The Pittsburgh Steelers just signed Dwayne Haskins as a NFL Free Agent! Will this be enough to succeed Ben Roethlisberger?
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  1. Mikerophone

    MikerophoneMonth ago

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  2. xFallenRagex

    xFallenRagexMonth ago

    Miiiiiiikkkkee my dude! you gotta let me know where i can find the bitchin tune you use on your vid (second half of this vid). Seriously, fuckin love this instrumental. im going to keep asknig on all your vids i watch til you do lol

  3. Chris V

    Chris VMonth ago

    Did bell ring and subscribed

  4. Jeff Billings

    Jeff BillingsMonth ago


  5. Fortnite glitch Usuck

    Fortnite glitch UsuckMonth ago

    Can i plz have it i am only 11 and i get made fun of for not having eletronic

  6. JB Jacobs

    JB JacobsMonth ago

    I would have much rather had Josh Rosen learn behind Ben. Phenomenal arm accuracy? Uh the lack of. Also, I am not advocating for Mason, but you're giving up on Mason who barely played and was a 3rd rounder while you're giving the latitude to the immature, inaccurate, troubled turnover machine who only played ONE year in College at one of the worst QB schools (yes, I said it).

  7. fade blac

    fade blac6 days ago

    Mason isn't the future for my Steelers. I hope Haskins matures. But, none of this matters if they don't get Olines and a Good running back. Mason is Not the answer. Haskins needs that shot.

  8. Irish Mule69

    Irish Mule697 days ago

    This guy sucks !!! Ben has more class in his pinky toe than this terd !!

  9. john galati

    john galati8 days ago

    As a Steelers fan, I'm excited to see what unfolds!

  10. InfamousDBZ

    InfamousDBZ15 days ago

    Redskins business model: Throwing money into a fire to try and put it out.

  11. Arthur Mah

    Arthur Mah16 days ago

    Nope ...Dwayne Haskins get a second chance to redemption...but if he smarten up from going to strip clubs and his on going off the field ..he might be a QB with that glow to be a big time star...but I say n..ooooo, he can't stay away from the party life...his stardom going no where but a Steelers...hang in there with big Ben and go draft another QB that love football life....

  12. antoine mayo

    antoine mayo18 days ago


  13. Scott Donaldson

    Scott Donaldson21 day ago

    His entire career? Lol, 2 years. Do you know he's 23??? Joke channel

  14. Blain Cruel

    Blain Cruel23 days ago

    He will now have everything he needs to succeed, the steelers will do their part, its up to Haskins to drive it home.

  15. Blain Cruel

    Blain Cruel23 days ago

    Great work mike keep up the good work. U always have the best news takes.

  16. Faded Pops

    Faded Pops26 days ago

    Hahaha lmao no he will not be ahead of Mason at the end of the day can't even subscribe after that take lol

  17. Thomas1701E

    Thomas1701EMonth ago

    NO! He will never be the successor to Ben Roethlisberger; in fact, Ben will still be in the NFL long after Haskins is cut - again. He won't make it through training camp. To be an NFL QB, you have to sleep, eat and drink football 24/7.

  18. Connor Plankey

    Connor PlankeyMonth ago

    Just saw the thumbnail, not watching the video, the answer is no

  19. Red Dead Dylan

    Red Dead DylanMonth ago

    Pitts has something up their sleeves.

  20. HW2800

    HW2800Month ago

    Dwayne Haskins = Johnny Manzill 2!

  21. Shafer 44

    Shafer 44Month ago

    Tomlin gets to much hate I’m a Steelers fan

  22. Shafer 44

    Shafer 44Month ago

    I wish he didn’t sign with us don’t like how he went out with the Redskins

  23. Leroy Xiong

    Leroy XiongMonth ago

    The Washington football team will be sorry for let go DH for not build up team around DH and gave him time to develop his technique and training him for mechanics

  24. False Email

    False EmailMonth ago

    The Haskins debacle is 100% the HASKINS family fault (incl Dwayne) - only 1 year in college for a low IQ person is why THE HASKINS TRAINWRECK arrived prematurely in the NFL. You can;t fix DUMB and Haskins is DUMB make no bones about it - easily THE WORST QB I have ever seen - As a redskins fan since 1980, I have seen plenty of BAD QB's - Haskins has no peer as the worst of the worst

  25. Robert F

    Robert FMonth ago

    i want Ben to leave this year but this might be a good move. Ben plays one more year give Haskins a chance to learn, keeping Mason on the bench where he belongs. then next see what Haskins Mason will be gone, nothing to lose

  26. daniel bellinger

    daniel bellingerMonth ago

    The real truth.. He tried to walked the line in DC. that's it. Right now..He's ready take on whatever! I think he's going to surprise all the Nay sayers. Eyes on Haskins Jr.

