SLEEPER BUG: 517 WHP Subaru-powered 1973 VW Super Beetle | Nicole Johnson's Detour EP1

Would you ever guess this cute little VW bug produces 517 horsepower at the wheels and screams like a Formula 1 race car? Nicole Johnson goes for a wild ride in the ultimate Sleeper Bug, a Subaru WRX-powered 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle that you’d swear was bone stock. But that’s the whole point…
Designed, built and owned by OG13 King of the Hammers winner John Reynolds.

SPECIAL THANKS to Kicker for their years of support!
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  1. harry twatter

    harry twatter15 minutes ago

    The flame thrower at the end.👍🏻

  2. BubaJ1000

    BubaJ1000Hour ago

    Reminds me of a fellow racer. 500+ ponies to the rear of his 240z. Yank that datsun inline 6 and drop in a Supra twin turbo inline 6. He had no problem over taking a Viper V10 any place on the track.

  3. GAS Man

    GAS Man2 hours ago

    I had to stop watching this video. It felt like "since I think I'm hot, let me strip out your gear box on your very expensive modded Super Beetle". She should have quit asking as soon as he said, "no syncros".

  4. Luis Hernández

    Luis Hernández3 hours ago

    18:32 WoooW WOooooooooooooW Adrenalina 1000 %

  5. Scott Rogers

    Scott Rogers6 hours ago

    Extremely entertaining! I was laughing at Nichole scaring John as she started learning the beetle. 😂

  6. powergirl

    powergirl6 hours ago

    Daughter: when are you going to let me drive? Father: soon as I pick up my stomach from the last time.

  7. powergirl

    powergirl6 hours ago

    The look on his face when she purposefully gunned it...priceless.

  8. Drex Quinsaat

    Drex Quinsaat7 hours ago

    Jeez. Let the guy talk! HAHAHA

  9. JCisJD

    JCisJD8 hours ago

    Sad... You missed the point.... It's a very cool, clever , sleeper ..... But you didn't get any footage of mugging people off !

  10. Jim Norris

    Jim Norris8 hours ago

    You better not have a front end crash or you’ll be a human fireball.

  11. powergirl

    powergirl6 hours ago

    Those seat belts won't matter after an 80mph roll over in a Volkswagen.

  12. Jim Norris

    Jim Norris8 hours ago

    She doesn’t ask the right questions.

  13. Albert Neumann

    Albert Neumann8 hours ago

    Super Beetle, they were only 50 hp. They couldn't handle the emission control,air pump,Cat. ect. in 1974 so they quit making them.Incredible job on that one, would like to see it on the Race Trac.

  14. Pau Sim

    Pau Sim8 hours ago

    Also she's not educated properly, smashing doors, dude, respect others creation, where did you grow up, in the forest alone?

  15. Aladdin Sane

    Aladdin Sane9 hours ago

    When the driver look nervous, you probably shouldn’t ride with them.

  16. Shane House

    Shane House9 hours ago

    When he popped the hood and went to the front I start having a heart attack

  17. Shane House

    Shane House9 hours ago

    I look for alot of VW beetle vids but cant find anything new.....until now. Thanks alot. She is just drop dead gorgeous too btw

  18. D H.

    D H.10 hours ago

    Demon 👾Bug: Road to Hell paved with good intentions! Bavarian Monster kills creator! Cue the lightning!🌩💀

  19. Jim Lawn Jr

    Jim Lawn Jr11 hours ago

    The Super Bug , Get up and Go , very cool 😎.

  20. Cold As The Poles

    Cold As The Poles12 hours ago

    This man could have shat out a diamond when she started driving.

  21. Jeep Life

    Jeep Life14 hours ago

    Cool video Nicole! I had a bug exactly like that one. Well....not exactly. Mine did 0-60 in 5 minutes.... ;)

  22. Tre Webster

    Tre Webster20 hours ago

    My favorite classic beetle🔥🔥

  23. Dre' The Cajun '81

    Dre' The Cajun '8121 hour ago

    1:10....DEAD WRONG!!! bout to eat those words chica!!

