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Evan Nave (Mrpalland)....Technical Director + 3D Animator
Utu-Nui..................3D Character Modeler/Animator
Alan Flandez.............3D Character Animator
John Fraser..............3D Backgrounds
Brian Zavala.............Post-Production
Abby F...................Script Revisionist

ENA by Gabe V. and Lizzie Freeman
Moony by Lizzie Freeman
Brick Frog by Alejandro "Ace" Fletes
Merchant by Sr Pelo
Ulysses by Edwyn Tiong
The Shepherd by Emma Breezy
MARIYA by Santou Kei
GABO by Hanai Chihaya
PhinDoll by Sam Meza

-Oliver Buckland


Audio Design by John Fraser
Directed by Joel Guerra
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  1. Joel G

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    May I register my nonexistent doggy he so cuuuute and non existeeeent

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  8. SilverFlight01

    SilverFlight0110 minutes ago

    What an adventure! Also, Gabe and Lizzie did a great job with ENA's voices

  9. Neill A.G. Huelsing

    Neill A.G. Huelsing16 minutes ago

    This shit only makes sense when I'm stoned.

  10. Rook Rookie

    Rook Rookie21 minute ago

    Shepherd best gal

  11. Aiden Cook

    Aiden Cook33 minutes ago

    S M O K E T H E B A N A N A

  12. II_ANdRE_II

    II_ANdRE_II36 minutes ago

    0:47 note how blue ena is taking over and shes using the voice of happy ena

  13. Zxon1234 5-

    Zxon1234 5-45 minutes ago

    Plot twist: ENA is the name of a experimental drug, and this is what the user sees and hears. The events are different for every person, and there’s a 50% chance that the user dies after or during the trip.

  14. SleepiiCrispii

    SleepiiCrispii30 minutes ago

    Plot twist again: ENA is a coling mechanism of an IRL girl who uses drugs to cope with her abusive mother represented as the Great Runas and her finally finding happiness turns out to be the death of the girl, but is it really??

  15. el dimentio

    el dimentio48 minutes ago

    he weeee turron

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    3:38 THATS SR PELO

  18. cakefingers

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    I wonder what Ena was going to wish for

  19. Isabella Martino

    Isabella Martino56 minutes ago

    5:38 one of my favorite parts.

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    Is this the video or is it a drug trip

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    I don't understand

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    speedrun 00:01 16:27

  23. Prosto_Ivan

    Prosto_IvanHour ago

    вопрос "Казалось бы, при чем тут Украина?" ещё никогда не стоял так остро

  24. Samantha Wakefield

    Samantha WakefieldHour ago

    We Require More Ena

  25. Еdsg Тergreg

    Еdsg ТergregHour ago

    Reminds me of some crappy and creepy meme animations

  26. SleepiiCrispii

    SleepiiCrispii29 minutes ago

    Its to mimic 90s video games

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    That's seriously a game I'd love to play.

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    Damn, when that thing said "TURRON" I really felt that😔✊

  30. Ivo Gianello

    Ivo GianelloHour ago

    Talk about a series that really gives a lot of space for personal interpretation...

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    5:32 *H A R K*

  32. Ruined Gore

    Ruined GoreHour ago

    Do you know why camels don’t do professional wrestling? Cause they... WOUWOUWOUWOU seems about right.

  33. Aiden Cook

    Aiden Cook2 hours ago

    Ill be honest, I don't understand this at all, but i like it.

  34. Алёна Зацкая

    Алёна Зацкая2 hours ago

    Там кто то базарил на украинском

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    Gary Davison2 hours ago

    *they keep telling me to eat my veggies ;(*

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    E- nthusiastic N- Igga A- ss Pain

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    Chrollos nonexistent nen2 hours ago

    “Woowowowo woa woa, take a chill pill, i meant no ill will!” i will be quoting that now.

  38. yammy

    yammy3 hours ago

    i need context because this video makes me feel nothing has context anymore

  39. Elisabetta De Angelis

    Elisabetta De AngelisHour ago

    Bold of you to think Ena does have context

  40. Javier Olmedo

    Javier Olmedo3 hours ago

    Is that frog looking thing from the start from Vib Ribbon..? It actually resembles it a lot minus the body

  41. Ananas Zero

    Ananas Zero3 hours ago

    This looks like a game

  42. joaomanozica

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    hey eyena check out this neat trick

  43. Cross Chara la cuchara

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    Se mamaron con los subtítulos y no pende que el sr pelo estaria sin dudad 10/10

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    “Can I ask for one more 🥺”

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  46. JacqLyn

    JacqLyn3 hours ago

    I also noticed there are a lot of characters with faces on their hands, the grey sad faceless ENA, Merci, the Merchant, and maybe Ulysses with those shadowy faces on his hands

  47. iPor_Itsuka 7za

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    *T u r r ó n*

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    How did I only JUST notice Moony has the shepherds stick at the end


    ITZ_PYRUUU Z3 hours ago

    Joel G haciendo las mejores animaciones como siempre, genio

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    this is gonna be turned into a game

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    i havent watched any of these but now i have and its amazing

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    do any notice that Joel G's face looks like Mac operating system? if that's true...this is so cool!!