  27. Dis who @5:46 in the A.M.

    Dis who @5:46 in the A.M.Month ago

    This commentary is too opinionated & not fact based! Far too often the coaching staff doesn't develope a plan to enhance a players talent yet the player gets ridiculed in social & "professional" media.

  28. Yisrael TainoPR

    Yisrael TainoPRMonth ago

    Steelers are my team but they piss me off they need to get bens replacement an if there is on market a possibility of someone like Watson they need to do all they can an if that means to cut Ben for Watson they need to do it. I just don’t get what the hell they waiting on

  29. Cue Truth

    Cue TruthMonth ago

    Jay Gruden did the same thing to RG3

  30. Ghost Ghost

    Ghost GhostMonth ago

    like the move Dwayne can sit and learn from Big Ben.......

  31. Roderick Ward

    Roderick WardMonth ago

    marcus is not a bust. you a youtube who talk bout football n all. as u should know when carr went out that man snap. he gave them hope. man still fast n all. they wanted him to be like tom but he cant

  32. Billy Mac

    Billy MacMonth ago

    How are you going to respect Roethlisberger like that and put Haskins in the thumbnail with the number 7 jersey. Smh

  33. brandon hart

    brandon hartMonth ago

    Steelers need to trade for Jalen hurts

  34. Nathaniel Barnes

    Nathaniel BarnesMonth ago



    GUMPNSTEINMonth ago

    Let this be the nail in the coffin for coach Boone if it fails.

  36. Chuck Kelly

    Chuck KellyMonth ago

    They have 3 QB's on the Bench collecting Dust an a pay Check. Why do they need Haskins.? An if they have him. Why do they need Ben ?

  37. SugaBrown Dominguez

    SugaBrown DominguezMonth ago

    Y u keep showing video of juju . He isn't gonna be there any more.

  38. Jeff Elkins

    Jeff ElkinsMonth ago

    All you guys saying this is good move said the same thing when the Patriots signed cam newton

  39. Gus The Rushh

    Gus The RushhMonth ago

    that is the best “break” i’ve ever heard in one of your videos 😂

  40. Scott Nicholas

    Scott NicholasMonth ago

    This dude ain’t a leader with so many immature players it’s going to be a failed experiment

  41. Ronald Cox

    Ronald CoxMonth ago

    Screw the Steelers......put the names of more thugs and racist messages on the back of your helmets.....that was your curse for the year......😂👍

  42. Carey Cox

    Carey CoxMonth ago

    Good for Dewayne and The Steelers!

  43. LT Treehouse

    LT TreehouseMonth ago

    I really would’ve loved for mason Rudolph to take over I feel like he’s been with us through it all and he more then well deserves it and I known bens probably taught him slot and also would probably want him to start

  44. XmenAvenger 23

    XmenAvenger 23Month ago

    Yes!!! An immature QB to go with immature wideouts. This is what the rest of us in the AFC north wanna see! Hope he gets a 5 year deal!

  45. Zak Naz

    Zak NazMonth ago

    They should trade for Stafford and release Ben.

  46. Zak Naz

    Zak NazMonth ago

    Bad move by the Steelers

  47. Idk Name

    Idk NameMonth ago

    I’m really happy that he actually got cut, his career would’ve been wasted behind Kyle Allen and Alex Smith, he was rumored to be a cocky, and terrible locker room guy, it seems like he’s been humbled by being released

  48. William Jones

    William JonesMonth ago

    No he’s not the answer, he’s undisciplined and lazy, period.

  49. William Ray

    William RayMonth ago

    Pitt. knows Ben is shot; but Haskins, Pitt. you can't fix stupid.

  50. Justin Bird

    Justin BirdMonth ago

    Is someone holding you at gun point demanding you include red arrows on every thumbnail or are you just a fuckstick?

  51. Joe Hewitt

    Joe HewittMonth ago

    People knew months ago this was coming.

  52. spiritus canus

    spiritus canusMonth ago

    He's a dud and will be a dud----All the pros are incredibly talented----only the ones who work hard and use their heads succeed over time----he will do neither.

