Listen to Your Heart (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Violet Orlandi)

Original by Roxette
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Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.


  1. thierry bourguignon

    thierry bourguignon2 hours ago

    Merde sa fait 3 foit que je t'écoute en boucle tu me tue, jadare jte fait in kiss french

  2. The Freelancer Success

    The Freelancer Success2 hours ago

    Fucking fantastic !!

  3. ARPOD

    ARPOD3 hours ago

    This cover is absolutely epic. So well done. Sounds so good with this metal style. Brilliant collaboration.

  4. David Posin

    David Posin4 hours ago

    Awesome collaboration...I'm loving the look of Violet here

  5. ReezeGoingSenseless

    ReezeGoingSenseless4 hours ago

    Jessica and Jimi Simpson rocking one of the best covers ever!

  6. Tiago Almeida

    Tiago Almeida4 hours ago

    Oh my! Violet (I didn't knew her) is Brazilian! I am so proud now! Awesome colab!

  7. qris 81

    qris 815 hours ago

    I raped repeat button...

  8. Phoenix Angel

    Phoenix Angel5 hours ago


  9. MrLongcatwot

    MrLongcatwot5 hours ago

    Dam two of most watched cover channels in one video

  10. Robert idonotsharemyfullname

    Robert idonotsharemyfullname6 hours ago

    2:05 my hand just went 🤟on its own.

  11. Paddy Eyles

    Paddy Eyles6 hours ago

    With mary spender better.... bit still good

  12. ESP-KAKU

    ESP-KAKU6 hours ago

    LOVE IT! great job! 😉😙

  13. ༉Sɑɾɑħ Gσмєѕ࿐

    ༉Sɑɾɑħ Gσмєѕ࿐7 hours ago

    🤟🏼🖤I loved

  14. Semperror

    Semperror8 hours ago

    When the outro is even better then the song itself...

  15. Kadavish

    Kadavish8 hours ago

    Except for the scene where she takes her heart out of her chest that seemed a little gore to me (I will never see this video again at lunchtime) I think it's a good cover.

  16. Urri Kolm

    Urri Kolm9 hours ago

    I, as the greatest admirer of the Roxette... approved!

  17. brian maglalang

    brian maglalang10 hours ago


  18. Simply Insane

    Simply Insane11 hours ago

    A Masterpiece.

  19. Chad White

    Chad White13 hours ago

    Dude i was listening to Violete Orlandi cover Hurt and decided to look for another cover to find a more metal one. Found you, then your cover of Somebody I used to Know, and then I saw this! Absolutely love Violet. She is absolutely slaying it and this collabe was awesome!

  20. Vagner Bolshaid

    Vagner Bolshaid13 hours ago

    O tanto que eu torci por esse momento, meus dois artistas preferidos cantando juntos

  21. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaD14 hours ago

    You make sure no one ever forgets her name, dont you... these are god level shout outs xD

  22. Mark Creighton

    Mark Creighton18 hours ago

    Leo and Company set me back in my seat every time ....every time . Spot on with this . Thank you . Oh and Hello from the states .


    ORACLE REPTILES19 hours ago


  24. Paul Mayon

    Paul Mayon20 hours ago

    That outro was fire. Omg. Great cover.

  25. S Muliawan

    S Muliawan21 hour ago

    Almost like.. Great cover.. 👍👍

  26. Joao Emanuel

    Joao Emanuel22 hours ago

    Wonderful work guys. Cancer is taking out wonderful people like Marie Fredriksson.

  27. Mary Smith

    Mary Smith23 hours ago

    The muppet makes me happy :)

  28. Tom Larson

    Tom Larson23 hours ago

    As a cardiologist and stethoscope manufacturer, I approve this message!

  29. Cygrymus

    CygrymusDay ago

    Uhoh, Hannah has some competition

  30. 食蛙小蛙

    食蛙小蛙Day ago

    Just... DAMN!

  31. metal head

    metal headDay ago

    This song is made for you, violet!

  32. Peter Horvath

    Peter HorvathDay ago

    875 were so drunk they missed the like button

  33. Zombie C.

    Zombie C.Day ago

    I’ve been waiting for you two to find each other. I was not disappointed.

  34. Paulo M Santos

    Paulo M SantosDay ago

    Grande malha Violet. Belo duo com o Leo. Parabéns por esta cover. Thanks Leo.

  35. Justin Harp

    Justin HarpDay ago

    Leo and Violet ?! How do I super like this ?