  24. Dre' The Cajun '81

    Dre' The Cajun '8121 hour ago

    John has put ALOT of work in this 1303S....

  25. Pat Alexander

    Pat Alexander22 hours ago

    A bit scary.... with the lady behind the wheel! Clink, clank and pop!

  26. Dan Mo

    Dan Mo22 hours ago

    I want it!

  27. Justin M

    Justin M23 hours ago

    someone needs to get this guy to the autobahn and pass some audis

  28. Mark R

    Mark R23 hours ago

    Whats the 1/4 mile time on this beast??

  29. Benjamin Velitchkov

    Benjamin Velitchkov23 hours ago

    Cool video but if a driver doesn't offer you the drivers seat you shouldn't ask for it, that's something you have to earn.

  30. jhon hall

    jhon hall23 hours ago

    He must have spare transmissions if he lets people drive that car. He was bugging out a few times.

  31. Ken Leroy

    Ken LeroyDay ago

    This guy looked a lot nervous there. If there was any miss at shifting by this clumsy lady, it's all over.

  32. Mike Williamson

    Mike WilliamsonDay ago

    He knows damn well he's created a monster. One little lapse in judgement and totalling the car is the least tragic of possible outcomes. Bet he's scared himself sh--tless more than once. A VW has hardly any weight in the front, but that's no problem when you're dealing with 30hp! Look closely when he punches it. That thing absolutely wants to fly, haha. Bet it's hard to keep the genie in the bottle, even under the best conditions. Well done, though. Well done!

  33. gary malcolmson

    gary malcolmsonDay ago

    High speed beetle a death wish

  34. 61lastchild

    61lastchildDay ago

    Love a cute girl who doesnt comb their hair. Haha... I thought sleeper meant it was converted for camping...


    THE BGSTERDay ago

    Would cool if he used the aluminum chassis the guys at v8stealth Beatle build

  36. What's New

    What's NewDay ago

    here's another one you might like

  37. Dan Scheper

    Dan ScheperDay ago

    In the sixties my friends dad built Porsche Racing engines and he put one in a stock VW. We used to cruise the boulevards in Southern California blowing off 409’s and 426’ regularly! Lots of fun!

  38. Dale Wright

    Dale WrightDay ago

    That's some serious sleeper stuff right there! Almost undriveable from the looks of it .. NEVER EVER put your foot in that thing with the wheels turned ... LOL

  39. Traie King

    Traie KingDay ago

    The comments say it all 😂

  40. Anthony Digrande

    Anthony DigrandeDay ago

    I had a stock 73 1303 super beetle.. texas yellow.. very fun to drive.. the 1600cc dual port was underpowered. This is one of the best upgrades I've ever seen on a 1303.

  41. Lynette Krohn

    Lynette KrohnDay ago

    That was so awkward to watch when she drove.

  42. Ant B

    Ant BDay ago

    She looked thicc in the thumbnail......

  43. quantumss

    quantumssDay ago

    Can yah go any lower than this ? Think about it.

  44. Chocolate Chiclid

    Chocolate ChiclidDay ago

    Humble But FAST

  45. William Howard

    William HowardDay ago

    a shop in germany pumps out over1100 hp

  46. Greg Blackburn

    Greg BlackburnDay ago

    Ladies and Gentlemen please let me introduce Speddy Gonzales's German cousin Hugo!

  47. Anthony Rebock

    Anthony RebockDay ago

    This goes straight to the hollyweirdos caLifornia category

  48. Ed Doane

    Ed DoaneDay ago

    18:32...Priceless genuine reaction from John...huh larry us!

  49. Coma Tose

    Coma ToseDay ago

    You know it's a custom when you're the only one that can drive it.

  50. mingyao wu

    mingyao wuDay ago

    Young and old fushion video.

  51. Caesar Vizcarra

    Caesar VizcarraDay ago

    Get your seatbelts on....I am ready to rock ! Then she proceeds with a criptic smile..making fun of how careful john is as he goes from 1st to 2d gear suddenly she looses her bowel with pressurized diarrhea when the car enters a high rpm 3rth gear. 😂

  52. Re1ik

    Re1ikDay ago

    If I cant throw a rod in you, you cant throw a ride in my car!