  53. Maddox Compton

    Maddox ComptonMonth ago

    What's your favorite football team comment below. Mine is the chiefs

  54. Pat Smith

    Pat SmithMonth ago

    Just like accident waiting to happen

  55. Kevin Osborne

    Kevin OsborneMonth ago

    They got a good chance at 6 wins with him

  56. Justin Duff

    Justin DuffMonth ago

    1 main problem with the video, dont call him accurate, plz go watch the tape of him, he was not accurate for us, even the deep ball as many as u saw him hit he miss, smith wasnt much better just didnt make mistakes like haskins and bad leadership and off the field shit haskins did

  57. ILee Frazier

    ILee FrazierMonth ago

    He is trash period he blind af 🤦

  58. David Besong

    David BesongMonth ago

    Not a Steeler fan. But I think this is a good fit team for him

  59. Tru 602 2.0

    Tru 602 2.0Month ago

    "is he the answer?" Lmfao hell naaaah

  60. chance goode

    chance goodeMonth ago

    I hope HASKINS takes this second chance serious and really gives his all this time because third chances are almost impossible to get in pro sports.

  61. Kevin is Nice

    Kevin is NiceMonth ago

    He has a better line now

  62. Timothy Carlson

    Timothy CarlsonMonth ago

    Lmaooooo he is NOT the answer. Enjoy our nightmare Pittsburgh

  63. Jj

    JjMonth ago

    Answer is nope! He ll be a bust. Maybe back up at best

  64. Rob Shaquille

    Rob ShaquilleMonth ago

    Take the fucking 7 off him in the screenshot shits gonna be retired FOH

  65. Ka Hoot

    Ka HootMonth ago

    First off don’t put #7 on him he’s not Ben 2nd he’s already coined #3 before this was posted

  66. The Maestro

    The MaestroMonth ago

    0:00 You need to go to the studio. Spittin them bars.

  67. Benson Nissley

    Benson NissleyMonth ago

    I got your notifications on

  68. Aiden Everhart

    Aiden EverhartMonth ago

    He's like a power up player in MUT


    ALEX CIOCCAMonth ago

    The answer is da Burg is goodby coach Mike

  70. Taba Allday

    Taba AlldayMonth ago

    Low risks, low rewards.

  71. Phileep Us

    Phileep UsMonth ago


  72. Keino Smith

    Keino SmithMonth ago

    He is just a waste of time...thats all

  73. Fernando Silva

    Fernando SilvaMonth ago

    They got Haskins praying that he is the answer and just wanted out of Washington. Because the Burger is in decline mode and needs to retire. Anyone say no he isn’t done.... he may not be completely done. But he can never single handedly take a team deep. He needs stars. That last game was all on him. He was the reason for all of those turnovers. But Haskins is not gonna do shit. He is going to replace jemarcus Russell as the biggest bust. Russell actually had some seasons as a full time starter.

  74. Florida Sun

    Florida SunMonth ago

    Pittsburgh is an true professional organization.Mike Tomlinson is an incredible coach who brings the best out of everyone who plays under him.Haskins knows he messed up and has a 2nd chance.He has the tools to be really really good.He gets to watch Roethlisberger for a year,possibly two,not a bad move here,not a bad move at all...

  75. Kabir Lakhanpal

    Kabir LakhanpalMonth ago

    Mike this is not true. Ron Rivera is the Perfect coach for Dwayne Haskins it was his fault he did not put in effort and his work ethic was so bad. It was Dwayne’s fault that he did not pan out.

  76. Tylawn Johnson

    Tylawn JohnsonMonth ago

    Thank you God he will do real go there he will have good support its all him now I'm happy for you he young

  77. Nickolas Smith

    Nickolas SmithMonth ago

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  78. ChosekLazzaria

    ChosekLazzariaMonth ago

    He has been given a second chance. Take that opportunity and run with it. 👍

  79. Kalle Knall

    Kalle KnallMonth ago

    fits well with the wr core...delusional egomaniacs

  80. Kosi Mncube

    Kosi MncubeMonth ago

    He mite have learned his lesson.He stunk up DC.

  81. Najihd Bingyaham

    Najihd BingyahamMonth ago

    The Steelers had to make this move when they realize the backup quarterbacks they have are nothing but garbage . Dwayne Haskins really have the same style as Big Ben .He just need maturity and confidence .