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    Sorry I’m uncultured can someone explain what the hell is happening

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    We don't know either

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    I just discovered ena yesterday and oh my god its like a black hole, it's taking my algorithm away

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    1:35 actual footage of me doing homework

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    2.000.000 Viewners !!

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    This is like my 3rd time watching this today and I can’t tell if I’m forming some kind of addiction or not 😭

  65. Sad

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    Why i watch is ?

  66. Arda Baki

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    If you couldnt tell gabo is just a imitation of joseph joestar

  67. Орущая Чайка

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    There’s a Russia npc (сдесь был русский нпс)

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    The insides of Templeos look nice

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    This feels like I've downloaded a corrupted, pirated version of Windows 95, and tried to game on it And it didn't go too well because everything glitched out

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    "Dearest chum, may I please inquire as to how I may get my 17 minutes back?"

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  76. River Lockwood-Heneke

    River Lockwood-Heneke6 hours ago

    Ulysses tells Ena the door wont open for 10000 years but in binary so thats neat!

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    8:40 хе русский перс

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    мне так нравится та красно-белая кошка которая говорит на русско-украинском

  79. Boba

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    ngl ena is a fantastic character! also ena’s story reminds me of those old scary youtube channels

  80. El Bunker de El Guapo

    El Bunker de El Guapo6 hours ago

    My mother telling me what it was like to go to school in her time:

  81. I Be Wither

    I Be Wither6 hours ago

    You are right on the border of Genius and Insanity with this one! Nice Joel!

  82. Alberto Fidela

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    Cassie Rose40 minutes ago

    thanks but why

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    akuwagiri ryu7 hours ago

    вау, персонаж говорящий на русском..я в шоке

  85. Ольга Дубаневич

    Ольга Дубаневич7 hours ago

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  86. lazzy_tea

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    Нет, анимация

  87. Kev45 11

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    16:02 I´m sorry what?

  88. ALameName

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    This maze would take me ages to complete lmao...

  89. Елизавета Воронова

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  90. MantaHonks 2020

    MantaHonks 20207 hours ago

    0:30 yeah ena, eat your veggies

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    Who made the brazilian subtitles: thanks buddy :D

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    I really want this to be a game

  93. OktoberfestTf2

    OktoberfestTf28 hours ago

    This Story was weirdly understandable and interesting, that was awesome in another words.

  94. Chema 636

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    3:37 Buenas comadre. Me da una alegrías de chocolate, unos dos mazapanes, una gordita de nata, 4 gaznates y unos 3 merengues. Esque ando con antojo don... Extraño salir y pedirle eso al señor que traía los postres QnQ

  95. Art Thingies

    Art Thingies8 hours ago

    If this was in the Reboot universe, I would be terrified to see what their User's PC was like, and if it's an area of the Net, I think... maybe neber visit that Site... I love it

  96. Toilet FX

    Toilet FX8 hours ago

    Can someone make a real game out of this? Update: For anyone not following Joel on Twitter, there is actually a ENA themed game made by the same people who made this beauty. The game is called Somnuim and you can download it from Luke Mirman's Website. The Video ID is "tvgfHWt99o0&feature=emb_logo&ab_channel=LukeMirman" since I don't know if I can post links here or not. A link to Luke Mirmans Website is provided in the video's description.

  97. AverageDamian

    AverageDamian8 hours ago

    Every minute a random object gets impaled into moony’s face, together we can stop this Wait Sr Pelo was here-

  98. GigaVoid

    GigaVoid8 hours ago

    this is akira levels of weird bruv nice

  99. Ahead

    Ahead9 hours ago

    why does this remind me of cdi cutscenes

  100. NumbFeet

    NumbFeet9 hours ago

    is there a link to the full version of the Simoon cover at the end?

  101. Minemon 106

    Minemon 1069 hours ago

    Ulysses reminds me a bit of "The Master"

  102. Caleb Goodman

    Caleb Goodman9 hours ago

    *Why is everyone hitting me so softly today?*

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    Same as it ever was


    JJBACORE9 hours ago

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    Kauknex10 hours ago

    2:40 is the frog from popee the performer? just thinking about bc the sounds..

  107. Cactus

    Cactus10 hours ago

    theres so many references to other media in this its wild: Talking Heads references (ENAs movements and poses, the turron dances) the great runas gatekeeper is a blantant reference to the Master of Fallout the great runas' gateway area is similar to the 'hall of tortured souls' easter egg in microsoft office 95 couple old runescape sound effects interspersed throughout these are just the ones that popped out to me

  108. Art Thingies

    Art Thingies7 hours ago

    Why is your pfp the pattern from the side of a 90s taco bell cup?

  109. Xxyz 260

    Xxyz 2609 hours ago

    As others pointed out, runas (run as) is a Windows command that allows you to run programs as other users.

  110. Jhaersn Castaneda //tgcHAI

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  111. Whynotm8fu2 Plays whatever

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    This is what happens when you do drugs, kids!

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