Jake Paul - DUMMY ft. TVGUCCI (Official Lyric Video)

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  1. NoLeifClover

    NoLeifCloverHour ago

    0:38 SPICHACH

  2. Robbie Beagley

    Robbie BeagleyHour ago

    Omg guys he made another song abt him self it’s so true

  3. Ifergo

    IfergoHour ago

    more dislikes than likes. sad.

  4. RyloKen67

    RyloKen67Hour ago

    I feel as if kids who watch this won’t understand any of the references he makes

  5. Gday Osandu

    Gday OsanduHour ago

    Why do I feel like if Ksi made this song it wouldn't have that many dislikes

  6. Louis Deconinck

    Louis DeconinckHour ago

    Honestly I listened to it for a couple times and it’s kinda fire

  7. Debbie Osborne

    Debbie Osborne2 hours ago

    Yo can someone get this off brand homeless Justin Bieber out my face

  8. The Wise Panda

    The Wise Panda2 hours ago


  9. Trixr

    Trixr2 hours ago

    make a song with Nicholas A Shannin

  10. Trixr

    Trixr2 hours ago

    bro this is toooooooo fire like holy

  11. DEM BOI

    DEM BOI5 hours ago

    Jake Paul's fan base are the type of brainlet, capri sun chugging, fortnite sweating, xbox playing, tiktoking, lightning mcqueen crocs wearing 7 year olds that watch 1-2 seasons of dubbed Naruto that they saw on tiktok and call themselves cool because they "watch anime"

  12. Shark Gang Leader鲨鱼帮主

    Shark Gang Leader鲨鱼帮主5 hours ago


  13. Gold goddess Diamond

    Gold goddess Diamond5 hours ago

    We all know Jake made it because it’s bad

  14. Gold goddess Diamond

    Gold goddess Diamond5 hours ago

    Subscribe to ksi

  15. Patrick

    Patrick6 hours ago

    S p i c h a c h

  16. Grazia Mastroianni

    Grazia Mastroianni6 hours ago

    Good jake p

  17. Constantino Rojo

    Constantino Rojo7 hours ago

    i am 14 years old and i can do even better cmon jake

  18. PewDiePie Kids Channel

    PewDiePie Kids Channel7 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure most of the money and views Jake makes are from haters like me

  19. jay exotic

    jay exotic12 hours ago

    This is so trash

  20. Christoffer Ekberg

    Christoffer Ekberg14 hours ago

    It is kinda sad that jake have worse rhyme schemes in this song than everyday bro♿️

  21. Ice Age Baby

    Ice Age Baby16 hours ago

    Jake Paul can't even spell spinach right 0:38

  22. Noelli Deleon solis

    Noelli Deleon solis16 hours ago

    Yea no❤️

  23. Feral Wilderness

    Feral Wilderness16 hours ago

    Lol more dislikes

  24. Sahil Menghwani

    Sahil Menghwani18 hours ago

    Jake Paul is gonna take over music and boxing world soon

  25. Kofi Kain

    Kofi Kain19 hours ago


  26. Kennedy Talbert

    Kennedy Talbert20 hours ago

    yall hatin a lil bit

  27. Zydeco

    Zydeco21 hour ago


  28. Cabrina Sarr

    Cabrina Sarr23 hours ago

    S P I C H A C H

  29. Ethan Patrick

    Ethan Patrick23 hours ago


  30. Danny J Batista

    Danny J BatistaDay ago

    The beat reminds me of that meme “2020 type beat”

  31. Joseph Rivera

    Joseph RiveraDay ago

    lol people hating bc he more succeful hahah yall just took an L stop hatin bc u know he better

  32. TFJ_7

    TFJ_7Day ago

    He stole part of the song 😂

  33. Ventura Velazquez

    Ventura VelazquezDay ago

    showing to my friend made me look like a idiot

  34. Reverse Ninja

    Reverse Ninja22 hours ago


  35. Kalin abadziev sekovski

    Kalin abadziev sekovskiDay ago


  36. Black Wolf

    Black WolfDay ago


  37. swag scouter

    swag scouterDay ago

    This song fire but why more dislikes

  38. swag scouter

    swag scouter9 hours ago

    @IRiverss im ksi gang but like bro...