  36. Frances Otto

    Frances OttoDay ago

    Pure goosebumps. I love it

  37. hank danight

    hank danightDay ago

    Is Violet Orlandi Leo`s daughter? Sorry... Hanna joke! Someone had to make it :) Her dark humor fits perfectly. Love how she holds the heart like she won a Grammy.

  38. hank danight

    hank danightDay ago

    Epic song. Great mixing and video producing. Everything fits perfectly. Good job! Ive been a long time subscriber here and Now im a sub of Violet (youtube was trying to hide her from me, but leo helped us find her). She would be great to add in the band when live shows open back up. She has amazing talent. Like Amy Lee type range.

  39. Svilen Petrov

    Svilen PetrovDay ago


  40. Fernando Shelton

    Fernando SheltonDay ago

    A MELHOR VERSÃO!!!!!!!!

  41. Thamires

    Thamires22 hours ago


  42. Fernando Shelton

    Fernando SheltonDay ago


  43. Alan Price

    Alan PriceDay ago

    2 of my ALL TIME favorite artists. Love this. Auto top 5

  44. Jamie Stafford

    Jamie StaffordDay ago

    Just found out about these two guys and just realised today I love heavy metal...... conversion complete

  45. Ricardo Carmona

    Ricardo CarmonaDay ago

    Wow awesome video. It's the best I've seen in a long time. & Rocking out to listen to your heart. Epic!!!

  46. Pzycholix -

    Pzycholix -Day ago

    Yeah Sweden can deliver epic songs to🥰 and this version is amazing🤟🏻

  47. Kuru Jones

    Kuru JonesDay ago

    All the words us Aussies use that USlikes doesn't like ! Omg guys loved you both separately but not there's a little piece of heaven recorded in this track 🤣

  48. Вячеслав Александрович Сутурин

    Вячеслав Александрович СутуринDay ago


  49. Rüdiger Dietl

    Rüdiger DietlDay ago

    Leo kannst du bitte mal Smoke On The Water von Deep Purple machen

  50. Beny Kusuma

    Beny KusumaDay ago

    Fans from Indonesian 👍

  51. Андрей Скрин

    Андрей СкринDay ago

    Федір виходь на звязок

  52. Abdullah Kassha

    Abdullah KasshaDay ago


  53. tammy bailey

    tammy baileyDay ago

    you guys are fing awesome!!! any chance of coming down under?

  54. Janno Kangro

    Janno KangroDay ago

    4.2 mil subs. Dude you have come long way in short time :D I have been keeping up with youre stuff for a year and finnally i need to sub also :D Keep up with the god notes :D

  55. Antonio José

    Antonio JoséDay ago

    Brutal! 05:12...

  56. Alex Hell

    Alex HellDay ago

    Such female vocals are not for this song...

  57. B

    BDay ago

    Subscribed to both channels. My USlikes notifications exploded when this came out a few weeks ago :)

  58. Ευθυμία Κεραμά

    Ευθυμία ΚεραμάDay ago

    Τρελέ μου!

  59. Hehaw

    HehawDay ago

    That outro fuckin rocked. Maybe I'm too well medicated but I headbanged to VIOLET ORLANDIIIIIIIIII!!!

  60. MegaMick

    MegaMickDay ago

    Agreed, great collab and reconstruction of this song! i could have listen to this song with JUST Violet singing, great voice!

  61. ryan jones

    ryan jonesDay ago

    So when will we see a Leo & Lauren Babic collaboration?

  62. Brandon Castle

    Brandon CastleDay ago

    That face at 0:48-0:50. lol

  63. Ally Kayyy

    Ally KayyyDay ago

    Am i the only one who thinks the chick looks like freakin Hermione in the thumbnail?....

  64. David Haun

    David HaunDay ago

    The guitarists is obviously a berserker. My brother, let's have drinks and decide how we'll put things right. Great track!

  65. Justin Young

    Justin YoungDay ago

    The Cat puppet whats the story behind the lil guy? WAP was legendary, and this one was a masterfully done cover!

  66. Skateboard dude

    Skateboard dudeDay ago

    I must say awesome cover!!!!

  67. Beatriz Ramalho

    Beatriz Ramalho2 days ago

    Make one cover of duran duran, pls.

  68. BigChuckMeister

    BigChuckMeister2 days ago

    Leo, If you aren't afraid to try it ... maybe you can do "Lil Red Riding Hood" by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs.

