Naomi Osaka shows her grace after defeating Serena Williams | Wide World of Sports

Naomi Osaka talks to Jim Courier after securing a spot in the Australian Open Women's Final.
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  1. maxwell santa

    maxwell santa52 minutes ago

    She's so cute ^^

  2. Pepe Le Frog

    Pepe Le Frog6 hours ago

    Liberals are ultra triggered.

  3. Keith Whitney

    Keith Whitney22 hours ago

    What a wonderful champion. She represents the best of two worlds, East and West. She is a great champion!



    She is so sweet humble and smart

  5. Ossie R

    Ossie RDay ago

    So gracious

  6. Faisal Memon

    Faisal MemonDay ago

    I never thought that there could be ever be a better player than Serena Williams. And this African/Japanese/American probably has the best game I’ve ever seen. I seriously don’t think she’ll ever lose a Grand Slam title. She speaks with such candor but I hope she never blurts out a wrong opinion like Gina Carrano just did. Gina Carrano really didn’t think she was saying something bad, but it was. While I hope she keeps her candor, I think it would be better if she develops that shield that all celebrities do and just give generic answers.....I hope that doesn’t happen. As a side note,this is what happens when African/Black Americans enter into a sport. They dominate it. The NBA is all black. The NFL is all black except for the quarterbacks. Baseball is....well boring. I want a male black American to enter tennis. I’m sure such a guy would be better than Federer. But alas, tennis is a rich mans game.

  7. King Of the dots

    King Of the dots2 days ago

    Rising at the falling ......epic ....not many people can deal with this historic apex with grace !

  8. datapro007

    datapro0072 days ago

    Naomi is a great person and a great tennis player.

  9. 賀澤誠

    賀澤誠2 days ago

    The pride of Japanese people 💯💕❤️❣️💞💖🥰

  10. Reynold Fleming

    Reynold Fleming2 days ago

    Serena should bow out gracefully there is a new Queen on the court now her name is Naomi Osaka love you Serena but it's over

  11. Veda Jones

    Veda Jones2 days ago

    Why should Serena bow out because she lost a few games or is it because you prefer Naomi over Serena? People are like that...oh, she sweet, humble, etc. ok. But it's the "skill"...Serena is still the greatest tennis player...Naomi has a long way to go to even match Serena's wins. Haha, they counted Tiger Woods out too but, he came back like the champion that he is.

  12. Willie Ellis

    Willie Ellis2 days ago

    U made their day by beating serena you are lighter

  13. realbeautyness25

    realbeautyness252 days ago


  14. Heather Barnes

    Heather Barnes3 days ago

    We cares it's a bait she is not her idol.Serena the goat. Serena study her video. She studied yours.

  15. bcoxal

    bcoxal3 days ago

    Naomi leans Marxist politically, but she earns a living in a meriticratic profession that relies on capitalism. She is a hypocrite.

  16. Vida Twynham

    Vida Twynham3 days ago

    She’s super humble” something Serena could learn a lesson from✅

  17. Pam Degrate

    Pam Degrate3 days ago

    Love Serena and I just cannot say how impressed I am with Naomi Osaka! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 She is a great tennis player and an even Greater Person! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😊😊😊😊😊😊🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  18. Sarah Chiru

    Sarah Chiru3 days ago

    Osaka is not classy she's dating a guy who flips fans when posing with the U.S. Open trophy and her mother.... her boyfriend is evidence of her class....

  19. Nick Nguyen

    Nick Nguyen3 days ago

    She’s becoming less genuine. Still love her game.

  20. drummer boy

    drummer boy3 days ago

    I would have been no problem to get into battle mode there's a win on the line and you're not getting it!