  39. IRiverss

    IRiverss9 hours ago

    No it isn't

  40. Reverse Ninja

    Reverse Ninja22 hours ago

    This song can be compared to a garbage can and the garbage can would be better

  41. Bryant family

    Bryant familyDay ago

    But the random dudes versus fire 😂

  42. XxLucidCamxX

    XxLucidCamxXDay ago

    This is literally so bad but it his best rap video maybe

  43. IRiverss

    IRiverss9 hours ago

    He doesn't have any good rap video

  44. Echos Act 3

    Echos Act 3Day ago

    He named the song after himself

  45. Daniel Sloan

    Daniel SloanDay ago

    This shot ass

  46. Trixzonu

    TrixzonuDay ago

    Just remember, %80 of the people watching him are literally eight years old. And he's posting this? And getting full monetization? Huh?

  47. healthyboy 21

    healthyboy 21Day ago

    This is the shittiest song I have ever heard

  48. healthyboy 21

    healthyboy 21Day ago

    Ksi music is so much better

  49. 1ucidexe

    1ucidexeDay ago

    that’s a nice ghostwriter you got there buddy

  50. Kanwar Anand

    Kanwar AnandDay ago

    the chorus is addictive.

  51. TheSummerSamar

    TheSummerSamarDay ago

    This tool is a clown.

  52. X 1

    X 1Day ago

    I won’t lie. Jake’s verse and feature were decent, but the hook makes it almost unlistenable being hella cringy and stupid

  53. MTX-_-3mro

    MTX-_-3mroDay ago

    3M views 55k likes lmao man has more dislikes than likes

  54. Anthern

    AnthernDay ago

    Thise 55k likes were from his bots and his unborn fetus fans

  55. Sinered

    SineredDay ago


  56. Azan Zahid

    Azan ZahidDay ago

    This is doo doo 💩💩

  57. M.Danyal Mujtaba

    M.Danyal MujtabaDay ago

    teri cosmelan

  58. AM MUSIC

    AM MUSICDay ago

    The chorus: When 6ix9ine is the only ghostwriter available

  59. Shalom College

    Shalom CollegeDay ago

    The beat fire

  60. N\A

    N\ADay ago

    Yet undertale’s dummy has more views That’s all I came here to say yur songs shite mate

  61. Fatoumata Sow

    Fatoumata Sow2 days ago

    Follow me

  62. Fatoumata Sow

    Fatoumata Sow2 days ago

    My new panel a cooling

  63. exotic ploosh

    exotic ploosh2 days ago

    This makes My Story Animated look professional

  64. Young Cartel

    Young Cartel2 days ago

    Click on my channel to see how he stole my lyrics to my DUMMY SONG FROM 2015

  65. SergeantEnderboy

    SergeantEnderboy2 days ago

    Jake Paul is that kind of guy to get hit by a parked car.

  66. Swift Gamezz

    Swift Gamezz2 days ago

    Ayy he got the same ghost writer as 6ix9ine

  67. Trafalgar D. Water Law

    Trafalgar D. Water Law2 days ago

    This is a violation of human rap

  68. Luwai

    Luwai2 days ago

    "I got money now they love me" 55k likes 69k dislikes. Ok bud

  69. Lezey

    Lezey2 days ago

    TVGUCCI got more exposure from a guy who made a rant on this song

  70. Official Flips

    Official Flips2 days ago

    Low key their are mad haters on this wtf, hes better than yachty and most mumble rappers,


    416 SRT-8 IF_U_AIN'T_FIRST_YOUR_LAST2 days ago

    Good job @tvgucci

  72. lilkavera

    lilkavera2 days ago

    "his eyesight is worse than his music" (jake paul said in a tweet) Jake Paul? this u?