  69. BigChuckMeister

    BigChuckMeister2 days ago

    P. S. Just kidding about the being afraid to try it. Also, epic song (Listen to Your Heart). Another instant favorite.

  70. Len Renaud

    Len Renaud2 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video. Great work guys.

  71. Ryan L Canning

    Ryan L Canning2 days ago

    I've listened to this over 20 times by now. Another amazing piece by Leo but my fuck Violet Orlandi has an amazing voice.

  72. Pascal Tanguay

    Pascal Tanguay2 days ago

    Tres belle reprise de Roxette!!!WOOOWW I like it🤟🤟

  73. Attila Szőcs

    Attila Szőcs2 days ago

    Uhh.. i hope this fucking quarantine end soon and i can see you live. i wana lose my mind!

  74. Tony Pietruszak

    Tony Pietruszak2 days ago

    alter das ist unbeschreiblich gut

  75. Holy Moly

    Holy Moly2 days ago

    3:52 „hub“ 🤘

  76. Untouchable OG

    Untouchable OG2 days ago

    Nice Cover ans she is so sweet :D

  77. Frankie Ryle

    Frankie Ryle2 days ago

    Metal makes everything better, and makes me feel alright : )

  78. สโลว โมติออน

    สโลว โมติออน2 days ago

    Ohhhhhhh!!! FUCK YEEEEEEAH !!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  79. Dominik Reichwein

    Dominik Reichwein2 days ago

    switch it up to 1.25x speed - sounds even better

  80. Paweł Szczepański

    Paweł Szczepański2 days ago


  81. Михаил С

    Михаил С2 days ago

    Ребята, это просто ох...енно!

  82. nathan james

    nathan james2 days ago

    There was a Red vs. Blue edit on Beaver Creek that was overlaid on this and it so funny and cool. I dont think it exists anymore

  83. Altairdoom

    Altairdoom2 days ago

    Leo u bst!

  84. Artorias The Abysswalker

    Artorias The Abysswalker2 days ago

    this outro is so awesome make an full song from the outro hahahahaha

  85. Don Ren

    Don Ren2 days ago

    yes!!!!!!!!!!! thats what i needed in this gloomy depresive morning.

  86. Rebecca Allen

    Rebecca Allen2 days ago

    Wow... my boy friend and I both absolutely F*ckin' LOVE your music and listen to it All the time.. Have you thought of coming to the U.S.? If so... when? We'd LOVE to BE THERE!!!!!!

  87. Micky Vile

    Micky Vile2 days ago


  88. mando weldar

    mando weldar2 days ago

    Fantastic job guys

  89. EqAtOmBe

    EqAtOmBe2 days ago

    amazing work and Violet beautiful voice

  90. Ivan Marinero

    Ivan Marinero2 days ago


  91. riski permadi

    riski permadi3 days ago

    I from INDONESIA, i LIKE this cover, lovely

  92. Martin Labelle

    Martin Labelle3 days ago

    I think it's one of your best cover! And Violet voice is beautiful and underrated!! Keep going!!!

  93. TV

    TV3 days ago


  94. _ Legion

    _ Legion3 days ago

    Mega! Einfach genial! RIP Marie! Grüße aus Deutschland!🤘

  95. Grigorii Andreev

    Grigorii Andreev3 days ago

    Great over! Thanks two of you for nice impressions!

  96. Lars Ellerhorst

    Lars Ellerhorst3 days ago

    I really liked the original, but this cover is a bit better, in my opinion.

  97. Shannon Badgett

    Shannon Badgett3 days ago

    Requests: Ten Years After ‘I’d Love To Change The World’.

  98. Shannon Badgett

    Shannon Badgett2 days ago

    I’d love to hear the acoustic guitar ramped up. I can’t hear any music now and not think, has Leo done this.

  99. Jake Carrier

    Jake Carrier3 days ago

    I second that motion! or I bet they could thrash out some Dokken or something.

  100. Shannon Badgett

    Shannon Badgett3 days ago

    Holy sh*t gave me goosebumps!!!

  101. romuald pez

    romuald pez3 days ago

    I like your every song.... Metal for ever🤘🤘

  102. Taizon08 FKS

    Taizon08 FKS3 days ago

    epic epic :)

  103. EVO4 JK

    EVO4 JK3 days ago

    Nice. You got together with Amy Lee and did a great job on this cover.

  104. Raúl Palomino

    Raúl Palomino3 days ago