Dukaja5 months ago

    That def is not normal, honestly! :c this is still my top 3 of flavors! Maybe it was an off sample? Maybe order one more sample to see if it’s just not for you! Might not be!

  62. Nacho Nik

    Nacho Nik5 months ago

    we have the exact same knife

  63. Cheemtos

    Cheemtos5 months ago

    I have that keyboard

  64. Plastic Bagiee

    Plastic Bagiee5 months ago

    nah bruh i already ordered it im just waiting for

  65. FatherBootyHands

    FatherBootyHands6 months ago

    Saw the Halo background so I liked

  66. Melv 777

    Melv 7776 months ago

    you know its a old duk vid cause he didnt scream SHHHAAAAAKKKKEEEE

  67. racksbtw

    racksbtw6 months ago

    honestly thank you for the review i was debating on getting it or not and from the help to you i will be getting it!

  68. yung Skrilla

    yung Skrilla6 months ago

    5:47 i could smell it because i can just go make a cup i have this flavor

  69. Delaney McIntyre (Student)

    Delaney McIntyre (Student)6 months ago

    hands down one of my fav flavors! love your videos and keep doing what u do!!

  70. Chroma

    Chroma6 months ago

    Me watching this video 2 years later drinking Sour Blue Chug Rug XD

  71. Parker B

    Parker B6 months ago

    I need to know that background sax music cause that’s a vibe

  72. Parker B

    Parker B6 months ago

    Slickzy ok thanks

  73. Slickzy

    Slickzy6 months ago

    Parker B we do only ones here this vid like 2 years old

  74. F3AR Funky

    F3AR Funky6 months ago

    I watched this vid like 18 times before ordering it and it just came in, it’s 🔥

  75. NCZM Bxmber

    NCZM Bxmber6 months ago

    How old do u have to be to have gfuel

  76. Classicbread

    Classicbread6 months ago

    If you buy this does it come with shaker cup

  77. Dukaja

    Dukaja6 months ago

    Not any longer!

  78. Ana Lopez

    Ana Lopez7 months ago

    I am 10 and I am going to order what do you think

  79. Mick

    Mick6 months ago

    it is bad for you minimum 12 years

  80. Xoop

    Xoop7 months ago

    Not to be rude, but new dukuja looks way better

  81. Ali Abousree7

    Ali Abousree77 months ago

    Speaking about fake reactions “flying out of the chair”

  82. C.N.F Club

    C.N.F Club6 months ago

    Ali Abousree7 I mean that was the joke

  83. hiTonie

    hiTonie7 months ago

    i still don't like it smells way better than it taste

  84. CalmMonk53

    CalmMonk537 months ago

    0:15 when u spend 1000 dollar of ur moms credit card

  85. Swiftly Rc

    Swiftly Rc7 months ago

    What is the intro though

  86. Invalid Dreamer

    Invalid Dreamer7 months ago

    Thanks for showing me how to break into your house, much appreciated.

  87. Jeakith

    JeakithMonth ago


  88. FluidzIsUgly

    FluidzIsUgly7 months ago

    What flavors do you recommend

  89. Jordan Emory

    Jordan Emory7 months ago

    Wait you mean to tell me you used a knife to open it lol (2020 btw)

  90. Fli II

    Fli II7 months ago

    where can i get the cup?

  91. Dukaja

    Dukaja7 months ago

    sadly its not on sale at the moment! this was recorded almost 2 years ago!

  92. Lakawan Morman

    Lakawan Morman7 months ago

    My tub came in the mail yesterday and it is 🔥🔥

  93. TheParrotGames

    TheParrotGames7 months ago

    I dont like it, it hurts my throat and tastes like ribena lol

  94. George Zinko

    George Zinko7 months ago

    i would buy it but im not a sour person:(

  95. Michael Yates

    Michael Yates7 months ago

    I just got sour. Blue chug rug it is good

  96. Aerqa

    Aerqa8 months ago

    my tub just came in the mail it’s so 🔥

  97. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago

    Let’s go!!!

  98. Korp

    Korp8 months ago

    What if gfuel made a skittles flavor or starburst flavor

  99. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  100. Thirsty Thirst

    Thirsty Thirst8 months ago

    I bought the tub and this is my first time trying gfuel hope I don’t regret it😅😅😅

  101. Thirsty Thirst

    Thirsty Thirst7 months ago

    Dukaja I got the tub 3 weeks ago it taste amazing thanks DUK

  102. Thirsty Thirst

    Thirsty Thirst7 months ago

    TheParrotGames nice I use filtered I love gfuel so much I just bought a tub of pewdiepies flavour

  103. TheParrotGames

    TheParrotGames7 months ago

    @Thirsty Thirst I've realised that I should of used bottle water it tastes way better then filtered water

  104. Thirsty Thirst

    Thirsty Thirst7 months ago

    @TheParrotGames i got it and i love it sooooo much ive been drinking sour blur for a week now

  105. TheParrotGames

    TheParrotGames7 months ago

    @Thirsty Thirst its ok at beggining but when you take like 4 sips in a row it gets very sour, for you it might be different

  106. Kaity

    Kaity8 months ago

    Review the bubblegum gfuel

  107. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  108. abdelmoez elbaz

    abdelmoez elbaz8 months ago

    There is something that I am not sure about the thing that you use to put the gfuel in a water bottle can you remove it and put back on or no

  109. abdelmoez elbaz

    abdelmoez elbaz8 months ago

    @Dukaja I meant like the top piece which you ripped can you put it back on or no

  110. abdelmoez elbaz

    abdelmoez elbaz8 months ago

    @Dukaja no it's not that it's that extra thing on to of the skooper thing which makes it easier to put the gfuel in a water bottle but still thanks for replying

  111. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago

    once its mixed, it can't be unmixed..

  112. Trubbelz

    Trubbelz8 months ago

    i was to busy watching the sound bar go up and down most of the vid lmao

  113. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  114. HonoKidz

    HonoKidz8 months ago

    the intro be like "hey guys today i am going to show yall how to break into my house"

  115. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago


  116. Mr Mario

    Mr Mario8 months ago


  117. Trevor Malmberg

    Trevor Malmberg8 months ago

    You inspired me to get the flavor and I used the code🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  118. Trevor Malmberg

    Trevor Malmberg8 months ago

    Love the vid LATE AF OMFG btw We need more blue flavors Fr

  119. pastiefoo

    pastiefoo8 months ago

    Sublikement lol

  120. Gaming with Jacob

    Gaming with Jacob8 months ago

    0:00 song?

  121. doleboy

    doleboy8 months ago

    It’s crazy how good the quality of these videos were last year and how much they’ve improved by this year :)

  122. Treyson Walkowiak

    Treyson Walkowiak8 months ago

    The question is will I be in the answering every comment vid

  123. ravengamer 229

    ravengamer 2298 months ago

    Is it just me or does the blue sour chug rug taste a little bit like a blue slushie

  124. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago

    very much so!

  125. Growlx_

    Growlx_8 months ago

    Best flavour no cap

  126. DayFern

    DayFern8 months ago

    I am currently wanting to get this flavor as the first gfuel flavor I have ever tried, is that a good idea?

  127. DepressedRac

    DepressedRac8 months ago

    Duk I love your videos

  128. i like trains

    i like trains8 months ago

    the worst flavor in my opinion

  129. Martin

    Martin8 months ago

    2:57 wait... is this true?

  130. Dukaja

    Dukaja8 months ago