  21. james chan

    james chan4 days ago

    almost like the Transfer of Power in the White House: now, Class, Humility and Respect

  22. Jean Gill

    Jean Gill4 days ago

    She beautiful and very funny

  23. De'Quad Binder

    De'Quad Binder4 days ago

    She wasn’t guessing haha she’s got that killer instinct 😅

  24. Mary Brock

    Mary Brock4 days ago

    Congratulations you are great, I love you both. Keep up the great work

  25. Ellison Kendrick

    Ellison Kendrick4 days ago

    She’s so sweet. I wish her well. She makes me proud. ✊🏾

  26. Without Prejudice UCC1-308

    Without Prejudice UCC1-3084 days ago

    Congratulations, Osaka!

  27. Robbie Henson

    Robbie Henson4 days ago

    Add: She should be praised and lauded as an Example of True SPORTSMANSHIP!

  28. Robbie Henson

    Robbie Henson4 days ago

    Amazing Grace and Modesty!!

  29. Gary Kentigian

    Gary Kentigian4 days ago

    She sounds like someone who can change the world . or just play tennis. Hopefully

  30. Page

    Page4 days ago

    Serena may have lost the match, but this young lady honored her...

  31. nicolas ch

    nicolas ch5 days ago

    I just love her

  32. carlcwms

    carlcwms5 days ago

    She has become one of my favorite athletes.

  33. Heri Kashema

    Heri Kashema5 days ago

    Not sure who's more cute: Osaka being all shy or Jim Courrier being all sweet.

  34. Luna Blue

    Luna Blue5 days ago

    What a classy & humble young lady 😍😍

  35. Dondon

    Dondon5 days ago

    That's Jim courier. Former world no.1

  36. t reznicek

    t reznicek5 days ago

    Ok, at the beginning her weird talk was kind of excusable as you could say she is nervous. Whats wrong with her mouth? Can’t she talk like human being?

  37. Nana Buhari

    Nana Buhari5 days ago

    Serena Williams should just retire because age is no more on her side.She has made her mark in the game.She should focus on her family and do other things with the money she had earned over the years.

  38. Sameer Singh

    Sameer Singh5 days ago


  39. John Doe

    John Doe5 days ago

    Cordae Lucky

  40. roknrolla

    roknrolla5 days ago

    Having fun taking Crowns LITERALLY. BEST THAN ur goat. Fact.

  41. R Coleman

    R Coleman5 days ago

    Fun. Great young lady.

  42. amin bashir

    amin bashir5 days ago

    Love you Osaka...keep it up. A true champion you are and such nice voice with a wonderful command over English. Thank you


    MARIE LOUISSAINT5 days ago

    She’s funny, I love her 😍 congratulations sweetie👏🏼

  44. Sylvain Beaudet

    Sylvain Beaudet6 days ago

    She's so cool

  45. Boss Skills

    Boss Skills6 days ago

    she is so introverted, even for the signature she signs in a corner of the camera, the tennismen/ women sign on the whole surface of the camera but she doesn't want to make a fuss about it.

  46. Henry Bastien

    Henry Bastien6 days ago

    What a Beauty 🥸🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  47. Nathaniel King

    Nathaniel King6 days ago

    What a shame. Serena Williams gave her no credit for winning just blamed herself. How about no excuses. Osaka is a GREAT tennis player and just played better today.

  48. Joseph ENOUGH

    Joseph ENOUGH6 days ago

    Serena who? ....

  49. O 285

    O 2856 days ago

    Thats what class is all about. Serena please take note.

  50. no one U know

    no one U know4 days ago

    YOU take note, with your classless and uncalled for swipe at Serena, a sports living legend. Serena and Venus have grace and class. I can't say the same for the media, tennis fans, and some past opponents. Congratulations Naomi!

  51. Transfigured Life

    Transfigured Life6 days ago

    I am going to name my daughter Naomi Osinakachi (Nigerian name) because I love Naomi Osaka.

  52. Moon Shine

    Moon Shine6 days ago

    Can’t stand Osaka.

  53. Space O

    Space O6 days ago

    I'm not even a fan of tennis, but this young woman is amazing.

  54. Willie Ellis

    Willie Ellis2 days ago

    She is the apple of the wemen eye

  55. TheExpert

    TheExpert6 days ago

    Serena was missing this class.