  53. RockstarBruski

    RockstarBruskiDay ago

    Very cool interview and very nice project sleeper car. I'd like to see this beatle go up against an electric converted Beatle in a drag race on an offical dragstrip. :) In the 80s I owned the same year super Beatle in the same color. It was fun to drive around San Diego even with the 80hp modified 1600cc engine I had in mine. However the stock seats were the worst most uncomfortable seats that gave me a back ache after only 30 minutes in the drives. I wish I had kept that car!

  54. Psalm 3713

    Psalm 3713Day ago

    Still can't beat a Basic Tesla family car

  55. Psalm 3713

    Psalm 371323 hours ago

    @Rimrock300 That's cute. Tesla kills Dodge Demons and Bugatti Veyron and Chiron's. You can't even keep up with all that noise and rumble. Women like speed, not empty show. 😉

  56. Rimrock300

    Rimrock300Day ago

    It's all about the smells, the sounds, the vibrations in combination with the power and speed) A Tesla is not much more than a fast, quiet elevator in a skyscraper. Do the task of moving people from a to b in a efficent and quick way. EV's is top notch for going to work, going shoping. But after work and in the weekends we need some fun;)

  57. K W

    K W2 days ago

    I know how she feels when i was in Germany many years ago i went to help pick up a dozen rentals for our unit at the base. I wound up driving a VW van and i couldnt believe how close the gear pattern was it took me a minute to quit shifting back to 1st after coming out of second.

  58. Paolo Bongco

    Paolo Bongco2 days ago

    Girl just shut up and let the old man speak

  59. Track Days.

    Track Days.2 days ago

    Did he really open the front of his own Beetle looking for the engine?

  60. Charles Williams Jr

    Charles Williams Jr2 days ago

    that’s a real sick VW 🤔

  61. Cj Hicklestien

    Cj Hicklestien2 days ago

    2 weeks later and his eyebrows still on top of his head 🤣

  62. Project 1

    Project 12 days ago

    Cool build, however nothing new here The MCM boys did this years ago

  63. Zone Television

    Zone Television2 days ago

    Oh my lol.

  64. Jakk P

    Jakk P2 days ago

    I LOVE THIS GUY! He is the perfect example of how some people dont find much in life pleasurable, so you need to do odd things to enjoy! Go dude! Have u some fun!

  65. gRosh08

    gRosh082 days ago

    That is a very impressive 35 mph. HA!

  66. jason walton

    jason walton2 days ago

    Shut up and let him completely answer your questions and explain what all he did. Good grief.

  67. Mark C.

    Mark C.2 days ago

    Damn she shut that door like it was a tank 😂

  68. Dodge

    Dodge2 days ago

    What's going in the Vair????

  69. koolkat

    koolkat2 days ago

    She's not listening, she's just waiting to talk.

  70. MaximGhost

    MaximGhost2 days ago

    5:06 No, not a "Super Beetle" ... it's a "Suba-Beetle" :)

  71. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith2 days ago

    The sleeper concept is awesome.

  72. Asg 6000

    Asg 60002 days ago

    Unwatchable with her speaking.

  73. Michelle Johnson

    Michelle Johnson2 days ago

    I want him to build me one

  74. mike b

    mike b2 days ago

    Great car! But that whole video was just painful to watch.


    SHOOTING BLANKS2 days ago

    Well, back to the shop to repair the trans and clutch. Damn

  76. The Kraken 2.0

    The Kraken 2.02 days ago

    Watchin....the parasitic drag

  77. Built Minis

    Built Minis2 days ago

    Your aloud to have cars in California?

  78. Hans Geiger

    Hans Geiger2 days ago

    I wouldn't let her drive my wheel wheelbarrow

  79. Charles Angell

    Charles Angell2 days ago

    @#%& 500hp in a 2000lb car!!! That's dangerously SERIOUS...

  80. Kenneth Mosely

    Kenneth Mosely2 days ago

    Bugs have been sleepers for so long that they don't even feel like sleepers anymore.