  82. ODD1019

    ODD1019Month ago

    Everyone make a mistake. I just hope he a quick learner from his mistake but if Ben don’t retire this season this he got a chance to learn if Ben willing to teach before he leave

  83. John LeMasters

    John LeMastersMonth ago

    Buckeyes fan and amateur evaluator of QBs here. With Bucks, Haskins had the luxury of throwing to five-star receivers in wide open spaces. The NFL requires throwing into much tighter windows. Haskins has a long, slow delivery and puts a lot of air on the ball. He's also shown immaturity and I wonder how hard he works. He seems like a low risk reclamation project for Steelers. Very unlike them. Mason Rudolph looks fine. Not too worried as a Browns fan. If he gets outright cut by Football Team, I doubt his act will play with no BS Tomlin.

  84. Boromir Of Gondor

    Boromir Of GondorMonth ago

    Ben too old to move quickly. Dwayner can boogie

  85. Christiancowboy

    ChristiancowboyMonth ago

    A+....Comon Man...Get Real...LOL

  86. Andrew Kim

    Andrew KimMonth ago

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  87. Keith Hamilton

    Keith HamiltonMonth ago

    He is perfect for the Stealers. They should totally commit to him, stop looking or even thinking about finding another QB.

  88. nigel hantzis

    nigel hantzisMonth ago

    I think that the Steelers are trying to do what the chiefs did two years ago

  89. cc sports fan

    cc sports fanMonth ago

    mike mafia yep

  90. An Rit

    An RitMonth ago

    Haskins is all about Haskins, his character was cast being groomed from childhood to think being an NFL quarterback was his fate as long as his statistics were good. The team has never been considered in his thought process. He should fit in well with the Steelers offensive culture of recent years where it’s all about the celebration after a touchdown and not the Super Bowl.

  91. An Rit

    An RitMonth ago

    Just what the Steelers need, another showboat.

  92. Nelson Torres

    Nelson TorresMonth ago

    Good move for him,cause now he has to work for it all.Steelers are getting a first round pick in the quarterback position and the team is young.Big Ben is going to get him in and really mentor and show him the system.Now they can concentrate on getting a running back in the draft .

  93. David Butler

    David ButlerMonth ago

    Zero risk signing. Washington isn't exactly a highly functional organization. If he doesn't grow up or perform on the field, you cut ties. The Steelers need to focus on Oline first in this coming draft.

  94. Brian W

    Brian WMonth ago

    He is physically strong. he can throw fairly well. But he still has very bad footwork, and limited pocket presence. He did not study the play book, under Jay's tenure. Or very much under Ron's as well. Jay was a joke. As well as Bruce Allen. Ron gave him chance. But I think he was just to into the benefits of being a young NFL quarterback, then the work. In college he got away with throwing to bad defenses. That didn't work well in the NFL. If he decides he wants to learn his position and study the playbook.He has the potential to be good. Then worrying about his brand.

  95. Man with no name

    Man with no nameMonth ago

    Thank you Pittsburgh from saving any other team from making this mistake!

  96. Steve S.

    Steve S.Month ago

    "Unfortunately Dwayne didnt get a head coach that motivated him" Seriously? Lemme tell my boss of a job that probably makes 1/10th of what he makes, he needs to motivate me more. Ill tell you how that goes lol

  97. STEELRAID 44

    STEELRAID 44Month ago

    Jeez my steelers are making bad decisions, this is mike tomlins crappy decision making ,why he'll never win another superbowl

  98. Mr. West

    Mr. WestMonth ago

    Steelers going back to the SB. Haskins will be MVP.

  99. Gibby Smalls

    Gibby SmallsMonth ago

    This guy is terrible

  100. Dylan McCambly

    Dylan McCamblyMonth ago

    did he really call marcus mariota a bust?!

  101. steve miller

    steve millerMonth ago

    A+ move

  102. Kai Luke

    Kai LukeMonth ago

    I'm surprised that any team is willing to hire him. Good for him. I sure hope he'll straighten up and fly right this time. Far more than poor play got him released by the WFT. So if he actually gets this chance, I hope he'll make the Best of it.

  103. Carson Lavery

    Carson LaveryMonth ago

    at the start of this year he was pretty decent but when he got benched he could not get any thing going

  104. The Blackpoll Warbler

    The Blackpoll WarblerMonth ago

    Successful QB's don't have earrings or tattoos. Purely coming at this from a leadership thing, its why you can't have earrings in the military. You can have tattoos in the US military but it is very discouraged. I am a veteran, trust me. Look into it and you'll see Im 100% correct.

  105. Nav Veer Bhangal (182NavBhan)

    Nav Veer Bhangal (182NavBhan)Month ago

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