  56. Hiroki Mori

    Hiroki Mori6 days ago

    Is this a female version of Roger vs. (young) Rafa? We shall see ....

  57. Hiroki Mori

    Hiroki Mori6 days ago

    A very likely venue for Serena was here, AO. The level of her fitness was so high that many would have bet on her big moment with conviction. Naomi cancelled it in 2! Stunning for us & very meaningful for herself (Serena as well)! We're lucky to witness such a big moment!

  58. ERIC LOU

    ERIC LOU6 days ago

    Cutie pie

  59. Pedro Lockup

    Pedro Lockup6 days ago


  60. gcm747

    gcm7476 days ago

    Spoiler alert... She wins the title.

  61. pap pana

    pap pana6 days ago

    What happens when you stick to BBC instead of sell out to white shrimp lmao. She is black mixed not Japanese; Japan sponsired her over racist America. She grew up black in New Jersey. Nice try white media lmao

  62. Suresh Babu

    Suresh Babu6 days ago

    Her tennis will devestating from now

  63. Валентина Васильевна

    Валентина Васильевна6 days ago


  64. Robert Butler

    Robert Butler6 days ago

    This woman will be number 1 very soon and Barty will be a has been!!

  65. Greg Hatton

    Greg Hatton6 days ago

    True Champion.

  66. seyiekhrienyu usou

    seyiekhrienyu usou6 days ago

    Its not just her game, she is also equally a nice, humble and a good human being if not better. We need more people like her to influence and inspire younger generation.

  67. seyiekhrienyu usou

    seyiekhrienyu usouDay ago

    @Veda Jones yes, I get your point and no, I dont know her personally. Its just the way she present herself and carry herself on and off court. Atleast she's not arrogant or act entitled like many influencers these days do. She's humble, we can all see it and know it. So yeah, shes a good role model. Also yeah, let's hope and pray she remains the same humble person and fame doesnt spoil her.

  68. Veda Jones

    Veda Jones2 days ago

    Do you know her off the court or are you assuming what she is? We would have more nicer/better young people when there are better role models for them to aspire to. I hope she doesn't come in contact with devious people that might try to ruin the good in her...the devil is always lurking. I congratulate this young black star, and wish her well.

  69. Luu Duong Hy

    Luu Duong Hy6 days ago

    Osaka: Brady, I'm looking for you! I will no mercy to you!

  70. Avdhoot Bane

    Avdhoot Bane6 days ago

    Naomi is too soft spoken for someone who idolizes Serena Williams! 😊

  71. Antoinette Grant

    Antoinette Grant6 days ago

    Just let her enjoy her win and start putting her in brackets that don't show her true you can appreciate her more

  72. Poppy Jeet

    Poppy Jeet6 days ago

    Everyone knows Sarena is a steroid user...

  73. Avian Lezama

    Avian Lezama6 days ago

    Stop talking about Serena. She is the winner now. Stop .

  74. Camille Graves

    Camille Graves6 days ago

    It's ok, Serena (Venus too) has paved the way modern day for Black women of various kinds in the game of tennis... it's ok for both of them to be celebrated...Naomi talks about Serena alot in interviews, which is what the interviewer stated, so they bring up topics that matter to Naomi to be relatable when asking their questions (since she has said numerous times Serena is her inspiration and idol)...Naomi ain't tripping about them talking about Serena during her interviews, so you shouldn't either...

  75. Broccoli Fan

    Broccoli Fan6 days ago

    If you are genuine, you are already a star.

  76. Jc Superstar

    Jc Superstar7 days ago

    Japanese girls are always humble. Thats their true beauty.

  77. no one U know

    no one U know4 days ago

    @Frau Petersen Yep.

  78. Frau Petersen

    Frau Petersen5 days ago

    When she wins she's Japanese but when it's time for discrimination because of her skin colour,she becomes black.

  79. Colby Rasmason

    Colby Rasmason7 days ago

    She is class act! She is so humble and yet very honest. I loved when she said I hope the other finalist gets nervous. Because that is what I would totally be thinking.