  81. Snake Plissken

    Snake Plissken2 days ago

    I think the biggest challenge is to reinforce parts, so it won´t start to disassemble itself once you unleash the 500 horses, and keep the stock look. I mean it wasn´t really designed with that power in mind nor to reach high speeds.

  82. Benjamin Getz

    Benjamin Getz2 days ago

    But ... But why? I mean it's cool to have a classic but.... Ah fk it. I'm asking someone that's loves that car why they did what they did to it. Meanwhile I'm plotting to create a lincoln lsv8 super snake. I guess it's whatever makes people have fun.

  83. Steve Brigger

    Steve Brigger2 days ago

    Lol “I hardly ever die.” That is awesome, glad he let you drive it. I think he didn’t want you to show him up.

  84. Simon Collis

    Simon Collis2 days ago

    Beast bug 🤣 I need one

  85. Tony Danza

    Tony Danza2 days ago

    Cool car, but it’s obvious that she doesn’t know what’s going on or cares. Either way I’d have to watch on mute.

  86. Lame Assed Gamecast

    Lame Assed Gamecast2 days ago

    The car is awesome, but the host is painfully irritating. I almost tuned out when she kept interrupting the guy while he was talking about the car he built, then had to shut the video off when she started grinding gears.

  87. bob cmac

    bob cmac2 days ago

    I wouldn't let her drive my stick shift. Might find the gears lying on the ground.

  88. Richard Rath

    Richard Rath2 days ago

    I remember a VW Bug at Thunder Valley Race Way. Marion , SD. Back in the late 70’s. Super fast. . With wheelie bars. It would do a wheelie when racing, the whole 1/4 mile.

  89. Christian Canan

    Christian Canan2 days ago

    She is a trip

  90. zalzing Lopez

    zalzing Lopez2 days ago


  91. sl0vrx

    sl0vrx2 days ago

    John: the automotive Sheldon Nicole: Penny 😂

  92. Orson in charge

    Orson in charge2 days ago

    this ... when Joe Rogan talks about driving being a physical experience , he means this .

  93. Bely Bob

    Bely Bob2 days ago

    How to destroy a Beetle!..... With a Porsche boxer engine, the Beetle would have been more valuable keeping the engine swap 'in the family' ......

  94. Rimrock300

    Rimrock3002 days ago

    Really......The Beetle is already destroyed when the original motor is gone) The value here is mainly the sweet outer Beetle look, and the power and speed, no matter what engine make.

  95. Mr1987Vegas

    Mr1987Vegas2 days ago

    Definitely dad taking the daughter to teach her how to drive a stick shift vibe...

  96. Uwe Lohr

    Uwe Lohr2 days ago

    who on earth did the subtitling? did he/she/it even speak German?

  97. Krabby Patty

    Krabby Patty2 days ago

    This car is trying to kill it's passengers, it's perfect.

  98. di. mythios

    di. mythios2 days ago

    Nothing new... Nothing special just nothing. He does not race for tags... so big effing deal. I raced for Tags in my 59 Beetle with a Porche Engine in mine.

  99. FourDollaRacing

    FourDollaRacing2 days ago

    Yeah, this brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, STAY IN YOUR LANE!

  100. James Rafferty

    James Rafferty2 days ago

    That Woman Pi**ed me Off. She Didn't listen to him when he said take it Easy on the gas pedal and she REFUSED to follow his instructions. I would have made her get out and NOT let her Drive again. Ooo that makes me mad!!

  101. TheElyCorner

    TheElyCorner2 days ago

    My 5.0 had a BERT dogbox and let me tell you its not much fun to cruise with let alone daily. They're intended for racing meaning slower speeds and rpms make it harder to shift but they'll take abuse. Trying to find the sweet spot or shifting slowly will almost always result in grinding, meaning every shift it needs to be thrown into gear like you mean business. Machines like this were built for abuse the harder you drive them the smoother they run

  102. lindalovesmusic

    lindalovesmusic2 days ago

    My one and only speeding ticket was in a 71' super beetle going about 110 mph. ( 40 yrs ago! )

  103. Ari

    Ari2 days ago

    18:33 priceless

  104. CarportCarl

    CarportCarl2 days ago