  73. Serjeteer Vegeta

    Serjeteer Vegeta2 days ago

    Just heard Park South Freestyle, that one was better. This song is basically a song for fun.

  74. Zatarra Dantez

    Zatarra Dantez2 days ago

    Jake Paul, fight me. I am 36 years old. It will be an easy fight to add to your record. You like to talk big. I will fight at any weight you want. Do you except or coward out? I have no professional boxing fights.

  75. marko petrovik

    marko petrovik2 days ago


  76. HDMI_Adapter

    HDMI_Adapter2 days ago

    Dude tvgucci was literally the best part of the song and he was acctually pretty good, however you couldn't put a god damn link to his channel or anything? Come on jake at least have some decency.

  77. sarah nolani

    sarah nolani2 days ago


  78. Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia2 days ago


  79. Luc Cormier

    Luc Cormier2 days ago

    this song made gooba look like it deserved a grammy

  80. RadicalQuail

    RadicalQuail2 days ago


  81. Luc Cormier

    Luc Cormier2 days ago

    still tryna figure out who "they" are

  82. Theredsattack

    Theredsattack2 days ago

    69k dislikes. Nice.

  83. i_ambeowolfTV

    i_ambeowolfTV2 days ago

    fightin a small fry bruhh u get no props for tht fight fucc outta hurr im in dallas jake bring i'd beatcho azz !!!

  84. Frøstyøwl

    Frøstyøwl2 days ago


  85. smellygun

    smellygun2 days ago

    i puked

  86. john kenneth ariscon

    john kenneth ariscon3 days ago


  87. Biggie Cheese p.s not obama

    Biggie Cheese p.s not obama2 days ago


  88. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross3 days ago

    I wouldn't have mind it if someone else sung it

  89. Malisa Myers

    Malisa Myers3 days ago

    TvGucci was the only reason I came the other parts are cancer

  90. ok

    ok3 days ago

    Oh Yeah So Hot

  91. Basile

    Basile3 days ago

    The only dummy here is you jake...

  92. Caitlin Brown

    Caitlin Brown3 days ago

    the way i wanted to throw myself off a cliff when the chorus started

  93. phesant66

    phesant663 days ago

    this is like a bad nut the pain never fucking ends

  94. Santos Castro

    Santos Castro3 days ago


  95. f1shy

    f1shy3 days ago

    damn only 3 mil views, abortion rates must be CLIMBING

  96. f1shy

    f1shy3 days ago

    did, did he just say spichach

  97. Tom Decker

    Tom Decker3 days ago

    It is shot

  98. LaurenOMG

    LaurenOMG3 days ago

    Best song I’ve ever heard!

  99. Jason Grinds

    Jason Grinds3 days ago

    You'll go check out my USlikes channel

  100. Siphon Circle

    Siphon Circle3 days ago

    This is how many times he said yeah 👇

  101. Fatty

    Fatty3 days ago

    Boi is this 6ix9ine

  102. AJ Castillo

    AJ Castillo3 days ago

    You couldve picked any shooter and you chose Ben Simmons... bruh

  103. k man

    k man3 days ago

    Spelled spinach wrong lmao

  104. Jacob 999

    Jacob 9993 days ago

    I'm the dislike

  105. Greg

    Greg3 days ago

    it's so funny when the other guy comes in and ethers the entire song

  106. your socool wow

    your socool wow3 days ago

    MAN I'M DEAF AND I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! ❤❤😍🌋🔥🔥🔥🔥😤😤😲🤑🤑😍😍😜

  107. Supremepanda11

    Supremepanda113 days ago

    This song is kinda trash Jake stick to the ghost writers

  108. Chuon Sothun

    Chuon Sothun3 days ago