  80. teong goh

    teong goh7 days ago

    I love you Naomi! You are just so cute and a super tennis player!

  81. Anjale Jones

    Anjale Jones7 days ago

    Venus and Serena Williams, should let the young people, do their thing.

  82. Alex Salvador

    Alex Salvador7 days ago

    What a truly humble and wonderful person! when she won over Williams last year, I started watching tennis again

  83. isa Mes

    isa Mes7 days ago

    The antithesis of the entitled Serena.

  84. Oghyeah Oo

    Oghyeah Oo7 days ago

    Awesome is Osaka! 2019 post match w/ Coco plays over & over. She's woke on & off court !

  85. John Michel

    John Michel7 days ago


  86. Snoopy Bollox

    Snoopy Bollox7 days ago

    I think she's slightly simple...

  87. Jane Gavin

    Jane Gavin7 days ago

    This is a humble lady and I hope she stays like this God Almighty bless her.

  88. James Sohn

    James Sohn7 days ago

    There is no fakery about this girl. Everything right from her heart.

  89. nkululeko nazo

    nkululeko nazo7 days ago

    Serena williams set the bar so high in so much that every young female player wants to prove a point... Naomi Osaka is no different.

  90. John Koenig

    John Koenig7 days ago

    Need to bring back "and the agony of defeat..." Guess who it would be?

  91. Vee Charlez

    Vee Charlez7 days ago

    We love you Naomi ♥️

  92. anibal lombardo

    anibal lombardo7 days ago

    What a lovely girl ! And such a talented player.

  93. C Jay

    C Jay7 days ago

    If serena retires tennis will be a after thought. I like Osaka alot but she dont have that presence like a serena Williams.

  94. Syvienne Ntombentsha Motsau

    Syvienne Ntombentsha Motsau7 days ago

    I'm a Serena fan, period! Not interested in her 🙋🙋


    PINKBLACK7 days ago

    Naomi cried and apologized to the crowd for winning her 1st GRANDSLAM.... NOW IT'S HER 4TH! Congratulations NAOMI!

  96. Morleen Yearwood

    Morleen Yearwood7 days ago


  97. Mihaela Felicia

    Mihaela Felicia7 days ago

    So beautiful and her voice îs amazing. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  98. I Think The Fuck Not You Trick Ass Bitch

    I Think The Fuck Not You Trick Ass Bitch7 days ago


  99. Eric Williams

    Eric Williams7 days ago

    How can you not love this young lady 😍

  100. Stevie Koo

    Stevie Koo7 days ago

    The Queen AKA Serena has been dethroned long live the new Queen AKA Osaka

  101. 洪坤良

    洪坤良7 days ago

    Naomi Osaka is the present era Serena Williams

  102. Tee.M 2019

    Tee.M 20197 days ago

    Naomi is my cousin y'all

  103. S. M

    S. M7 days ago

    I wanted serena to win but at the same I am OK with osaka winning. Both of them players are that I like.

  104. lois bullock

    lois bullock5 days ago

    They are two great players. Congratulations Osaka. Serena is a real trooper. She has won her crowns & I feel she will probably retire from tennis soon. I wish Osaka all the very best in her future to come. Lord willing


    WWIIDDSS7 days ago

    Jim Courier shows seems to only show up during every Australian Open, I’m beginning of think he’s becoming an Aussie.

  106. fonz112 Goss

    fonz112 Goss7 days ago

    That is talent that has truly has taken the #1 spot!!! Now, working to keep them haters off her back!!!

  107. Tiger Cub

    Tiger Cub7 days ago

    Osaka Don't think That serena was nervous u should eat your Haitian food your roots 😏

  108. jeremy x

    jeremy x7 days ago

    CONGRATZ on advancing to the finals Naomi And the very best of wishes to you Sweetie 😇

  109. Abu Dabu

    Abu Dabu7 days ago

    Serena loses again... hahaha! She should have been playing in the mens anyways with all those roids!

  110. Danielle Alfaro

    Danielle Alfaro6 days ago

    Racist! You’re pathetic 🙄